West Orchard

BURIALS 1672 - 1871

Transcribed from the Parish Registers held at the Dorset History Centre in Dorchester and donated to the Dorset OPC Project by Sue Thornton-Grimes
The following list was extracted mainly from the registers of Fontmell Magna Parish, for those identified as being 'of West Orchard'. West Orchard was a Chapelry within this parish. Where entries were found in other registers, this is shown in the 'Comment' column.

Prior to 1752, the Julian Calendar was used and the year ended on March 24th.  The dates below are shown according to the Gregorian calendar with the Julian date to the left of the forward slash (/).

Date of Burial Given name Surname Status/Relationship/Occupation Age Comment
11th Dec 1672 Richard DIBBEN      
19th Dec 1672 John MONCK son of John Monck    
23rd Oct 1673 Mary DIBBEN Widow    
14th Dec 1673 Thomas MONCK      
15th Mar 1673/4 Henry CHIPPS sone of Henry Chipps    
16th May 1675 William CONDETT      
30th May 1675 Richard FFOOKS      
5th Dec 1675 Edward BURGISS son of Edward Burgiss    
13th Feb 1675/6 John MONCK      
30th Aug 1676 William MONCK      
9th Nov 1676 Robert MONCK son of Robt. Monck    
11th Jul 1703 Susan SAVORY daughter of Matthew and Ann Savory    
26th Jul 1711 Elizabeth CHIPP daughter of George and Elizabeth Chipp    
13th Oct 1711 Matthew SAVORY son of Matt. and Anne Savory    
3rd Nov 1711 RIchard COLLE sone of William and Mary Colle    
25th Jan 1711/12 Richard CHIPP      
12th Oct 1712 Mary CHIPP      
5th Nov 1712 George CHIPP      
16th Jun 1714 George CHIPP      
28th Nov 1714 Constance CHIPP      
28th Mar 1715 Jan BRINKES?      
9th Apr 1718 John BURGESS      
24th Jul 1718 Richard DUNN      
27th Nov 1722 Richard JEFFERY      
13th Apr 1724 Elizabeth MONCKE      
9th Feb 1726/7 Thomsin? CHIPP      
4th Mar 1728/9 Matthew SAVORY      
17th May 1729 George COOMBE      
12th Nov 1734 Mary ANDREWS Widow    
8th Aug 1736 Thos. COMBS      
27th Aug 1738 George CHIPP      
10th Aug 1740 Mary DUN      
8th Dec 1741 John JEFFERY      
13 Dec 1741 Ann SAVERY Widow    
12th Apr 1742 John CARD      
11th Oct 1742 Martha JEFFERY wife of John Jeffery    
4th Nov 1742 Niccollis HAM      
22nd Dec 1742 Grace DUNN      
25th Dec 1745 William MONK son of William and Elizabeth Monk    
26th Feb 1745/6 Joseph DUNN son of Charles and Joan Dunn    
8th Mar 1745/6 Truelove JEFFRYS daughter of Thomas and Mary Jeffrys    
9th Apr 1746 Mary JEFFRYS daughter of Thomas and Mary Jeffrys    
11th Jul 1746 Mary JEFFRYS daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth Jeffrys    
9th Sep 1746 Elizabeth MONK wife of William Monk    
15th Mar 1746/7 Joseph RABBATS son of George and Mary Rabbats    
15th Dec 1747 Mary JEFFRYS Widow    
6th Mar 1747/8 Mary CHIPP wife of Richard Chipp    
12th May 1748 Joseph JEFFERY son of Joseph and Mary Jeffery    
6th Apr 1749 Mary CHIPP Widow    
6th Mar 1749/50 John COMBS son of Ben and Betty Combs    
14th Apr 1752 Matthias FOWLER son of William and Rose Fowler    
23rd Aug 1752 Will. MUNCK      
1st Feb 1753 Elizabeth COLLINS Widow    
26th Jun 1753 Mary COOMBS      
28th Apr 1754 Samuel JEFFERY son of Thomas and Rebeka Jeffery    
28th May 1755 Richard CHIPP      
13th Aug 1755 Mary FYFITT wife of John Fyfitt    
31st Dec 1758 Hester HARTWELL wife of John Hartwell   Iwerne Minster register
26th Jan 1758 John LUSH      
2nd Apr 1758 Rose FOWLER wife of William Fowler    
16th Apr 1758 William FOWLER      
25th Nov 1759 Alice FRY     Iwerne Minster register
13th Feb 1760 Thomas JESSE      
2nd Nov 1761 Robert RIDOUT son of John and Mary Ridout    
