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Transcribed by M Roy



Northbrook; ADAMS; William; Mr ; p128

Ilsington House; BRYMER; John; Esq. ; p128

CAVE;   Mrs; p128

GENGE; Richard; Mr; p128

GODDARD; Jno. Styles; Rev.; Independent ; ; p128

DUFALL; Henry; Mr; p128

LOCK; Campbell; Rev.; curate; p128

PAULL; Matthew; Mr; p128

Myrtle Cottage; POPE;   Mrs; p128

SLADE; Robert; Esq.; p128

Vicarage; TEMPLER; James Acland; Rev. M.A.; Rector .;
Vicarage value £ 522 in  the gift of the Marquis of Hastings; ; p128


ANTELL; John;   boot & shoemaker; ; p128

ARNOLD; Amelia; Miss; baker & shopkeeper; ; p128

ARNOLD; Thomas;   boot & shoemaker; ; p128

BEASANT; Henry;   farmer; p128

BOYT; John;   butcher; p128

BRETT; William;   carrier & shopkeeper; ; p128

Piddletown; 1865; Kings Arms Inn; BROWN; William;   King's Arms Inn; ; p128

BROWN; William;   carpenter; p128

BURDEN; Joseph;   farmer; p128

COURTNEY; James;   tailor; p128

DANIEL; John;   shopkeeper; ; p128

DUNMAN; John;   miller; p128

DUNMAN; John;   register of birth & deaths for Piddletown district; ; p128

DUNMAN; Thomas;   blacksmith; ; p128

Troy town; DUNMAN; William Hill; farmer; p128

Waterson; GENGE; Richard;   farmer; p128

GODDARD; John;   draper & grocer; ; p128

GORINGE; Thomas;   grocer,draper & provision merchant; ; p128

GREENING; Richard;   blacksmith; ; p128

Piddletown; 1865; Northbrook; HAMMOND; James;   butcher; p128

HAND; Christopher; stonemason; ; p128

HAND; Thomas;   tailor; p128

Piddletown; 1865; Higher Waterson; HARDING; Jas.,;   farmer; p128

HARDY; William;   stonemason; ; p128

HAYCOX; Richard;   master of National school; ; p128

HAYCOX;   Mrs; mistress of National school; ; p128

HOARE; Joseph;   boot & shoemaker; ; p128

HOLLAND; Robert;   baker & grocer; ; p128

; Druce; HOUSE; Jno.,;   farmer; p128

JEORRETT; John;   farmer; p128

JOLLIFFE; Joseph;   beer retailer; ; p128

KINGMAN; John;   dairyman; p128

Piddletown; 1865; Travellers Rest; MEAGER; Mark;   Travellers' Rest & farmer; ; p128

MILLER; Joseph;   collector of taxes for Piddletown; ; p128

Piddletown; 1865; Royal Oak Inn; NEWMAN; William;   Innkeeper; p128

PAINE; Robert Allner; currier & leather seller,rope manufacturer,saddler & harness maker; ; p128

PAINE; Thomas;   saddle & harness maker, rope manufacturer; ; p128

PAULL; Matthew;   farmer; p128

PUDDICOMBE; Ann; Mrs; shopkeeper; ; p128

PUDDICOMBE; Anne; Miss; mistress of National school; ; p128

ROLES; Thomas sen.,; farmer; p128

ROLES; Thomas;   glover, gaiter maker & shopkeeper; ; p128

SAUNDERS; William Compton; corn & seed merchant; ; p128

SHERWOOD; Jas.,;   farmer; p128

SLADE; Robert;   surgeon; p128

SPARKS; Rebecca; Miss; dressmaker; ; p128

STICKLAND; Henry & Son; plumbers,painters,house decorators & paper hangers; ; p128

STICKLAND; Richard;   baker; p128

Duddle; SYMES; John;   dairyman; p128

TOMS; E.;   beer retailer & boot & shoemaker; ; p128

TOMS; William;   boot & shoemaker; ; p128

TOMS; William JUN.,; watch & clockmaker; ; p128

WELLMAN; Eliza; Mrs; shopkeeper; ; p128

WELLSPRING; Thomas;   boot & shoemaker; ; p128

YOUNG; Charles;   mason & parish clerk; ; p128

YOUNG; James;   shopkeeper; ; p128



Transcribed by M Roy


ALLNER;   Misses

Ilsington House;   8 St James street and Carlton club, London SW; BRYMER; William Ernest; M.P., M.A., J.P.;
also at 8 St James' St & Carlton Club London SW; ; p141

