East Orchard

1861 Census - RG9 / 1326

Transcribed and donated to the Dorset OPC Project by Sue Thornton-Grimes

Superintendent Registrar’s DistrictShaftesbury
Registrar’s Sub DistrictFontmell
District 6: Comprising the whole of the Parishes of East Orchard, West Orchard and Margaret Marsh
Enumerator: Thomas Applin
Ref District No. of schedule No, Address InhbUnhb Names Surname Relationship to Head Cond Age Occupation Where born
F 88 p 940Orchard Water House1  GeorgeBastableHeadMar42 Farmer of 32 acres emp. 1 LabDorset Shillingstone
      ElizabethBastableWifeMar39 Farmer’s wifeHants Milford
      Eliza AnneBastableDau 5 Farmer’s DauDorset East Orchard
      GeorginaBastableDau.4 Farmer’s DauDorset East Orchard
      John SBastableSon 3 Farmer’s SonDorset East Orchard
      Frederick JBastableBrotherUn31 Agricultural LabourerDorset East Orchard
 41 1 Simon BurageHeadMar46Agricultural Labourer Dorset Compton
      AliceBurageWifeMar43Kidd Glover Dorset East Orchard
      MarthaBurageDauUn25Kidd Glover Dorset Fontmell
      HarriettBurageDauUn20 Kidd GloverDorset Fontmell
 42 1 Samuel MockridgeHeadMar46Agricultural Labourer Dorset East Orchard
      SarahMockridgeWifeMar41 Kidd GloverDorset East Orchard
      EmleyMockridgeDauUn12 Kidd GloverDorset East Orchard
 43 1 William MockridgeHeadMar40Agricultural Labourer Dorset East Orchard
      MaryMockridgeWifeMar37 Agricultural Labourer’s wifeDorset Compton
      ThomMockridgeSon 12  Dorset East Orchard
      GeorgeMockridgeSon 8  Dorset Fontmell
      FrankMockridgeSon 4  Dorset East Orchard
      Samuel EMockridgeSon 9 mo  Dorset East Orchard
 44 1 John RobertsHeadUn18Farmer of 15 acres Dorset East Orchard
      MariaRobertsSisterUn26 HousekeeperDorset East Orchard
      Emma JaneRobertsNiece 4  Dorset East Orchard
 45 1 Mary LuckerHeadW80Farmer of 28 acres emp 1 labourer Dorset Stour Provost
      JamesBastableBrotherMar72 Agricultural LabourerDorset Stour Provost
      ElizabethBastableSister in LawMar 71Agricultural Labourer’s wifeDorset Sturminster
F88 p1046 1 William MilesHeadMar75Retired farmer Dorset Shaftesbury
      ElizabethMilesWifeMar67 Retired farmerDorset Marnhull
      SarahMeatyardVisitorUn65 AnnuitantMiddlesex London
      JaneRobertsServantUn17 House servantDorset West Orchard
 47Scotts House1  JamesMayoHeadMar73Farmer of 70 acres employ 2 lab Dorset Compton
      SarahMayoWifeMar73Farmer’s wife Dorset East Orchard
      John GMayoSonUn29Farmer’s Son Dorset Fontmell Magna
      SarahMayoDauUn26Farmer’s Dau Dorset Fontmell Magna
 48 1 Heaster TapperHeadW67Farmer of 40 acres. 1 lab Dorset Fontmell Magna
      HenryTapperSonUn28Farmer of 70 acres. 1 lab Dorset East Orchard
 49 1 Thomas GulliverHeadUn80Retired farmer Dorset East Orchard
      LydiaGulliverSister in LawW73 Retired farmerDorset Motcombe
      MaryBartonNieceUn39House servant Dorset Motcombe
 50  1 U Sence left (=census left?)       
