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MARRIAGES  1731 - 1837

This transcription of the Bishop's Transcripts has been donated to the OPC Project courtesy of Christine Crawford. Note that this may not be a complete record, some missing years have been indicated. Where there is no entry for a year it may be there was no marriages or that the BT is missing. Researchers are always advised to refer to the Parish Registers, this will mean contacting the Dorset Record Office. 
(x) denotes the person signed their name by making a mark. 

1731 Joseph ROGERS & Margaret DAVIES were married Jun-09

1731 John BAKER & Mary DAVIES were married Aug-01

1731 William CROOME & Mary COLE were married Oct-01

1732 Richard GILLINGHAM & Ellen MOORE were married Feb-10

1733 Richard MASTERS of the Parish of Alton & Dinah MASTERS of the Parish of Alton were married Mar-28

1734 William TIZAR & Mary FORD were married Sep-23

1735 Nathaniel ROYSE of Winsham & Mary WOOTIDN of Broadwind were married Nov-06

1736 Wm. SPICER of Buckland Newton & Elizth. KNIGHT were married Jun-11

1736 Josias BAKER & Sarah DAVIS were married Oct-09

1736 Wm. WALSH & Martha VINCENT were married Nov-02

1736 Edwd BOLLEN & Betty KNIGHT were married Nov-25

1737 Edmd KIDDLE & Joan COSH were married Jan-02

1738 James TIZAR & Ann HATCHER of Charminster were married Oct-25 by licence

1739 John PYNG of Dorcester & Mary VINCENT were married Jan-30 by licence

1739 Wm. ...OOGOOD of Yeatminster & Mary DAVIS were married Mar-04 by banns

1739 John LOVELESS of Buckland Newton & Susan LINNINGTON of Alton Pancreas were married Sep-27

1740 George DAVIS & Ann OLDE were married Aug-12 by banns

1741 John DAIRYMAN Holnest & Eliz. NORRIS were married Mar-11 by licence

1742 Joseph WARREN of Cerne Abbas & Mary WHITTLE of Buckland Newton were married Feb-27 by licence

1743 Thomas RING & Elizabeth BEERE of Yeatminster were married Jan-01

1744 Samuel GROZE & Elizabeth WOOLDRIDGE of Alton Pancreas were married Jun-18 by banns

1744 Joseph ROBINS of Buckland Newton & Mary CHAPMAN of Alton Pancreas were married Nov-26 by banns

1745 Thomas GREEN of Alton Pancreas & Dorothy HOLLAND of Alton Pancreas were married Feb-05 by banns

1745 Robert KIDDLE & Mary ROPER were married Feb-09

1745 Robert KNIGHT Chislebourne & Patience TIZAR were married Mar-23

1745 Edward DAVIS & Ann HOOPER were married Apr-12

1746 John JENNINGS Esquire  & Mrs Betty WORSLEY were married Aug-28

1747 Thomas CAINES & Elizabeth JESPER were married Feb-26

1748 Francis OLD & Charity GRIMS were married Nov-27

1748 Charles OLD & Jenny GOOULD were married Nov-27

1749 John CHANNING & Jane VINCENT were married Jun-15

1749 Mr Thomas BOYS of Cerne Abbas & Mrs Frances WOWLEY of the Isle of Wight were married Sep-20 by licence

1750 James BRINE of Wincanton & Ann TIZARD were married Feb-15

1751 William BELLEY & Eleanor HARREY of Piddlehinton were married Sep-25

1751 Richard KIDDLE & Elizabeth FORD were married Dec-23

This year is by Act of Parliament to end with the date 31st December were married

