West Orchard

Choir List

Transcribed and donated to the OPC Project by Sue Thornton-Grimes

The Dorset History Centre has an old, hand-written document (ref: PE/WOR/IN 4/1) which is undated and obliterated in part by a large splodge of ink. If anyone reading it recognises an ancestor and has any suggestions as to possible date, I would be pleased to hear from them!

The crosses would appear to indicate attendance; spellings of names are far from consistent and surnames are not the only means of identification.

A Grement mad betwext the Sengers of West Orchard for to Met twice a wick.
And he that Do Mess Shall Pay a penney A Peace and on Sunday before the Second Lesen


Charles Newton

Willaim Monck

Joseph Jeffery                          xxxxxx

John Monck                               xxx

Thomas Monck                         x

Richard Jeffery                         xxxxxxxxxxxx

Edward Card                             xxxxxx

The three Richard Chipps

George Colings

William Seamor

Thomas Jeffery

Hennery Coock

George at Shop

William Woran

Had never a name

Donn It


…………….is the ……………. Of The Quire And ever Will be so long As this Singing do Hold


On the back of the document is the following list:

John Monck             x

R Jeffery                 xxxxx

W Monck                 xx

W Seamer               xxx

T Jeffery                  xxxx

G Collings               xxx

E Cead                     xx

Young Chipp            x

Old Richard             xx

J Jeffery                   xx

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