Parish of 

BURIALS  1731 - 1812

This transcription of the Bishop's Transcripts has been donated to the OPC Project courtesy of Christine Crawford. Note that this may not be a complete record, some missing years have been indicated. Where there is no entry for a year it may be there was no burials or that the BT is missing. Researchers are always advised to refer to the Parish Registers, this will mean contacting the Dorset Record Office. 

1731 Jane DUMBER buried May-06

1731 Mary COLLIER buried May-12

1731 Daniel FIFIELD buried Jun-06

1731 Joan FIFIELD buried Jun-06

1731 Robert STICKLAND buried Jun-13

1731 Thomas WARREN an infant buried Jun-13

1731 William COX buried Jun-24

1731 Sarah KNIGHT buried Aug-20

1731 Edward WARREN buried Aug-30

1731 John HOARE buried Aug-31

1731 William HICKS buried Oct-07

1731 Robert BRIDGE buried Oct-06

1732 William RODZER buried Jan-23

1732 William LANE buried Feb-06

1732 Judith HICKS buried Feb-13

1733 Sarah Jnr DAVIES buried Apr-10

1733 Edward COISH son of Edward buried 27

1733 Agnes KELLAWAY buried May-21

1733 Anne OLDE buried Jun-04

1733 Mary HILLS buried Aug-09

1733 George VINCENT buried

1733 Mary WILLIAMS Mrs buried Aug-27

1733 John ROGERS son of Joseph buried Sep-13

1733 Elizabeth STICKLAND buried Sep-18

1733 Richard WELSH buried Nov-13

1733 Francis SHEPPARD buried Dec-25

1733 Jenkin WILLIAMS Mr Vicar buried Dec-26

1734 Charles HALLET buried Feb-03

1734 Ralph BRIDGE a child buried Apr-04

1734 Grace GRIMES buried Apr-16

1734 Sarah COLLIER daughter of William buried Apr-23

1734 James GREEN son of John buried May-01

1734 William PHELPS son of John buried Jun-07

1734 Sarah FIIELD Spinster buried Jul-31

1734 Anne CROCKER Widow buried Aug-08

1734 John BAKER son of Daniel buried Aug-25

1734 Betty ROGERS daughter of John buried Sep-22

1734 Martha & Mary STOOL twin daughters os Henry buried Sep-29

1734 Mary GILLINGHAM daughter of George & Elizabeth buried Oct-16

1734 Elizabeth HOAR wife of Richard HOAR buried Nov-24

1735 Mary MICHOL wife of Richard MICHOL buried Jan-30

1735 Henry JACOB buried Feb-09

1735 John DAVIS son of John & Ann buried Feb-22

1735 Grace WILLIAMS wife of John WILLIAMS buried Feb-23

1735 Frances DAVIS wife of John DAVIS buried Mar-09

1735 Richard WELCH son of John & Jane buried Apr-09

1735 Thomas BAKER buried May-07

1735 Henry CHANNOL buried May-31

1735 Elizabeth COLLE wife of John buried Aug-04

1735 Christian HOAR Widow buried Oct-10

1735 BAKER Mrs Widow of Stretton buried Oct-25

1735 George GILLINGHAM son of Geo. & Eliz. buried Nov-15

1736 Mary DICKER daughter of Phil & Frances buried Jan-22

1736 TIZAR Widow buried Feb-12

1736 . .. buried Feb-16

1736 Mary GILLINGHAM daughter of Richard & Eleanor buried May-30

1736 Charles LANE buried Jun-09

1736 Elizabeth WARREN buried Dec-10

1736 Thomas HISCOCKS buried Dec-12

1737 Jane WEEK daughter of Jno. buried Mar-27

1737 Amy BAKER buried Apr-02

1737 Ann TIZARD an infant buried Apr-25

1737 Mary WELCH buried May-05

1738 Eliz. PAYNE wife of Wm. buried Jul-23

1738 Wm. LAVENDER buried Aug-05

