MARRIAGES 1714 to 1835

Translated, transcribed and donated to the Dorset OPC by Kim Parker from the Parish Registers


Arranged according to the Gregorian Calendar, with the Julian year indicated to the left of the forward slash (/) in those years when the Julian Calendar, which ran from March 25th to March 24th, was in use (i.e. prior to 1752, 1751 being the transition year).

The clerk has used a thick-nibbed pen and ink that bleeds through, so that the entries on either side of a page almost obliterate each other, making the register very difficult to read - in particular witness signatures. Readers are therefore invited to use this transcript as a guide only and to consult the original at the Dorset History Centre.

23Feb1713/4  FrancisNIGHTINGALEof Fovant, Wiltshire
   & MaryGODDARDdaughter of Mr Walter GODDARD
30Jan1717/8  WilliamSARJEANT 
   & ElizabethHORT 
14Apr1718  WilliamHARRINGTON 
   & SarahHARRIS 
24Apr1720  RogerBRADEN 
   & JaneHIGGENSof West Woodyats
13Sep1720  WilliamNEW 
   & AliceMOOR 
09Apr1721  GeorgeREADof Cranborn
   & HannahHARRIS 
07Sep1721  EdwardWICKSof Cranborn
   & JaneREADof Cranborn
24Oct1721  HenryHERRINGTON 
   & AnneEDMUNDSof Broad Chalk, Wiltshire
20Jun1722  JohnGUTHRIEof Lichet
   & SarahSIBLEYof Lichet
27Oct1723  JacobWHIMPYEof South Newton, Wiltshire
   & MagaretFRAMPTON 
26Dec1726  ArthurFRAMPTON 
   & MaryTRIGGOL 
27Mar1727  JohnTRIGGOL 
   & MaryFRAMPTON 
29Apr1730  JohnPERCY 
   & AliceFOOT 
05Jul1730  CharlesYOUNG 
   & JaneLUSH 
27Jul1730  WilliamMARLER 
   & FrancesMOORS 
08May1732  WilliamWAGG 
   & MaryFRAMPTON 
06Aug1733  CharlesSTOKESMr
   & ElisabethBARBERMrs
09Nov1733  JosephCOOK 
   & ElisabethWATTS 
26May1735  JohnTRIGGOL 
   & ElisabethBRADEN 
06Sep1736  OliverJUPE 
   & JoanWEAR 
11Nov1736  GeorgeCLARK 
   & MaryFRAMPTON 
18Oct1737  ThomasBUTT 
   & JaneWEARE 
01May1738  WilliamBARTER 
   & DorothyLOADER 
18Jun1738  RobertOAKFORD 
   & ElisabethMARLOUR 
10Oct1738  RogerGUMBLETON 
   & MarthaFOYLE 
06Jul1741  ThomasNAISH 
   & AnneKELLY 
29Sep1741  ThomasHARPERof Sarum, Wiltshire
  Licence &ElizabethBROWNINGof Woodyates in Pentridge
12Jun1743  GeorgeSANSUMof Broad Chalk, Wiltshire
   & MaryLANE 
02Apr1743  StephenHAYTERof Tippot, Wiltshire
  Licence &HannahSHORT 
09Feb1744/5  GeorgeOSBOLDSTONof St Giles
  Licence &MaryFELTHAMof Middle Gussage [Gussage St Michael]
15Nov1747  HenryWHITE 
   & ElizabethCRUAT 
03May1748  ThomasMARTINof St Giles
  Licence &JaneAINSWORTHof St Giles
09Jan1749/50  WilliamHICKMANof Gussage St Michael
  Licence &MaryHERRINGTONof Gussage St Michael
26Feb1749/50  WilliamHERRINGTONjunior
   & MaryBESS 
10Apr1750  RichardOSMENTof Blandford Forum
  Licence &MaryLATTIMOREof Blandford Forum
23Jul1750  RichardDUGDALEof Blandford Forum
  Licence &MaryGALPINof Handly [Sixpenny Handley]
14Oct1750  RobertPERCYof Woodland
   & MaryJOLIFFEof Middle Gussage [Gussage St Michael]
25Nov1751  WilliamMIDDLETONof Odstock, Wiltshire
   & MaryWATTSof Long Critchel
