East Orchard

BURIALS 1673 - 1860

Transcribed from the Parish Registers held at the Dorset History Centre in Dorchester and donated to the Dorset OPC Project by Sue Thornton-Grimes
The following list was extracted mainly from the registers of Iwerne Minster Parish, for those identified as being 'of East Orchard'. East Orchard was a Chapelry within this parish. Where entries were found in other registers, this is shown in the 'Comment' column.

Prior to 1752, the Julian Calendar was used and the year ended on March 24th.  The dates below are shown according to the Gregorian calendar with the Julian date to the left of the forward slash (/).

Date of Burial Given name Surname Status/Relatonship Age Comments
19th Apr 1673 Edith BENNET daughter of Mr Will. Bennet   Fontmell Magna Register
15th May 1673 John BENNET son of the said Mr Bennet   Fontmell Magna Register
23rd Jan 1675/6 Christian OWBORNE     Fontmell Magna Register
30th Apr 1677 An CHIP     Fontmell Magna Register
9th Dec 1715 June (?) COOKE     Margaret Marsh Register
4th Dec 1725 Philip HONBURY     Fontmell Magna Register
25th May 1742 Samuel COOK      
13th Jan 1742/3 Wid. PILL Widow    
6th Feb 1742/3 Mary HISCOCK daughter of Betty Hiscock    
14th Aug 1743 Robt. HUNT son of Robt. and Jean Hunt    
27th Sep 1743 William HUNT      
14th Mar 1743/4 Morgan SEAMOUR son of Robt. and Eliz Seamour    
14th May 1744 Charles NEWTON son of Charles Newton    
28th Oct 1744 George HUNT son of Robert and Jean Hunt    
27th Nov 1744 Eliz. SEAMOUR daughter of Morgan Seamour    
10th Oct 1745 Richd. HISCOCK      
1st Jan 1745/6 Emmy WILLIS Mrs    
20th Aug 1746 Sarah SEAMOUR wife of Morgan Seamour    
21st Sep 1747 Wid. HUNT Widow    
12th Dec 1747 Mary SEAMOUR daughter of Will. Seamour    
23rd Mar 1747/8 Eleanor TAPPER wife of James Tapper    
26th Sep 1748 Robert HUNT      
26th Oct 1748 Thos. SEAMOUR      
10th Nov 1748 William SEAMOUR      
2nd Jan 1748/9 Judith HISCOCK wife of John Hiscock    
18th Sep 1749 Wid. BROOKMAN Widow    
8th Nov 1750 John SCOT      
14th Jul 1752 Martha RABBETS daughter of John and Katherine Rabbets    
10th Oct 1752 John RABBETS      
7th Feb 1753 Susannah MITCHEL wife of James Mitchel    
8th Feb 1753 Thomas COOK      
17th Sep 1753 Ann STONE      
12th May 1754 ELizabeth CARD     Fontmell Magna Register
27th Jun 1754 Samuel SEAMOUR      
3rd Jul 1755 James HUNT son of Uriah Hunt    
11th Dec 1755 Joseph MEATCHARD son of John & Mary Meatchard    
3rd Mar 1756 Betty MITCHELL daughter of Daniel & Betty Mitchell    
6th Dec 1756 George COOK      
16th Dec 1756 Ann SEAMOUR      
8th Feb 1757 John STONE      
25th Apr 1757 Deborah HISCOCK wife of John Hiscock    
4th June 1757 John HISCOCK Sen      
28th Dec 1758 Edward CARD     Fontmell Magna Register
5th Jan 1758 John SEAMOUR son of Willm Seamour    
1st May 1759 William MATCHAM son of William & Judith Matcham    
6th Jun 1759 Eliabeth METEYARD daughter of John & Mary Meteyard    
28th Sep 1759 James PLOWMAN son of James Plowman    
26th Feb 1760 Debora HISCOCK      
28th Apr 1760 John WILLIS Mr    
28th Jun 1760 Stephen BROOKMAN      
22nd Jul 1760 Mary HISCOCK      
27th Aug 1760 Isaack BURT     Fontmell Magna Register
20th Apr 1761 James TAPPER Mr    
24th Apr 1761 Jean COOK Widow    
25th Aug 1761 Thomas BURT     Fontmell Magna Register
3rd Nov 1761 Willm SEAMOUR      
2nd Apr 1762 Morgan SEAMOUR Senior      
12th Oct 1763 Ann HUNT daughter of Uriah Hunt    
