North Wootton

Baptisms 1813 to 1901

Transcribed from the Parish Registers and donated to the Dorset OPC Project by Jon Baker

The Parish Register is difficult to read in places, so readers are invited to use this transcript as a guide only and to consult the original at the Dorset History Centre.

Pg NoYear MthDAY Name FatherMother SurnameAbode OccupationNotes
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29????Dec4 Rebecca WillmHannahJESTY North WoottonCurrierYear is blank, but is probably 1814 [cf 1851 census]
2101817Mar 15Jane ThosJanePERRIS North WoottonLabourer 
2111818May 24Stephen JohnSarah BALSTER North WoottonCoachman 
2121819May 9Mary AnnDau ofJohnJane TROWBRIDGE North WoottonLabourer 
2131819Nov 7SarahDau ofJohnSarah BALSTER North WoottonCoachman 
2141820May 21CharlotteDau ofGeorgeAnne OLLIVER GILLARDNorth WoottonYeoman 
2151820Jul 16MaryDau ofRobertEunice BUTT AllwestonCarpenter 
2161821Mar 18SusannahDau ofJohnJane TROWBRIDGE North WoottonLabourer 
3171822Mar 31MaryDau ofJohnSarah BALSTER North WoottonCoachman 
3181823Jun 22JaneDau ofJohnJane TROWBRIDGE North WoottonLabourer 
3191824Jan 18ElizaDau ofWilliamSarah TROWBRIDGE North WoottonButcher 
3201824Jan 18SarahDau ofCharlesJemima CROKER North WoottonLabourer 
3211824Oct 24JohnSon ofJohnSarah BALSTER North WoottonCoachman 
3221825Mar 13JaneDau ofHenrySarah CROKER North WoottonDairyman 
3231825Mar 13JaneDau ofWilliamSarah TROWBRIDGE North WoottonButcher 
3241825May 8ElizabethDau ofGeorgeEdith COXYeovilGlover 
4251825Jul 31ElizabethDau ofSamuelJane CUFFNorth WoottonLabourer 
4261825Oct 23HenrySon ofThomasEdith GILLARD North WoottonLabourer 
4271825Oct 23Mary AnneDau ofSamuelElizabeth LODERYetminsterDairyman 
4281825Nov 6ElizabethDau ofHenrySarah CROKER North WoottonDairyman 
429 Dec 26ElizabethDau ofJohnJane TROWBRIDGE HaydonLabourer1825 or 1826?
430 Dec 26JemimaDau ofCharlesJemima CROKERNorth WoottonLabourer1825 or 1826?
4311827Jan 14ElizaDau ofJosephMary HUGHES Holt nr Froome SomersetLabourer 
4321827Feb 11EdithDau ofSamuelElizabeth LODERNorth WoottonDairyman 
5331827Mar 18JohnSon ofSamuelJane CUFF North WoottonLabourer 
5341827May 6HenrySon ofJohnSarah BALSTER North WoottonCoachman 
5351827Jun 7AnnDau ofObadiahMary COLLIS North WoottonLabourer 
5361827Sep 23HenrySon ofHenrySarah CROKER North WoottonDairyman 
5371827Sep 23GeorgeSon ofCharlesJemima CROKERNorth WoottonLabourer 
5381827Oct 21GeorgeSon ofThomasEdith GILLARD North WoottonLabourer 
5391828Feb 10CarolineDau of Mary COLLIS North Wootton B-B
5401828Nov 16MarthaDau ofObadiahMary COLLIS North WoottonLabourer 
6411829Jan 25Ann ElizaDau ofSamuelJane CUFFNorth WoottonLabourer 
6421829Jul 26JohnSon ofSamuelLouisa GILLARD North WoottonLabourer 
6431829Oct 11CharlesSon ofHenrySarah CROKER North WoottonDairyman 
6441829Oct 11HenrySon ofCharlesJemima CROKER North WoottonLabourer 
6451830Jan 3WilliamSon ofThomasEdith GILLARD North WoottonLabourer 