09Feb1752  WilliamFRAMPTONof St Giles
   & CatherineGOLDEN 
16Mar1752  JohnJOYof Christchurch, Southampton [Hampshire]
  Licence &MaryGREYof Martin, Wiltshire
24Dec1752  WilliamPERCY 
   & SarahLANE 
20Mar1753  WilliamBENNETof Tarrant Lanceston
  Licence &ElizabethCOLLINSof Gussage All Saints
23Apr1753  RobertSERJEANT 
   & MarthaTHICK 
08Feb1755  JohnHERRINGTONLabourer
   & BettyKERLEYSpinster of Handley [Sixpenny Handley]
       witnesses: Thomas BARRETT, William PERCY
14Jun1757  HarryTHICKLabourer
   & AnnCEARLEYSpinster [spelt KERLEY in the Banns Book]
       witnesses: John HERRINGTON, William PERCY
24Jul1758  ThomasBARRETTBlacksmith
   & SarahLUFFMAN 
       witnesses: William LUFFMAN, William PERCY
29Sep1758  RichardBEACHGardener
   & AnnWEECKSSpinster [spelt WEEKS in the Banns Book]
       witnesses: Arthur FRAMPTON, Mary WEARE
16Oct1758  JamesNEWMANLabourer
   & PriscillaTHORNESpinster
       witnesses: Timothy WEARE, William PERCY
11Oct1759  WilliamBUCKNERLabourer of Cranborne
   & MaryCLARKEwidow
       witnesses: Richard BEACH, William PERCY
16Apr1760  HenrySYMONDSwidower of Ibbesley, Hampshire
  Licence &ElizabethSERJEANTwidow
       witnesses: William PERCY, Mary BRIGHT
18Jan1761  JohnTRIGGOLLabourer
   & JaneEVERET 
       witnesses: William PERCY, Ann TRIGGOL
10Sep1761  JohnKERLEYof Ebbesborne, Wiltshire
  Licence &MaryLUCASalias BRIGHT
       witnesses: Charles BUTLER, William PERCY
05Oct1761  HenryLUCKESS 
   & ElizabethPERCY 
       witnesses: John HERRINGTON, William PERCY
26Nov1761  CharlesBUTLER 
   & JaneFULCKER 
       witnesses: Richard WEARE, William PERCY
11Jun1762  ThomasLUFFMANof White Parish, Wiltshire
   & ElizabethEVERET 
       witnesses: Thomas ADAMS, William PERCY
19Sep1763  WilliamHISCOCKLabourer
   & MargaretBEDWELL 
       witnesses: William PERCY, Mary HISCOCK
12Apr1764  AbrahamCHANNINGClerk of this Parish
  Licence &SarahARBUTHNOTSpinster of Bucklersbury, London
       witnesses: Ann CHANNING, S. CHANNING
02Jun1764  EdmundAXFORDof Bishopston, Wiltshire
  Licence &AnnHERRINGTON 
       witnesses: John HERRINGTON, William PERCY
24Jun1764  JohnSCAMEL 
   & MaryBENNET 
       witnesses: James NEWMAN, William PERCY
14Sep1764  RobertDEAN 
  Licence &AnnGREY 
       witnesses: William SHORT, William PERCY
01Dec1765  WilliamFRAMPTON 
   & MaryBENCH 
       witnesses: William PERCY, Joseph THICK
22Dec1765  JohnBUTLER 
   & MaryBRIANT 
       witnesses: William PERCY, Hannah WEARE
09Nov1766  JosephTHICK 
   & AmyTRIM 
       witnesses: William PERCY, Mary TRIM
15Nov1768  JohnBUTLER 
  Licence &MaryKAILE 
       witnesses: George KAILE, Jane BUTLER
14May1769  ThomasWARHAMof [Tarrant] Gunville
   & BettyFRAMPTON 
       witnesses: George MARLER, William PERCY
11Oct1769  JohnGERRETT 
       witnesses: John DOWN, William PERCY
23Apr1770  WilliamTEAGUEof Cranborne
   & MaryCHANTE 
       witnesses: John JENKINS, William PERCY
25Sep1770  ThomasHARDIMANof Handley [Sixpenny Handley]
