Parish of
North Poorton

Marriages 1698 to 1812        

Marriages from 1761 to 1812 were published in 1906 in Vol.1 of 'Dorset Parish Registers Marriages' edited by W P W Phillimore & Edmund Nevill. It was then stated that -'The earliest existing records of Marriages recorded here do not begin till 1761 and consist of five entries written on loose leaves. Those from  1770 to 1812  are contained in a plain paper volume which includes also the Baptisms. However in Vol. 2. it was stated that a roll containing six membranes of parchment stitched together had been found, this contained baptisms, burials and marriages.   

[1695, 1696, 1697 no marriages]

Samuel BRYANT of Cheddington & Margaret HENVILL of Hincknowle Netherbury married 10-Nov 1698

John DURDEN  & Jane FORD of South Poorton married 02-Apr 1700

Tobyias COOPER  & Lydia FOURS  married 27-Dec 1702

[Rich]?ard FORD  & Jane ADAMS  married 11-Apr 1703

George BRIANT  & Agnes POPE  married 20-May 1717

Nathaniel HUTCHINGS  & Ann WILLIAMS  married 30-Sep 1717

Mr Samuel RUSSELL of Weymouth & Mrs Eleanor BANGER  married 23-Sep 1718

John DENNET   & Jane BAILY  married 26-Jul 1747

[Five entries written on loose leaves]

John KITSON of Yeovil Somerset & Elizabeth COOPPER  married 14-Nov 1761 by licence

John KERSLAKE  & Betty GALE  married 23-Feb 1762

Robert COOPER of Compton Abbas & Mary  BIDDLECOMBE    married 14-Sep 1767

Robert Bartlett OF POWERSTOCK & Hannah COLLINS ALIAS COLLANT married 29-Aug 1763

Benjamin BOWRING  & Mary HALLETT  married 10-Feb 1766

Volume 1. [1768 1769 nil.]        

John SYMES  & Ann WHITTELL of Powerstock married 20-Aug 1770

John DENNETT  & Mary BRYDLE of Powerstock married 01-Jan 1771

Robert BOWRING  & Jemimah WARREN of Rampisham married 23-Mar 1772 by licence

Robert HALLETT  & Anne IRONSIDE lic. married 07-Mar 1775

Richard PITCHER  & Dorothy KEITCH of Powerstock married 18-Jan 1779

Richard SYMES  & Betty SMITH of Littlebredy in Longredy married 19-Feb 1784

Richard TATTERSHALL of Bridport & Susanna FRIEND  married 19-Dec 1785

Thomas PITCHER  & Mary SYMES of Netherbury married 23-Aug 1786

William BELLRINGER & Mary WHITELL  married 05-Aug 1787

Joseph DENNETT  & Ann WALLRIDGE  married 20-Aug 1789

John GALE  & