East Orchard

MARRIAGES 1753 to 1838

Transcribed and donated to the Dorset OPC by Sue Thornton-Grimes from the Parish Registers

Note: Groom's and Bride's Parish are East Orchard unless otherwise stated

Date Groom's Name SURNAME Groom's Parish Bride's Name SURNAMEBride's Parish Type Notes Register
1753May20 John RAKE Marnhull Betty RAKE     Iwerne Minster
1754Oct11Stephen COOK SusannhBOWNS  Banns  Iwerne Minster
1755Apr1Isaac PITMANCompton AbbasSusannahCOLLIER Banns  Iwerne Minster
1756Sep15Isaac BURT MaryRUSSELMargaret Marsh Banns  Iwerne Minster
1757Feb3Edward HISCOCK RachelMITCHEL Banns  Iwerne Minster
1758Apr24John ASHWOODMargaret MarshAnneHISCOCK Banns  Iwerne Minster
1758Jul28Richard YETMANMargaret MarshMaryNEWTON Banns  Iwerne Minster
1758Oct3James KNOTTShaston St JamesMarySTAY Banns  Iwerne Minster
1759Dec27William SMITHReading, BerksAnnSEAMOUR Licence  Iwerne Minster
1760Nov15Robert SMITH NannyPLOWMAN Banns  Iwerne Minster
1761Apr14John GILBERDBryanstoneElizabethFOYNE Licence  Iwerne Minster
1761Nov28Samuel MOGERIDGEGreat FontmellJudithBROOKMAN   Banns Iwerne Minster
1761Dec31James FISHERShrotonSarahTAPPER Banns  Iwerne Minster
1762Feb22Jonathan HISCOCK ElizabethROSE Banns  Iwerne Minster
1762Apr12Robert SMALLWest OrchardMaryPLOWMAN Banns  Iwerne Minster
1763Jan17Thomas RABBETS AnnSUTTON  Banns  Iwerne Minster
1764Dec25WilliM BROOKMAN MarySIMES Banns  Iwerne Minster
1766Aug5Jonathan YETMANMargaret MarshSarahSUTTON Banns  Iwerne Minster
1769Jan31John ROSE ElizabethHISCOCK Banns  Iwerne Minster
1769Oct20Samuel ALLFORD SusannhPITMAN Banns  Iwerne Minster
1771Apr11Thomas COOK MaryHUNT  Banns  Iwerne Minster
1771Apr15William MITCHEL SarahLONGMargaret Marsh Banns  Iwerne Minster
1771Apr20William STOKESFontmell MagnaJeanCLEMMENTS Banns  Iwerne Minster
1772Oct26Phillip RICHARDSONShrotonRachelTAPPER Licence  Iwerne Minster
1772Nov16Thomas MYALSutton WaldronJeanPLOWMAN Banns  Iwerne Minster
1774Jan16John RYALMargaret MarshBethiahSNOOK Banns  Iwerne Minster
1776Apr6Samuel GULLIVER MaryPOLDEN Licence  Iwerne Minster
1776Jun12John SPEARING FrancesGULLIVER Banns  Iwerne Minster
1780Apr6Thomas DREWMarnhullMaryMEATYARD Licence  Iwerne Minster
1781Jul7James TOOP AnnMATCHAM  Banns  Iwerne Minster
1782Jul25William WILLIS JennyAPPLIN Licence  East Orchard
1782Aug15WIlliam COOKKingston, SouthamptonSusannahBROWN   Banns Iwerne Minster
1783Dec15Thomas PACKER SusannahMATCHAM    Iwerne Minster
1783Dec17Oswald WEST(illegible, West Berks?)JaneHEALD   Licence East Orchard
1784Dec7Jeremiah LAURENCE BettyPIKE Banns  Iwerne Minster
1786Apr24James FIFETTWest OrchardElizabethBENNETT Licence  East Orchard
1786Aug1John ROBERTS JudithBARTLETT Banns  Iwerne Minster
1786Dec4George HUNT HannahTUFFIN  BannsWidow Iwerne Minster
1788May7George HUTCHINGSIwerne MinsterMarySTICKLAND Banns  Iwerne Minster
1788May24John DAYLymington, HantsJane MeadSEYMOUR Licence  East Orchard
1789Apr13Isaac BOLWELLFontmell MagnaJanePITMAN Banns  Iwerne Minster
1791Mar15Barnabas BOWN GracePLOWMAN  Banns  Iwerne Minster
1795Jan4James DOMONYDurwestonPhoebeASHWOOD Banns  Iwerne Minster
1797Oct23Abraham BENNETT AnnSTILLIwerne Minster Banns  Iwerne Minster