  Licence &ElizabethBUTLER 
       witnesses: John LAWRENCE, William PERCY
07Nov1770  ThomasBONDof Bower Chalk, Wiltshire
   & LucyMULLANY 
       witnesses: John BOND, William PERCY
26Dec1770  JohnSTAPLES 
       witnesses: John HERRINGTON, William PERCY
04Apr1771  SamuelWHEELER 
   & SarahSIMSON[as Sarah SIMPSON in the Banns Book]
       witnesses: Timothy HARRIS, William PERCY
11Oct1771  ThomasDOUGHTYbachelor of West Woodyates, extra-parochial place in Dorset adjoining the parish
  Licence &GraceSOPERspinster of West Woodyates, extra-parochial place in Dorset adjoining the parish
       witnesses: William PERCY, Sarah PERCY
14Nov1771  JamesHARRIS 
  Licence &MaryWHELLAR 
       witnesses: Reuben BROWNING, William PERCY
17Dec1771  JosephWITTof Broad Chalk, Wiltshire
   & MaryWHITE 
       witnesses: William PENNEY, William PERCY
12Oct1773  WilliamCHANT 
   & JaneTUBS 
       witnesses: John ROGERS, William PERCY
04Nov1774  EdwardEDWARDS 
   & MaryCAISH 
       witnesses: William LEDDEN, William PERCY
27Feb1775  JohnINGRAM 
   & BarbaraTHICK 
       witnesses: Thomas THICK, William PERCY
10Apr1776  WilliamWEARE 
   & MaryANDREWS 
       witnesses: William BUNTTER, William PERCY
10Sep1778  TimothyHARRISof Steeple Martin, Wiltshire
   & MaryLEDDEN 
       witnesses: Christian SHERGOLD, Barnard HARRIS
01Oct1778  RichardBARFOOTof Blandford Forum
   & MaryPERCY 
       witnesses: Mary BARFOOD, William PERCY
15Oct1778  SamuelBRITT 
   & SarahCOLBORNE 
       witnesses: Dorothy GODDARD, William PERCY
13Feb1778  JamesTARGET[possible clerical error; year more likely to be 1779]
  Licence &MaryRIDEOUT 
       witnesses: George HILL, William PERCY
19Jul1779  JosephROGERS 
  Licence &DorothyGODDARD 
       witnesses: Christian SHERGOLD, Reuben BROWNING
09Dec1779  ThomasCHURCHof Bishopstone
   & MarySARGEANT 
       witnesses: William PERCY, Elizabeth TRIGOL
06Apr1780  JohnTRIGOL 
   & AnnKIMBER 
       witnesses: Mary BENCH, William PERCY
21Apr1780  JamesGERRARD 
   & JaneBARTERwidow of Coombe, Wiltshire
       witnesses: Mary FLOWER, William PERCY
22Feb1781  SamuelSANSOMbachelor of Hanley [Sixpenny Handley]
   & JaneTRIPPOCKspinster
       witnesses: Joseph WELCH, William PERCY
03Jun1782  WilliamHERRINGTONbachelor
  Licence &ElizabethWEARspinster
       witnesses: Lany HERRINGTON, William PERCY
15Jul1782  EdwardHARDIMANwidower of Bower Chalk, Wiltshire
   & MaryBURLENTONspinster
       witnesses: John NORRIS, William PERCY
01Aug1782  JamesPARSONSbachelor of West Woodyates
   & EdithJOYspinster of West Woodyates
       witnesses: James KERLEY, William PERCY
11Aug1782  WilliamWEAREwidower
   & ElizabethSTICKLANDspinster
       witnesses: Thomas WEARE, William PERCY
25Aug1782  JamesPOORTENbachelor of Burford, Wiltshire
   & MaryTRIGOLspinster
       witnesses: William MORGAN, William PERCY
24Aug1783  HenryLUCKESSwidower
   & JaneBUTLERwidow
       witnesses: Timothy WEAR, William PERCY
29Sep1783  WilliamCOBbachelor of Hanley [Sixpenny Handley]
