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St Ann's Church with the Manor House behind, © Mrs. W Stevens

Radipole is on the River Wey, about 1½ miles from Weymouth. The adjacent parishes are: Broadwey, Buckland Ripers, Chickerell, Wyke Regis, Melcombe Regis and Preston. The parish boundaries have changed quite considerably and the parish has become smaller, in particular, as Weymouth became increasingly large and important.
To the south of the village is Radipole Lake. Once, this was considerably larger than it is now, and was tidal until 1872, and today, the lake is an RSPB bird sanctuary.

For a short time there was a sulphur spa on the edge of the lake operated by the Gill family.
The parish church of St Ann’s, which is said to be the oldest building in the Weymouth area,  dates from around 1250. It is a pleasant building, and the churchyard is currently beautifully maintained, but, unfortunately, the interior was heavily restored in the 19th century.

Radipole School, © Mrs. W Stevens

The Online Parish Clerk (OPC) for Radipole is Will Stevens
He will attempt to answer any queries, but please note that in the majority of cases he will probably simply advise enquirers where to look, since he does not have a huge amount of information in addition to what is already available on this Web site, or elsewhere on the Web
Please place the words 'OPC Radipole' as your subject for e-mails, if you do not the mail may be deleted

Census These will be transcribed
1841 Census
1851 Census  
1861 Census by Debby Rose
1871 Census by Debby Rose
1881 Census
1891 Census
Parish Registers Some have been transcribed, and are available on this site, these are:-
Baptisms: 1779-1840
Marriages: 1797 onwards
Deaths: 1813 onwards.
There is, however, some earlier information in the Bishop's Transcripts 1731-1756  1779-1812 Baps & Burials.See note below.
Postal Directories Extracts from  Directories 1844, 1851, 1855, 1859, 1875, 1889, 1895
Extracts from Kelly's 1880, 1911 & 1915
Other Records Militia List 1758
Hearth Tax 1662 - 64,
Tudor Muster Rolls 1539, 1542 & 1569
Rectors of Radipole ,
Index of wills,
Land Tax Assesment 1798
Links Debby Rose runs an excellent web site on the Weymouth area, and a sister site for Radipole. Also recommended is the Weymouth and Portland Borough Council’s web site.
Other suggestions concerning relevant Radipole links will be gratefully received.
Maps The 1891 Ordnance Survey maps of the parish can be seen at the old-maps site, just enter 'Radipole' under place search.
RadipoleMap.jpg (117989 bytes) For modern location maps visit:-

 For a 1920s map of the area click on the thumbnail to the left

Manor House with church just visible, © Mrs. W Stevens

Old postcard circa 1900

Note on Parish Registers. During certain periods, as a result of the same clergyman being responsible for both parishes, some Radipole entries have been recorded in the register for Melcombe Regis. Researchers are warned that, at these times, the recording tended to be haphazard, and it seems certain that numbers of Radipole entries are missing.  The Dorset Record Office, of course, holds a lot of very useful information relating to Radipole, including everything which you would normally expect to find for a rural parish: parish registers, census returns, tithe maps and apportionments, transcripts of monumental inscriptions etc. In addition, and somewhat unusually, some of the Churchwardens’ Accounts have survived, and also a Vestry Minute Book.  These are certainly worth examining by anyone with Radipole ancestors. (Personal note: much of the Vestry Minute Book was written up by the present OPC’s great grandfather.)


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