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The parish of Portesham, also called Portisham in earlier days, is situated in south-west Dorset, a mere two miles from the south coast of England.  It is approximately 8 miles south-west of Dorchester, 7 miles north-west of Weymouth and 2 miles north-east of Abbotsbury.

The Portesham church of St. Peter is an ancient Gothic structure with a square tower, with battlements and bells.

The parish of Portesham includes the whole of the village by that name, together with the hamlets of Waddon, Coryates, Shilvinghampton, as well as the homesteads of Bench, How, Corton, Friar Waddon, Friar Waddon Huish, Corton Huish, Clover and Brick Kiln.

At the time of the 1851 census, the parish of Portesham could boast 146 houses and a population of 767, occupying an area of 4,540 acres.  There was a Free School at Coryates.  

The Online Parish Clerk (OPC) for Portesham is Peter Ferreira
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Please note that I live across the Atlantic from Portesham and Dorchester.

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1851 Census
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Parish Registers
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1731-1800, 1801-1836, 1837-1880 [Frances Cortis]
[Frances Cortis]
1731-1800, 1801-1880 [Frances Cortis]
Postal Directories Extract from 1880 Kelly's Directory
Links Portesham Village Website (including local history) [External]
Maps The 1891 Ordnance Survey maps of the parish can be seen at the old-maps site, just enter 'Portesham or Portisham' under place search.
PorteshamMap.jpg (281561 bytes) For modern location maps visit: www.multimap.com
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