   & SarahSTRETCHspinster
       witnesses: [none given]
13Oct1783  JosephSARJEANTbachelor
   & RebeccaCARTERspinster
       witnesses: William MORGAN, Robert GOODRICH
16Oct1783  JohnGOODRIDGEbachelor
   & Jane AnnROGERSspinster
       witnesses: Christopher KING, William PERCY
14Feb1784  RobertVINEYwidower of Bower Chalk, Wiltshire
   & FlowerTRIGGOLspinster
       witnesses: John BUTLER, William PERCY
13Jan1788  EdwardSMITHbachelor
   & AnnPERCYspinster
       witnesses: William PERCY, Harry PERCY
04Mar1788  RichardCOOMBbachelor of Berwick St John, Wiltshire
   & CatharineDOWNwidow
       witnesses: Hannah WEAR, William PERCY
17Aug1789  John HarveyGODDARDbachelor of West Woodyates Extra Parochial
   & SarahGILBERTspinster of West Woodyates Extra Parochial
       witnesses: Walter GODDARD, Ann GILBERT
12Jul1790  JohnGRACEwidower
   & JaneDOUGHTYspinster
       witnesses: Susanna BUTLER, William PERCY
16Dec1790  HenryHERRINGTONbachelor
   & SarahHERRINGTONspinster
       witnesses: William HERRINGTON, Hannah WARE
01Aug1791  ThomasWEAREbachelor
   & ElizabethHERRINGTONspinster
       witnesses: Barnet HERRINGTON, Ann SAINSBURY
03Nov1791  GeorgeSMITHbachelor, Servant to John RUSSELL of Andover, Hampshire, Waggoner
  Licence &MaryBELLspinster
       witnesses: Fanney NEWMAN, Henry LUCKESS
09Jan1792  GeorgeBAKERbachelor
   & ElizabethSARGEANTspinster
       witnesses: William PERCY, Stephen SARGEANT
12Jan1792  JamesKERLEYbachelor of Hanley [Sixpenny Handley]
   & MaryHERRINGTONspinster
       witnesses: Hannah WARE, William THICK
15Apr1792  NathanielELDERTONbachelor
   & SusannaBUTLERspinster
       witnesses: Sarah BOWLES, William PERCY
27Apr1792  GeorgeHILLwidower of Berwick St John, Wiltshire
   & FannyNEWMANwidow
       witnesses: Charlotte INGRAM, George WARE
09Nov1792  StephenCOOKbachelor
   & SarahBOWLESspinster
       witnesses: William PERCY, Alice TRIGGOL
20Nov1792  JohnBUTLERbachelor
   & AliceTHICKspinster
       witnesses: Sarah MESER (?), William PERCY
01Dec1792  StephenSARGEANTbachelor
   & ElizabethTILLERspinster
       witnesses: Hannah TILLER, William PERCY
13May1793  WilliamSARGEANTbachelor
   & AliceTRIGGOLspinster
       witnesses: Charlotte CLARKE, William PERCY
10Oct1793  JohnWEAREbachelor
   & ElizabethHARVEYspinster
       witnesses: William WEARE, Sarah THICKE
17Nov1793  JohnELLIOTTbachelor of Hanley [Sixpenny Handley]
   & ElizabethSCAMMELspinster
       witnesses: William THICK, Charlotte INGRAM
07Jul1794  JohnMORGANbachelor
   & SarahINGRAMspinster
       witnesses: Mary INGRAM, William PERCY
23Jul1794  GeorgeSPENCERbachelor of Fonthill Bishop, Wiltshire
   & AnnBREWERspinster
       witnesses: Mary BREWER, Sarah HUMBY
07Jun1795  JohnFRAMPTONbachelor
   & AnnWHEELERspinster
       witnesses: William FRAMPTON, William PERCY
17Jan1796  StephenDICKETSbachelor of St Thomas’s Salisbury [spelt DICKETTS in Banns Book]
   & AnnLUCKESSspinster
       witnesses: Martha SNOOK, Sarah COOK (?)
