East Orchard

Dorset Hearth Tax Assessments

Transcribed for Dorset OPC by Sue Thornton-Grimes

The Hearth Tax was levied in England and Wales from 1662-1689 and was designed to consist of a tax of 2 shillings each year on each fireplace, hearth or stove. The tax was payable in two instalments: 1 shilling on Lady Day (25th March) and 1 shilling on Michaelmas (29th September).

The assessments and returns were prepared by parish constables.  It was an unpopular tax and widespread evasion led to many names being omitted from the records.

The names below were taken from ‘Dorset Hearth Tax Assessments 1662-1664: Rawlinson MSS B 292-296, Bodleian Library’, Edited by C Meekings Esq and published in Dorchester in 1951; a copy is available at the Dorset History Centre.

Shaston Division, Hundred of Sixpenny Handley, East Orchard Tithing

Willm’ Bennett 5
Thomas Laning 2
Martin Lambert 1
John Henbery 5 (1 false set)
John Rogers 1
Richard Kerly 2 (1 stopt)
William Seamer 2
John Bower 2
Wm Lambert Sen 5
Richard Lambert 2
Widd’ Laning 3
Morgan Seymor 1
Robert Fry gent 5
Thomas Collens 2
Mr Porter 2
Widd’ Bower 5

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