6461830Jan 10Thomas MorrisSon ofObadiahMary COLLISNorth WoottonLabourer 
6471830Feb 21CharlotteDau ofSamuelElizabeth LODERMudford nr YeovilLabourer 
6481830Apr 17FelixSon ofJohnMary JESTY LongburtonFarmer 
7491830Dec 26WilliamSon ofWilliamSarah TROWBRIDGECaundle MarshButcher 
7501830Dec 26GeorgeSon ofCharlesJemima CROKERNorth WoottonLabourer 
7511831Feb 9ThomasSon ofGeorgeMary TROWBRIDGE North WoottonLabourer 
7521831May 15ThomasSon ofSamuelLouiza GILLARD North WoottonLabourer 
7531831May 15FrederickSon ofSamuelJane CUFFNorth WoottonLabourer 
7541831Jul 10JohnSon ofJohnJane TROWBRIDGE HaydonLabourer 
7551831Jul 10WilliamSon ofHenrySarah CROKER Stalbridge WestonDairyman 
7561831Jul 10JosephSon ofJosephMary HUGHES Holt nr Froome SomersetLabourer 
8571831Dec 25JaneDau ofThomasEdith GILLARD North WoottonLabourer 
8581831Dec 25CharlesSon ofJohnMary MASTERS AllwestonLabourer 
8591832Feb 12MarthaDau ofAbelMartha WHITTLE Langton nr WeymouthDairyman 
8601832Nov 25ElizabethDau ofJohnSarah BALSTER North WoottonCoachman 
8611833Jan 30Susan MarthaDau ofJohnMary Ann COLLISLangton nr WeymouthFarmer 
8621833Mar 31SusannahDau ofGeorgeMary TROWBRIDGE North WoottonLabourer 
8631833Apr 7ElizaDau ofCharlesJemima CROKER North WoottonLabourer 
8641833Apr 7JemimaDau ofHenrySarah CROKER Thornhill StalbridgeDairyman 
9651833Jul 2JohnSon ofJosephMary HUGHES Witham Friary nr FromeLabourer 
9661833Dec 25ThomasSon ofJamesAnne ENGLISH AllwestonLabourer 
9671834May 8James ThomasSon ofJohnMary Anne COLLISLangton HerringFarmer 
9681834Aug 17RichardSon ofSamuelLouiza GILLARDNorth WoottonLabourer 
9691834Aug 17GerardSon ofGeorgeBetty HILLARY North WoottonLabourer 
9701834Sep 14Anna MariaDau ofJohnJane TROWBRIDGE Clottfurlong, FolkeDairyman 
9711834Nov 18ThomasSon ofAbelMartha WHITTLE Woolaston, CharminsterDairyman 
9721834Dec 25SamuelSon ofThomasEdith GILLARD North WoottonLabourer 
10731835Apr 5LouizaDau ofCharlesJemima CROKER North WoottonLabourerReceived Apr 19
10741835Apr 19SusannahDau ofWilliamSarah TROWBRIDGEHolwellButcher 
10751835Apr 19Mary AnnDau ofHenrySarah CROKER StalbridgeFarmer 
10761836Jun 12MaryDau ofThomasJane TROWBRIDGE North WoottonLabourer 
10771836Dec 18Frederick GeorgeSon ofGeorgeBetty HILLARYNorth WoottonLabourer 
10781837Jan 8SarahSon ofHenrySarah CROCKER StalbridgeFarmer 
10791837Jan 8GeorgeSon ofJohnJane TROWBRIDGE FolkeDairyman 
10801837Jun 25ObadiahSon ofObadiahMary COLLIS HolnestFarmer 
11811837Jul 30George ThomasSon of Ruth HILLARYNorth WoottonSpinsterBorn July 5th
11821837Oct 15AnnDau ofWIlliamAnne COLLIS St Helens, LondonPrinter 
11831837Dec 20MaryDau ofMatthewMary COLLIS St Helens, LondonPrinter 
11841838Feb 11Hannah?Dau of Mary COLLIS North WoottonSpinster 
11851838Jul 1GeorgeSon of Rebecca JESTY North WoottonSpinster 
11861838Sep 30Mary AnnDau ofHenrySarah CROCKER StalbridgeFarmer 
11871838Dec 16CharlesSon ofThomasJane TROWBRIDGE Clottfurlong Farm, FolkeDairyman 
11881839Mar 21SamuelSon ofSamuelLouisa GILLARD North WoottonLabourer 