 51 1 Samuel ButtHeadMar57Agricultural Labourer Dorset Stour Provost
      AnnButtWifeMar64Agricultural Labourer’s wife Dorset Fontmell
 52 1 Philip LawrenceHeadMar65Blacksmith & Grader Dorset Iwerne
      MaryLawrenceWifeMar62 Blacksmith’s wifeDorset East Orchard
      PriscillaLawrenceDauUn23 DressmakerDorset East Orchard
 53   John GrayHeadMar61Agricultural Labourer Dorset Twiford
      ElizabethGrayWifeMar60 Agircultural Labourer’s wifeDorset Compton
      GeorgeGraySonUn34Agricultural Labourer Dorset Compton
      CelinaGrayDauUn19Kidd Glover Dorset East Orchard
      SarahGrayG.Dau 1  Dorset East Orchard
F89 p1154 1 James WeedenHeadMar29Butcher Dorset East Orchard
      ElizabethWeedenWifeMar29 Butcher’s wifeDorset Fontmell
      CharlesWeedenSon 6 mo  Dorset East Orchard
      ElizabethWeedenMotherW60 Formerly Labourer’s WifeDorset Manston
 55 1 Thomas GrayHeadMar24Agricultural Labourer Dorset East Orchard
      MariaGrayWifeMar27Kidd Glover Dorset Sutton
      AnnGrayDau 4  Dorset East Orchard
      EdwinGraySon 2  Dorset East Orchard
      EmleyGrayDau 2 mo  Dorset East Orchard
 56 1 Bethia AshmeadHeadW65Formerly Laundress Dorset Sturton Kandel
      JuliaAshmeadDauUn28Laundress Dorset East Orchard
      EmleyAshmeadG Dau 9 ScholarDorset Shaftesbury
 57 1 Samuel MockridgeHeadMar79Agricultural Labourer Dorset East Orchard
      ElizabethMockridgeWifeMar78 Agricultural Labourer’s wifeDorset Compton
 58 1 Robert SnookHeadUn54Agricultural Labourer Dorset Sturminster Newton
 59 1 Richard MooreHeadMar35Agricultural Labourer Dorset Marnhull
      LousiaMooreWifeMar32Agricultural Labourer’s wife Dorset Childe Okeford
      William JMooreSon 12 Agricultural Labourer’s sonDorset Marnhull
      Richard GMooreSon 10 Agricultural Labourer’s sonDorset Marnhull
      Fanney MMooreDau 6 Agricultural Labourer’s dauDorset East Orchard
      Ann AmeliaMooreDau 4 Agricultural Labourer’s dauDorset East Orchard
      John HMooreSon 2 mo Agricultural Labourer’s sonDorset East Orchard
F89 p1260 1 George StokesHeadMar47Agricultural Labourer Dorset West Orchard
      ClaraStokesWifeMar30Agricultural Labourer’s wife Dorset Stour Provost
      TomStokesSon 9  Dorset East Orchard
      MaryStokesDau 5  Dorset East Orchard
      StephenStokesSon 3  Dorset East Orchard
      FrederickStokesSon 1  Dorset East Orchard
      JosephDennessBoarderUn32 Agricultural LabourerDorset East Orchard
      CharlesStokesBoarderUn22 Agricultural LabourerDorset East Orchard
 61 1 George SnookHeadUn58Agricultural Labourer Dorset Farrington
      SarahRiadSisterW70Formerly Labourer’s Wife Dorset Fontmell
 62Bowling Green Lane1  EzetTuckerHeadW52Dairy Woman Dorset East Stour
      JohnPikeServantUn29Cowman Dorset Stour Provost
      WilliamBurdenServantUn17 Agricultural LabourerDorset Enmore Green
 63 1 John EllisHeadMar36Agricultural Labourer Dorset Charlton Marshall
      JaneEllisWifeMar25Agricultural Labourer’s wife Dorset Fontmell
      ElizabethEllisDauUn1  Dorset Shroton
      Mary JEllisDauUn1 mo  Dorset Shroton
 64 1 Walter BrockwayHeadMar46Thatcher Dorset West Orchard
      SarahBrockwayWifeMar47 Thatcher’s wifeDorset East Orchard
      EmmaBrockwayDauUn17Kidd Glover Dorset East Orchard
      EneasBrockwaySon 12  Dorset East Orchard
      EllenBrockwayDau 9  Dorset East Orchard
 65 1 John RoseHeadMar45CarterDorset Sturminster
      ElizabethRoseWifeMar40 Carter’s wifeDorset Sturminster
      SarahRoseDauUn15Kidd Glover Dorset Sturminster
F90 p13     JohnRoseSonUn12Agricultural Labourer Dorset Sturminster N
      HenryRoseSonUn10Agricultural Labourer Dorset Sturminster N
      ElizaRoseDau 7Scholar Dorset East Orchard
      Mary JRoseDau 5Scholar Dorset East Orchard
      Eggnes ? (Agnes)RoseDau 1  Dorset East Orchard