1752 James SHEPHARD & Sarah TEWXBURY were married Mar-30

1753 John OLD & Elizabeth GILLINGHAM were married May-07

1754 Laurence ASH & Mary BUCKLER (x) were married Sep-24 Witnesses: John NEW William LANE

1755 John BAILEY & Edith STILL were married Jan-27 by banns Witnesses: William LANE John HALLETT

1755 Thomas PURCHASE & Mary DAVIS were married May-03 by banns Witnesses: William LANE John HALLETT

1755 William LANE (a minor) & Jane GILLINGHAM (x) were married Jun-02 by banns Witnesses: William LANE John HALLETT

1755 William COLE & Mary PHELPS (x) were married Sep-14 by banns Witnesses: William LANE John HALLETT

1755 Paul FORE not yet married & Mary TEWSBURY were married Sep 7&14

1755 Robert RUSSEL Widower & Catherine HOOPER of Cerne Abbas were married Nov-19 by banns Witnesses: William LANE John HALLETT

1755 James SYMMES (signed Symes) & Hannah HALLETT (x) were married Dec-26 by banns Witnesses: William LANE John HALLETT

1756 John COLLIER Widower & Eilizabeth COSH (x) Spinster were married May-27 by banns Witnesses: John ILES William LANE

1756 James VINCENT Bach. & Ann BLANCHARD were married Jul-05 by licence Witnesses: John ILES William LANE

1756 Richard LAZENBURY Bach. & Mary BAKER (x) Spinster were married Oct-26 by banns Witnesses: William LANE John HALLETT

1756 James OLD Jnr. Widower & Joan TYRREL Spinster were married Dec-16 by licence Witnesses: James HAINE William LANE

1758 Jno. SHEPARD & Ann TUCKER were married Aug-05

1764 James DAVIS Widower & Mary WRIGHT Spinster were married Dec-24 by licence

1765 James PHELPS Bach. & Mary ANTHONY Spinster were married Feb-06 by licence

1765 John FEBBERN labouror & Sarah PAYN were married Apr-08 by banns

1765 Henry MOORES & Sarah GILLINGHAM were married Jul-16 by banns

1765 William CHIPP & Eleanor LAVENDER were married Dec-28 by banns

1766 George RIGG & Ann GROVES were married Feb-17 by banns

1766 William CROCKER & Ann BROWN were married Apr-08 by banns

1766 Walter STURMEY & Ann SHORT were married Jul-09 by banns

1766 Richard PATY & Jane COSH were married Nov-08 by licence

1767 William DICKER & Hannah BATTER were married Aug-05 by banns

1767 William VINCENT & Jean PAIN were married Dec-07 by banns

1768 Robert GILLINGHAM & Martha SHEPHARD were married Jan-31 by banns

1768 John BAKER & Mary BOLLEN were married Feb-15 by banns

1768 Joseph MASTERS & Mary LAVENDER were married Apr-02 by banns

1768 Thos. FORE & Sarah LOVELESS were married Jul-25 by licence

1768 Robt. BOLLEN & Ann BAKER were married Dec-02 by banns

1769 John DAVIS & Ann VINCENT were married Jul-05

1769 William COLE & Elinor BELLEY were married Dec-18

1769 George DAW & Sarah DAVIS were married Dec-27

1771 William COWARD & Sarah CURREN were married Aug-07

1772 Robert HANNAM & Susanna GROVES were married Apr-21

1772 James CUFF & Hannah WALKEY were married Nov-14

1772 Josiah BAKER & Margaret COLLIER were married Dec-20

1773 Jas. TIZARD & Jane KIDDLE were married May-13

1773 Nathaniel REED of Piddlehinton & Anne CRISPY were married Jun-24

1774 William LOCK & Betty ANTHONY were married Feb-07