12891839Apr 19SamuelSon ofGeorgeElizabeth HILLARYNorth WoottonLabourer 
12901839Sep 15HenrySon ofJohnJane TROWBRIDGE North WoottonDairyman 
12911840Sep 6EllenDau ofHenrySarah CROCKER Stalbridge WestonFarmer 
12921841Apr 4Eliza JaneDau ofThomasJane TROWBRIDGENorth WoottonFarmer 
12931841Sep 5RobertSon ofJamesCharlotte COOPERNorth WoottonLabourer 
12941842Mar 6MaryDau ofSamuelLouisa GILLARD North WoottonLabourer 
12951842Mar 13MaryDau of Sarah BALSTER North Wootton Illegitimate
12961842Apr 17Jane AugustaDau ofJohnJane TROWBRIDGEFolkeFarmer 
13971843Jun 25Alfred ThomasSon ofThomasJane TROWBRIDGENorth WoottonFarmer 
13981843Sep 17Louisa JaneDau ofJamesCharlotte COOPERNorth WoottonLabourer 
13991843Sep 17Enos HenrySon ofEnosEliza POTTICARYNorth WoottonGardener at Trent
131001844Jan 7Mary AnneDau ofGeorgeElizabeth HILLARYNorth WoottonLabourer 
131011845Feb 9WilliamSon ofJamesCharlotte COOPERNorth WoottonLabourer 
131021845Feb 16GeorgeSon ofHenrySarah CROCKER Stalbridge WestonLabourer 
131031845Mar 29MaryDau ofJohnJane TROWBRIDGE Folke, Clottfurlong FarmFarmer 
131041845Apr 20SarahDau ofThomasJane TROWBRIDGE North WoottonFarmer 
141051846Aug 18ElizabethDau ofGeorgeElizabeth HILLARYNorth WoottonLabourer 
141061847Feb 7EllenDau of Phyllis Peatty MITCHELSherborneIllegitimate, aged 17 years
141071847Apr 28ThomasSon ofJamesCharlotte COOPERNorth WoottonLabourer 
141081847Dec 25George EdmundSon of Anne CROCKERSherborne Union  
141091848Apr 9JohnSon of Mary BALSTER North WoottonSingleIllegitimate, 18 mths
141101848Aug 27WilliamSon ofThomasJane TROWBRIDGE North WoottonFarmer 
141111848Sep 24Mary AnnDau ofJamesCharlotte COOPERNorth WoottonLabourer 
141121849Jul 22ElizaDau ofIsaacCaroline SWEET North WoottonLabourer 
151131849Dec 25GeorgeSon ofGeorgeElizabeth HILLARYNorth WoottonLabourer 
151141850Jun 2Anna Maria Ostling ?Dau ofThomasJane TROWBRIDGENorth WoottonFarmer[Maybe Oseland]
151151850Jun 16AlfredSon ofJamesCharlotte COOPERFolkeLabourer 
151161850Jul 14EdwinSon ofWilliamHANNah LAMBERT North WoottonLabourer 
151171852Jan 18EllenDau ofIsaacCaroline SWEET North WoottonLabourer 
151181852Jan 31HenrySon ofGeorgeTamar DURRANT North WoottonLabourer 
151191852May 24William JamesSon ofGeorgeJudith SCOTTNorth WoottonPublican 
151201852Aug 29HenrySon ofJamesCharlotte COOPERFolkeLabourer 
161211852Nov 4EstherDau ofHenryMaria GILLARD North WoottonLabourer 
161221853Sep 18HenrySon ofThomasJane TROWBRIDGE North WoottonFarmer 
161231853Dec 25RobertSon ofRobertEdith TAYLOR North WoottonLabourer 
161241854Jul 30Sarah RoseDau ofCharlesSarah DAYNorth WoottonLabourer 
161251854Nov 5George Trevelyan GeorgeBetty HILLARYNorth WoottonLabourer 
161261854Nov 19George IsaacCaroline SWEETNorth WoottonLabourer 
161271855Mar 18Jane Elizabeth ThomasJane TROWBRIDGEHaydon (Boys Hill Lane)Farmer 
161281855Jun 3Edith HenryMaria GILLARD SherborneShepherd 
171291856Aug 17Robert Rideout CharlesSarah DAYNorth WoottonLabourer 