      MarthaRoseDau 3 mo  Dorset East Orchard
 66 1 Cornelius HuntHeadMar38Farmer of 110 acres employing 7 men & 3 boys Dorset West Orchard
      ElizabethHuntWifeMar30 Farmer’s wifeDorset Twiford
      ElizabethHuntDau 9 ScholarDorset East Orchard
      Mary CHuntDau 7Scholar Dorset East Orchard
      CorneliusHuntSon 5 Farmer’s sonDorset East Orchard
      Kate HHuntDau 2Farmer’s Dau Dorset East Orchard
      Rose MHuntDau 3 mo Farmer’s DauDorset East Orchard
      MarthaFinderServantUn17 House servantDorset Sturminster
      HenryWorthmanServantUn18 General servantDorset Sturminster
 67 1 Thomas MatchamHeadW42Blacksmith Dorset East Orchard
      Thomas HMatchamSon 5  Dorset East Orchard
      Louisa MMatchamDau 10 mo  Dorset East Orchard
      FannyPalmerBoarderUn29 HousekeeperWilts Swallowcliffe
      GeorgeGillinghamServantUn28 TradesmanDorset Charlton Marshall
      WilliamHuntServant 11 General servantDorset East Orchard
F90 p1468 1 George ShuteHeadMar33Farmer of 70 acres employ 2 men Dorset Shaftesbury
      EmmaShuteWifeMar37Farmer’s wife Dorset Stour Provost
      Gordon RShuteSon 9 Farmer’s SonDorset East Orchard
      Christene MShuteDau 5 Farmer’s DauDorset East Orchard
      Flora AShuteDau 3 Farmer’s DauDorset East Orchard
      Ada CShuteDau 2Farmer’s Dau Dorset East Orchard
      ElizabethSmallServantUn17 General servantDorset Gillingham
 69 1 Robert TuffinHeadMar54Butcher Dorset Sutton Waldren
      LouisaTuffinWifeMar49 Butcher’s wifeDorset Spetsbury
      EmeliaTuffinDau 10 ScholarDorset Sutton Waldren
      JohnTuffinSon 8Scholar Dorset Sutton Waldren
      MaryTuffinDau 6Scholar Dorset Sutton Waldren
 70 1 Thomas GayHeadMar29Police Constable Dorset Long Burton
      EllenGayWifeMar24  Dorset Glanvilles Wootton
 71 1 George TuffinHeadW29Carpenter Dorset West Orchard
      Agustine ITuffinSon 1  Dorset East Orchard
      SarahTuffinMotherW56Formerly Carpenter’s wife Hants Red Hill
 72 1 Jesse BrownHeadMar79Cordwinder Dorset Stalbridge
      MariaBrownWifeMar64Cordwinder’s wife Dorset East Orchard
 73 1 John MogridgeHeadMar35Stone Mason Dorset Fontmell
      ElizabethMogridgeWifeMar31 Kidd GloverDorset Stour Provost
      EdwinMogridgeSon 10 ScholarDorset East Orchard
      HenryMogridgeSon 8 ScholarDorset East Orchard
      FrederickMogridgeSon 6 ScholarDorset East Orchard
      FrankMogridgeSon 2  Dorset East Orchard
F91 p15     MaryHiscockSister in Law  10ScholarDorset East Orchard
      ThomasBenettBoarderUn20 IndependentDorset East Orchard
 74 1 George MockridgeHeadMar35Agricultural Labourer Dorset East Orchard
      Mary AMockridgeWifeMar33 Kidd GloverDorset East Orchard
      Martha AMockridgeDau 5 ScholarDorset East Orchard
      FrederickMockridgeSon 2  Dorset East Orchard
 75 1 Robert RideoutHeadMar36Agricultural Labourer Dorset Fontmell
      EmleyRideoutWifeMar28 LaundressDorset West Orchard
      ElizabethRideoutDau 8 ScholarDorset East Orchard
      JohnRideoutSon 6 ScholarDorset East Orchard
      EdwardRideoutSon 5 ScholarDorset East Orchard
      WilliamRideoutSon 3 ScholarDorset East Orchard
 76 1 Henry LemonHeadMar26Agricultural Labourer Dorset West Orchard
      EmeliaLemonWifeMar24Kidd Glover Dorset Marnhull
      WilliamLemonSon 2  Dorset East Orchard
      ThomasLemonBrotherUn17 Agricultural LabourerDorset West Orchard
 77 1 James W DenissHeadMar56Agricultural Labourer Dorset East Orchard
      CharlotteDenissWifeMar55 Kidd GloverDorset East Orchard
      EneasDenissSonUn21Agricultural Labourer Dorset East Orchard
      EmlyDenissDauUn18Kidd Glover Dorset East Orchard
 78 1 Robert SnookHeadMar24Agricultural Labourer Dorset West Orchard
      EllenSnookWifeMar24Kidd Glover Dorset East Orchard
      Emma JSnookDau 1  Dorset East Orchard
      SarahSnookMotherW62Tayloress Dorset Hazelbury