15th Oct 1763 Willm HISCOCK      
7th Jun 1764 Morgan SEAMOUR Senior      
Aug 26th 1764 Ann SEAMOUR daughter of Morgan Seamour    
12th Nov 1764 Susannah COOK      
18th Jun 1765 James MITCHEL      
6th Aug 1766 Petter ASHWOOD son of John Ashwood    
10th Aug 1766 Penty BROOKMAN Widow    
21st Jan 1767 Mary MITCHEL wife of Willm Mitchel   Fontmell Magna Register
20th Feb 1767 ELizabeth BURT Widow   Fontmell Magna Register
30th Apr 1767 James WILLIAMS son of John Williams    
27th May 1767 Jean STARK      
29th Sep 1767 Hannah NEWTON      
29th Sep 1767 Elizabeth MITCHEL daughter of Daniel Mitchell    
8th May 1768 James TAPPER son of James Tapper    
19th Jul 1771 Ezard COOK      
24th Nov 1771 Richard HISCOCK son of Edward and Rachel Hiscock    
12th Jan 1772 Rachel HISCOCK wife of Edward Hiscock    
27th Nov 1772 Robert SEAMOUR      
31st Dec 1772 Elizabeth BOWER Mrs    
12th Aug 1773 Mary SEAMOUR Widow    
18th Aug 1773 Uriah HUNT      
1st Oct 1773 Rachel TAPPER      
23rd Jan 1774 James PLOWMAN Senr      
8th Jun 1774 Mary PLOWMAN wife of James Plowman    
25th Nov 1774 Catherine BOWER the wife of Mr Thomas Bower    
8th Jan 1775 Mary MITCHEL      
6th Aug 1775 William TAPPER son of James Tapper    
24th Sep 1775 Henery ASHWOOD son of John and Ann Ashwood    
28th Sep 1775 James TAPPER son of James Tapper    
26th Nov 1775 Elizabeth MACHEM dau of William & Judith Machem    
10th Dec 1775 John HISCOCK son of Edward Hiscock    
15th Jan 1777 William MITCHELL son of Daniel Mitchell    
7th Nov 1777 Jean COOK      
12th Jul 1779 Katherine MEATYEARD      
6th Feb 1782 William MATCHAM      
29th Jun 1783 Mary WILLIS      
12th May 1784 Jonathan HISCOCK      
13th May 1784 Richard HUNT      
29th Dec 1784 William TAPPER      
10th Jan 1785 Grace MEAD      
27th Feb 1785 Ann SUTTON a pauper    
27th Feb 1785 Stephen BROOKMAN a pauper    
18th May 1785 Mary SPEARING      
21st Aug 1785 Edward HISCOCK      
7th Mar 1786 John WILLIS      
17th Sep 1786 Thomas SUTTON a pauper    
21st Jan 1787 Elizabeth HISCOCK      
14th Nov 1787 Sara TAPPER Widow of William Tapper 54 Fontmell Magna Register
3rd Jan 1788 Morgan SEYMOUR      
25th Jan 1788 John ASHWOOD a pauper    
15th Jun 1788 Mary PLOWMAN a pauper    
20th Jun 1788 John ASHWOOD a pauper    
2nd Aug 1788 John MITCHEL      
28th Jul 1790 William SEYMOUR      
16th Dec 1790 Ann CLENCH      
27th Jul 1792 Daniel HISCOCK      
27th Sep 1795 Ann PIKE   94  
9th Mar 1796 Clement MEAD   93  
20th Nov 1796 Mary COOK      
30th Mar 1797 Rose FOOT      
31st Jul 1798 Ann MEAD   79  
31st Jul 1798 Mary PIKE      
2nd Jul 1799 William COOK   74  
15th Dec 1799 Betty FOOT   42  
1st Jan 1801 Sarah ASHWOOD   9  
13th Jun 1802 Mary ROBERTS   Infant  
24th Aug 1802 Charlotte TOOP   Infant  
1st Mar 1803 Catherine WILLIAMS   64  
31st July 1803 Sarah SPEARING   23  
7th Aug 1805 Judith MATCHAM   73  
31st Jan 1806 Catherine MATCHAM   41  
27th Aug 1806 Lemuel GULLIVER   77  
9th Nov 1806 Susannah COOK   80  
1st Mar 1808 James TAPPER   65  
23rd Mar 1808 Mary GULLIVER Widow 72  
25th May 1808 Mary DENNESS Daughter of Jos. & Christine Denness 13 Fontmell Magna Register
21st Jul 1808 Christine DENESS Wife of Jos. Deness 56 Fontmell Magna Register
25th Jan 1810 John MITCHEL son of Thomas Mitchel 7  
23rd Apr 1810 William STICKLAND   78  
1st Aug 1810 Clara SEYMOUR widow of Morgan Seymour 68  
2nd Mar 1811 Thomas DENESS   65 Fontmell Magna Register
