1871 Census. RG10 2016

Transcribed by Derek R. Smith, Pulham OPC.

Pulham East and West, in the sub district of Cerne, District of Dorchester.
Submitted 8th April 1871 by Thomas C. Mitchell, Enumerator.
There were 68 Schedules, comprising 62 inhabited and 6 un-inhabited houses, recorded.
Entries in Italics indicate a questionable transcription and a ? indicates an unreadable character or word.

Sch. Place Surname Forenames Relationship Condition Age M Age F Occupation Where Born Disability Ref
  WEST PULHAM                  
1   MITCHELL John Head M 21   Ag Lab Pulham   98/1
    MITCHELL Jane Ann Wife M   18   Glanville Wootton    
2   WARR James Head M 55   Ag Lab Pulham   98/1
    WARR Jane Wife M   49   Lydlinch    
    WARR Jane Sister U   55 Char Woman Pulham    
    TOBIAS James Henry Nephew U 19   Mason Cerne Abbas    
    COLLINS Elizabeth Aunt U   76 Invalid, fomerly Dairy Woman Lydlinch    
3   MITCHELL John Head M 38   Ag Lab Pulham   98/1
    MITCHELL Eunice Wife M   37   Buckland Newton    
    MITCHELL Herbert George Son   13   Ag Lab Buckland Newton    
    MITCHELL Edwina K. Dau     11 Scholar Buckland Newton    
    MITCHELL Hercules Son   9   Scholar Kinson    
    MITCHELL Fred Son   6   Scholar Kinson    
    MITCHELL Sidney Son   2     Pulham    
    COOMBS Mary Ann Mother-in-law W   71 Formerly Dressmaker Mappowder    
4   DRAKE William H. Head M 41   Farmer of 346 Acres Pulham   98/1
    DRAKE Charlotte Wife M   40   London    
    DRAKE Albert Son   6   Scholar Pulham    
5   BELBEN Richard Head M 46   Ag Lab Pulham   98/1
    BELBEN Rachel Wife M   56   Yarlington, Somerset    
6   MITCHELL Samuel Head M 30   Tile Maker Pulham   98/2
    MITCHELL Emma Wife M   27        
    MITCHELL Mary Jane Dau     8 Scholar Holwell    
    MITCHELL Elizabeth H. Dau     5 Scholar Pulham    
    MITCHELL Eliza  Dau     2   Pulham    
    MITCHELL Charles Son   10 Months     Pulham    
7   CHAFFEY Daniel Head M 48   Ag Lab Pulham   98/2
    CHAFFEY Hannah Wife M   40   Holwell    
    CHAFFEY Augusta Dau U   19 Glover Glanville Wootton    
    CHAFFEY Lucy Dau U   16 Glover Holwell    
    CHAFFEY Mary Dau     13 Glover Glanville Wootton    
    CHAFFEY Fanny Dau     10 Glover Glanville Wootton    
    CHAFFEY Robert Son   7   Scholar Pulham    
    CHAFFEY James Son   4   Scholar Pulham    
8   RIDOUT Eli Head U 46   Farmer's Son Pulham   98/2
    RIDOUT Elizabeth H. Sister U   32 Farmer's Dau Pulham    
9   RICHARDS Benjaman Head M 55   Ag Lab Pulham   98/2
    RICHARDS Charlotte Wife M   52 Seamstress Pulham    
10   BROWN William Head M 57   Carpenter Lydlinch   98/2
    BROWN Mary Ann Wife M   58   Woodford    
11 Townsend Farm RICKS George Head M 56   Farmer of 70 Acres Milton Abbas   99/3
    RICKS Jane Wife M   55   Fifehead    
    WARR Elisha Son in Law M 23   Visitor Pulham    
    WARR Mary Jane Dau M   24 Visitor Pulham    
    WARR Henry G. C. Grandson   5 Months   Visitor Pulham    
    MOORSE Harry Servant   16   Ag Lab Hazelbury Bryan    
12   RIDOUT Robert Wm. Head M 38   Farmer of 85 Acres Pulham   99/3
    RIDOUT Maria F. Wife M   35   Buckland Newton    
    RIDOUT Ernest Son   5   Scholar Pulham    
    RIDOUT Beatrice Dau     3 Scholar Pulham    
    HOPKINS Hamilton Bro in Law Widower 51   Pensioner Buckland Newton    
    HOPKINS Horatio Bro in Law U 43   Blacksmith Buckland Newton    