171301856Feb 21Mary Jane GeorgeJudith SCOTTNorth WoottonPublican 
171311857May 7Francis GeorgeBetsy LANNING North WoottonLabourer 
171321857May 24Emily IsaacCaroline SWEET North WoottonLabourer 
171331857Jun 21Robert Edward ThomasJane TROWBRIDGEHaydon (Boys Hill Lane)Farmer 
171341858Feb 14Arthur William WilliamHarriott GILLARDNorth WoottonLabourer 
171351858Apr 4Eliza WilliamAnne TROWBRIDGE SherborneButcher 
171361858Jul 18Elizabeth Mary GeorgeMaria BARTERNorth WoottonLabourer 
181371859Mar 20Charles CharlesSarah DAYHolwellLabourer 
181381859Mar 27Alfred Kelloway  Caroline DIMENTLongburton Illegitimate
181391859Jul 31Jane HenryMaria GILLARD SherborneShepherd 
181401859Aug 16Mary IsaacCaroline SWEET North WoottonLabourer 
181411860Sep 30Ada WilliamHarriott GILLARD North WoottonLabourer 
181421861Jul 21John Charles CharlesSarah DAYNorth WoottonLabourer 
181431862Jan 12Emanuel WilliamJane CROCKER BucklandDairyman 
181441862Feb 16Henry HenryMaria GILLARD SherborneShepherd 
191451862Nov 16Alfred IsaacCaroline SWEETNorth WoottonLabourer 
191461863Nov 10Louisa SamuelSarah GILLARD North WoottonLabourer 
191471864Feb 10Henry WilliamElizabeth GILLARDNorth WoottonLabourer 
191481864Apr 3Mary Jane WilliamJane CROCKERYetminsterDairyman 
191491864Nov 13Thomas HenryMaria GILLARD North WoottonLabourer 
191501864Nov 13Sarah WilliamElizabeth GILLARDNorth WoottonLabourer 
191511865Apr 9Arthur Albert OliverEdwinCaroline HANNNorth WoottonLabourer 
191521865Apr 23Elizabeth Jane IsaacCaroline SWEETNorth WoottonLabourer 
201531865Jul 23Kate WilliamJane CROCKER LillingtonLabourer 
201541865Aug 20Rosa Annie EdmundLouisa DIMENTSherborneLabourer 
201551866Oct 19Elizabeth WilliamElizabeth GILLARDNorth WoottonLabourer 
201561867Feb 17Mary Ann Jeremiah WilliamRhoda Frances COOMBSNorth WoottonLabourer 
201571867Apr 1Margaret SamuelSarah GILLARD North WoottonLabourer 
201581867May 26Edward JohnMary COOPER North WoottonInnkeeper 
201591867Jul 30Elizabeth  Susannah LAMBERTNorth Wootton  
201601867Sep 29Edward WilliamElizabeth GILLARDNorth WoottonLabourer 
211611867Dec 25Elizabeth Mary EdmundLouisa DIMENTSherborneLabourer 
211621868Nov 29Fanny WilliamJane CROCKER HillfieldFarmer 
211631869Jan 3George Thomas Jeremiah William Rhoda FrancesCOOMBSNorth WoottonLabourer  
211641869Mar 21Martha IsaacCaroline SWEETNorth WoottonLabourer 
211651869May 30Edwin George JosephCaroline CROSSNorth WoottonDairymanBorn March 31st 1869
211661869May 30Elizabeth Rosa JosephCaroline CROSSNorth WoottonDairyman 
211671869Jul 11Richard John  Julia DALLYNorth WoottonSingle Woman 
211681869Jul 11Samuel FrederickMary GILLINGHAMPoll Bridge, Bishops CaundleLabourer  
221691869Dec 1Emma Matilda JosephCaroline CROSSNorth WoottonDairymanBorn Sept 7th 1856
221701869Dec 1Sarah Ann JosephCaroline CROSSNorth WoottonDairymanBorn Sept 22nd 1857
221711869Dec 1Ellen Jane JosephCaroline CROSSNorth WoottonDairymanBorn July 10th 1860