1738 Edward TIZAR an infant buried Aug-13

1738 Ann KIDDLE buried Sep-14

1738 John VATCHER buried Sep-15

1738 Elizabeth KEAT buried Dec-22

1738 Joanna COSH an infant buried Dec-24

1739 Henry MEACH of Hook buried 16

1739 Barbara BAKER an infant buried Mar-30

1739 Elizabeth BAKER an infant buried Mar-30

1739 Robert RODGERS from Plush buried Apr

1739 John SHEPPARD was buried in woollen buried Aug-30

1739 John WELCH buried Nov-29

1740 Thomas NICKES buried Jan-20

1740 Mary LAVENDER an infant buried Feb-28

1740 Elizabeth SHACKFHAFT buried Mar-27

1740 Edith COFH an infant buried Mar-29

1740 Ann KIDDLE buried May-02

1740 Sarah BAKER buried May-04

1740 John MOORE buried Jul-16

1740 Jofeph KNIGHT buried Sep-21

1740 Ann WELCH Widow buried Sep-30

1740 Jonathan WELCH buried Oct-02

1740 Jane KIDDLE Widow buried Oct-19

1740 Mary NICKES Widow buried Nov-28

1741 Katherine STICKLAND buried Jan-13

1741 Elizabeth WALKEY buried Mar-18

1741 John DAVIS Yeoman buried Mar-26

1741 Robert HALLET buried Apr-07

1741 William KIDDLE buried Apr-07

1741 Joan HALLET buried Apr-15

1741 Betty KIDDLE daughter of Ewmd. & Joan buried May-19

1741 Sarah STILL buried Jun-11

1741 Sarah TEWZBURY buried Jun-19

1741 Robert LOVELESS buried Jun-19

1741 Sarah WELCH buried Jun-22

1741 Elizabeth RUSSELL buried Jul-19

1741 John VINCENT buried Aug-11

1741 Ann COFT buried Sep-11

1741 Henry COLLIER buried Sep-12

1741 William WELCH buried Sep-22

1741 Mary STICKLAND buried Sep-25

1741 Arthur STICKLAND buried Sep-27

1741 Sarah WELCH buried Oct-18

1741 COFT Widow buried Oct-20

1741 James TIZAR buried Nov-12

1741 Elizabeth WADDEN buried Nov-26

1741 Sarah FORE buried Nov-30

1741 Mary COSH buried Dec-12

1741 Paul FORE buried Dec-13

1741 Robert COFT buried Dec-18

1742 Ann FORE buried Jan-15

1742 John HOARE buried Jan-17

1742 Isabella PEARCE buried Feb-11

1742 Henry TIZAR buried Feb-14

1742 Edward CASH an infant buried Feb-19

1742 John STILL an infant buried Apr-06

1742 Ann LAVENDER an infant buried Jun-02

1742 John BRIDGE buried Oct-17

1742 Betty ROGERS an infant buried Oct-18

1742 Henry KNIGHT buried Nov-07

1742 Thomas MITCHEL an infant buried Nov-14

1742 Elizabeth STICKLAND buried Dec-01

1743(?) James WELCH an infant buried Feb-11

1743(?) Sarah WELCH Widow buried Mar-20

1744 William WALKEY buried Apr-01

1744 Thomas WADDEN buried Jun-15

1744 Jane MEECH wife of Henry buried Sep-18

1745 Ann LAVENDER daughter of Edward buried Jan-01

1745 Edward LAVENDER buried Jan-03

1745 Henry VINCENT alias DEVENISH buried Jan-15

1745 Jane CROCKER an infant buried Jan-22

1745 John VATCHER buried Jan-29

1745 Nicholas TEWZBURY buried Mar-01

1745 Catherine WELCH buried Mar-07

1745 William WAKLEY buried Apr-01

1745 Eliz. CROCKER daughter of William buried May-10

1745 Edward TIZAR son of William buried Jun-18

1745 John KING buried Sep-05

1745 Eleanor MOORES Widow buried Nov-21

1745 Joan LAVENDER Widow buried Dec-31

1746 Ann HICKS Widow buried Feb-28

1746 Robert CROCKER an infant buried Apr-27

1746 Joseph DAVIES buried May-24