Square; DOWDEN; Thomas Edward; p141

FREEMAN; Frederick Earle; Rev.; M.A. vicar; p141

Ilsington Lodge; HOMER; Geo. Wood; p141

Myrtle Cottage; HOMER; Thomas Alner; p141

SHAW; Albt. Courtney; Rev.; M.A. curate; ; p141

YOUNG; James; p141


ANTELL; John;   shoemaker; ; p141

ARNOLD; William. Hy; baker & confectioner; ; p141

Hastings; BESENT; Joseph;   dairyman; p141

BRETT; John;   market gardener; ; p141

22 High Street; BROWN; Anne ; Miss; lace maker; ; p141

Post Office; BURDEN; Thos.;   postmaster; ; p141

DALISON; Bernard. E.; M.B.Edin. Surgeon & medical officer & public vacinator,Puddletown district,
Dorchester union, Ilsington lawn; ; p141

DAVIS; Annie; Miss; dressmaker; ; p141

The Kennels; DODGE; George;   head gamekeeper to W.E. Brymer esq M.P.; ; p141

DUNMAN; Theophilus Bartlett; maltster; p141

GILLINGHAM; George William; saddler & harness maker; ; p141

GALE; Charles;   dairyman; p141

GOVER; William;   grocer & provision dealer, draper,outfitter and dealer in boots & shoes; ; p141

GRAY; Lydia; Mrs; grocer & draper; ; p141

GREENING; Ralph;   blacksmith etc.,; ; p141

HARDY; Eliza; Mrs; beer retailer; ; p141

HARDY; William;   builder; p141

HEWLETT; William;   baker & grocer; ; p141

Ilsington Lodge; HOMER; Geo. Wood; farmer; p141

Ilington dairy farm; HOPKINS; Henry;   dairyman; p141

Druce; HULL; William Shetler; farmer; p141

JEORRETTJohnfarmer; p141

Stafford Park; JOHNSON; William Allen; farmer; p141

Norris Mill; KELLAWAY; Joseph;   dairyman; p141

Duck dairy; KINGMAN; Mark;   dairyman; p141

Norris Mill; KINGMAN; Thomas;   dairyman; p141

Duddle; KINGMAN; Walter Jn.;   farmer; p141

King's Arms hotel and posting house; LAKIN; Edward; p141

Troy Town farm; LANE; Albert;   farmer; p141

LONGMAN; William;   carpenter, builder, undertaker & wheelwright; ; p141

LEGG; William. L;   coal dealer; ; p141

LIGHT; John. T;   police constable; ; p141

LUCAS; Joseph;   beer retailer; ; p141

Estate Office; OLDFIELD; George;   land steward to W.E. Brymer esq M.P. & surveyor; ; p141

Druce; PALMER; Isaac;   dairyman; p141

Druce Well ho; PARSONS; Silas;   head gamekeeper to W.E. Brymer esq M.P.; ; p141

Lower Waterston;   &   at Woferton farm, Charminster; PAUL; John Domett; farmer; p141

PAYNTER; Robert;   farm bailiff to W.E. Brymer esq M.P.; ; p141

PEARCE; Charles;   butcher; p141

POWELL; John;   head gardener to W.E. Brymer esq M.P.; ; p141

Reading Room and Library; TOMS; William;   librarian; p141

ROWLAND; Robert;   shoemaker; ; p141

Royal Oak P.H.; STAINER; Thomas; p141

Zoar, Athelhampton Rd.; STEPHENS; George Humphrey; grocer, bacon curer flour &
provision merchant, boot and shoe warehouse & carrier; ; p141

