Baptisms 1737, 1757, 1787, 1800, 1801 & 1803

Transcribed from the Parish Registers and donated to the Dorset OPC Project by Chris Haymes

These years are missing in the original Bishops Transcript transcriptions donated by Christine Crawford and so are added her to fill in the gaps

DateNameRelationshipFather’s NameMother’s NameNotes
5 May 1737Jane Coshdaughter Edmund CoshJoannaPrivately baptised 30 Mar
12 May 1737Thomas Russelson JosephMary 
7 July 1737Mary Bakerdaughter JosiasSarah 
14 Aug 1737Agnes Crokerdaughter William CrokerMary 
29 Sep 1737John Welchson William WelchMartha 
6 Oct 1737Williamson John GizzardJane 
10 Oct 1737Edwardson Edward BollenElizabeth 
6 Nov 1737Samuelson Richard KiddleAnn 
25 Dec 1737Mary Furberdaughter John FurberJoanFrom Alton Pancras. Was privately bapt 13 Dec.
29 Dec 1737Jane Anthonydaughter John AnthonyElizabethPrivate baptism
29 Jan 1738Betty Walkeydaughter Ari WalkeyElizabeth 
30 Jan 1738John Kiddleson Thomas KiddleDorothy 
28 Feb 1738Dorothy Hoaredaughter John HoareAnn 
6 Jan 1757Susanna Crockerdaughter John CrockerMary 
9 Jan 1757Mary Chapmandaughter John Chapman  
23 Jan 1757James Shepheardson James Shepheard  
23 Jan 1757John Oldson John Old  
15 Feb 1757Ann Lanedaughter William Lane  
17 Feb 1757Ruth Knightdaughter Robert KnightPatience 
24 Feb 1757William Burleston sonWilliam Burleston EsqMrs Sarah Burleston 
27 Feb 1757Laurence Ashson Laurence AshMary Ash 
6 Apr 1757Mary Vincentdaughter Edward VincentElizabeth 
30 Apr 1757Robert Davisson George DavisAnn 
12 Jun 1757Elizabeth Bakerdaughter Josias BakerSarah 
21 Jun 1757Ann Symesdaughter James SymesKeturah 
21 Aug 1757Sarah Foredaughter Paul ForeMary 
22 Aug 1757Ann Sampsondaughter James SampsonMary 
26 Aug 1757Sarah Phelpsdaughter John PhelpsAlicePrivately baptised at Piddlehinton. Now bapt here aged about 3 years old.
27 Dec 1757Anna Davisdaughter WilliamHannah 
29 Dec 1757James Vincentson James VincentAnn 
19 Feb 1787James & John Vincent sonsJames VinventElizabeth VincentPresumably twins.
4 Feb 1787Elizabeth Daviddaughter Francis DavidMary Francis 
11 Mar 1787Jane Tizarddaughter Thos TizardMary Tizard 
15 Apr 1787Sarah Hanhamdaughter James HanhamJoan Hanham 
3 Jun 1787James Bakerson Joseph BakerConstance Baker 
15 Jul 1787Edmund Hodgesson Thos HodgesMary Hodges 
22 Jul 1787John Standidgeson John StandidgeJane Standidge 
23 Sep 1787Joseph Oldson David OldChristian Old 
16 Sep 1787William Bollenson James BollenJane Bollen 
7 Oct 1787Elizabeth Bollenson John BallenElizabeth Ballen 
21 Oct 1787Susannah Loveless daughterRobert LovelessElizabeth Loveless 
19 Jan 1800James Billet sonJoseph BilletElizabeth Billet  
17 Mar 1800Liddy Michel daughterWilliam MichelChristian Michel  
1 Jun 1800Rebecca Squib daughterBenjamin SquibSarah Squib  
8 Jun 1800George Drake sonGeorge DrakeCharity Drake 
30 Aug 1800Mary Tizard daughterThomas TizardMary Tizard  
8 Sep 1800George James Bridge sonRobert BridgeAnn Bridge 
16 Nov 1800Susannah Coward daughterEdmand CowardMary Coward  
16 Nov 1800Frances Loveless daughterWilliam LovelessSarah Loveless  
9 Dec 1800Henry Oldson Thomas OldAnn Old 
22 Jan 1801Harriot Tavener daughterGeorge TavenerMary Tavener  
5 Feb 1801Jane Bascombe daughterRobert BascombeMary Bascombe  
13 Mar 1801William Marsh sonMathew MarshJane Marsh 
26 Apr 1801Mary Ann Bollendaughters Emanuel BollenSarah Bollentwins
 & Eliza Bollen  (abbreviated El)  
16 Nov 1801Susannah Hopkins daughterSam HopkinsSarah Hopkins  
24 Nov 1801Emily Coxdaughter George CoxSusannah Cox 
13 Dec 1801Andrew Locke sonJohn LockeSarah Locke 
25 Dec 1801Sarah Arnold daughterThomas ArnoldElizabeth Arnold  
25 Dec 1801Mary Ann Caines daughter and sonWilliam CainesFrances Caines twins
 & Robert Caines     
25 Dec 1801Mathias Vincent sonJames VincentElizabeth Vincent  
9 Jan 1803Mary Hopkins daughterSamuel HopkinsSarah Hopkins  
6 Mar 1803James Kittle sonRichard KittleMary Kittle 
13 Mar 1803Lydia Barham daughterRobert BarhamMary Barham  
13 Mar 1803Martha Kittle daughterJohn KittleHannah Kittle  
18 Mar 1803Robert Loveless sonAndrew LovelessMary Loveless 
20 Mar 1803Honor Coward daughterEdward CowardMary Coward  
12 Apr 1803Charles Bollen sonJames BollenSarah Bollen 
10 May 1803Ann Loveless daughterWilliam LovelessSarah Loveless  
15 May 1803Susannah Tizard daughterThomas TizardMary Tizard  
29 May 1803James Mitchell sonWilliam MitchellChristian Mitchell  
1 Jun 1803Bethiah Rodgers daughterJohn RodgersSarah Rodgers  
3 Jul 1803John Samson sonGeorge SamsonEleanor Samson 
15 Jul 1802Joseph Nathan sonEd NathanMary Nathan 
16 Aug 1803Charlotte Moore Croad daughter Sarah CroadBase born
5 Feb 1803Mary Ann Syms daughterWilliam SymsJane Syms 
2 Oct 1803Robert Philips sonRobert PhilipsMary Philips 
31 Oct 1803Robert Oakson William OakAnn Cale 
1 Dec 1803Mary  & Frances Old daughtersRobert OldLydia OldPresumably twins. Not noted.

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