13 Pickets AINSWORTH William Head M 37   Dairyman Wimborne   99/3
    AINSWORTH Louisa Wife M   46   Ibberton    
    AINSWORTH Elizabeth R. Dau     9 Scholar Blandford    
    AINSWORTH James N. Son   9 Months     Pulham    
14 Pickets WARREN Christopher T. Head U 26   Farmer's Son Glanville Wootton   99/3
    WARREN Cordelia M. Sister U   19 Farmer's Dau Glanville Wootton    
    WARREN Benjamin Brother   15   Farmer's Son Glanville Wootton    
15 Pickets SHEPHERD John Head M 41   Carrier Pulham   99/4
    SHEPHERD Emily Wife M   36   Mappowder    
    SHEPHERD Herbert Son U 17   Ag Lab Pulham    
    SHEPHERD Mary J. Dau     13 Glover Pulham    
    SHEPHERD Cordelia Dau     12 Glover Pulham    
    SHEPHERD Rossanna Dau     9 Scholar Pulham    
    SHEPHERD John Son   6   Scholar Pulham    
    SHEPHERD Kate Dau     1   Pulham    
16 Pickets RICHARDS John Head M 27   Ag Lab Pulham   99/4
    RICHARDS Ann Wife M   26   Glanville Wootton    
    RICHARDS Benjamin G. Son   4   Scholar Pulham    
17 Pickets DURRANT Thomas Head M 37   Gardener Glanville Wootton   99/4
    DURRANT Catherine Wife M   28   Buckland Newton    
    DURRANT Frederick J. Son   8   Scholar Glanville Wootton    
    DURRANT Ernest A. Son   4   Scholar Pulham    
    DURRANT Henry P. Son   11 Months     Pulham    
18 The Lake JEANS George Head M 23   Ag Lab Pulham   99/4
    JEANS Dianna C. Wife M   22   Lydlinch    
    JEANS Mary A. Dau     1   Buckland Newton    
19 The Lake JEANS Isaac Head M 51   Ag Lab Pulham   99/4
    JEANS Johanna Wife M   46   Mappowder    
20 The Lake JEANS Jacob Head M 68   Ag Lab Pulham   99/4
    JEANS Jemima Wife M   63   Buckland Newton    
21 The Lake JEANS John Head M 65   Ag Lab Pulham   99/4
    JEANS Rhoda Wife M   61   Lydlinch    
22 The Lake MITCHELL Richard Head M 57   Ag Lab Pulham   100/5
    MITCHELL Catherine Wife M   58   Hermitage    
    MITCHELL Alban Son U 19   Ag Lab Pulham    
23 The Lake MITCHELL Eli Head M 26   Ag Lab Pulham   100/5
    MITCHELL Matilda Wife M   24   Hampshire    
    MITCHELL Henry Son   3     Pulham    
    MITCHELL Thomas Son   10 Months     Pulham    
24 The Lake MITCHELL Silas Head M 67   Ag Lab Pulham   100/5
    MITCHELL Eliza Wife M   71   Buckland Newton    
25 The Lake MITCHELL Loumi Head M 53   Ag Lab Pulham   100/5
    MITCHELL Eliza Wife M   48   Glanville Wootton    
    MITCHELL Alfred Son   16   Ag Lab Pulham    
    MITCHELL Norris Son   13   Ag Lab Pulham    
    MITCHELL Gauis Son   8   Scholar Pulham    
    MITCHELL Hubert Son   3     Pulham    
    MITCHELL Emily Dau     1   Pulham    
26 The Lake MITCHELL Maria Head Widow   59 Ag Lab's Widow Pulham   100/5
    MITCHELL Amalek Son U 28   Tile Maker Pulham    
    GARTELL William J. Son in Law M 39   Mason Pulham    
    GARTELL Temperance Dau M   26 Mason's Wife Pulham    
    GARTELL Anne M. Granddau     3   Pulham    
    GARTELL Michael J. Grandson   2     Pulham    
27 The Lake MITCHELL Jeremiah Head M 55   Ag Lab Pulham   100/6
    MITCHELL Mary Wife M   52   Buckland Newton    
    MITCHELL Charles Son U 16   Ag Lab Pulham    
    MITCHELL William Son   14   Ag Lab Pulham    
    MITCHELL Herbert G. Son   12   Ag Lab Pulham    
    MITCHELL Emily Dau     10   Pulham    
28 The Lake MITCHELL Mishec Head M 70   Ag Lab Pulham   100/6