& at Blanford; STICKLAND; H & Son;   plumbers & c; p141

THOMAS; Herbert;   beer retailer; ; p141

TOMS; William;   registrar of birth & deaths for Puddletown sub-district; ; p141

WELLMAN; Eliza; Mrs; shopkeeper; ; p141

WELLMAN; Thomas;   baker & farmer; ; p141

WELLSPRING; Thomas;   shoemaker; ; p141

WHITTLE; Mary Anne & Sons; bakers; p141



Transcribed by Glenda Lightowler


ALLNER;   Miss; p138

Nunsnugger; BETTY; Paget Kemmis C.M.G, D.S.O.,; Lt,-Col; p138

Ilsington House; BRYMER; Wilfred John; JP; p138

Waterston Manor; CARTER; Gerald Vernon; Major; p138

Higher Waterston House; CHAPMAN; F.J. Palmer; p138

Styles Close; COX; B.L.; p138

Willoughby House; EGERTON;   Misses; p138

FLOWER;   Misses; p138

Vicarage; HELPS;   Rev.; vicar, prebendary of Highworth in Salisbury Cathedral & surrogate; ; p138

Bardolf Manor; HOMER; George Chartres Wood; p138

Furzehill; HOMER; Wood; Misses; p138

Myrtles; RICARDO;   Mrs; p138

Trent Meadows; THOMPSON; Charles Wm.; Major-Gen C.B., D.S.O.; ; p138

The Square; WIGHTMAN; Ralph; p138



ANTELL; Jn.;   refreshment Rooms; ; p138

King's Arms Hotel appointed RAC; ASH; Rt.;   propr.  TN 50; ; p138

BARNES & SONbakers; p138

BARNES; Herbt. H;   beer retailer T.N.22; ; p138

BARNES; Herbt. H;   sec. Puddletown Cricket Club; ; p138

BATTEN; George;   blacksmith; ; p138

BEDFORD & JESTYfarmers; p138

Druce ; CAKE; Wm. & Regnld.; farmers (150 acres or over) TN 41; ; p138

CAUNDLE; Geo.;   carrier T.N.11; ; p138

CHURCHILL; Fredk.;   boot repr.; p138

Lower Waterston; COMBES ; Waltr.;   farmer (150 acres or over); ; p138

Stafford Park; COX; Jn.;   farmer; p138

CUTLER; Edwd.;   gamekeeper to the Earl of Ilchester O.B.E., J.P.; ; p138

DAMEN; Eliz.  ; Mrs; dairy; p138

Chine Hill; DAVIS; Jn. Jas.;   insur.agt.; p138

DAVIS; Wyndham C.      ; farmer (150 acr4es or over); ; p138

Upper Norris Mill; FRY Bros.dairymen; p138

Duck Farm; FRY bros.farmers; p138

Ilsington Farm; GALE; Thomas;   farmer (150 acres or more); ; p138

GASCOIGNE; Samuel;   blacksmith; ; p138

Blue Vinney P.H. ; HARRIS; Herbt. H; p138

HAWKINS; Wm. Fredk.; saddle & harness maker; ; p138

HEWLETT; Wm.;   bldr.; p138

HEWLETT; William;   grocer; p138

Low. Norris Mill; KINGMAN; Geo.    ;   frmr.; p138

Ilsington Lawn; KINNEAR; Forbes; M.B., Ch.B.Aber; physcn. & surgn.; ; p138

KNIGHT I & CObutchers TN 35; ; p138

LEGG; Wm. L.;   contrctor. TN 47; ; p138

LONGMAN; William;   carpenter; p138

Waterston; LOVELL; Herbert;   gardener to Major Gerald Vernon Carter; ; p138

The Kennels ; MACEY; Leonard;   gamekeeper to Colonel Weber TN 13; ; p138

Church St; NEWMAN; Phyllis; Miss; district nurse; ; p138

PAULL; Wltr. Wm.; statnr.; p138


STEPHENS G.H. & CO grocery stores TN 14; ; p138

THOMSON Rt. J.L.land steward to Wilfred Brymer esq. J.P.  TN 44; ; p138

Higher Waterston; TORY; Clement;   farmer; p138

Duddle; VINCENT; Chas.H.;   farmer; p138

WARD; J.;   propr., motor engnr.  TN 50; ; p138

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