1746 William PHELPS son of John buried Aug-28

1746 Mary JACOB Widow buried Oct-09

1746 Judith GROZE daughter of joseph buried Dec-09

1746 Henry VINCENT buried Dec-25

1747 Peter WHITE old (as in elderly) buried Jan-04

1747 Eleanor VINCENT Widow buried Feb-22

1747 James TIZAR son of John buried Mar-15

1747 John BOLLEN son of Edward buried May-26

1747 Elizabeth TIZZARD Widow buried Jun-12

1747 Ann KIDDLE wife of Richard buried Jun-18

1747 Elizabeth ISAAC buried Jun-20

1747 Bridget BROWN Widow buried Jul-12

1747 John BELLY Farmer buried Jul-14

1747 Ann BELLY daughter of John buried Jul-14

1747 William WALKEY Shoemaker buried Jul-28

1747 Marhta STONNER wife of Lavender Ashals buried Dec-27

1748 William Collier MASON buried Feb-07

1748 John BRIDGE of Lusscombe Farmer buried Feb-14

1748 William TIZAR Labouror buried Feb-28

1748 John COLE Churchwarden buried May-12

1748 James FORD Labouror buried Apr-10

1748 Mary TIZAR Spinster buried Jul-12

1748 Jane MULLETT Widow buried Jul-13

1748 John GILLINGHAM son of George buried Jul-31

1748 Richard KIDDLE of Lower Tything buried Aug-14

1748 Thomas BRIDGE Farmer buried Sep-16

1748 Betty RUSSELL daughter of Joseph buried Nov-04

1749 John Jnr. COSH buried Apr-08

1749 Betty JENNINGS wife of Joseph Esq. buried Apr-20

1749 George WELCH of Hilville buried Apr-30

1749 Mary TIZARD daughter of William deceased buried May-28

1749 Jenny RUSSELL daughter of Joseph buried Aug-29

1749 Ann ADAMS wife of John buried Sep-26

1749 Betty SHORT daughter of Jonathan buried Oct-01

1749 John ADAMS Senior buried Oct-17

1749 Edward LAVENDER of Sherborn buried Nov-14

1749 Elizabeth CHAPMAN daughter of Mr. John buried Dec-12

1750 John ROGERS buried Dec-25

1750 Edward COSH buried Jan-15

1750 Henry CHANNING from Piddletown buried Jan-24

1750 Eleanor KIDDLE Widow buried Mar-04

1750 John LOVELESS son of John buried Mar-16

1750 John SHEPPARD clothier buried Apr-01

1750 John FORE buried Apr-22

1750 Richard DUMBERFIELD buried Jun-14

1750 Sarah HYDE Widow buried Jul-15

1750 Elizabeth BELLEY Widow buried Sep-02

1750 Mary OLD wife of James buried Sep-29

1750 John HARDING founder of Charity School buried Oct-30

1750 John WARREN Senior buried Nov-04

1750 Laurence CHAPMAN Mr. buried Nov-22

1750 Robert ROGERS son of late John buried Dec-25

1751 Mary LAVENDER daughter of Edward of Sherborne buried Feb-18

1751 John BAKER Senior buried Feb-21

1751 James VINCENT Senior buried Feb-25

1751 Susanna FORD daughter of late James buried May-05

1751 Tabitha FORD wife of James buried May-10

1751 Elizabeth STONNER wife of Wm. buried May-23

1751 Jane OLD wife of James buried May-24

1751 Thomas PAYNE son of William buried Jul-30

1751 John VINCENT Taylor buried Sep-03

1751 Alice MITCHELL Spinster buried Oct-29


1752 Jane KEATE wife of Thomas Gent. buried Jan-18

1752 Phyllis ANTHONY buried Mar-06

1752 James ANTHONY son of John buried Apr-28

1752 Simon ROGERS son of Widow ROGERS buried Jun-18

The 11 days between the 2nd & 14th Sep were left out of this year by Act of Parliament for the altering of the Styles.

