Puddletown, St Mary's Church

This is an abbreviated list of the details transcribed from all the memorials in the burial ground. Memorials commemorating deaths less than 30 years old have not been included to avoid upsetting any relatives of the recently bereaved, details are available on request. Full details of all memorials are available by contacting the MI Coordinator (see contacts page). Please quote the MI reference number, the parish, the burial ground and the surname on all requests. Researchers are asked to please bear in mind that weathering of the stone and lichen growth can make transcription difficult and incomplete or even impossible in some cases.

Everything is transcribed exactly as is, but without capitalisation other than for all surnames.
Items in blue are not actually transcribed on the monument but are deduced and included to allow
sorting and searching by surname. * indicates unreadable information.

65ALLEN John1841 82Section C
65ALLEN Mary Magdalene1848 79Section C
308ALLNER Maria1900  Section I
308ALLNER Jane Saunders Maria1940  Section I
54ALNER Margaret1809 74Section B
54ALNER Robert1807  Section B
169ANTALL Mary Elizabeth1936  Section F
169ANTALL Mary1891  Section F
169ANTALL John1878  Section F
125ANTELL Justin Thomas1978  Section E
299ANTELL Gertrude Sweatman1981 84Section I
299ANTELL John1935  Section I
299ANTELL Mary Ann1956  Section I
85ANTELL John1849 76Section C
299ANTELL Jane1892  Section I
200ANTILL John1952  Section G
54ANTRAM Richard1821 **Section B
54ANTRAM Elizabeth1796  Section B
54ANTRAM Margaret1813 41Section B
95ARNOLD Mary1855 57Section D
34ARNOLD William Henry  73Section B
34ARNOLD Henry1868  Section B
27ARNOLD Thomas1876  Section A
34ARNOLD Mary Elizabeth1883  Section B
27ARNOLD Elizabeth1858 68Section A
95ARNOLD Stephen1851 59Section D
370ARTHURS Albert Edward1978 68Section K
370ARTHURS Mildred Sarah Kate1983 74Section K
33ATKINS Maria1884  Section B
312ATKINS Ada Ellen1922 55Section I
33ATKINS Robert J   Section B
100AYERS Martha1819 53Section D
102AYERS George1831 71Section D
100AYERS William  30Section D
102AYERS William1816 91Section D
437BACKHOLER Lee Robert1984 7Section K
138BALL William George (Bill)1984  Section E
193BANFIELD Edith Mary1963 62Section G
192BANFIELD Thomas Ralph1982 81Section G
191BANFIELD Daisy Irene1972 71Section G
191BANFIELD Ivy Kathleen1941 39Section G
373BARNES Frederick John1974  Section K
70BARNES Samuel1802  Section C
221BARNES William John1937 70Section H
221BARNES Annie1952 87Section H
221BARNES Benjamin Charles1944 49Section H
70BARNES John  10 mthsSection C
263BARRETT Walter1924 29Section I
398BARRETT Edna May1973 66Section K
338BARRETT Charlotte1904  Section J
428BARRETT Edgar1967 66Section K
428BARRETT Gertrude Annie1975 72Section K
96BARTLETT William1862 72Section D
96BARTLETT Frances1865 67Section D
389BATTEN Walter1960 62Section K
399BATTEN William G1979  Section K
399BATTEN Shirley J1974  Section K
389BATTEN Elsie May1965  Section K
232BATTEN Charles Henry1936 42Section H
341BATTRICK Ada Rosina1903  Section J
345BAZLE Eliza Jane1914 72Section J
345BAZLE George1901  Section J
78BEASANT George1838 58Section C
78BEASANT Margaret1850 72Section C
252BELLINGER Charles Henry1896 26Section I
144BIRKILL Walter   Section E
267BLAKE Henry1920 72Section I
120BLYTH William Henry1968 64Section E
120BLYTH Harry Thomas1972 93Section E
45BOWERING Mr John1870 **Section B