    MITCHELL Rosetta Wife M   64   Pulham    
    MITCHELL Suzanna Dau U   32 Work on Farms Pulham    
    MITCHELL Shadrac Son U 22   Ag Lab Pulham    
    WAYGOOD William J. Grandson   12   Ag Lab Pulham    
    MITCHELL Ellen Granddau     4   Pulham    
29 Hartmoor WHITE Joseph Head M 60   Farmer of 100 Acres Batcombe, Somerset   100/6
    WHITE Jane Wife M   61   Spetsbury    
    WHITE Mary J. Dau U   21   Hensbridge, Somerset    
30   WARR Jeremiah Head M 54   Ag Lab, Carter Pulham   100/6
    WARR Jane Wife M   47   Holwell    
    WARR James Son U 23   Ag Lab, Carter Pulham    
    WARR John Son   13   Ag Lab  Pulham    
    WARR Alice Dau     3   Pulham    
31   FRIZZELL George Head M 38   Dealer (Cattle) Hazelbury   100/6
    FRIZZELL Susan Wife M   40   Lydlinch    
    FRIZZELL Arthur W. Son   1     Pulham    
    COLLINS Julia Niece     13 Scholar Lydlinch    
32   CHAFFEY John Head M 36   Ag Lab, Carter Pulham   101/7
    CHAFFEY Elizabeth Wife M   44   Sturminster Newton    
33   WHITE Joseph Head M 35   Ag Lab Buckland Newton   101/7
    WHITE Sarah Wife M   26   Pulham    
    WHITE Isaac Son   2     Pulham    
    WHITE Herbert Son   6 Months     Pulham    
    JEANS Ezekiel Brother-in-Law U 34   Ag Lab Pulham    
    DURRANT William Lodger U 23   Groom Glanville Wootton    
    GILLINGHAM William Lodger U 22   Ag Lab Holwell    
34   WALLIS Benjamin Head M 25   Police Constable Langton Herring   101/7
    WALLIS Mary A. Wife M   25   Portland    
    WALLIS Elizabeth Dau     2   Portland    
    WALLIS Mary A. Dau     1 Month   Pulham    
35 Post Office RICHARDS Ellen Head Widow   55 Post Officer Pulham   101/7
    RICHARDS Henrietta Dau     13 Scholar Pulham    
    RICHARDS Elizabeth A. Dau     6 Scholar Pulham    
36   BURNETT Charles Head M 61   Farmer of 50 Acres Pulham   101/7
    BURNETT Hannah Wife M   67   Hazelbury    
  School Building Uninhabited                
37   MITCHELL Thomas C. Head M 36   Carpenter Pulham   101/7
    MITCHELL Matilda B. Wife M   41   Leigh    
    MITCHELL Louisa K. M. Dau     10 Scholar Pulham    
    MITCHELL Linda T. A. Dau     7 Scholar Pulham    
    MITCHELL Llewellyn A. Son   5   Scholar Pulham    
38   KIDDLE Michael Head M 52   Thatcher Glanville Wootton   101/8
    KIDDLE Maryann Wife M   55   Pulham    
39   MITCHELL Charles Head Widower 70   Farmer of 11 Acres Pulham   101/8
    WOODSFORD Jane Sister Widow   66   Pulham    
40 New Inn DAVIS Edward C. Head M 46   Licensed Victualler Piddletrenthide   101/8
    DAVIS Hannah Wife M   42   Buckland Newton    
    DAVIS Annie Dau     11   Epsom, Surrey    
    DAVIS Alice Dau     11 Months   Pulham    
    GILLINGHAM Frederick Servant   16   Ostler Cerne Abbas    
41   UPSHALL Christopher Head M 59   Dairyman Hazelbury Bryan   101/8
    UPSHALL Sarah Wife M   57   Fifehead Neville    
    UPSHALL Amelia Dau U   21   Hazelbury Bryan    
    UPSHALL Mary A. Dau     15   Minterne    
    UPSHALL Harry G. Son   12   Scholar Morden    
42 The Rectory BARNES William L. Head M 60   Curate of Pulham Samlesbury, Lancs   101/8
    BARNES Grace Wife M   57   Lancaster, Lancs    
    BARNES James F. E. Son U 32   Civil Engineer Swafield, Norfolk    
    BARNES Ann E. Dau U   29   North Walsham, Norfolk    
    RIDOUT Rachel Dom. Servant U   18   Allweston    
    KING Fanny Dom. Servant U   18   Nowonlands, Wilts    