1752 Elizabeth DICKER daughter of James buried Nov-19

1752 Eleanor VINCENT daughter of Thomas buried Dec-17

1752 Sarah CHANNING daughter of Thomas buried Dec-25

1753 Mary DAVIS daughter of James buried Jan-14

1753 Alice LOVELESS Widow of Plush buried May-17

1753 William LOVELESS Senior buried Jun-01

1753 Elizabeth SYMONDS wife of Simon of Mapowder buried Jul-17

1753 Jane CHANNING Widow buried Aug-16

1754 Ann TIZARD Widow buried Jan-02

1754 Elizabeth COSH Spinster buried Jan-22

1754 George TRIVET Labouror buried Feb-14

1754 James MOORE an infant buried Jul-16

1754 David DAVIS an infant buried Sep-15

1754 Thomas & Benjamin GREEN twins buried Oct-13

1754 Mary VINCENT wife of William buried Nov-10

1754 Elizabeth COLLIER wife of John buried Nov-13

1755 Sarah DAVIS Widow buried May-18

1755 James MOORES Senior buried Jun-01

1755 Eleanor LANE daughter of William buried Dec-07

1756 Barbara BAKER daughter of Josiah buried Jan-15

1756 Elizabeth BAKER daughter of Daniel buried Mar-16

1756 Frances LOVELESS Widow buried Mar-24

1756 Elizabeth KING Widow buried May-19

1756 Margaret SHEPHEARD wife of Jno. buried Oct-30

1756 Edward DAVIS buried Nov-16

1756 Hannah BUCKLER buried Nov-21

1756 Dorothy COFH daughter of Edward buried Dec-13

1756 Robert ROPER Mr. buried Dec-30

No records for 1757 in the Bishop's Transcripts

1758 Elizabeth DAVIS wife of Jn. buried Jan-08

1758 Mary PURCHES wife of Thos. buried Jan-08

1758 Thos. PUNTAR son of Thos. buried Jan-08

1758 Sarah BARTLETT wife of Wm. buried Feb-26

1758 Wm. STICKLAND buried Apr 3/5

1758 Susanna BAKER daughter of Dan buried Jun-22

1758 James DICKER buried Aug-24

1758 Mary OLD wife of Charles buried Sep-03

1758 Mary VINCENT wife of Thos. buried Sep-14

1758 Wm. LANE buried Oct

1758 Anna DAVIS daughter of Wm. buried Nov

1758 . WHITE Widow buried Dec-01

1758 Henry MEECH buried Dec-07

1758 Elizabeth ROPER Widow buried Dec-10

1759 Richard EXTEN late Vicar buried Jan-09

1759 Thomas PAINE son of William buried May-13

1759 Susanna JENNINGS Mrs. buried Jul-10

1759 Christian LOVELESS buried Nov-23

1760 Mary KING buried Apr-10

1761 Ann COSH an infant buried Jun-03

1761 Mary OLD of Piddlehinton buried Jul-01

1761 Mary COSH buried Aug-10

1762 Sarah COLE an infant buried Jan-17

1762 Rob. & PAIN an infant buried Feb-30

1762 Richard PAIN an infant buried Feb-30

1762 Dorothy KIDDLE buried Mar-02

1762 Ann BAKER buried Mar-12

1762 Ann LAVENDER of Parish of Ryme buried Apr-16

1762 Richard KIDDLE buried May-24

1762 James LEWIS an infant buried Jul-27

1762 Jane MEECH of Buckland buried Aug-20

1762 Mary COLE buried Nov-09

1762 William DAVIS buried Nov-14

1763 Betty ROGERS buried Jan-05

1763 Thomas RUSSELL buried Jan-17

1763 William HALETT buried Feb-18

1763 Susannah MOORES buried Mar-01

1763 William PAIN buried Mar-31

1763 Elizabeth PAIN buried Apr-20

1763 Charles OLD an infant buried May-11

1763 Jenny HODGES buried May-29

1763 Christian VINCENT buried Jul-08

1763 John ANTHONY buried Jul-10

1763 Sarah SHEPARD an infant buried Jul-17

1763 Thomas DICKER buried Sep-16

1763 Elizabeth LEWIS buried Sep-20