86BOYT John1864 64Section C
86BOYT Joseph1843 3Section C
90BOYT John J B1860 6 mthsSection D
432BRIDLE Harry1973  Section K
432BRIDLE Alice Maud1975  Section K
258BRODBY William Bertie Cornelius1889 4Section I
155BROWN William1877 87Section F
155BROWN Sarah1880 86Section F
384BROWNSELL Clarice Miriam1959 59Section K
98BRYER Susannah1789 54Section D
98BRYER John1790 50Section D
336BURDEN Esther1896 66Section J
344BURDEN Elizabeth1927 72Section J
336BURDEN James1889 27Section J
404BURDEN William Johnston1981  Section K
186BURDEN Catherine Ellen1945 72Section G
344BURDEN Jospeh1901  Section J
186BURDEN James1954 81Section G
365BURT Les  56Section K
81BURT ann   Section C
82BURT W.M.   Section C
55BURT Rebecca1820 50Section B
55BURT Charles1812 49Section B
181BUSH Mary1955 77Section G
181BUSH William John1911 3Section G
181BUSH William Ernest1949 69Section G
426BUSH Joseph John1967 82Section K
426BUSH Elizabeth1963 85Section K
309CAKE Annie1918 72Section I
309CAKE William James Read1905  Section I
282CARTER Gerald H1937 54Section I
377CARTER Samuel Albert1971 68Section K
282CARTER Pamela1924 16Section I
368CASWELL John1982 61Section K
321CAUNDLE Emma1911 41Section J
321CAUNDLE Mary Martha1915 29Section J
38CAUNDLE Sarah Maria1883 15Section B
333CAUNDLE Maria1925 78Section J
333CAUNDLE Henry1907 63Section J
250CHALDECOTT Alice jane1949 84Section H
250CHALDECOTT Frederick William1953 91Section H
23CHANT Peggy  27Section A
23CHANT Miriam1819 42Section A
112CHAPLIN John1984  Section E
112CHAPLIN Dorothy1984  Section E
205CHAPMAN Florence Elsie1956 83Section G
371CHILD Charles1977 65Section K
371CHILD Gertrude1981 72Section K
392CHURCHILL Reginald Norman1965 66Section K
437CHURCHILL Norman1981 57Section K
392CHURCHILL Irene Marina1975 73Section K
423CHURCHILL Frederick1960 74Section K
427CLARK Alan Frank Sutton1965 59Section K
133COLBORNE Norman John1983 65Section E
71COLE Sarah1785 39Section C
87COLLIER Rebecca1847 74Section D
87COLLIER Peggy1847 72Section D
88COLLIER Richard1874 70Section D
88COLLIER Betty1847 72Section D
89COLLIER Martha1829 62Section D
87COLLIER Ann1811 81Section D
436COLLINS Vera Phyllis1981  Section K
21COOKE Elizabeth Mary1964  Section A
21COOKE Robert Victor1978  Section A
307COOMBES Amelia1978  Section I
307COOMBES Walter1963  Section I
307COOMBES Fanny1931 44Section I
423COURTNEY Florence Evelyn1960 62Section K
332COURTNEY Mary1930 89Section J
332COURTNEY John Charles1929 65Section J
332COURTNEY Adelaide Rosa1906 29Section J
423COURTNEY Albert1963 69Section K
156COUSENS Bryce1976  Section F
229COUSINS Sarah Mabel1936  Section H
229COUSINS Sarah1932  Section H
229COUSINS David1929  Section H
196COX Clarice Pearl1964 77Section G
196COX John1951 71Section G
24COX Abraham1875 58Section A
237COX  1940 77Section H
237COX Sarah Letitia1954 90Section H
179CROCKER Mary1881 73Section F
251CROCKER Ellen1898 33Section I
179CROCKER William1859 5yr 6mthSection F
179CROCKER Charles1888 79Section F
294CROCKER Anna Eliza1918 69Section I
294CROCKER Walter1927 78Section I
327CRUMPLER John1876 7 mthsSection J
327CRUMPLER Sarah1888 37Section J
438CUFF Basil Reginald George1982 43Section K
259DAMEN William John1925 58Section I
259DAMEN Eliza jane1956 85Section I
187DAVIS Edith Jane1954 75Section G
187DAVIS Wyndham Clement1947 75Section G
214DAVIS Beatrice Amy1976 92Section G
214DAVIS John James1941 59Section G
296DAW Sarah1916 72Section I