F91 p1679 1 Richard MockridgeHeadMar51Cordwinder & Parish Clerk Dorset East Orchard
      FrancesMockridgeWifeMar50 SchoolmistressDorset Fontmell Magna
      MaryArnoldBoarderUn17 Kidd GloverDorset Fontmell Magna
      EdwinRideoutBoarder 7 ScholarDorset Shaston
 80 1 Robert HiscockHeadMar46Shoemaker Dorset Stour Provost
      HarriettHiscockWifeMar42 DressmakerDorset Fontmell Magna
 81 1 Samuel GoodHeadMar44Agricultural Labourer Dorset East Orchard
      AnnGoodWifeMar35Dressmaker Dorset Motcombe
      GeorgeGoodSon 5Scholar Dorset East Orchard
 82 1 George YoungHeadMar25Agricultural Labourer Dorset Manston
      SarahYoungWifeMar26Kidd Glover Somersetshire Westcombe
      Henry GYoungSon 9 mo  Dorset East Orchard
 83 1 Thomas ElliottHeadMar26Agricultural Labourer Dorset Margaret Marsh
      MaryElliottWifeMar32Kidd Glover Dorset Stour Provost
      Charles WElliottSon 2  Dorset East Orchard
      ElizabethElliottDau 8 mo  Dorset East Orchard
 84 1 Mary HuntHeadW41LaundressDorset Fontmell
      JamesHuntSon 7Scholar Dorset East Orchard
      GeorgeLodgeBoarderUn24 CarterDorset Fontmell
 85Swanscombe House1  HarryHuntHeadW45Farmer of 65 acres employing 2 lab Dorset West Orchard
      AugustusHuntSonUn14Farmer’s son Dorset Fontmell
      RichardHuntSon 10 Farmer’s sonDorset East Orchard
      FrancisHuntSon 9 Farmer’s sonDorset East Orchard
      CarolineHuntDau 7 Farmer’s DauDorset East Orchard
      MatidaHuntDau 4Farmer’s Dau Dorset East Orchard
      SarahGulliverServantUn24 HousekeeperDorset Iwerne Minster
F92 p1786 1 John KerleyHeadMar56Agricultural Labourer Dorset Iwerne Minster
      JaneKerleyWifeMar58Laundress Dorset Fontmell
      Mary AnnKerleyDauUn21 DressmakerDorset East Orchard
 87 1 James AndrewsHeadMar27Stone Mason Dorset Margaret Marsh
      ElizaAndrewsWifeMar26 Kidd GloverDorset Stour Provost
      CarolineAndrewsDau 2 mo  Dorset East Orchard
 88 1 William CossarHeadMar83Agricultural Labourer Dorset Keinston
      ElizabethCoparWifeMar79  Dorset Iwerne
      HenrietteaHuntG DauUn20 Kidd GloverDorset West Orchard
 89 1 Edward MartinHeadMar36Thatcher Dorset Stour Provost
      CharlotteMartinWifeMar30 Thatcher’s wifeDorset Stour Provost
      ThomasMartinSon 7 ScholarDorset East Orchard
      EllenMartinDau 5 ScholarDorset East Orchard
      EdwinMartinSon 2  Dorset East Orchard
      JohnMartinSon 9 mo  Dorset East Orchard
      JohnStreatServant 14 Thatcher’s sonDorset Stour Provost
 90 1 William BenettHeadMar40Farmer of 106 acres empl 5 lab and 2 boys Dorset Fontmell
      ElizabethBenettWifeMar33 Farmer’s wifeWilts Amesbury
      WilliamBenettSon 9 ScholarDorset East Orchard
      ElizabethBenettDau 7 ScholarDorset East Orchard
      EmilyBenettDau 6 ScholarDorset East Orchard
      John Light (?)BenettSon 3 ScholarDorset East Orchard
      Alfred JBenettSon 1  Dorset East Orchard
      AnnMooreServant 20 House servantDorset Bourton
F92 p1891 1 William LodgeHeadMar20CarterDorset East Orchard
      RosettaLodgeWifeMar20 Carter’s wifeDorset Pulham
      WilliamLodgeSon 8 mo Carter’s sonDorset Pulham
 92 1 Elijah TuckerHeadMar26Dairyman Dorset Stour Provost
      Mary ETuckerWifeMar26 Dairyman’s wifeDorset East Orchard
      AliceTuckerDau 11 mo  Dorset East Orchard
 93Hartgrove House1  MaryBenettHeadW71Annuitant Dorset Hazelbury
      AdelaideBenett(Dau)Un30 AnnuitantDorset Margaret Marsh
      Alfred E LBenett(Son)Un27 Farmer of 17 acres empl1 Lab & 1 boyDorset Spetsbury
      CharlotteSavoy(Servant)Un14 General servantDorset Okeford Fitzpaine
 94 1 Frederick BarnesHeadMar26Agricultural Labourer Dorset Fontmell
      AnnBarnesWifeMar23Dressmaker Dorset Stour Provost
  Wesleyan Chappel           
     End of East Orchard Parish      



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