43   NOKE Reuben Head M 46   Gardener Corton, Wilts   101/8
  EAST PULHAM                    
44   WARR William Head M 74   Ag Lab Pulham   102/9
    WARR Dinah Wife M   65   Hazelbury Brian    
    WARR Jane Dau U   27 Glover Pulham    
    WARR Annabella Dau U   25 Glover Pulham    
    WARR Frederick Grandson   13   Ag Lab Pulham    
    WARR Mary Granddau     7   Sherborn    
45   WARR Robert Head M 29   Ag Lab Pulham   102/9
    WARR Elizabeth Wife M   27   Bishops Caundle    
    WARR Dora Dau     7 Scholar Bishops Caundle    
    WARR Earnest Son   2   Scholar Pulham    
46   MITCHELL Hezekiah Head M 48   Ag Lab Pulham   102/9
    MITCHELL Harriet Wife M   52   Pulham    
    MITCHELL Dinah Dau U   23 Glover Pulham    
    MITCHELL Charlotte Dau U   21 Dressmaker Pulham    
    MITCHELL Henry Son   16   Ag Lab Pulham    
    MITCHELL Thomas Son   14   Ag Lab Pulham    
    MITCHELL Arthur Son   7   Scholar Pulham    
47   KINGSBURY John Head M 34   Ag Lab Pulham   102/9
    KINGSBURY Eliza Wife M   36   Pulham    
    KINGSBURY James Son   14   Ag Lab Pulham    
    KINGSBURY Francis Son   13   Ag Lab Pulham    
    KINGSBURY Sarah J. Dau     11 Scholar Pulham    
    KINGSBURY Frederick I. Son   9   Scholar Pulham    
    KINGSBURY Agusta Dau     8 Scholar Pulham    
    KINGSBURY Earnest Son   4   Scholar Pulham    
48   MITCHELL Levi Head M 60   Woodman Glanville Wootton   102/10
    MITCHELL Eliza Wife M   40   Glanville Wootton    
    PERRIS Thomas Son in Law U 20   Ag Lab Glanville Wootton    
    MITCHELL Mary Dau     4 Scholar Glanville Wootton    
49   MITCHELL Oliver Head M 40   Ag Lab Glanville Wootton   102/10
    MITCHELL Jane Wife M   30   Glanville Wootton    
    MITCHELL Noris Son   9   Scholar Holwell    
    MITCHELL Walter Son   6   Scholar Lydlinch    
    MITCHELL Harry Son   3     Pulham    
50   CHAFFEY Jethro Head M 73   Invalid N I Pulham   102/10
    CHAFFEY Emily Dau M   46 Glover Pulham    
51   LINE William Head U 56   Ag Lab Pulham   102/10
    LINE Ann Sister U   54 Work on Farms Pulham    
      Sarah Sister U   44 Work on Farms Pulham    
52   MITCHELL Elizabeth Head Widow   56 Widow Sherborne   102/10
    MITCHELL Patience Dau U   29 Glover Pulham    
    MITCHELL Christianna Dau U   25 Glover Pulham    
    MITCHELL Samuel Grandson   4     Pulham    
    MITCHELL Arthur Grandson   1 month     Pulham    
53   KINGSBURY Repentence Head Widow   59 Farmer of 48 Acres Hazelbury Bryan   103/11
    KINGSBURY Thomas Son U 25   Farmer's Son Pulham    
    KINGSBURY Elizabeth Dau U   24 Glover Pulham    
    KINGSBURY Henry Son U 18   Farmer's Son Pulham    
    KINGSBURY Hannah Granddau     17 Glover Pulham    
    KINGSBURY Sophia Dau     16 Glover Pulham    
    KINGSBURY Ellen Granddau     8 Scholar Pulham    
54 King's Stag GODDARD James C. Head M 56   Farmer of 40 Acres Pulham   103/11
    GODDARD Hannah Wife M   56   Lydlinch    
    GODDARD Elizabeth Dau U   20   Pulham    
    GODDARD William Brother U 54   Blacksmith Pulham    
    GODDARD Ann Mother Widow   86 Annuitant Holwell    
    CLARK John Servant U 47   Farm Servant Stalbridge    
55   BRIXEY John Head M 69   Ag Lab Bourton   103/11
    BRIXEY Mary Wife M   65   Stour    
    BRIXEY Mary Dau U   24 Dressmaker Bourton    
56   GATEHOUSE Felix Head M 54   Farmer of 245 Acres Bourton   103/11