22nd Mar 1812 Elizabeth ROSE   84  
13th May 1812 Elizabeth ROBERTS   3  
10th Jun 1812 Martha GALPINE   80  
22nd Nov 1812 Ann SEAMOUR Widow 87  
24th Feb 1813 James SWEATMAN   Infant Fontmell Magna Register
22nd Nov 1813 Catherine MOGGERIDGE   5 mths  
28th Mar 1814 James SWEATMAN   Infant Fontmell Magna Register
8th Dec 1816 Matthew HUNT   69 Fontmell Magna Register
17th May 1817 Ann SWEATMAN   Infant Fontmell Magna Register
31st Jul 1817 Mary DENNIS   9  
20th Aug 1817 John WILLIAMS   81  
21st Aug 1818 William HUNT   75  
1st Dec 1818 Ann MOGRAGE   32  
6th Jun 1820 Mary DENNIS   9 mths  
27th Dec 1820 Edmund SWEETMAN   65 Fontmell Magna Register
7th March 1821 Susan STICKLAND   88  
8th April 1821 John STOKES   41  
12th Aug 1821 Grace BOCOK   73  
19th Sep 1821 Ann STICKLAND   Infant  
28th Oct 1821 Emmanuel GOOD   Infant  
11th Nov 1821 Peter ASHWOOD   55  
10th Jun 1822 Mary HUNT   71 Fontmell Magna Register
13th Jun 1822 Mary SEYMOUR   57  
5th Mar 1823 Mary STICKLEY   44  
13th Apr 1823 Martha MATCHAM   13 mths  
13th May 1823 Barnabas BOWN   63  
26th Aug 1823 Elizabeth MICHELL   90  
24th May 1824 John SPEARING   75  
31st Oct 1824 Anne TOOP   67  
6th Apr 1825 George SNOOK   Infant Fontmell Magna Register
26th Jun 1825 Susannah RUSSELL   37  
4th Nov 1825 Alice SMITH   36  
15th Feb 1826 William SEAMOUR   67  
26th Feb 1826 Susannah BASTABLE     Fontmell Magna Register
24th Mar 1826 Joseph DENNIS   72  
28th Sep 1826 Love SNOOK   Infant Fontmell Magna Register
28th Sep 1826 Unity SNOOK   Infant Fontmell Magna Register
16th Nov 1827 John GINGER   77  
7th Mar 1828 Milicent ROBERTS   Infant Fontmell Magna Register
19th Jul 1831 Hannah WELLS   6  
1st Apr 1832 Saray TAPPER   90  
17th May 1832 Henry SEYMOUR   8 mths  
21st Mar 1833 Susannah SEYMOUR   70  
4th Dec 1833 Joseph Thomas LAURENCE   1 mth  
29th Mar 1835 Thomas Ginger MOCKRIDGE   17  
5th Jun 1835 John FOOT   86  
30th Sep 1835 Ann TOOMER   Infant  
13th Mar 1836 Edward GRAY   7  
16th Apr 1836 George ASHWOOD   2  
26th Feb 1837 Ginger KERLEY   3  
10th Sep 1837 Samuel KERLEY   1  
4th Jan 1838 James TOOP   82  
8th Feb 1839 Mary KERLEY   11 mths  
5th Mar 1839 Benjamin ROBERTS   75  
5th Apr 1839 Sarah ASHWOOD   35  
16th Jul 1839 Ann MATCHAM   21  
13th Jan 1840 Thomas MATCHAM   70  
29th May 1840 Frances SPEARING   90  
30th Aug 1840 Richard WHEATON   65  
19th Dec 1841 William STICKLEY   72  
23rd Oct 1842 Ann STOKES   4 mths  
31st Jan 1843 William DENNIS   60  
18th Jul 1843 Jane WHEADON   24  
1st May 1844 Elizabeth SPEARING   65  
15th Nov 1844 Martha HUNT   34 Fontmell Magna Register
3rd Oct 1845 James FOOT   68  
11th Jan 1846 Mary GOOD   71  
25th Jan 1848 Georgiana Jemima Tuffen BUTT   Infant Fontmell Magna Register
17th Nov 1848 Daniel MITCHELL   63  
15th Sep 1851 Joseph ASHWOOD   10  
26th Dec 1852` James LAURENCE   44  
24th Jul 1853 John SPEARING   63  
12th Mar 1854 Samuel GOOD   5  
4th Apr 1855 William MATCHAM   30  
4th Jul 1855 Jane MATCHAM   74  
13th Feb 1856 John SNOOK   58 Fontmell Magna Register
16th Oct 1857 Elizabeth ASHWOOD   13  
11th Mar 1858 Harriet HUNT   35 Fontmell Magna Register
11th Mar 1858 Henry John TUFFIN   11 mths Fontmell Magna Register
7th May 1858 Henry SNOOK   63 Fontmell Magna Register
13th May 1858 John GEORGE   63  
21st Sep 1858 Martha Anne MATCHAM   5  
30th Dec 1860 Elizabeth TUFFIN   3 Fontmell Magna Register

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