1774 Laurence RYAN & Elizabeth COSH were married Apr-06

1774 William BOLLEN & Jane CHANNING were married Nov-19

1775 John KIDDLE & Susanna HARDY were married Jan-01

1775 James TIZARD & Ann BAKER were married Mar-07

1775 John TIBBS & Sarah BAKER were married Mar-07

There are no marriages for the years 1776 to 1778 in the Bishop's Transcripts

1779 Joseph PRYAR & Ester BARGE were married Oct-21

1780 William SYMES & Jane SYMES were married Jan-10

1780 Robert PHELPS & Mary MITCHEL were married Jun-03

1780 William COLLIER & Susanna OLD were married Jun-03

1781 Josiah BAKER & Constant BROWN were married Jun-11

1782 Charles BLANDY & Eliz. DAVIS were married Mar-03

1783 Abraham MOORES & Ann MULLET were married Apr-27

1784 Edmund COWARD & Mary SHEPHERD were married Jan-05

1784 James BAKER & Hannah COOMBS were married Mar-01

1784 Robert CHIPP & Agnes CROCKER were married Mar-14

1784 Andrew LOVELESS & Ann SHEPHERD were married Oct-16

1785 Robt. COWARD & Mary BROWNE were married Apr-11

1785 John BROWN & Sarah APPLIN were married Apr-30

1785 John RANDAL & Eliz. OLD were married May-07

1785 Benjamin SQUIB & Sarah FORE were married Jun-25

1785 James VINCENT & Eliz. BAKER were married Sep-06

1786 Matthew/ias LOVELESS & Jane LOVELESS were married Apr-20

1786 David OLD & Christian ASH were married Oct-22

1786 William COLLIER & Mary NUTT were married Nov-16

1788 Thos. UPWOOD & Mary TOMAS were married Jun-19

1788 Nicholas OSBON & Grace GREEN were married Aug-01

1789 William DAVIS & Ann SYMES were married Jan-14

1789 Will LOVELESS & Sarah LANE were married Mar-31

1789 Benjamin KNIGHT & Dorothy CHIPP were married Jul-03

1789 John KIDDLE & Sarah HOUSE were married Jul-11

1789 Ricd. KIDDLE & Mary OLD were married Aug-03

1789 Joseph BOLLEN & Mary FARR were married Sep-25

1789 Luke BAKER & Mary HOMER were married Oct-02

1789 William MITCHEL & Christian VINCENT were married Dec-27

1790 Eward BLANCHARD & Catherine PATEY were married Sep-28

1791 Edward LOVELESS & Mary DOMINY were married Oct-21 by banns

179? Thos. ARNOLD & Elizabeth RANDOL were married

179? George DRAKE & Charity TUCKER were married Aug-10

179? Will CRITCHEL & Mariah GREEN were married

1792 Jacob VINCENT & Sarah HODGES were married Mar-26 by banns

1792 William KIDDLE & Charity BAKER were married Jun-07 Bans

1792 Daniel BILY Plush & Elizabeth HALLETT were married Aug-27 by banns

1793 Thos. OLD & Sarah LOVELESS were married Mar-18 by licence

1793 Henry SAMWAYS & Jane ROGERS were married Oct-22 by banns

1795 John SAMWAYS & Jane WELCH were married Jul-20 by banns

1796 James MAYORS & Elizabeth ( no surname ) were married Jan-20 by licence

1796 James GIBBS & Joanna COSH were married Apr-01 by banns

There are no marriages for the years 1797 to 1812 in the Bishop's Transcripts

1813 Robert COWARD (x) & Susanna DAVIS were married Dec-20 Witnesses: William COLLIER James SYMES

1814 Henry BARNES (x) of Abbey Mintern & Jemima SINGLETON (x) were married Jan-05 by licence Witnesses: Maria LOVELESS Edwin Jnr. TOMPKINS

