Piddletrenthide, All Saints Church

This is an abbreviated list of the details transcribed from all the memorials in the burial ground. Memorials commemorating deaths less than 30 years old have not been included to avoid upsetting any relatives of the recently bereaved, details are available on request. Full details of all memorials are available by contacting the MI Coordinator (see contacts page). Please quote the MI reference number, the parish, the burial ground and the surname on all requests. Researchers are asked to please bear in mind that weathering of the stone and lichen growth can make transcription difficult and incomplete or even impossible in some cases.

Everything is transcribed exactly as is, but without capitalisation other than for all surnames.
Items in blue are not actually transcribed on the monument but are deduced and included to allow
sorting and searching by surname. * indicates unreadable information.

119ABBOTT Muriel1981 72
2ALNER Louisa1934 65
113AMBRIDGE Kenneth Raymond1967  
171ANDERSON Ada Vaughan1959  
8ANDREWS Charles1947 63
65ANTELL Elizabeth Sarah1898  
46ARNOLD John1678 63
117ATKIN Anthony John1978 30
53AYLWIN John Waters   
56BAKER Herbert William1902 59
75BAKER Albert Jehu   
183BAKER Reginald George1977 64
112BALL William Hawkly1900 72
142BARKWORTH Thomas1862 69
142BARKWORTH Mary1884 87
201BARKWORTH Edmund1931 71
214BARKWORTH Thomas1862 69
201BARTKWORTH Clara Adelaide1912 42
4BASTABLE Isabella Alice1940 23
116BATTEN Phoebe Louisa1974 73
116BATTEN Herbert John1974 74
74BATTRICK Harry   
75BATTRICK James   
126BATTRICK Philip Thomas1983 62
194BATTRICK Reginald1957  
158BECK Nellie1921 40
198BECK Francis James1919 58
198BECK Mary Stuart1956 90
211BELL Jane1877 54
35BILLETT William1894  
35BILLETT Elizabeth1906 72
200BILLETT Beatrice Rose1916 33
204BLUDWORTH John1688 43
204BLUDWORTH William   
204BLUDWORTH John   
204BLUDWORTH Elizabeth   
26BOLLEN George Bowring   
26BOLLEN Job   
26BOLLEN Hannah   
26BOLLEN Mary1908  
63BOLLEN Robert1865 59
63BOLLEN Harriett1888 79
63BOLLEN Isabella   
63BOLLEN Isaac   
63BOLLEN Catherine   
68BOLLEN Hannah1864 53
68BOLLEN William1866 26
75BOLLEN George   
143BOLLEN William1892 52
143BOLLEN Elsie1907 75
149BOLLEN Sergt. George1916 45
98BRIDGE Annie Gawler Moore1945  
99BRIDGE Constance Emily1934 81
100BRIDGE John Edward1888 67
100BRIDGE May   
100BRIDGE Marguerite   
100BRIDGE Ellen Eliza1917 92
141BRIDGE Hannah1869 73
208BRIDGE Amelia1885  
209BRIDGE John Gawler1849 61
212BRIDGE George1871  
213BRIDGE George John1863 31
216BRIDGE Thomas1792 76
216BRIDGE Mary1779 54
221BRIDGE Alfred Charles1869  
223BRIDGE John Gawler1849 62
222BRUCE John1834  
57BURT Charles1912 64
57BURT Julia Ann1940 75
13CHALDECOTT William1918 65
13CHALDECOTT Reginald1901 16
152CHALKE Louisa Christian1929 57
152CHALKE Herbert1951 82
173CHEESEMAN Rose1961 76
173CHEESEMAN Frank1960 79
20CHURCHILL Emma Jane1915 70
20CHURCHILL Philip Hardy1930 84
6CLARK Sylvia Brenda Juanita1948 24
6CLARK Eric William Henry1986 62
78COITH ******1714 18
77COLIER William1655 41
77COLIER Henry1675 19
186COLLIARD Archibald Maurice1966 52
24COLLIER Elizabeth1863  
24COLLIER Hannah1873 31
24COLLIER Tom1878 39
62COLLIER Eliza1870 50
64COLLIER John1834 52
64COLLIER Anna Maria   
64COLLIER Frances   
210COLYER John1564  
206COX Charlotte1806  
217COX Edward1796 51