09Oct1796  JosephMITCHELbachelor of Cranborne [spelt MICHELL in Banns Book]
   & CharlotteINGRAMspinster
       witnesses: Thomas WEARE, Ann RABBETS
30Jan1797  JamesWHETTENbachelor of Longfleet in Great Canford
   & ElizabethBUTLERspinster
       witnesses: Sarah THICK, Ann TRIGGOL
09Feb1797  WilliamTAYLORbachelor of Cranborne
   & MaryINGRAMspinster
       witnesses: John MORGAN, Elizabeth INGRAM
08May1797  JohnNEALbachelor
   & SarahANSTEYspinster
       witnesses: Ann BOULTON, Ann BYTHEWOOD
20Aug1797  JohnHISCOCKof Cranbourn
   & AnnTRIGELL 
       witnesses: Thomas WEARE, Mary TREGLE, Timothy WEAR
20Nov1797  WilliamHERRINGTONwidower
   & JaneNOBLEspinster
       witnesses: Henry HERRINGTON, Timothy WEAR
25Nov1798  WilliamFRAMPTON 
   & ElizabethCHAMPION 
       witnesses: Timothy WEAR, John FRAMPTON
16Jan1800  JohnMUSSELof Broad Chalk [Wiltshire]
   & AnnBROWN 
       witnesses: Timothy WEAR, Robert FELTHAM
23Feb1801  JosephTHORNEof Handley [Sixpenny Handley]
   & LoveDAVIDGE 
       witnesses: Timothy WEAR, Philip RIDEOUT
16Aug1802  JosephELDRIDGE 
   & MaryDOMINY 
       witnesses: Timothy WEAR, Timothy RYALL
05Sep1802  HenryKING 
   & AnnPENNY 
       witnesses: Thomas DIBBEN, Timothy WEAR
17May1803  ThomasTHICKjunior
   & MaryTILLERspinster
       witnesses: Sarah THICK, Robert SARJEANT
12Oct1805  GeorgeROBINSONof Gussage All Saints
   & CatharineOATES 
       witnesses: William GUE, Timothy WEAR
07Nov1805  JamesINGRAM 
   & HesterCHILCOTT 
       witnesses: Charlett MICHEL, Timothy WEAR
30Nov1805  JamesMARVELwidower of Damerham, Wiltshire
   & JaneGARTRELspinster
       witnesses: Tomas WEAR, Elizabeth WHITE
19Dec1805  WalterROSEwidower of Longham in Hampreston
  Licence &ChristianSHERGOLDwidow
       witnesses: Anna GREEN, Timothy WEAR
26Dec1805  ThomasHARTof Martin [Wiltshire]
   & JaneSCAMMEL 
       witnesses: Jane GRIST, Ann BUTLER
27Mar1806  EliasSTREETbachelor of Fordingbridge, Hampshire
   & AnneHERRINGTONspinster
       witnesses: William HERRINGTON, Keziah STREET
09Aug1806  RichardSCOTTof Cranborne
   & SarahTHICK 
       witnesses: James THICK, Anne BUTLER
30Mar1807  JohnDAVIDGE 
   & MaryREAD 
       witnesses: Hester INGRAM, William HERRINGTON
26Dec1807  AbrahamPINHORNof Cranborne
   & ElizabethKEARLEY 
       witnesses: Samuel BURBIDGE, William HERRINGTON
13Jan1808  JamesTHICK 
   & AnneBUTLER 
       witnesses: William HERRINGTON, Robert THICK
03Sep1808  CharlesLONGMANof Handley [Sixpenny Handley]
   & SarahTRIGOL 
       witnesses: John BUTLER Hannah TRIGOL
15Sep1808  JosephSMITHof West Woodyates, an extraparochial place adjoining this Parish
   & SarahWARE 
       witnesses: Thomas WEARE, William HERRINGTON