269DAW Florence Emma1913  Section I
320DAW Mabel Alda1909 28Section J
266DAW Edgar George1920 35Section I
296DAW John1920 76Section I
264DAY Susan Ann1923 75Section I
264DAY John1922 72Section I
101DENNISON Martha1829 33Section D
101DENNISON Edwin1829 3 mthsSection D
204DEVEREUX Hilda Florence1984 85Section G
204DEVEREUX Frederica Frances Helena1955 64Section G
204DEVEREUX Robert Meale Daly1957  Section G
204DEVEREUX Florence Annie Irene1973  Section G
204DEVEREUX Charlotte Anna Maria1982  Section G
430DEVERILL Edgar Frank1971 72Section K
323DIFFEY William1910 60Section J
46DIGBY Alicia Lucy1846 2yr 9mthSection B
405DIMENT Nellie1984  Section K
405DIMENT Sidney Charles1983  Section K
236DOBLE John Page1942 79Section H
236DOBLE Emily Aurelia1927 62Section H
249DOBLE Alice Victoria1946 55Section H
53DOBSON Sarah  **Section B
274DODGE George1896 54Section I
274DODGE Ellen Victoria1921 75Section I
171DOREY Mabel1932 40Section F
243DOREY William Richard1930 79Section H
243DOREY Caroline1933 77Section H
272DOWDEN Selena1895  Section I
217DRAKE Eliza1939 67Section H
217DRAKE Arthur James1955 83Section H
63DREW Susannah1841  Section C
2DREW Eliza1867  Section A
328DUKE Robert Henry1896 6yr 9 mthsSection J
106DUNMAN Ann Hill1849 27Section D
354DUNMAN William Hill1884 65Section J
354DUNMAN Martha Bartlett1888 60Section J
342DUNMAN Fanny1916  Section J
342DUNMAN Charles1889 30Section J
342DUNMAN Frances1890  Section J
106DUNMAN Mary1851 25Section D
107DUNMAN Ann1865 73Section D
61DUNMAN Mary1819 74Section C
61DUNMAN Charles1817 73Section C
61DUNMAN Charles1816 37Section C
342DUNMAN Charles1887  Section J
318DUNMAN Annie1908 52Section J
107DUNMAN Thomas1855 68Section D
372DYKE George1982  Section K
317DYKE Jonathan1913 49Section J
317DYKE Eliazabeth Damen1927 69Section J
372DYKE Elsie1976  Section K
190EGERTON Edith Rebecca1944  Section G
190EGERTON Florence Maud1953 93Section G
135EGGLETON Colin1980 48Section E
422ELLERY Clara Augusta1971 88Section K
422ELLERY Alfred1966 86Section K
56ELLIOTTT Mary1819 58Section B
241ELLIS John1929 55Section H
241ELLIS Mary1928 82Section H
240ELLIS Anne1961 83Section H
240ELLIS John1929 55Section H
241ELLIS William1929 83Section H
241ELLIS Joseph J. S.1918 26Section H
301FFOULKES Mary1915 77Section I
396FIANDER Raymond David1973 80Section K
396FIANDER Winifred Eolene1972 78Section K
225FLOWER Matilda Florence1950 88Section H
225FLOWER Mary Blanche1935 81Section H
225FLOWER Emily Ann1933  Section H
375FOWGIES Frederick John1973  Section K
116FOWLER Alex   Section E
424FRANKCON Eva Beatrice Mary1961 75Section K
164FREEMAN Emily Jane1897  Section F
164FREEMAN Frederick Earle1906  Section F
164FREEMAN Mary1872  Section F
289FRITH Edward1920 72Section I
289FRITH Rosa1933 82Section I
304FRY Delilah1939 89Section I
278GAPE Zabulon1903  Section I
278GAPE Amelia1907 79Section I
217GARLAND Edwin Graham1947 73Section H
391GASCOIGNE Alfred1963 70Section K
391GASCOIGNE Ada1978 85Section K
161GENGE Richard Pearse1881 54Section F
161GENGE Lucy Rebecca1918 81Section F
160GENGE Elizabeth1885  Section F
160GENGE Richard   Section F
242GIFFORD Lewis1934 75Section H
242GIFFORD Elizabeth Jane1946 90Section H
410GLASPER Arthur Sidney1982 71Section K
17GODDARD John Stiles1870 61Section A
194GODDING Albert1975 67Section G
25GORINGE Sarah1869 50Section A
311GOVER Frances Gertrude1929  Section I
311GOVER William1914  Section I