219COX William1799 36
220COX Mary1803 32
36COZENS James1882 63
130CROFT Lillian Etty1986  
74CROSS Frank   
203CROSS Kate1935 68
203CROSS Henry1946 83
18CROW William1901  
18CROW Mary1924 84
3CUFF Thomas1930 75
3CUFF Louisa Jane1936 79
16DAVIS Gertrude Lily1902  
30DAVIS John1874 52
72DAVIS Mary Jane1927 72
111DAVIS Christabella1887 64
111DAVIS John1900 78
156DAVIS George James1921 87
156DAVIS Elizabeth   
156DAVIS Rosa   
156DAVIS Bertram   
156DAVIS Emma1934 90
165DAVIS Freda1942 32
199DAVIS Ellen1958 80
199DAVIS Allen R1965 91
189DEAMEN Frederick Charles1963 85
76DICKER Charles William Hamilton   
102DICKER Charles William Hamilton1912 57
168DIMENT Arthur John1954 68
40DOMINY Mary1867 53
40DOMINY George1870 64
41DOMINY John Tizzard Stone1905 60
132DOWNER Terence Gerald1990  
22DRAKE Hester1815 48
22DRAKE Samuel1837 65
22DRAKE Mary1859 58
69DRAKE Mary1892 60
69DRAKE David1896  
70DRAKE Thomas1835 75
70DRAKE Mary   
187DRAKE Bertram1966 52
97DUMBERFIELD William1646  
97DUMBERFIELD Thomas1616  
82DUNNING James1810 69
82DUNNING James1815  
82DUNNING Jane1854 54
91DUNNING Henry1853 77
202FOOT Cecil James1965  
202FOOT Jessie Winifred1987  
43FOYLE Mary1908 70
138FRIPP Ralph1992  
154GALE Anna Maria1929 67
154GALE Giles1940  
123GLENISTER Ivy Agnes1982  
75GOSNEY Frederick Thomas   
188GOSNEY Angela Mary Rose1969 15
196GREEN Harriett Mary1952 82
196GREEN Henry Levi Hallett1958 87
44GROVES Mary Ann1882 53
58GROVES Charles William1894 66
61GROVES Charles William1933 72
61GROVES Emily Jane1936 79
115GROVES  1974 66
148GROVES Simon1886 86
148GROVES Frances1906 81
177GROVES Mary Ann1957 71
177GROVES Richard John1973 90
151GUFF Michael1940  
19HALLETT Olive1929 27
19HALLETT Pamela1929  
28HALLETT Robert Loveless1879 67
28HALLETT Sarah  85
75HALLETT Frederick   
75HALLETT Henry Robert   
161HAWKER Harry1942  
124HEATHCOTE Dorothy M1982  
54HEYWARD Sarah A1915 52
75HICKS Thomas James   
207HICKS James1889 79
202HOMER James Panton1920 53
202HOMER Jessie Trenchard1945 76
88HOOPER Maria1819 38
55HOUSE Edward1907 83
55HOUSE Mary Ann1913  
150HOUSE Harry Martin1936 64
150HOUSE Rosa1944 72
155HOUSE Maria1923 57
155HOUSE Alfred1932 62
160HOUSE Elizabeth Blanche1921 60
160HOUSE Thomas Charles1944 84
160HOUSE Thomas Charles1917 35
160HOUSE Reginald1923 25
185HUNT George P1966 52
167JACKSON Dorothy Nina1953  
167JACKSON Henry Cholmodeley1972  
29JACOB Louisa1881 62
29JACOB Charles Francis Henry1891 72
101JAKEMAN Kathleen1980  
121JAKEMAN Kathleen Mary1980  
11JEANES Walter1937 67
11JEANES Emma Jane1963 92
75JEANES Charles   
9JUTSUM Emma Jane1943 76
9JUTSUM Frederick Ralph1954 87
164KELLAWAY Ethel Ellen1940  
153KIDDLE Mary Jane1884 62
106KINDERSLEY Nathaniel Henry1980  
107KINDERSLEY Beryl1987  
108KINDERSLEY Dorothea1985  
129LARPENT Stephen de Hachepied1986 46
51LEGG Grace1912 84
51LEGG Thomas1913 86
175LEGG Hilda1962 73
175LEGG George Emmanuel1972 88
34LOVELESS Mary1868 66
34LOVELESS Charles1872 31
34LOVELESS George1871 61
83LOVELESS Anna Maria Caroline1833  
83LOVELESS Andrew Frederick1833  
83LOVELESS Ellen Susan1836  
84LOVELESS Sarah1866 66
84LOVELESS Andrew1871 73
85LOVELESS Jane1836 69
85LOVELESS Richard1843 51
85LOVELESS Elizabeth1842 82
90LOVELESS Sarah1818 53
90LOVELESS Jemima1815 22
92LOVELESS Mary1837  
93LOVELESS Andrew1815 53
60MAJOR Robert1912 76
60MAJOR Ruth1914 76
1MASTERS Alfred Gerald1920 20