1814 George VINCENT & Mary JENKINS were married May-09 by banns Witnesses: James SYMES William COLLIER

1815 Joseph Harris RUSSEL (x) & Elizabeth SAMWAYS (x) were married Apr-11 Bann Witnesses: Barbara ROGERS James SYMES

1815 John ROGERS & Ann BOLLARD were married May-15 by banns Witnesses: Enos POTHESARY Elizabeth BOLLARD

1815 William COLLIER & Elizabeth HOPKINS were married Aug-28 by banns Witnesses: James COLLIER (x) Josiah BAKER

1815 Robert CHURCHILL & Mary HORE (x) were married Aug-28 by banns Witnesses: Josiah BAKER Lydia DOMINY (x)

1817 Richard LOVELESS & Jane SHORT were married Feb-25 by licence Witnesses: Stephen MORGAN Jane KIDDLE

1817 James BOLLEN (x) & Sarah BOLLEN (x) were married Mar-03 by banns Witnesses: William POUNCEY Elizabeth COLLAND

1817 James Gawler BRIDGE of St.Martins Ludgate London & Sarah Johnson SHELDRICK were married Mar-14 by licence Witnesses: Elizabeth Johnson SHELDRICK Emma BRIDGE

1817 Joseph CROSS & Ann MORGAN (x) were married Sep-29 by banns Witnesses: Jane KIDDLE John VINCENT

1817 Thomas ROSS & Repentance SYMES were married Dec-01 by banns Witnesses: William SYMES Mary Ann SYMES

1818 Charles STICKLAND (x) of Buckland Newton & Elizabeth LOVELESS were married Jun-30 by banns Witnesses: Francis LOVELESS John VINCENT

1819 Thomas CHIPP & Mary CHICK were married Apr-22 by banns Witnesses: William MORRES Ann DAVIS

1819 William REID (x) of Buckland Newton & Mary HODGES were married Jul-31 by banns Witnesses: Thomas HODGES Sarah DRAKE

1819 Isaac DENNET & Elizabeth BELLRINGER (x) were married Aug-06 by banns Witnesses: Sarah DRAKE Charlotte BELLRINGER

1819 William LOVELESS & Mary Ann BOLLEN (x) were married Nov-04 by licence Witnesses: Martha BOLLEN Robert BOLLEN John VINCENT

1821 Samuel STURMEY & Frances WILLIS (x) were married Apr-19 by banns Witnesses: Josiah TIZARD Frnces SAMWAYS Francis MILLS

1821 Robert BRIDGE Tarrant Launceston & Ann Gawler BRIDGE were married Jun-14 by licence Witnesses: Maria BRIDGE Thos. Jnr. BRIDGE Thomas BISHOP (x)

1821 Thomas YOUNG & Maria TIBBS were married Aug-29 by banns Witnesses: Joseph CROSS Sarah HOPKINS

1822 Joseph KIDDLE & Sarah FRAMPTON (x) were married Jul-03 by banns Witnesses: John KIDDLE LOVELESS

1823 John STROUD & Charlotte STROUD of Nether Cerne were married May-18 by licence Witnesses: George HODGES S. M. ANDREWS

1823 George BASILL (x) & Lydia MITCHELL were married Sep-14 by banns Witnesses: John RICHARDS Amelia VINCENT

1823 Henry OAKE & Maria BRIDGE were married Sep-29 by licence Witnesses: Charlotte OAKES Eliza BRIDGE John Gawler BRIDGE

1823 Robert MORRIS (x) Hilton & Amelia VINCENT were married Oct-23 by banns Witnesses: John KROOP Edward HOPKINS

1823 James BILLETT (x) & Barbara VINCENT were married Nov-29 by banns Witnesses: James TIZARD Frances KIDDLE

1823 John KIDDLE & Mary Maria LOVELESS were married Dec-07 by banns Witnesses: James TIZARD Eliza DOMINY Frances KIDDLE

1824 Thomas BRIDGE & Susanna HOPKINS were married Mar-04 by licence Witnesses: Samuel HOPKINS Sarah HOPKINS

1824 William KNIGHT of Lyme Regis & Elizabeth BOLLEN (x) were married Apr-19 by banns Witnesses: Samuel BOLLEN (x) Martha BOLLEN (x)