11Oct1808  WilliamWATERS 
       witnesses: Thomas WEARE, William HERRINGTON
04Nov1808  GeorgeROSEbachelor of Cranborne
   & AnnLODDERspinster
       witnesses: William COURTNEY, Caroline COURTNEY
17Jul1809  WilliamSHERRINGof Cranborne
   & SarahKERLEY 
       witnesses: James BASH, William HERRINGTON
26Sep1809  Henry CourtneyWHARTON 
  Licence &CarolineCOURTNEY 
       witnesses: Elizabeth Sarah COURTNEY, Sarah COURTNEY
10Jan1810  WilliamMARSHALLof West Woodyates
   & JaneTHICK 
       witnesses: Philip RIDEOUT, William HERRINGTON
09Apr1810  JohnBLAKEof Great Darnford, Wiltshire
   & CatharineADLEMof West Woodyates, an extraparochial place adjoining this Parish
       witnesses: William ADLEM, William HERRINGTON
11Jun1810  ThomasPARSONS 
   & ElizabethSARJEANT 
       witnesses: Sarah [illegible], John BUTLER
13Aug1810  RobertTHICK 
   & JaneSOPER 
       witnesses: Thomas (?) THICK, William HERRINGTON
16Sep1810  WilliamTUBBSsojourner
       witnesses: Arthur HIBBERD, William HERRINGTON
08Oct1810  WilliamCARPENTERof Broad Chalk, Wiltshire
   & SarahDURDLE 
       witnesses: Mary BRIGHT, William HERRINGTON
17Oct1810  RichardWILLIAMSbachelor of Cranborne
  Licence &SarahCOURTNEYspinster
       witnesses: Harriet SPENNER (?), Ann COURTNEY
16Sep1811  AbrahamPINHORNwidower of Cranborne
   & JaneGILLINGHAMspinster
       witnesses: John BUTLER, Elizabeth BUTLER
11Nov1813  WilliamTHICKLabourer
   & SarahDIMENTspinster
       witnesses: [faded], William HERRINGTON
20Jun1814  JamesNEWMANChaise Driver
   & JaneMITCHELLspinster
       witnesses: Maria CROSS, Henry JOPP
04Aug1814  WilliamHERRINGTONLabourer
   & ElizabethSELWOODspinster
       witnesses: Thomas HERRINGTON, Jane SILWOOD
13Oct1814  WilliamHELYERChaise Driver
   & HannahBURDENspinster
       witnesses: William JONES, Sarah NEWMAN
27Apr1815  WilliamSELWOODbachelor
   & ElizabethBUTLERspinster
       witnesses: William HERRINGTON, Susan TRIGELL
14Nov1816  JohnSMITHKeeper
   & SusannaTRIGOLspinster
       witnesses: Barnet WEARE, Mary BUGDEN
16Dec1816  GeorgeNORRISChaise Driver
   & AnnMORGANspinster
       witnesses: William HERRINGTON, Sarah SMITH
30Dec1816  GeorgeEYERSbachelor of Odstock, Wiltshire [also as EYRES]
   & LucyTROWBRIDGEspinster
       witnesses: Jane SELWOOD, Mary SELWOOD
20Jan1817  JohnWADHAMbachelor
   & JaneSARJEANTspinster
       witnesses: Robert WEAR, Jean (?) ELDERTON
05Jun1817  JosephHARTbachelor of Martin, Wiltshire
   & SarahSMITHspinster
       witnesses: Mary COOMBS, William HERRINGTON
16Aug1818  CorneliusKEARLEYbachelor
   & MaryBRIGHTspinster
       witnesses: William SHERRING, William HERRINGTON
01Oct1818  JohnINGRAMbachelor