178GOVER Mary Ann1892 63Section F
178GOVER John1880 65Section F
178GOVER Sarah Jeanes1878 27Section F
115GREEN Fred Walton   Section E
227GREENING Ralph1946 90Section H
5GREENING Richard   Section A
227GREENING Annie1931 59Section H
256GREENING Tabitha Bradford1887 48Section I
292GROVES Bert1918  Section I
104HALLETT Sarah1819 33Section D
294HAMMETT Ernest William1968 83Section I
294HAMMETT Jeanette1965 81Section I
47HAND Ruth1859 43Section B
52HAND William1833 75Section B
337HAND George1898  Section J
51HAND Betty1828 76Section B
276HAND Mary Ann1927 83Section I
361HAND Christopher1886 74Section J
361HAND Henry1888 76Section J
47HAND Betsy1817 69Section B
51HAND William1828 76Section B
51HAND John1823 21Section B
276HAND Henry1898 78Section I
277HAND Christopher1899  Section I
277HAND Jane1931  Section I
337HAND Frank1889 27Section J
276HAND Hannah Green1859 43Section I
76HARDING John1838 65Section C
77HARDING Rosa Matilda1935 86Section C
77HARDING James1871 70Section C
77HARDING Maria Coster1862 50Section C
76HARDING Anna1845 70Section C
130HARDING Norman Summerscales  53Section E
77HARDING Anna Maria1860 12Section C
343HARDY Ann Lock1887  Section J
343HARDY William Jenkins1898 78Section J
4HARDY Elizabeth1869 85Section A
4HARDY John1870  Section A
4HARDY Albert1878 62Section A
4HARDY John1844 52Section A
108HARRIS Elizabeth1865 84Section D
403HARRIS George Walter1980 86Section K
418HARRISON Violet Elaine1977 72Section K
418HARRISON Arthur Sowerby1973 73Section K
123HART Reginald W1979 72Section E
10HARVEY Elizabeth1856 21Section A
10HARVEY Labon1849 26Section A
352HARVEY Sarah1919  Section J
13HARVEY James1870 57Section A
352HARVEY Henry1900  Section J
302HARVEY Ada Caroline1923  Section I
10HARVEY Thomas1868 75Section A
111HARVEY John1851 77Section D
10HARVEY Mary1871 79Section A
152HARWOOD Robert Lovell   Section E
152HARWOOD Sarah1809  Section E
257HARWOOD Annie Kate1889 18Section I
340HARWOOD Jeffrey1904 49Section J
261HAWKER Emily1936 76Section I
261HAWKER Frederick1922 66Section I
183HAWKINS Philip Henry1948 84Section G
417HAWKINS Edith Annie1973 80Section K
183HAWKINS Mary Susan1961 90Section G
417HAWKINS William Frederick1976 83Section K
411HAWKINS Mary Ellen1980 90Section K
415HAYE Colin N1974 16Section K
433HEDGES Basil1975  Section K
163HELPS Kathleen1956 70Section F
163HELPS Emily1930  Section F
247HENDERSON George Kail1926 72Section H
235HENDERSON Eliza Jane1927 73Section H
216HEWLETT Madeline Ann1938  Section G
216HEWLETT William1943 83Section G
287HILDEBRAND Arthur Hedding1918 75Section I
99HILL William1801 68Section D
99HILL Catharine1820 74Section D
431HILLIER Robert Richard1982 71Section K
431HILLIER Clementine Winifred1973 66Section K
121HINDLE Kenneth1963  Section E
53HOBSON Sarah1772  Section B
53HOBSON John Lawrence1798 86Section B
129HOLDER Edward1972 66Section E
357HOLLAND Robert1886 53Section J
357HOLLAND Hannah1895 90Section J
195HOOKEY Ellinor1950 74Section G
195HOOKEY Walter Joseph1950 75Section G
72HOOPER Sarah1858 68Section C
72HOOPER William1837 81Section C
58HOUSE Henry1795 79Section C
58HOUSE Elizabeth1789 73Section C
128HOWE Emily Elizabeth1973  Section E
128HOWE Edgar Joseph1972  Section E
413HOWELL Reginald Charles1977 87Section K
84HULBERT Mary1855 75Section C
84HULBERT Richard1849 7Section C
329HULL William S1897  Section J
329HULL Susan Frances1898  Section J
291HYDE Jane1920 78Section I
262HYDE George Trim1922 80Section I