12th Jan 1764 Joseph RABETS son of George and Mary Rabets    
28th Feb 1764 Mary DUN      
26th Sep 1764 Jeny TOOMER daughter of William and Hester Toomer    
7th Mar 1765 Robert ELLOTT      
11th Apr 1765 William FRY      
18th May 1766 William CLUET      
18th Jan 1767 Jesse RABETS son of John and Alice Rabets    
24th Aug 1771 William WARREN      
9th Feb 1772 Mary BENNET wife of Matthew Bennet    
30th Oct 1773 Ann WARREN Widow    
16th Nov 1774 Hannah CLEWET Widow    
16th Dec 1774 Benjamin COOMBS      
21st Aug 1776 David SANGER      
21st Nov 1776 George COLLINS son of William and Elizabeth Collins    
19th June 1777 James TOOMER son of William and Hester Toomer    
24th Sep 1777 Ann COOMBS daughter of Mary Coombs    
11th Apr 1779 Samuel JEFFERY Labourer 26  
23rd Apr 1779 William TOOMER Yeoman 60  
26th Mar 1780 Thomas MONK Yeoman 57  
14th Feb 1781 Martha CLEWET daughter of William and Elizabeth Clewet 10  
15th Jan 1786 Thomas PLOWMAN son of Thomas and Ann Plowman Infant  
7th Aug 1786 Susannah MONK wife of John Monk 41  
4th Oct 1786 Alice JEFERY widow of Richard Jefery 63  
21st Feb 1788 George ROBERTS Labourer 79  
20th Mar 1788 Betty SUTTON the wife of James Sutton 33  
30th Mar 1788 Joseph LUSH son of James and Sara Lush Infant  
15th Oct 1788 Sara FORWARD wife of Richard Forward 46  
2nd Mar 1789 John SANGER son of Thomas and Lucy Sanger Infant  
7th June 1789 Mary SANGER daughter of Thomas and Lucy Sanger 3  
4th Sep 1789 Mary ROBERTS widow of George Roberts 78  
14th Aug 1791 Martha COLLINS daughter of Thomas and Martha Collins Infant  
25th Nov 1791 Robert JEFFERY a Smith 39  
4th Nov 1792 Anna COLLINS daughter of Thomas and Martha Collins Infant  
10th Mar 1793 J? DUNN Spinster 86  
15th Apr 1793 Elizabeth COLLINS widow of Willm Collins 69  
6th Jul 1792 John FRY     Iwerne Minster register
15th Apr 1793 Thomas ROBERTS Labourer 59  
23rd Jan 1794 Hester TOOMER widow of William Toomer 58  
28th Feb 1794 Thomas LUSH son of James and Sara Lush Infant  
18th Aug 1794 Mary DUNN Spinster 50  
1st Mar 1795 Elizabeth LUSH daughter of James and Sara Luch Infant  
21st May 1795 Mary COLLINS daughter of Robert and Hana Collins Infant  
7th Jun 1795 Faith PERRAT wife of Walter Perrat 34  
25th June 1795 Ruth BENNET widow of John Bennet 78  
26th Jul 1795 William SMALL son of William and Sara Small Infant  
15th May 1796 Elizabeth COOMBS   93  
26th Jun 1796 Margaret COLLINS daughter of Thos. and Elizabeth Collins 2  
30th Jul 1797 Elizabeth COFFIN? Spinster 82  
12th Nov 1797 Ann? COLLINS daughter of Thos and Mary Collins Infant  
6th Jun 1798 Robert COLLINS Cardwinder 33  
2nd Aug 1798 Mary COLLINS daughter of Robert and Hana Collins 24  
29th Nov 1798 ? HUNT baseborn daughter of Mary Hunt 2  
20th Jan 1799 Elizabeth WARHAM wife of James Warham 58  
23rd Aug 1799 Mary COLLINS daughter of Thomas and Mary Collins Infant  
30th Aug 1799 Mary SUTTON daughter of Thos. and Ann Sutton Infant  
25 Dec 1799 Elizabeth CLEWETT wife of William Clewett 63  
14th Jan 1800 John MONK Yeoman 84  
17th Oct 1802 Stephen COLLINS son of Thos. and Martha Collins Infant  
11th Sep 1803 Sarah BURT wife of Jon. Burt Yeoman 79  
23rd Dec 1804 Katt. FOOT wife of John Foot 73  
30th Jan 1805 Abraham BENNETT   57  
29th Sep 1805 John BURT Yeoman 70  
13th Nov 1805 John FOOT Clark 81  
7th Jun 1807 Thomas BENNET   64  
16th Dec 1807 George RABBETS   69  
25th Feb 1808 Robert SMALL Labourer 70  
6th Oct 1809 Lucy HUNT daughter of Willm. and Martha Hunt 1  
5th Jun 1810 James HUNT son of Jas. and Elizabeth Hunt    
20th Jan 1811 Martha COLLINS wife of Thomas Collins 54  