221721869Dec 1Caroline Eliza JosephCaroline CROSSNorth WoottonDairymanBorn Feby 8th 1862
221731869Dec 1James Joseph JosephCaroline CROSSNorth WoottonDairymanBorn May 22nd 1863
221741869Dec 1Sidney JosephCaroline CROSSNorth WoottonDairymanBorn Nov 21st 1864
221751869Dec 1William JosephCaroline CROSSNorth WoottonDairymanBorn April 23rd 1866
221761870May 1Henry Thomas JosephCaroline CROSSNorth WoottonDairymanBorn March 27th 1870
231771870Jun 26Kate EdmundLouisa Annie DIMENTSherborneLabourer 
231781871Jan 24Harriet Ann IsaacCaroline SWEETNorth WoottonLabourer 
231791871Jan 29Annie Louisa RichardJulia GILLARDNorth WoottonLabourer 
231801871Oct 15Bessie Harriet JaneWIlliamEizabeth GILLARDNorth WoottonLabourer 
231811871Nov 19George John Edward ThomasEllen COLLINSNorth WoottonLabourer 
231821871Dec 1Alice Mary GeorgeMartha ROSENorth WoottonLabourer 
231831872Jul 28Minnie RichardJulia GILLARD North WoottonLabourer 
231841872Nov 10Tom GeorgeMartha ROSE North WoottonLabourer 
241851873Jun 22Elizabeth Ann GeorgeLouisa GOSNEYFolkeLabourer 
241861873Oct 12George William MatthewSarah Susan COLLISNorth WoottonYeomanAged 30 years, Born August 15 1842
241871873Oct 20William George George William Mary JaneCOLLISNorth WoottonYeoman 
241881874Jun 28Robert RichardJulia GILLARD North WoottonLabourer 
241891875May 12Alice Maud Mary George William Mary JaneCOLLISNorth WoottonYeoman 
241901875May 27Frederick George Trevelyan John Mary AnnaWOODLANDPortsmouthShipwright  
241911875Aug 13Mary Jane Edmund BakerMary Martha Georgiana JOLLIFFNorth WoottonDairyman 
241921875Aug 26John Henry George WilliamMary Jane COLLISNorth WoottonYeoman 
251931877Nov 11Edward Edward ThomasEllen COLLINSNorth WoottonLabourer 
251941878Nov 17Florence Emily HenryJane GILLARDNorth WoottonShepherd 
251951879Jul 20Ernest George WilliamEliza WILLEYNorth WoottonLabourer 
251961880Jan 18Florence Hannah Edward JohnAugusta SMITHNorth WoottonLabourer 
251971880May 5Jessica HenryJane GILLARD North WoottonShepherd 
251981881Dec 18Sarah Jane GeorgeLetitia PERRISNorth WoottonLabourer 
251991882Jan 29Mary Jane Gadd Edward JohnAugusta SMITHNorth WoottonLabourer 
252001882Mar 2Tom FrederickMary GILLINGHAM North WoottonLabourer 
262011882Dec 31William Frank BertramSydneyEmma HANNNorth WoottonLabourer 
262021883Mar 11Mary Minda CharlesMary Jane LEGGNorth WoottonLabourer 
262031883Mar 18Amy Mary GeorgeLetitia PERRISNorth WoottonLabourer 
262041883May 20Bertram HenryJane PARK North WoottonLabourer 
262051883Oct 7Arthur Edwin JamesIsabella DAYNorth WoottonLabourer 
262061883Nov 18Henrietta HenryJane GILLARD North WoottonShepherd 
262071884Mar 23Sarah Ann WalterElizabeth STICKLANDNorth WoottonLabourer 
262081884Jul 27Clara  Bessie TOOP North WoottonSingle Woman 
272091884Aug 31Walter James DavidSarah DOWNTONNorth WoottonLabourer 
272101884Aug 31Walter ThomasMary Ann SARTINNorth WoottonLabourer 
272111885Aug 23William John HenryJane GILLARDNorth WoottonShepherd 
272121885Oct 25John Stanley GeorgeElizabeth GILLINGHAMNorth WoottonLabourer 