1MASTERS Edgar1931 73
1MASTERS Anna Susan1959 76
26MASTERS Clara Hannah1895  
86MATTHEWS C.J.G.1975  
81MEAD John Clement1839 40
104MEECH Alice1880  
104MEECH Frederick   
104MEECH Henry   
42MITCHELL James1877 74
42MITCHELL Elizabeth1888 82
59MITCHELL Robert Corry1904 81
59MITCHELL Anna Maria1903 79
15MURRELL Eric Sidney1982  
80NORMAN Jane1829 83
181NORMAN Martin Alexander1970  
38OLD Andrew John Hearn1862 6
38OLD Frank Robert Andrew1861  
89OLD Elenor1782 72
89OLD William1784 74
94OLD Sarah1806 50
95OLD Andrew1838 75
95OLD Ann1852 62
96OLD Ann1866 61
182OLIVER Glen1968  
77OXINBREGGE Frances   
10PARK Arthur1940 66
17PAYNE Harriett1901 70
52PAYNE Charles1885 49
52PAYNE Elizabeth1907 66
75PAYNE Oscar   
159PAYNE Sarah Jane1921 79
159PAYNE William1923 78
67PEARCE Francis1872 22
205PERKINS Susanna1839 44
12PERRIS Frederick Claude1934 24
205PESTER Philip Rodber1859 69
205PESTER John1856 19
105PIKE Alan Richard1978  
215POLLARD Gerald Evelyn Gustavus1915 25
66POPE Julia1899 45
147PROLES Thomas Robert1888 54
147PROLES Caroline1898 63
75RANSOME William   
110READ Elizabeth1876 62
118RIGGS Rosie May1981 70
157RIGGS Frederick Leslie1933 19
162RIGGS Elizabeth Ann1936 79
169RIGGS Alfred1954 88
169RIGGS Eliza Emily1969 91
176RIGGS William Alfred1958 58
176RIGGS Edna1957 31
190ROBBINS Susan1963 83
23ROGERS Charles1863  
31SAMWAYS Maria1880 61
31SAMWAYS Stephen1893 73
33SAMWAYS Joanna Louisa1873 23
33SAMWAYS George Stephen1876 35
184SAMWAYS Walter Charles1969 78
184SAMWAYS Ida May1969 78
48SIMMONDS Joanna1866 79
5SMART Mary Elizabeth1949 74
5SMART Henry1949 82
191SMART William George1961 59
197SMART Ellen1938 67
197SMART William Charles1958 89
127SMITH Susan Charity1879  
140SMITH William1880 80
140SMITH Louisa1883 83
27STANDFIELD James1882 33
27STANDFIELD Emily Thirza1935 81
109STEVENS William1960  
109STEVENS David Robert1978  
163STEVENS Isaac Arthur1928 59
14STICKLAND Sarah1913 75
14STICKLAND Edward1921 87
166STICKLAND Rosa Jane1946 76
166STICKLAND George Bartlett1947 76
166STICKLAND Louis Aubrey1942 42
195STOCKHAM John Brinsmead1954 74
195STOCKHAM Elsie Helen1981 90
39STONE Ann1882 77
218STOREY Elizabeth1802 58
103STRANGE Evelyn1962  
114STRANGE Samuel Stephen1978 71
75STURMEY Walter   
32SYMES Charles1876  
75SYMES Albert John   
79SYMES Richard1838 21
79SYMES John1833 79
144SYMES Samuel   
145SYMES William1872 47
146SYMES John James1878 16
172TASKER Frederick Carville1963 60
172TASKER Daisy E1972 83
75THOMPSON Walter   
47TOPP George1887 73
47TOPP Mary Ann1877 86
71TOPP Mary Ann1835 4
71TOPP Fanny1878 30
71TOPP John   
122TRIM Elsie Annie1982 77
125TROTT Norman Ralph1983 63
21VINCENT Susan1866 60
170WALBRIN Eva Jane1955 68
170WALBRIN Charles Richard1965 72
128WAREHAM Albert1986  
192WAREHAM Rose Edith May1958 52
120WHITE Clement G1979 55
50WHITTLE George1935 72
159WHITTLE Mary Jane1921 55
159WHITTLE Lillie1921 35
7WIGHTMAN Sarah Diana1948 87
7WIGHTMAN Thomas1951  
45WIGHTMAN Ann1863 32
45WIGHTMAN Ellen1863 1
45WIGHTMAN Joseph1911 84
45WIGHTMAN Mary Ann1943 84
131WIGHTMAN David Ralph1986  
178WIGHTMAN David1956 69
178WIGHTMAN Nora1971 82
179WIGHTMAN Doris1977  
180WIGHTMAN Ralph1971  
180WIGHTMAN Margaret1977  
193WIGHTMAN Ethel Maud Muria1958 59
193WIGHTMAN Joseph1971 82
49WITTERIDGE Robert1838 76
37YOUNG Eliza Ann1865 26
37YOUNG John Martin1864 3


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