291HYDE Harry1918 37Section I
119JEFFERIES Thomas C. F.1972 91Section E
314JEORRETT Sarah1892 66Section J
313JEORRETT Walter1892  Section J
314JEORRETT John1904  Section J
315JEORRETT William Dunman1904 54Section J
204JESSOP John Nicholas1962  Section G
97JESTY Sarah Selina1841 40Section D
97JESTY Benjamin1833  Section D
97JESTY Frances1835  Section D
97JESTY George1845 63Section D
306JOHNSON Vera Mabel1894 3y 10mthSection I
44JOLIFFE Charity1860 51Section B
44JOLIFFE Tabitha1848 39Section B
44JOLIFFE Jospeh1865 57Section B
407JOYCE Kathleen M   Section K
140JOYCE Alice Rosemary1984 28Section E
197JOYCE Rhoda Mabel1951 59Section G
197JOYCE Eli Stephen (Jim)1963 76Section G
347KEATS Catherine Mackie1902 26Section J
171KELLAWAY Emily Jane1930 79Section F
171KELLAWAY Joseph1921 71Section F
189KELLAWAY Kathleen Olive1946 23Section G
11KENDALL Martha1870 72Section A
11KENDALL William1877  Section A
330KINGMAN Winifred1949 54Section J
270KINGMAN Cyril Edgar1982 57Section I
174KINGMAN Emily1880 58Section F
173KINGMAN Hubert Cyril1918 22Section F
208KINGMAN Elizabeth Jane1957 79Section G
330KINGMAN Thomas1918 31Section J
3KINGMAN Elizabeth Ann1868 10Section A
174KINGMAN Thomas1899 80Section F
3KINGMAN Ada Amelia1867 10 monthsSection A
26KINGMAN George William1876 30Section A
172KINGMAN Walter John1920 60Section F
172KINGMAN Martha Anne1944 80Section F
173KINGMAN Robert Thomas1933 32Section F
297KINGMAN Walter George1938 48Section I
319KINGMAN Fanny Maria1926 71Section J
208KINGMAN Thomas George1960 83Section G
172KINGMAN Dorothea Flora1967 64Section F
297KINGMAN Hilda1971 77Section I
173KINGMAN Claude Francis1899 5Section F
173KINGMAN Walter John1918 25Section F
300KINGMAN Henry Thomas1914 57Section I
26KINGMAN Georgina1911 36Section A
319KINGMAN Thomas1909 54Section J
434KINGSBURY Charles Frederick1976 49Section K
201KINNEAR Ethel Jessie1952  Section G
201KINNEAR Forbes1952  Section G
260KNIGHT Abraham1921 58Section I
409KNIGHT Cyril John1984 84Section K
193KNIGHT Hermon James1950 58Section G
260KNIGHT Isabella1961 92Section I
139LAKE Frederick W.E.1984 72Section E
37LAKIN Louisa1884  Section B
167LANE William James1874 29Section F
385LARCOMBE William John1959 76Section K
385LARCOMBE Ethel Anne1971 88Section K
118LAWN Jane1973  Section E
295LEGG E   Section I
265LEGG Jim Trooper W.L.J.1945 21Section I
157LEGG James1877 60Section F
344LEGG Harriettt1901  Section J
265LEGG Elizabeth Hannah1924 75Section I
265LEGG William Lovell1921 73Section I
126LEGG William Lovell1973  Section E
124LEGG Patrick Cyril1973  Section E
157LEGG Jane1893 73Section F
344LEGG James1818 82Section J
265LEGG Alice1936 52Section I
203LEGG Charles1955 81Section G
203LEGG Edith1953 72Section G
48LEGGE John1860 71Section B
305LEIGH Frances Edith Jean Barbara1911  Section I
406LEMON Anna Henrietta Tryphena1984  Section K
279LONGMAN William Ernest1940 50Section I
279LONGMAN Eva Maude1904 16Section I
279LONGMAN Charlotte Sophia, Eva Maude and Hamilton Henry    Section I
279LONGMAN Annie1912 58Section I
279LONGMAN William1935 84Section I
41LOVELASS Jane1770 21Section B
42LOVELASS John1771 19Section B
230LUCAS Margaret Matilda1925 81Section H
230LUCAS Joseph1929 87Section H
280LUCAS Charles Edward1911 36Section I
280LUCAS Jospeh Henry1904 34Section I
293LUSH Walter1929 38Section I
293LUSH Mary Jane1972 79Section I
284MACEY Bertha Annie1945 84Section I
284MACEY Albert James1931 56Section I