1764 Joan GROVES buried Jan-01

1764 John PHELPS buried Mar-08

1764 Elizabeth COSH buried Mar-30

1764 William SHEPHERD an infant buried Jun-08

1764 Jonathan SHORT buried Jul-29

1764 William LANE an infant buried Sep-23

1764 Esther BAKER buried Oct-17

1764 John COLLIER an infant buried Oct-25

1764 Edmund KIDDLE buried Nov-25

1765 William COSH buried Jan-10

1765 John COSH buried Feb-12

1765 William VINCENT buried Mar-13

1765 Elizabeth TIFFIELD buried May-20

1766 John NEWMAN buried Jan-26

1766 John COLLIER buried Feb-02

1766 James VINCENT buried Apr-02

1766 Elizabeth COLLIER buried Apr-04

1766 John COSH an infant buried Apr-26

1766 Elizabeth PAYHN an infant buried Apr-26

1766 Elizabeth STURMEY buried Jun-15

1766 Barbara CHIPP buried Oct-31

1766 Philip DICKER buried Nov-02

1766 William BOLLY buried Nov-13

1766 Sarah BOLLEN buried Nov-16

1767 Catherine BATTERS buried Jan-04

1767 Mary FALCHERS buried Jan-04

1767 Ann HIX buried Feb-06

1767 Elizabeth COSH buried May-17

1767 Mary VINCENT buried Jun

1767 Mary WARREN buried Jun-07

1767 Sarah DOUNTON buried Jun-15

1767 John DAVIS buried Aug-18

1767 Daniel BAKER buried Nov-22

1768 Benjamin VINCENT buried Feb-09

1768 Arthur WALKEY buried Feb-26

1768 Mary PEARCE buried Apr-08

1768 John COSH buried Jun-02

1768 George BAKER buried Jun-02

1768 Mary SAMSON buried Jun-08

1768 Francis OLD buried Jun-30

1768 John KIDDLE buried Sep-19

1768 Ann HORE buried Dec-25

1769 Charles OLD buried Feb-05

1769 Ambrose OLD buried Mar-26

1769 Jane LOVELESS buried Jun-12

1769 Thos. VINCENT buried Jul-09

1769 Charles DAVIS buried Jul-12

1769 George SHEPHERD buried Oct-01

1770 Barbara VINCENT buried Feb-06

1770 Mary KNIGHT buried Feb-06

1770 Sarah BOLLEN buried Apr-11

1770 Ruth PATY buried May-19

1770 Sarah HORE buried Jun-10

1770 Richard DAMPENY buried Jun-10

1770 Martha VINCENT buried Jun-10

1770 Frances LOVELESS buried Jul-18

1770 James OLD buried Sep-08

1770 Joan KNIGHT buried Oct-26

1770 Mary COLE buried Dec-11

1771 James VINCENT buried Feb-26

1771 William PEARCE buried Mar-05

1771 Elenor KNIGHT buried Apr-20

1771 Elizabeth DICKER buried Apr-20

1771 Sarah COLE an infant buried May-17

1771 William PEARCE buried Jun-05

1771 James MEECH buried Aug-20

1771 William LOVELESS buried Dec-19

1772 Sarah FORE buried Apr-06

1772 John LUIS buried Apr-26

1772 John SHEPARD son of Jean buried Jun-14

1772 David Morgan KNIGHT buried Jul-20

1772 William ASH buried Oct-16

1773 Jane BRIDGE buried Feb-05

1773 John SHEPARD buried Feb-07

1773 William PAYNE buried Feb-13

1773 William MORGAN late Vicar buried Feb-18

1773 Ann HORE buried Apr-11

1773 Anne CHIPP wife of Robert buried Nov-07

1773 Margaret ROGERS buried Nov-28

1773 Thomas KIDDLE buried Dec-11

1773 Sarah COLLIER buried Dec-12

1774 Thomas VINCENT buried Jan-02

1774 Margaret PATY buried Jan-02

1774 Richard PATY buried Jan-16

1774 John DAVIS buried Jan-30

1774 John COLE buried Feb-10

1774 Andrew LOVELACE an infant buried Feb-20

1774 Benjamin BOLLEN an infant buried Mar-13

1774 Mary TIBBS buried Mar-20

1774 James BOLLEN an infant buried Apr-04