1824 Samuel Moss OSBORN & Ann FOLLETT were married Apr-22 by licence Witnesses: T. W. HANSFORD Elizabeth HANSFORD

1824 John TUCK (x) & Elizabeth BAKER (x) were married May-13 by banns Witnesses: John BAKER Ann TIZARD (x)

1824 Robert LOVELACE of Alton Pancreas & Ann MOREY were married Jun-03 Bans Witnesses: Thomas MUFFETT Sarah WINTER (x)

1824 George GOODWIN & Mary POVEROTT (x) were married Aug-24 by banns Witnesses: John SAMWAYS Mary STROUD

1824 Edward Jnr. PALMER of Snailwell of Cambridge & Eliza BRIDGE were married Sep-11 by banns Witnesses: Eliza PALMER Louisa BRIDGE John Gawler BRIDGE

1825 Matthew VINCENT (x) & Eliza ARNOLD (x) were married Feb-10 by banns Witnesses: Josiah VINCENT (x) Maria BOLLEN (x)

1825 William COSH of Piddlehinton & Sarah SQUIB (x) were married May-07 by banns Witnesses: Francis OLD John VINCENT

1825 Thomas GROVES & Mary Ann OLD were married Jul-31 by licence Witnesses: Jane STURMEY (x) John VINCENT

1825 Edward Erskine JUSTIN Esq. & Marcia BRIDGE were married Aug-27 by licence Witnesses: Mary Ann BRIDGE Robert BRIDGE W. S. PATERSON

1825 William SIMMONS (x) & Johanna LOVELESS were married Sep-27 by banns Witnesses: Charles LOVELESS Mary OLD

1827 William STURMEY & Elizabeth DRAKE were married Apr-01 by banns Witnesses: Samuel DRAKE Jane FOOT

1827 Henry Rogers BAKER & Frances SAMWAYS (x) were married Jul-05 by banns Witnesses: Jon. TIZARD Martha MOORES Susanna DOMINEY

1827 Henry BURT (x) & Martha BOLLEN (x) were married Jul-27 by banns Witnesses: Eliza BOLLEN (x) James VINCENT

1827 James MITCHEL (x) & Elizabeth ALLEN (x) were married Oct-16 by banns Witnesses: George SANSOM Sarah HOPKINS

1827 Robert VINCENT & Susanna DOMINY were married Oct-30 by banns Witnesses: George SANSOM Frances TIZARD

1828 William SHUTTER & Mary STROUD were married Aug-04 by licence Witnesses: James STROUD Jane STROUD

1828 John GIBBS & Diana COWARD (x) were married Aug-17 by banns Witnesses: Joseph GIBBS (x) Diana COWARD (x)

1828 George BILES & Catherine SYMES were married Sep-11 by banns Witnesses: Charles SYMES Eliza BILES

1828 James HARRIS (x) & Martha BOLLEN (x) were married Sep-18 by banns Witnesses: Bethia BOLLEN Jon. VINCENT

1828 Charles PAINTER & Frances MITCHEL (x) were married Nov-18 by banns Witnesses: Adam NELSON (x) Ann DAVIS

1829 James MOORS & Rebecca VATCHER (x) were married Feb-10 by banns Witnesses: William ALLEN Martha BOLLEN

1829 James TIZARD & Sarah SHERRY (x) were married Mar-14 by banns Witnesses: William Henry TRIPE Eliza DOMINY

1829 William Henry TRIPE & Eliza DOMINY were married Apr-29 by licence Witnesses: Jno WILKES Maria MOORES

1829 Robert MANNS (x) & Ann BAKER were married Apr-30 by banns Witnesses: John SAMWAYS Joanna BAKER

1829 William STROUD & Louisa YOUNG Cerne Abbas were married Oct-01 by licence Witnesses: Francis SHEPHERD Theresa SHEPHERD

1829 Edward BOLLEN & Eliza VIVIAN (x) were married Oct-20 by banns Witnesses: Eliza VINCENT Joseph KIDDLE Frances TIZARD

1829 Joseph DOMINY (x) & Mary GOMM were married Oct-22 by banns Witnesses: James JONES Alic COLLIER

1830 James SAMWAYS (x) of Buckland Newton & Elizabeth Dianah KNIGHT were married Jan-18 by banns Witnesses: Charles PAINE Jn. VINCENT