5th Jul 1811 Susannah HUNT daughter of Matthew and Mary Hunt 20  
1st May 1812 Mary COLLINS Spinster 80  
14th Mar 1814 Thomas PLOWMAN   62  
11th Sep 1814 James William JEFFERY   2  
4th Feb 1815 John Frederick JEFFERY   3  
27th Aug 1815 Mary COOMBS   73  
5th Sep 1815 Walter PERROT   61  
10th Dec 1817 Emmanuel SUTTON   1  
8th Jun 1818 James FIFETT   66  
7th Nov 1819 Martha HUNT   38  
12th Dec 1819 Maria HUNT   Infant  
2nd Jan 1820 John ROBERTS   3  
15th Jun 1820 Thomas LEMMON   35  
13th Aug 1820 Ann PLOWMAN   66  
25th Jan 1821 Sarah ROBERTS   Infant  
14th Oct 1821 Charles ROBERTS   Infant  
12th Apr 1822 Julia Sophia JEFFERY   Infant  
28th Jun 1822 Mary SMALL   98  
28th Apr 1823 Christopher STOKES   Infant  
16th Sep 1823 Martha STOKES   34  
15th Dec 1824 Virtue HUNT   67  
22nd Dec 1825 James LUSH   51  
5th Mar 1826 John STILE   91  
14th Jul 1826 Millicent MITCHELL   24 Iwerne Minster register
24th Jul 1826 Judith STOKES   Infant  
4th Nov 1826 James William HUNT   Infant  
11th Nov 1827 John SNOOK   2  
15th Mar 1828 Richard JEFFERY   48  
16th Apr 1828 James SUTTON Parish Clerk 80  
28th Nov 1828 Jane MITCHELL   80 Iwerne Minster register
6th Dec 1828 Modesty PLOWMAN   44  
18th Aug 1829 Melina LEMON   1  
11th Sep 1829 Edith MONK   52  
24th Feb 1831 ? STOKES   1  
6th Aug 1832 Amelia Mary JEFFERY   21  
6th Aug 1832 Mary DOWDING   82  
14th Dec 1832 Morghen SEYMOUR   21  
30th Mar 1834 Mathilda KING   Infant  
30th May 1834 Jane Melina JEFFERY   20  
27th Jul 1834 George LEMON   3  
8th Feb 1835 Elizabeth GULLIVER   82  
23rd Sep 1836 Louisa JEFFERY   19  
20th Nov 1836 Susannah CLEWETT   82  
20th Nov 1836 Catherine HUNT   8  
26 Jan 1837 John MEATYARD   57  
19th Feb 1837 Elizabeth ROBERTS   48  
7th Dec 1837 James JEFFERY   12  
7th Jan 1838 Melina ROBERTS   Infant  
24th May 1838 Sarah Susannah SEYMOUR   10 Iwerne Minster register
31st Aug 1838 John ROBERTS   65  
9th Dec 1838 James LUSH   78  
22nd Mar 1839 George TUFFEN   37  
13th May 1839 George LEMON   88  
31st May 1839 John ROBERTS   24  
20th Dec 1840 Thomas COLLINS   83  
30th Dec 1840 Enoch ROBERTS   13  
11th Apr 1841 Charles James ROBERTS   Infant  
2nd Aug 1842 Millicent ROBERTS   13  
14th Aug 1842 Sarah ROBERTS   20  
19th Mar 1843 Susannah FIFETT   63  
20th Feb 1844 Edwin George HUNT   4  
27th Feb 1844 James HUNT   2  
8th Mar 1844 Mary SUTTON   7  
14th Apr 1844 Henry MOORE   7  
16th Apr 1844 Mary Ann MOORE   14  
28th Jan 1845 Sarah LUSH   82  
28th Jan 1846 Mary BURT   87  
19th Apr 1846 Richard STOKES   1  
18th Oct 1846 George ROBERTS   83  
2nd Oct 1848 Joseph ROBERTS   74  
3rd Jan 1849 Stephen MOORE   45  
7th Jun 1849 Henry HUSHOLT   3  
5th Jun 1850 Sarah ROBERTS   28  
1st Jan 1851 John JEFFERY   69  
17th Aug 1851 John FIFETT   72  
30th Nov 1851 Albertina PLOWMAN   5 mths  
1st Apr 1852 Mary ROBERTS   83  
25th Aug 1853 Charles MOORE   52  
30th Oct 1853 Martha LEMON   79  
30th May 1854 Martha TROWBRIDGE   1  
30th Sep 1855 George SENIOR   Infant  
18th Jun 1857 Jane JEFFERY   74  
31st Jul 1859 Caroline ROBERTS   8  
21st Nov 1859 Emily Anne ROBERTS   3 mo  
7th Aug 1863 Martha Ann TUFFEN   5 mo  
17th Dec 1863 Sarah LEMON   77  
5th Apr 1864 Lavinia ROBERTS   20  
24th Apr 1864 Arthur Edward ROBERTS   11 mo  
10th Aug 1865 Anne FIFETT   62  
28th May 1866 Eliza JENKINS   2  
5th Jul 1866 William PLOWMAN   79  
18th Jul 1867 Mary DOWDING   70  
22nd Jul 1869 Harriet MOORE   5  
30th Sep 1869 Charlotte ROBERTS   88  
27th Jan 1871 Elizabeth FIFETT   68  
17th Apr 1871 Sarah HASKITT   86  


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