1774 John HALLET buried Apr-10

1774 John BAKER son of Josiah & Margaret buried Jul-05

1774 Hannah DICKER buried Jul-11

1774 John Cole DAVIS buried Jul-17

1774 John ANTHONY buried Jul-24

1774 William VINCENT an infant buried Aug-04

1774 Robt. CHIPP buried Aug-28

1774 John JENNINGS Esq. buried Oct-05

1774 Joan KIDDLE buried Oct-30

1774 Edward COSH buried Nov-10

1774 Mary DAVIS buried Dec-15

1774 Elizabeth ASHFORD buried Dec-16

1775 Mary TUCKER buried Jan-10

1775 Joannah COSH buried Feb-06

1775 Thos. CROOK buried Feb-17

1775 Sarah KIDDLE buried Mar-05

1775 Richard GILLINGHAM buried Mar-21

1775 Mary COX buried Apr

1775 Constance BROWN buried Apr

1775 Daniel TIFIELD buried Jul-16

1775 Joseph GROVES buried Dec-14

1776 Sarah PHELPS buried Apr-01

1776 Elizabeth GULLIVER buried May-12

1776 Sarah RABOTS buried May-22

1776 Christian LOVELESS buried Aug-12

1776 Ann CROCKER buried Aug-18

1776 Thos. GREEN buried Aug-25

1777 Elizabeth MORGAN Widow buried May-12

1777 Ann DAVIS buried Jun-12

1777 Peter WHITE buried Aug-19

1777 Charity OLD buried Sep-07

1777 George COX Mr. buried Sep-16

1777 William CHIPP buried Oct-17

1778 Ann STURMEY buried Feb-16

1778 Thomas Robert BRIDGE buried Mar-28

1778 Sarah OLD buried Jun-01

1778 Robin BAKER buried Jun-21

1778 Elizabeth SHEPHERD buried Aug-14

1778 Sarah HATCHET buried Aug-22

1778 Sarah CROCKER buried Nov-13

1778 James ASH buried Dec

1778 Honour VATCHER buried Dec-29

1779 David DAVIS buried Jan-12

1779 Elizabeth OLD buried Mar-25

1779 Kemy HODGES buried Apr-04

1779 Frances KIDDLE buried Apr-09

1779 Katherine VATCHER buried Apr-12

1779 Sarah HODGES buried Apr-14

1779 Elizabeth PATEY buried Apr-18

1779 Mary PATEY buried May-02

1779 Eliz. CORBIN buried May-16

1779 John SYMES buried May-18

1779 James SYMES buried Aug-15

1779 Mary BRIDGE buried Aug-18

1779 Jane VATCHER buried Sep-26

1779 Mary DAVIS buried Nov-28

1779 Sarah SHEPHERD buried Dec-19

1779 Edward HORE buried Dec-30

1780 Sarah MAJOR of Cerne buried Feb-15

1780 Susannah COSH buried Feb-21

1780 Harriet PHELPS buried Feb-25

1780 Wm. BAKER buried Mar-12

1780 Mary GROVES buried Mar-30

1780 Eliz. COLLIER buried Mar-31

1780 Margaret BAKER buried Apr-02

1780 Ann GROVES buried Apr-02

1780 Betty BAKER buried Apr-02

1780 Mary SYMES buried Apr-07

1780 Levy GROVES buried Apr-09

1780 Ann Maria Iles BRIDGE buried Apr-14

1780 Eliz. BOLLEN buried Apr-30

1780 George GILLINGHAM buried Jul-13

1780 Joseph ROGERS buried Aug-04

1780 Mary ASH buried Aug-25

1780 Sarah COLLIER buried Oct-22

1780 Robert KIDDLE buried Oct-24

1780 John SHEPARD buried Oct-27

1780 Sarah LANE buried Nov-04

1780 Eliz. CHIPP buried Dec-12

1781 Mary KNIGHT buried Mar-03

1781 John William DAVIS buried Jun-02

1781 Mary RUSSEL buried Aug-06

1781 Wm. GREEN buried Dec-26

1782 Sarah PAYNE buried Feb-21

1782 Eliz. LAVENDER buried Mar-25

1782 Mary HONEYBUN buried Mar-01

1782 Eliz. VINCENT buried Apr-10

1782 Eleanor OLD buried May-11

1782 Wm. COLE buried Jun-09

1782 Sarah COSH buried Jun-09

1782 James OLD buried Aug-11

1782 John BOLLEN buried Sep-15

1783 Thos. PAYNE buried Jan-15