1830 Samuel HOPKINS & Johanna DAVIS were married Apr-14 by banns Witnesses: William Henry TRIPE Maria HARDY (x)

1830 Charles SYMES & Eliza BILES were married May-27 by banns Witnesses: George BILES Charlotte BILES

1830 Theophilus GOODFELLOW of Child Okeford & Louisa SYMS were married Jul-05 by licence Witnesses: Thomas MITCHELL Martha MITCHELL

1830 William ALLEN (x) & Bethia BOLLEN were married Aug-22 by banns Witnesses: Alic COLLIER John BOLLEM (x)

1830 James DAVIS & Maria HARDY (x) were married Oct-19 by banns Witnesses: Samuel STURMEY Frances TIZARD

1830 Charles PAINE & Frances BOLLEN (x) were married Dec-16 by banns Witnesses: Samuel BOLLEN (x) Eliza BOLLEN (x)

1831 Henry MEECH (x) & Alice Loveless COLLIER were married Jan-06 by banns Witnesses: William COLLIER Susanna KIDDLE (x)

1831 John TURNER (x) & Eliza BOLLEN (x) were married Jan-17 by banns Witnesses: Wm. LOVELEss Eliza VINCENT (x)

1831 Andrew LOVELESS & Sarah HOPKINS were married Jan-20 by licence Witnesses: Mary HOPKINS Stephen MORGAN

1831 Samuel Green STURMEY (x) & Maria MOORES were married May-19 by banns Witnesses: John ALLEN Susan STURMEY

1831 John Clement MEAD & Emma BRIDGE were married Jun-01 by licence Witnesses: Louisa BRIDGE Ann MEAD Alfred Robert LEEBAIRN

1831 Samuel BOLLEN (x) & Ann ROPER (x) were married Sep-02 by banns Witnesses: George SAMWAYS Ann COWARD (x)

1832 John BARGE of St. Peter Dorcester & Virtue PAYNE were married May-10 by licence Witnesses: Anne PAINE Thomas PAINE

1832 Thomas GIBBS (x) & Mary Ann RANDALL were married Dec-24 by banns Witnesses: James TIZARD Frances TIZARD

1834 Robert BOLLEN (x) & Harriet SYMONDS (x) were married Jan-21 by banns Witnesses: Wm. SYMONDS Martha FUDGE

1834 John BEST & Mary DAVIS were married Jul-24 by banns Witnesses: Robert VINCENT Ann DAVIS

1834 Thomas YOUNG & Ellen DENNETT (x) were married Oct-01 by banns Witnesses: William YOUNG Hanna STROUD

1835 William Henry DAVIS & Mary Ann SAINT (x) were married Jan-20 by banns Witnesses: Charles DAVIS (x) Joseph OXFORD

1835 Francis TIZARD & Martha OXFORD were married Mar-28 by banns Witnesses: Stephen MORGAN Mary LOVELEss

1835 John SYMES of Buckland Newton & Ann ROSE (x) were married Aug-20 by banns Witnesses: Ann SYMES Ann CHIPP

1835 James BARNWELL (x) & Mary BAKER were married Dec-25 by banns Witnesses: Robert ROGERS Eliza BARNWELL (x)

1836 John EDWARDS (x) & Ann Ayres COWARD (x) were married Jul-26 by banns Witnesses: George GOULD J. M. COULSON

1836 James NEW & Agnes DAVIS (x) were married Nov-06 by banns Witnesses: Robert NEW Barbara PHILIPS

1837 Robert NEW & Lydia FRAMPTON were married Feb-25 by banns Witnesses: James NEW Jane KIDDLE

1837 Andrew DAVIS & Elizabeth COLLIER were married Feb-28 by banns Witnesses: William SIMMONDS (x) Mary Loveless COLLIER

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