272131886Feb 21Bessy May HenryJane PARK North WoottonLabourer 
272141886Jun 27Mabel Kate HenryCharlotte HATCHERNorth WoottonLabourerBorn Feb 4 1885
272151886Jun 27Thomas HenryCharlotte HATCHERNorth WoottonLabourer 
272161886Jul 11Henry FrankLouisa HANSFORD North WoottonLabourer 
282171886Nov 7William James William JamesMary HANNAllwestonLabourer 
282181887Jan 30Walter George WalterElizabeth STICKLANDNorth WoottonLabourer 
282191887Jun 12Rose Mary GeorgeElizabeth GILLINGHAMNorth WoottonLabourer 
282201889Jan 27Beatrice CharlesMary Jane LEGGNorth WoottonLabourer 
282211889Mar 7William James HenryMargaret GILLINGHAMNorth WoottonStone MasonPrivately Baptized
282221889Apr 7Bertram Henry Henry JohnFrances Louisa COOMBSAllwestonLabourer 
282231889Jun 2Edith Susan HarriettCharlesMary Jane BARTERNorth WoottonLabourer 
282241889Jun 30Emily Jane HenryEmily Jane PARKNorth WoottonLabourer 
292251890May 6Esther Mary FrankLouisa HANSFORDNorth WoottonLabourerPrivately Baptized
292261890Oct 26Richard Norton JamesJessie CLARKNorth WoottonBailiff 
292271891Feb 1Elsie Emily John LawrenceEmily Elizabeth CARTERNorth WoottonCarter 
292281891Feb 15Mabel Evelyn ElizaHenry George Robert Margaret EmilyGILLINGHAMNorth WoottonBricklayer  
292291891Oct 25Elsie Frances HenryEmily Jane PARKNorth WoottonWoodman 
292301892Jan 3Sidney William HerbertHerbert Charles Isabella Annie C.W.WHANNNorth WoottonLabourer  
292311892Feb 7Edith May JamesJessie CLARKNorth WoottonBailiff 
292321892Feb 14Samuel RichardJulia Mary GILLARDNorth WoottonLabourerBorn Nov 26 1876
302331892Feb 14Fanny RichardJulia Mary GILLARDNorth WoottonLabourerBorn July 4 1881
302341893Apr 30Winifred Irene Mary Herbert Charles Isabel*HANNNorth WoottonLabourer*Isabel Annis Angelina Chritiana Wilhelmela Wilihendona
302351894Feb 11Margaret Emily Henry George Robert Margaret EmilyGILLINGHAMNorth WoottonMason  
302361894Sep 9George Francis Charles William Henry Millie ElizabethCHANTNorth WoottonLabourer  
302371894Dec 2Beatrice Minnie ArthurAlice Jane PITMANNorth WoottonLabourer 
302381895Jun 30Eveline Emily JaneHenryEmily Jane PARKNorth WoottonLabourer 
302391895Jul 14Edith Jane JamesMatilda Mary MILLERNorth WoottonLabourer 
302401896Jul 26Edwin Charles JohnMary Jane OXFORDNorth WoottonLabourer 
312411897Aug 9Hilda Louisa JohnMinnie VINCENTNorth WoottonLabourer 
312421898May 1Nellie May HarryAlice Mary TOOPAlwestonLabourer 
312431898Jun 5Bessie Matilda MaryWilliam Henry Millie ElizabethCHANTNorth WoottonLabourer  
312441899Apr 19Evelyn May JohnAmy DUNFORD North WoottonGamekeeper 
312451899Jul 16Harold John JohnMinnie VINCENTNorth WoottonLabourer 
312461900Oct 21Edwin Ernest Tom William Henry Millie ElizabethCHANTNorth WoottonLabourer  
312471900Dec 23William John HarryAlice Mary TOOPSherborneLabourer 
312481901May 26James Thomas John SamuelEmily Louisa COOPERAlwestonLabourer 

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