1798Sep25William COPERMargaret MarshAnnMOCKRIDGE Banns  Iwerne Minster
1799Jan1James PIKEStour ProvostElizabethMOCKRIDGE Banns  Iwerne Minster
1799Juyl1srGeorge HAYTERHoly Trinity, ShaftesburyLydia MOCKRIDGE   Banns Iwerne Minster
1800Jan26John BURDENIwerne MinsterAnnSEYMOUR Banns  Iwerne Minster
1800Oct30John HUNT UnityMOCKRIDGE Banns  Iwerne Minster
1802Jun7Joseph WYATTFontmell MagnaElizabethDINNES Banns  Iwerne Minster
1802Sep21George YEATMANIwerne MinsterLoveMOCKRIDGE Banns  Iwerne Minster
1803Jul12Albinus DAVEDGEEast StowerSusannahMOCKRIDGE Banns  Iwerne Minster
1804Aug8THomas SEYMOUR AnnHUNT  Banns  Iwerne Minster
1805Aug29Samuel MOCKRIDGE AnnEATON Banns  Iwerne Minster
1805Oct9John WILLIAMS ElizabethGOULD Banns WidowerIwerne Minster
1806Feb17John LOCKChild OkefordMary AnnTHAINE Licence  East Orchard
1806Feb17Moses GROVESChristchurchCatherineGULLIVER Licence  East Orchard
1809Nov5John JEFFERYWest OrchardMaryMITCHEL Licence  East Orchard
1810Sep1Daniel MITCHEL Mary RideoutHOFFEIwerne MinsterLicence  Iwerne Minster
1811Jul22John LODGEMargaret MarshSusannahDENNIS Banns WidowerIwerne Minster
1812Sep13John BENNETT AnnPERCYIwerne Minster BannsWidower Iwerne Minster
1813Apr20Jeremiah WOODFORDIwerne MinsterAnnROSSITER Licence WidowerEast Orchard
1814Jun2Thomas MATCHAM JaneROSSITER Licence WidowerEast Orchard
1814Sep14James FOOT SusannahTOOP  Banns  Iwerne Minster
1814Dec26Jeremiah SANGERFifehead St Mary, WiltsGraceGOODFELLOW   Banns Iwerne Minster
1815Feb13Joseph DENNIS Mary AnnLAWRENCEFontmell MagnaLicence WidowerEast Orchard
1816Feb15William BOWNShillingstonAnnCOPER Banns  Iwerne Minster
1816Apr25James MOORE ElizabethSEYMOUR Banns  Iwerne Minster
1817Mar17Esau BRADLEY JaneHARDYMAN Banns WidowerIwerne Minster
1819Aug27William COPER (?) ElizabethHUNT Banns Widower/WidowIwerne Minster
1819Nov22Samuel MOCKRIDGE ElizabethHARDYMAN Banns Widower/WidowIwerne Minster
1824Feb11William DENNIS KeziahBENNETT Banns  Iwerne Minster
1825Feb9John SMITH AliceYEATMAN Banns  Iwerne Minster
1826Oct24Henry WHEADONBeaminsterHannahGATEHOUSE Licence  East Orchard
1827Apr18John SMITH MariaRALPH  Banns  Iwerne Minster
1828Ma77James BASTABLE ElizabethFOOT Banns WidowerIwerne Minster
1829Feb19Thomas MITCHELL MarthaGOODFELLOWChild OkefordLicence  East Orchard
1829Feb24Morris James MAYOFontmell MagnaSarah GeorgeMOGGRIDGE   Licence East Orchard
1829May16Philip LAWRENCEIwerne MinsterMaryMATCHAM Banns  Iwerne Minster
1830Sep25George BARNESIwerne MinsterElizaPLOWMAN Banns  Iwerne Minster
1830Sep25John ASHWOOD BerthaANDREWS Banns  Iwerne Minster
1831Jan3James Miles KERLEYIwerne MinsterAnnHATCHER Licence ButcherEast Orchard
1831Jun23James STOKES ElizabethVICKER Banns  Iwerne Minster
1831Nov9Richard Walter STACEY MarthaRALPH Banns  Iwerne Minster
1833May23William Turner HILLIERHartgroveMartha ElizabethHATCHER   BannsCordwainerEast Orchard
1834Jan6James LODGEMargaret MarshSusannahSTICKLEY Banns LabourerEast Orchard
1834May1Richard MOCKRIDGE FrancesSPEARING Banns  East Orchard
1836Sep6Richard BROWN ElizabethDENNIS Banns  East Orchard
1838Feb27John BOWN ElizabethWATTSIwerne Minster  Shoemaker, NeedlewomanIwerne Minster

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