West Orchard

MARRIAGES 1754 - 1839

Transcribed from the Parish Registers held at the Dorset History Centre and donated to the Dorset OPC Project by Sue Thornton-Grimes

Reference: PE/WOR Microfilm RE 1/1

Marriage dateGroom’s Given Name Groom’s Surname Groom’s Parish Bride’s Given Name Bride’s Surname Bride’s Parish Banns/Licence  
8 Oct 1754Samuel TUFFIN Sutton Waldron Elizabeth SNOOK   Licence with consent of parents
7 Jun 1756Thomas MONCK   Mary DOWNE   Banns  
22 Feb 1759John RIDEOUT   Mary RIDEOUT   Banns  
3 Sep 1760Benjamin JAMES Shaston St James Rebecca SMALL   Banns  
9 Feb 1762Joseph LEAR   Susanna COMPTON   Banns  
12 Apr 1762William MONKE Marnhull Jane COLLINS      
2 Jan 1763John RABBITTS   Alice TOOMER   Banns  
4 Aug 1765Thomas RUTTLY Great Fontmell Mary TAPPER   Banns  
10 Apr 1769Richard FORWARD   Sarah MUSTON   Banns  
17 Mar 1770Robert CASTLEMAN Hinton St Mary Mary JEFFERY   Licence  
8 Oct 1772Asher LUKES Cann Dina JEFFERIES   Banns  
2 Aug 1774William Raymond PAINE Milborne Port, Somerset Susanna ANDREWS     Occupation: Tanner
18 Jan 1775George YOUNG Milborne Port, Somerset Mary FIFETT   Licence  
20 Mar 1777James FIFETT   Elizabeth JEFFREYS   Licence  
7 Apr 1777Thomas MONCK   Jenny ADAMS   Banns  
27 Oct 1777Thomas COOMBS   Susannah CLUET   Banns  
19 Apr 1778James STILL   Susannah ROGERS   Banns  
7 Jul 1778William FORWARD Sutton Waldron Susannah LUSH   Banns  
21 May 1781James MITCHELL East Orchard Jane MONCK   Banns  
5 Jun 1781Isaac MOORE Hinton St Mary Betty HISCOCK      
18 Jun 1781James WAREHAM   Elizabeth ROBERTS   Banns  
22 Apr 1782Thomas PLOWMAN East Orchard Ann ADAMS   Banns  
22 Jan 1783Joseph LONGMAN Child Okeford Jane FIFETT   Licence  
12 Apr 1784Thomas PLOWMAN Fontmell Magna Mary JEFFERY   Banns  
28 Feb 1786James LUSH   Sarah TOOMER   Banns  
4 Apr 1786John JOY St James Shaston Elizabeth SANGER   Banns  
22 Apr 1788Robert COLLINS   Hannah MOGGRIDGE   Banns  
21 Dec 1789Richard George MITCHELL East Orchard Elizabeth ROBERTS   Banns  
21 Jun 1791Peter ROBERTS Donhead St Mary, Wilts Ann TOOMER   Licence  
6 Jul 1791John BURT Widower Sarah FRY   Licence  
19 Apr 1792John TOOMER   Elizabeth CLEWETT   Banns  
12 Apr 1794William DOWDING Fifehead Magdalen Mary JEFFERY   Licence Widower & Widow
19 Jan 1795William SMALL   Sarah FISH   Banns  
2 May 1795George ROBERTS   Mary BENNETT   Banns Widower & Widow
23 Jul 1795Thomas MATCHAM East Orchard Priscilla ROBERTS   Banns  
7 Nov 1795Walter PERROTT   Sarah WIDMAN   Banns  
4 Sep 1797Edward BEALE Ringwood Sarah HUNT   Banns  
14 May 1798Robert TAPSON   Fanny WEST   Banns  
4 Mar 1799James WAREHAM   Mary WADMAN   Banns  
1 May 1799John ANDREWS Fifehead Magdalen Letitia YOUNG   Licence  
17 Feb 1800John RALPH Margaret Marsh Charlotte MARK   Banns  
15 Apr 1800John SHORT   Sarah ROBERTS   Banns  
1 Mar 1802John MILES Melbury Abbas Elizabeth MITCHELL   Licence  
31 May 1802Thomas HUNT Stour Provost Sarah TATTON   Banns  
12 Oct 1802Robert DOWN Iwerne Minster Hannah COLLINS   Banns  
22 May 1804John BURT   Mary WEST   Banns  
29 Jul 1805John FOOT   Ann BENNETT   Banns Widower & Widow
29 Aug 1806James HUNT   Elizabeth WEST   Licence  
16? Feb 1808Henry BROCKWAY Margaret Marsh Mary PERROTT   Banns  
9 Aug 1808 James LUSH Belchalwell Susanna MONCK   Licence  
2 Oct 1809William PLOWMAN   Modesty PERROTT   Banns  
23 Oct 1809Joseph ROBERTS   Ann HISCOCK   Banns  
10 Jan 1810John ROBERTS (Widower) Charlotte WARREN   Licence  
29 Jan 1812William STOKES   Mary HUNT   Banns  
17 Feb 1812John JOY St James Shaston Susan ROBERTS   Banns  
30 Apr 1812Thomas HASKETT Marnhull Sarah FUDGE   Banns  
23 Apr 1814William LEMON   Mary Ann HULL Fontmell Magna Banns  
2 May 1814John DENNIS Fontmell Magna Hannah FUDGE   Banns  
21 Jan 1815George LEMON   Sophia DENNIS Fontmell Magna Banns  
26 May 1816James BASTABLE   Susannah PLOWMAN   Banns  
11 Apr 1818John MITCHELL   Harriet HARVEY   Banns  
2 Apr 1820William LUSH   Charlotte DENNIS   Banns  
3 Mar 1821William HUNT (Widower)   Sarah LEMON   Banns  
28 Nov 1821William LEMON (Widower)   Martha HISCOCKS East Orchard Banns  
26 Oct 1824Thomas ROBERTS   Elizabeth YEATMAN   Banns  
26 Sep 1826William ANDREWS   Hester LUSH   Banns  
13 May 1827William SEYMOUR Iwerne Minster Sarah WILMOT (Widow) Licence  
8 May 1828Francis HOOKE Hammoon Mary MITCHELL   Banns  
4 Jul 1829William TERRY Iwerne Minster Elizabeth HUNT   Banns  
1 Nov 1832Morgan SEYMOUR Poole Amelia HUNT   Banns  
11 Dec 1833James HUNT the Younger   Mary Ann Miles YOUNG Manston Banns  
11 Sep 1834James BROWN   Elizabeth ROBERTS   Banns  
6 Nov 1834John WILLIAMS   Betsy Monk LUSH   Banns  
26 Feb 1835John Foot LEMON   Rachel MITCHELL   Banns  
28 Dec 1835Henry Terry SHORT   Amelia SEYMOUR   Banns  
7 Apr 1836John HASKETT   Hannah SMART   Banns  
8 Jan 1839Elijah STOKES   Ann HASKETT   Banns  
27 May 1839Matthew HUNT   Elizabeth LEMON   Banns  
18 Jul 1839Robert FISHER Compton Abbas Ann MOORE   Banns  
5 Oct 1839Edward Hart BURT Iwerne Minster Elizabeth JEFFERY   Licence  
19 Dec 1839Eli SHARP Manston Jemma Ellen JEFFREY   Licence  

Please note corrections in Red by Sue Thornton-Grimes, updated 12 Feb 2012

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