286MACEY Harold Douglas1915 14Section I
366MANNS Olive Kate1984 79Section K
402MARSH Edith Lilian1979 85Section K
166MARTIN Thierry William Noel1975  Section F
224MATTHEWS Mary Elizabeth1933 85Section H
224MATTHEWS John1937 83Section H
119MCCL***AN Arthur1975 53Section E
75MEADER Charles1833 59Section C
75MEADER Sarah1834 52Section C
105MEAGER Thomas1808 35Section D
105MEAGER Betty1841 68Section D
326MEARS Tom1925 26Section J
326MEARS William James1963 76Section J
54MILLER Emma Jane1828 27Section B
54MILLER Robert1859 69Section B
267MILLER Edith Emma1936 65Section I
54MILLER Mary1830 63Section B
412MILLER Sidney Arthur1980 67Section K
351MILLER Joseph1886 70Section J
381MILLER Kathleen1963  Section K
256MILLS Caroline Blanche1901 32Section I
369MORGAN Candice Kathleen1978 62Section K
401MORGAN Stanley Ernest1977 69Section K
439MULLETT Reginald Charles1984 81Section K
325NEAL Thomas Edward1904 15Section J
325NEAL Mabel1909  Section J
84NEWMAN W.M.1865 56Section C
57NIGHTINGALE John1818 68Section C
103NORTHOVER Richard Pearse1847 19Section D
103NORTHOVER George1836 40Section D
310OLDFIELD George1913  Section I
310OLDFIELD Henrietta1958 95Section I
356OLIVER Charlotte Osmond1932 85Section J
356OLIVER Louis1908 57Section J
316P G   Section J
209PAINTER Sidney Joseph1957 78Section G
209PAINTER Lily1968 86Section G
324PAINTER Charles Thomas1911 73Section J
324PAINTER Millicent1930 88Section J
28PALMER James1865 60Section A
414PARKER Alice Clara1979  Section K
414PARKER Robert   Section K
220PARKER George James1938 66Section H
414PARKER Robert1976  Section K
228PARKER Elsie Mable1930 40Section H
228PARKER William Ernest1951 62Section H
141PARKER Redvers H.1984  Section E
220PARKER Eva1956 77Section H
275PARSONS Sarah1904 80Section I
275PARSONS Silas James1903 80Section I
165PARSONS Elizabeth Jane1868 9Section F
165PARSONS James1877 20Section F
306PAUL Evelyn Mary1893 20Section I
158PAULL Elizabeth Ann1875 72Section F
159PAULL William Jospeh1880 41Section F
159PAULL Elizabeth Anne1917 64Section F
158PAULL Matthew1873 70Section F
210PAULL Laura1943 71Section G
210PAULL Walter William1955 85Section G
20PEARCEY Amos1833 4Section A
20PEARCEY Jane S1852 54Section A
20PEARCEY Robert1874 74Section A
20PEARCEY Olive1847 8Section A
255PEARCEY William1892 71Section I
255PEARCEY Phoebe Ellen1911 81Section I
20PEARCEY Jane1865 32Section A
20PEARCEY William1851 25Section A
20PEARCEY Emily1847 5Section A
20PEARCEY Matilda1879 14yrs 4mthsSection A
103PEARSE Richard1829 29Section D
234PENNY Arthur William1960 80Section H
234PENNY Harriett Emily1950 61Section H
421POOLE Percy1975 76Section K
421POOLE May Eliza1967 68Section K
94POPE Benjamin1855 82Section D
94POPE Martha1866 88Section D
94POPE Theophilus Bartlett1865 60Section D
334PORTER Eliza1902 60Section J
334PORTER George1907 66Section J
238PORTMAN Joan Wycliffe1971  Section H
238PORTMAN Joseph Maurice Berkeley1943 21Section H
238PORTMAN Maurice Percy Berkeley1928  Section H
298POWELL George1893 20Section I
325PULLMAN William1930 73Section J
325PULLMAN Sarah1933 76Section J
346PURCHASE Sarah  9Section J
346PURCHASE Andrew1921 81Section J
93PURCHASE Martha1735 47Section D
346PURCHASE Kate  7Section J
346PURCHASE Fanny  4Section J
346PURCHASE Frances Selina1902 62Section J
346PURCHASE Mary  1Section J
93PURCHASE Robert1745 62Section D
290QUICK Richard1934 72Section I
290QUICK Maria1919 82Section I