   & DeborahLAWESspinster of Stratford Tony [Wiltshire]
       witnesses: William HERRINGTON junior, William HERRINGTON senior
27Dec1818  JamesCHAUNTbachelor of West Woodyates
   & MaryTARGETTspinster
       witnesses: Mary ZILLWOOD, William HERRINGTON
28Oct1819  JohnBUTLERjunior, bachelor
   & ElizabethRYALLspinster
       witnesses: Mary BUTLER, Mary Anne CLARK
11Nov1819  BernardWAREbachelor
   & MaryBUGDENspinster
       witnesses: Maria CROSS, Robert WEAR
09Jun1821  JosephWHITEbachelor of Handley [Sixpenny Handley]
   & BarbaraMORGANspinster, with consent of parents
       witnesses: William HERRINGTON junior, James WHITE
20Jan1822  WilliamELLIOTTbachelor of West Woodyates
   & MaryFRAMPTONspinster
       witnesses: William WILLIAMS, William HERRINGTON
20Aug1822  CharlesSMITHERGentleman of Crondall, Hampshire
  Licence &SusannaSMITHspinster
       witnesses: Elizabeth Whitehead HORTON, Susan CLARK, John WOOD
18Apr1823  WilliamHERRINGTONjunior, bachelor
   & MaryLUCASspinster
       witnesses: Joseph LUCAS, Elizabeth LUCAS
26Oct1823  ThomasSARGEANTbachelor
   & ElizabethLUCASspinster
       witnesses: Samuel THICK, William HERRINGTON
01Jan1824  AbrahamHERRINGTONof Rushton
   & SusannaSARJEANT 
       witnesses: George WARE, Mary BUTLER
01Jan1824  GeorgeWARE 
   & JaneLUCAS 
       witnesses: William HERRINGTON, Elizabeth WARE
01Jan1824  IsaacBUTLER 
   & MaryWARE 
       witnesses: George WARE, Elizabeth WARE
21Sep1824  JohnHOUGHTON 
  Licence &LouisaCHAMBERS 
       witnesses: William HERRINGTON, Richard (?) PAGE
21Sep1824  ThomasPAGEbachelor of Wimborne Minster
  Licence &Mary AnnCHAMBERSspinster
       witnesses: William HERRINGTON, John HOUGHTON
04Dec1824  WilliamHUNTbachelor of Edmondsham
   & ElizabethMORGANspinster
       witnesses: Joseph WHITE, Sophia MORGAN
23Dec1824  JamesGOODFELLOWbachelor
   & MaryZILLWOODspinster
       witnesses: George HERRINGTON, William HERRINGTON
01Jan1825  NathanielELDERTONbachelor of Damerham, Wiltshire
   & JaneELDERTONspinster
       witnesses: David MITCHELL, Mary OATES
15Jan1825  SamuelFRAMPTONbachelor
   & AnneHISCOCKspinster
       witnesses: William LUCAS, Mary BAKER
06Nov1825  SamuelCHOWNof Berwick St John [Wiltshire]
   & SophiaMORGAN 
       witnesses: John CHOWN, William HERRINGTON
11Jul1826  ThomasMULLENSof Sixpenny Handley
   & MaryBUTLER 
       witnesses: William HERRINGTON, Charles WARE
11Jul1826  WilliamLEANof Market Lavington, Wiltshire
   & SarahBUTLERwith consent of parents
       witnesses: Charles WARE, Louisa BUTLER
13Nov1826  CharlesWARE 
   & LouisaBUTLER 
       witnesses: Louisa WARE, William HERRINGTON
14Jan1827  HenryHORNof West Woodyates
   & MarySARJEANT 