    GATEHOUSE Mary Wife M   52   Bourton    
    GATEHOUSE Emma Dau U   28   Bourton    
    GATEHOUSE Annie Dau U   21   Bourton    
    GATEHOUSE Harry H. Son   8     Pulham    
    GATEHOUSE Arthur Nephew U 29     Cann    
57   PONTING John Head M 50   Farmer of 270 Acres Mells, Somerset   103/12
    PONTING Isabella Wife M   44   Cranmore, Somerset    
    PONTING Emma H. Dau     8   Pulham    
    BARNSTABLE Mary H. Servant U   23 Domestic Servant Parkstone    
58   WARR John Head M 84   Formerly Nurse to Invalid Pulham   103/12
    WARR Mary Wife M   81   Pulham    
59   HOOPER Thomas Head M 22   Ag Lab Pulham   103/12
    HOOPER Mary Wife M   21   Glanville Wootton    
    HOOPER William G. Son   2     Holwell    
    HOOPER Ada K. Dau     3 Months   Pulham    
60   YEATMAN George Head M 30   Ag Lab Hazebury Brian   103/12
    YEATMAN Charlotte Wife M   27   Glanville Wootton    
    PERRIS Mary A. Dau in Law     10   Cerne Abbas    
    YEATMAN Emma Dau       6   Pulham    
    YEATMAN Thomas Son   3     Pulham    
61 The Grange FORD Frederic Head M 61   Retired Farmer Holton, Somerset   103/12
    FORD Harriet Wife M   65   Kingston Magna    
    FORD Charles W. Son U 30   Farmer of 140 Acres Kingston Magna    
    FORD Alfred C. Son U 29     Kingston Magna    
    FORD Hannah Dau U   24   Cucklington, Somerset    
    FORD William Grandson   7   Scholar Piddletrenthide    
62   FUDGE Samuel Head Widower 60   Dairyman Hilton   104/13
    FUDGE Edwin Son U 22   Dairyman Stoke Wake    
    FUDGE Herbert Son U 21   Dairyman Stoke Wake    
    FUDGE Jane A. Dau     19   Buckland Newton    
    FUDGE Eli Son   14     Buckland Newton    
    WHITTLE Ann Servant U   22 Dairymaid Domestic Cerne Abbas    
    ROBERTS Charles Servant   12   Dairyboy Domestic Lydlinch    
63 Canning Court FOLLETT Mary Head Widow   37 Farmer of 500 Acres Symondsbury   104/13
    FOLLETT William S. Son U 21     Netherbury    
    GREENING Sarah Servant     16 Servant Domestic Powerstock    
65 ** Canning Court BARTER William Head M 39   Dairyman Holwell   104/13
    BARTER Frances Wife M   53   Pulham    
    BARTER Charles Son U 25   Ag Lab Mintern    
    BARTER James Son U 23   Ag Lab Ebberton    
    BARTER Herbert Son U 21   Dairyman Bishops Caundle    
    BARTER Bessie Dau     16   Wooland    
    BARTER William Son   14     Milton Abbey    
65 Canning Court COLE William Head M 21   Ag Lab Carter Hook   104/14
    COLE Mary Wife M   36   Powerstock    
    COLE John Son   16   Ag Lab  Powerstock    
    COLE Walter Son   12   Ag Lab Powerstock    
    COLE Sarah Dau     11   Stoke Abbot    
    COLE William Son   9   Ag Lab Piddle Town    
    COLE Frederick Son   6   Scholar Corscombe    
    COLE George Son   4   Scholar Lonsbury    
    COLE Bessie Dau     1   Pulham    
66   MITCHELL Solomon Head Widower 66   Ag Lab Pulham   104/14
    MITCHELL Fanny Dau U   35 Glover Pulham    
    MITCHELL Elizabeth Dau U   33 Glover Pulham    
    MITCHELL Ernest Grandson   10   Scholar Pulham    
67   MITCHELL William Head M 58   Ag Lab Pulham   104/14
    MITCHELL Ann Wife M   70   Purse Caundle    
    MITCHELL Harriet Dau U   28 Glover Pulham    
68   SAMPSON Eliza Head Widow   59 Shopkeeper Pulham   104/14
    SAMPSON Jane Dau U   23 Glover Pulham    

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