1783 Teresa SHORT buried Apr-30

1783 Walter ROBINS buried Aug-06

1783 Josiah BAKER buried Aug-27

1783 Joseph ROBINS buried Sep-15

1783 Sarah BAKER buried Sep-23

1783 John AISH buried Oct-18

1784 Frances SHORT buried Jan-11

1784 Stephen BAKER buried Feb-12

1784 Susannah LOVELACE buried Feb-26

1784 Mary VINCENT buried Mar-01

1784 Wm. OLD buried Jun-02

1784 Susanna COLLIER buried Jun-27

1784 John CHAPMAN buried Jun-30

1784 Mary HALL buried Jul-02

1784 John TIZARD buried Jul-28

1784 Judith HAZEL pauper buried Aug-01

1784 Eleanor GILLINGHAM buried Oct-26

1784 Eliz. PRIOR buried Nov-18

1784 Sarah STURMEY buried Dec-16

1785 Joan OLD buried Apr-13

1785 Eliz. BOLLEN buried Jun-13

1785 Sara STANBRIDGE buried Jun-14

1785 Levi LOVELESS buried Jun-15

1785 James CUFF buried Jun-27

1785 Andrew LOVELESS buried Jul-10

1785 Hannah CUFF buried Jul-11

1785 Jane BOLLEN buried Sep-18

1785 Mary BRIDGE of Milton Abbis buried Nov-18

1785 Robert FIFIELD buried Dec-02

1785 George DAVIS buried Dec-20

1786 Sarah HOARE buried Jan-09

1786 Eliz. ANTHONY buried Feb-19

1786 George BELLY buried Mar-04

1786 Diana FURBER buried Mar-22

1786 John COWARD buried Jul-07

1786 Eliz. VINCENT buried Nov-24

1786 William HOARE buried Dec-17

No records for 1787 in the Bishop's Transcripts

1788 Mary ASH pauper buried Jan-14

1788 Mary HOARE buried Apr-02

1788 Richd. PATTY buried Apr-02

1788 Ewd. LAVENDER buried May-11

1788 Sarah COWARD buried Jun-11

1788 Elizabeth HORDMAN buried Sep-05

1788 Ann DAVIS buried Sep-28

1788 Elizabeth DAVIS buried Nov-09

1788 Mary FORE buried Dec-30

1789 Mary BAKER buried Feb-10

1789 Paul FORE buried Nov-21

1789 John FLIPANT buried Dec-13

1789 William CHIPP buried Dec-30

1789 Constant BROWN buried Dec-30

1790 Ann AISH buried Jun-19

1790 Robt. BOLLEY buried Jul-04

1790 Dianah PAIN buried Aug-09

1790 William VINCENT buried Sep-02

1791 John RANDLE buried Feb-09

1792 Mary CROCKER buried Feb-04

1792 Ann WHITE buried Feb-27

1792 Jon. STANBRIDGE buried Jun-12

1792 Mary TIZARD buried Jul-01

1792 Philip[ VATCHER buried Jul-04

1792 Jane STURMEY buried Jul-04

1793 James LAVENDER buried May-11

1793 Mary BUDDEN buried Sep-26

1793 Hannah DAVIS buried Nov-04

1793 Francis OLD buried Nov-14

1793 John BROWN buried Nov-20

1793 James CHIP buried Dec-08

1794 Bethiah LOVELESS buried Apr-18

1794 James LOVELESS buried Apr 2?

1794 Catherine BAKER buried May-08

1794 Jane CRITCHELL buried Jul-27

1795 Elizabeth WAREHAM buried May-21

1795 John PARSONS buried Jun-15

1795 Susannah KIDDLE buried Jul-09

1795 Dianna LOVELESS buried Jul-10

1795 Jane PAIN buried Jul-19

1796 Eleanor COLE buried Feb-20

1796 Joanna COWARD buried Mar-09

1796 Matthias LOVELESS buried Apr-15

1796 Levi LOVELESS buried May-22

1796 Jane LOVELESS buried Jun-03

1796 James DAVIS buried Jul-10

1796 Robert COSH buried Aug-02

1796 Richard DAVIS buried Sep-11

1796 Edward COX Esq. buried Sep-20

1796 John OLD buried Dec-25

1797 Francis NEWMAN Esq. buried Jan-04

1797 Charles PAINE buried Jan-24

1797 Elizabeth POLLARD buried Mar-02

1797 Francis LOVELESS buried Mar-22

1797 Diana OLD buried Mar-22