       witnesses: William LUCAS, Martha SARJEANT
18Jun1827  WilliamDOWLING 
   & MarthaSARJEANT 
       witnesses: William LUCAS, Ann LUCAS
20Sep1827  JohnGILLARDof Bryanstone
   & CarolineCOOK 
       witnesses: Sarah COOK, William HERRINGTON
17Jan1828  EliasLUTHER 
   & MarySARJENT 
       witnesses: Hannah SARGENT, Charles SARGENT
31Jan1828  RichardSILLENCE 
   & MaryELLS 
       witnesses: John WADHAM, Hannah SARGENT
09Oct1828  ThomasTHICK 
   & MaryGOODRIDGEof Cranborne
       witnesses: Harriet BUSH, Caroline BUTLER
17Nov1828  JohnREADof West Woodyates
   & MaryBAKER 
       witnesses: Robert SELWOOD, Martha SELWOOD
03Mar1830  RobertSELWOODthe younger
   & MarthaSARGENT 
       witnesses: William HERRINGTON, Sarah COOK
19Oct1831  StephenBUTLER 
   & Sarah ShepperdKING 
       witnesses: Samuel SELWOOD, Emilia BUTLER
09Jan1832  JosephHASKELL 
   & AnnBUTLER 
       witnesses: Jane BUTLER, Charles SARGENT
12Jan1832  JamesYATES 
   & EmmaPENNEY 
       witnesses: Brown HORTON, Jane STAINER
11Mar1832  GeorgeSELWOOD 
       witnesses: Charles SARGENT, Sarah COOK
16Apr1832  Richard WilliamBAILEY 
   & LouisaWARE 
       witnesses: Isaac GILLET, Maria WARE
26May1832  JohnCOOMBSof West Woodyates
       witnesses: Martha LUCAS, David RABBITTS
01Nov1832  CharlesSERJEANTbachelor
   & SarahCOOKspinster
       witnesses: George SARGEANT, Martha SELLWOOD
27Dec1832  SamuelMORGAN 
   & MariaBUSH 
       witnesses: Robert BUSH, Jane BUSH
21Feb1833  DavidRABBITTS 
   & MarthaLUCAS 
       witnesses: Francis LUCAS, Maria CHURCHILL
27May1833  FrancisLUCAS 
   & MariaCHURCHILL 
       witnesses: Stephen BUTLER, Caroline BUTLER
06Jun1833  GeorgeSTAINERof Handley [Sixpenny Handley]
   & MarthaSELWOOD 
       witnesses: Samuel SELWOOD, [faded] STAINER
09Sep1833  JohnWHEELERbachelor
   & Mary JaneBUTLERspinster
       witnesses: Ann SARJEANT, Joseph HASKELL
17Oct1833  IsaacJOLLIFFbachelor of Cranborne
   & MariaWAREspinster of West Woodyates
       witnesses: Jane WARE, George WARE
03Dec1833  WilliamNEESHAMbachelor
   & BridgetLUCASspinster
       witnesses: Elizabeth SARJEANT, George WARE
06Mar1834  GeorgeFRAMPTONbachelor
   & SarahSARJEANTspinster
       witnesses: Thomas SARJEANT, John HERRINGTON
06Nov1834  JohnTHICKbachelor
   & HannahSELLWOODwidow
       witnesses: Sarah SARGENT, William HERRINGTON
17Apr1835  JohnRUSSELLbachelor
   & ElizaSELWOODspinster
       witnesses: Charles WARE, Elizabeth LUCAS
26Nov1835  ThomasGULLIVERwidower of the Hamlet of West Woodyates
   & CarolineBUTLERspinster
       witnesses: Hannah HABGOOD, Sarah Ann SIBLY (?), Stephen BUTLER, John HABGOOD

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