Marriages 1754 to 1809

Kindly transcribed for the OPC project by Peter Collins

NOTE:- No earlier Register was extant in 1831. The burials of this parish take place at Burstock.
The following entries have been copied by Rev. A. A .Lennard D. R. Vicar of Beaminster and are now printed
by permission of the Rev. F. Williams Rector of Pilsdon.



Samuel SAMSON & Jenny HALLET married 19-Jun 1754

William GRANT & Mary DEAFORD married 17-Nov 1754

George FISHER & Mary HONIBURN widow married 20-Oct 1756

Roger GOLLOP & Jane BAKER widow married 08-Jun 1757 by Licence

Joseph HALLETT & Jane MILLAR married 27-Jul 1760

Thomas DAUBENEY of Misterton & Elizabeth PAYNE married 06-Nov 1760 by Licence

John BATER of Marshwood & Mary BISHOP married 07-Dec 1760

William VILE of Abotsile & Betty PAUL married 18-Feb 1762

William PARKER & Elizabeth CALWAY of Abbot Stoke married 28-Jan 1765

Benjamin CALWAY of Stoke Abbotts & Elizabeth HOPKINS married 28-Jan 1765

Samuel DAVIES & Elizabeth WHITE of Marshwood married 04-May 1767

George FISHER widower & Jean LOCKIER of Broadwinsor married 26-Apr 1768

John HOSSFORD & Mary BAKER married 29-Apr 1768

Ernest HALLETT & Ruth TUCKER of Whitchurch married 12-Apr 1769

Joel HAINES & Elizabeth HOUNSELL married 01-Nov 1772

James WAY & Mary RUSSELL married 07-Apr 1776

Joseph WHITE & Mary SAMPSON of Marshwood married 06-Feb 1781

Robert READER & Mary DUVAL married 09-Jan 1787

John LUMBARD & Mary BENNETT of Broadwinsor married 09-Jan 1787

John HALLETT & Honour TUCKER of Marshwood married 09-Oct 1787

John MORRISH & Mary NORMAN married 16-Jul 1788

William SMITH & Susannah HUXTER married 09-Feb 1790

Samuel STUDLEY of Broadwinsor & Elizabeth WEBBER married 15-Feb 1791

Benjamin WELCH & Betty HALLET married 14-Aug 1791

Benjamin WELMAN of Stoke Abbott & Betty SYMONDS married 10-Nov 1793 by Licence

Jacob TAYLOR & Mary EARL married 22-May 1796

Henry HALLETT & Martha TUFF married 28-Feb 1796

John WELCH & Mary DIER married 04-Jan 1801

William WOODLAND & Elizabeth WELCH married 17-May 1801

Richard HAWKER of Wayford & Elizabeth WADDON married 11-Jan 1804

John ROPER Junior. of Chideock & Jane SYMONDS married 14-Feb 1804 by Licence

Thomas SLADE & Mary BAKER married 07-Apr 1806

Thomas LOWMAN of Crewkern & Mary SYMONDS married 19-May 1806 by Licence

Uriah DURRIENT widower & Susannah WAKEFORD widow married 16-May 1808

William ORCHARD & Ann LOCKYER married 13-Jun 1808

Giles CLAP & Elizabeth HART married 09-Jul 1809

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