1797 Maria CRITCHELL buried Apr-02

1797 Robert BRIDGE buried May-05

1797 George POLLARD buried Jul-05

1797 Ann LAVENDER buried Oct-07

1797 William CROCKER buried Oct-10

1798 john COSH buried Jan-07

1798 Robert LOVELEP buried Jun-01

1798 Thomas BRIDGE buried Jun-10

1798 James PAIN buried Oct-05

1799 Mary MEECH buried Jan-10

1799 Mary PAIN buried Jan-30

1799 William DAVIS buried Feb-09

1799 Sarah PAIN buried Feb-20

1799 John PAIN buried Mar-24

1799 Andrew LOVELEP buried Mar-25

1799 Mary DAVIS buried May-09

1799 Ann SAMWAYS buried May-23

1799 Joseph OLD buried Jun-12

1799 Constance BAKER buried Aug-06

1799 Sarah TIBBS buried Nov-03

No records for 1800 & 1801 in the Bishop's Transcripts

1802 Manuel Christmas BOLEN buried Jan-24

1802 Marey RANDEL buried Apr-11

1802 Richard TIZARD buried May-18

1802 Robert OLD buried May-27

1802 John BROWN buried Jun-06

1802 Elizabeth GROVES buried Aug-06

1802 Marey Elizabeth STOREY buried Aug-25

1802 Jean SAMWAYS buried Sep-05

1802 William COX Esq. buried Sep-30

No records for 1803 in the Bishop's Transcripts

1804 Sarah PHILIPS buried Jan-08

1804 Robert PHILIPS buried Jan-27

1804 Charles RANDEL buried Feb-17

1804 Jane LANE buried Apr-12

1804 Joseph LOVELISS buried May-11

1804 James Way TIZARD buried Jul-26

1805 Jane BOLLEN 81 buried Oct-20

1805 Jane TIPPER 53 buried Nov-21

1806 William DAVIS 42 buried Jan-01

1806 Ann DAVIS 86 buried Feb-20

1806 Mary DAVIS 83 buried Mar-24

1806 Jane PATEY 66 buried Apr-20

1806 George DAVIS 32 wks buried Aug-10

1806 Charlotte COX 6 mths buried Sep-20

1806 Robert PHILIPS 52 buried Sep-25

1806 Sarah OLD 50 buried Oct-26

1806 Joannah OLD 78 buried Nov-20

1807 John HARDY 9 mths buried Jan-18

1807 Edward BOLLEN 70 buried Feb-26

1807 Robert DAVIS 87 buried Mar-29

1807 Susanna VINCENT 79 buried May-10

1807 Hannah TIBBS 30 buried Jun-28

1807 James CHIPP 85 buried Sep-23

1807 Catherine OLD 56 buried Dec-23

1808 Ann CROCKER 67 buried Jan-10

1808 Jane TIZARD 90 buried Feb-14

1808 Richard PRESTON 10 hrs buried Feb-14

1808 George TIZARD 16 wks buried May-19

1808 Eleanor MEECH 61 buried Jul-03

1808 Mary GROVES 75 buried Jul-05

1808 William LANE 73 buried Sep-20

1808 James PHELPS 67 buried Oct-09

1808 Eleanor SAMPSON 26 buried Nov-13

1808 Ann LOVELESS 76 buried Dec-18

1808 Robert ALLEN 26 buried Dec-22

1809 Ann CRITCHELL 2 buried Jun-18

1809 Elizabeth OLD 81 buried Jun-23

1809 Grace CROCKER 21 mths buried Aug-06

1809 Robert OLD 51 buried Aug-23

1809 Mary GREEN 82 buried Sep-05

1809 Thomas GREEN 81 buried Nov-05

1810 Charity DRAKE 10 mths buried Mar-04

1810 Esther Keats BARKEN 5 wks buried Mar-11

1810 Nicholas CROCKER 56 buried May-15

1811 William FOOT 6 buried May-29

1811 Mary KIDDLE 39 buried Aug-26

1811 Mary ROBBINS 72 buried Nov-03

1812 Maria POTSCH 68 buried Jan-20

1812 William LOVELESS 17 buried Mar-26

1812 William VINCENT 72 buried Apr-12

1812 Sarah BAKER 65 buried May-26

1812 Charlotte CROCKER 1 buried Jun-24

1812 Richard BRIDLE 23 buried Jul-20

1812 Harriet ALLEN 26 buried Aug-09

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