122R. C.E.1975  Section E
67REEKS Robert  55Section C
67REEKS Lydia Eliza1869 75Section C
67REEKS Robert Antram1855 15Section C
67REEKS *******1850 2*Section C
67REEKS Charles Henry1851 9Section C
349RENDALL Jane1832 31Section J
349RENDALL Elizabeth1877 82Section J
349RENDALL Christopher1886 82Section J
281RICARDO Rhoda Sophia1962  Section I
281RICARDO Henry Arthur1948 37Section I
281RICARDO David Osborne1924 16Section I
281RICARDO Arthur David1931  Section I
358RICHARDS Robert1905 58Section J
358RICHARDS Mary Ann1885 48Section J
30RICKARD Elizabeth1767 57Section A
367RIDLEY William George1983  Section K
395RIGGS Florence Mary1982 81Section K
395RIGGS Frederick Charles1970 75Section K
177RIGGS Mary Ann1881  Section F
134RILEY Helen Monica1981  Section E
132RITCHIE Kathleen Evelyn1981  Section E
110RITCHIE Kathleen Evelyn1981  Section D
73ROGERS Richard1877 **Section C
355ROGERS Gladys Mabel   Section J
288ROSS Algernon1974  Section I
7SAMPSON Sarah Ann1869 19Section A
376SAMWAYS Robert1972 49Section K
69SAUNDERS Elizabeth1838 33Section C
69SAUNDERS Elizabeth1816 13Section C
69SAUNDERS Susannah1870 65Section C
69SAUNDERS W. C. Compton1885 85Section C
390SCOTT Dorothy Margaret1971 64Section K
68SCOTT Sarah1792 3 mthsSection C
230SCOTT Frederick Harry1951 62Section H
230SCOTT Getrude Ethel1960 74Section H
68SCOTT Frances1792 22Section C
390SCOTT Charles Edward1962 64Section K
213SEAL Robert George1942  Section G
213SEAL R G1942 26Section G
239SELBY Mary1945 87Section H
239SELBY Tom1932 71Section H
113SHEA Dorothy Florence1978  Section E
36SHEPPARD Anna B1883 67Section B
36SHEPPARD Elias1896 82Section B
43SHERRING Elizabeth1842 21Section B
83SHERWOOD James1867 78Section C
83SHERWOOD Elizabeth1846 57Section C
86SHERWOOD Elizabeth1851 22Section C
168SHIRLEY Horatio1879  Section F
271SHORT Lavinia1894 39Section I
271SHORT Henry1936 85Section I
271SHORT Lilian Flora1937 56Section I
254SIMS Keith Leslie1963  Section I
162SLADE Eliza1873 28Section F
253SMITH Eliza1896 72Section I
273SMITH Mary Ann1903 77Section I
253SMITH Henry1896 83Section I
273SMITH William1895  Section I
127SNELL Sidney James1972 68Section E
9SPARKS James1871 69Section A
9SPARKS Maria1868 63Section A
400SPENCELY Robert William1976 69Section K
68SPICER Martha1783 49Section C
246SPRACKLING Mary1939 85Section H
246SPRACKLING James1926 80Section H
212SPRACKLING Beatrice1942 53Section G
202SQUIRES Frederick George1953 53Section G
202SQUIRES Edith Emily1975 72Section G
348STAINER Jane1921 86Section J
348STAINER George1900 69Section J
244STAINER Louisa Mary1927 64Section H
233STAINER Ada1972  Section H
248STAINER Francis1944 82Section H
233STAINER George1933  Section H
91STANDFIELD Mary1795 33Section D
91STANDFIELD William1818 78Section D
64STANDLEY Peter1802 76Section C
131STANLEY Effie1983  Section E
350STEPHENS Lilian Catherine Maria1885 1 year 28 daysSection J
318STEPHENS Cyril1906 16Section J
318STEPHENS Florence Mary1928 47Section J
318STEPHENS George Humphrey1938 89Section J
318STEPHENS Winifred Sarah1963 80Section J
84STEVENS Henry1828 78Section C
84STEVENS *******1829 76Section C
32STICKLAND Elizabeth Drake1882 60Section B
15STICKLAND Hannah1874 76Section A
15STICKLAND Richard1871 74Section A
408STORER Margaret Anne1984  Section K
117STRINGER George1970  Section E
117STRINGER Frances1974  Section E
357STROUD Edith1891 56Section J
199STROUD Hilda Alberta1952 54Section G
199STROUD William Tom1976 83Section G
357STROUD Charles William1922  Section J
1STROUD Lucy1867 58Section A
357STROUD Henry1885 53Section J
7STURMEY Mary Ann1881 78Section A
176SYMES Mark Vincent1984 25Section F
188TANSWELL Alwyn Joan1947 28Section G
111TEMPLAR James Ackland   Section D
92TEMPLAR James Ackland1866 69Section D
92TEMPLAR Anne1869 74Section D
283THOMPSON Charles William1940 80Section I
283THOMPSON Rose1943 77Section I
303THOMPSON John Rudolf Perronet1965  Section I
50THOMPSON Major General C W1940  Section B
380THORNE Agnes Maud1965 71Section K
231TIZZARD Alfred1952 90Section H
231TIZZARD Mary1937 76Section H
339TOMKINS James1904 46Section J
339TOMKINS Sarah Ann1938 79Section J
339TOMKINS Bernie1917 36Section J
339TOMKINS Sidney William1949 64Section J
382TOMPKINS Lydia1963 85Section K
226TOMS James1947  Section H
226TOMS Lucy1941 63Section H
393TOMS Frederick John1966 82Section K
393TOMS Mabel1978 88Section K
226TOMS Cyril James1932 29Section H
245TOWNSEND Horace Lleweyn1978 83Section H
223TOWNSEND Ethel Marian1937 69Section H
223TOWNSEND Frederick1936 74Section H
245TOWNSEND Gertrude Maud1931 38Section H
353TREVETT Ada Temperance1900  Section J
416TUCK Sidney Ellis1975 70Section K
416TUCK Frances Mary1974 57Section K
394TUCKER John Lewis1976 83Section K
211TUCKER Charles James1943 44Section G
185TUCKER William George1946 84Section G
394TUCKER Evelyn1969 73Section K
185TUCKER Bertha1960 93Section G
207VACHER Kathleen1956 58Section G
359VAUGHAN Philip Henry1886 24Section J
180VIGAR Albertina Mary1950 68Section G
180VIGAR John Walter1964 86Section G
175VINCENT Olive E. M.1973 75Section F
175VINCENT Howard Charles1979 89Section F
307VINCENT Kate1921 24Section I
307VINCENT Caroline May (Carrie)1928 29Section I
307VINCENT Fanny1931 71Section I
307VINCENT Robert Broom1937 82Section I
54WALBRIDGE Margaret1815 36Section B
215WALLIS Samuel1955 92Section G
374WALLIS Henry (Harry)1974 77Section K
215WALLIS Mary Ann1939 73Section G
331WARN Laura1905 26Section J
335WATRIDGE Reggie1902 5Section J
313WAY Margie1892 2Section J
313WAY John1920 68Section J
71WAY Joseph1796 46Section C
74WAY Mary1815 74Section C
74WAY Henry1802 50Section C
114WELLMAN Arthur1979  Section E
12WELLMAN Lucy Jane1891 17Section A
12WELLMAN Elizabeth Rawles1879  Section A
12WELLMAN Jane1916  Section A
7WELLMAN Thomas1908 61Section A
114WELLMAN Ivy K1976  Section E
16WELLMAN Maria1871 54Section A
16WELLMAN John Stickland1872 51Section A
108WELLMAN Benjamin1856 67Section D
7WELLMAN Eliza1895 80Section A
109WELLMAN Thomas1853 69Section D
109WELLMAN Elizabeth1844 63Section D
295WHITE F   Section I
170WHITTLE Mary Ann1898 63Section F
170WHITTLE Daniel1880  Section F
397WILLS Edmund1973 75Section K
66WOOD Samuel1822 80Section C
182WOODLAND Susannah1949  Section G
322WOODWARD G.A.   Section J
62WOOLLY Judith1789 75Section C
62WOOLLY John1780 73Section C
285WORMAN Arthur William1914 57Section I
420WRIGHT Bertram John1969 64Section K
387WYATT Annie L.J.1958 71Section K
387WYATT Alfred George1959 78Section K
268WYATT William1919 67Section I
268WYATT Harriett1939 84Section I
8YOUNG Absalom1860 80Section A
8YOUNG Elizabeth1875 86Section A
378YOUNG Fanny1970 91Section K
378YOUNG James Austin1969 97Section K
360YOUNG Hesta1886 62Section J
14YOUNG George A1870 5Section A
35YOUNG Mary Pearse1883  Section B
35YOUNG James1903 86Section B


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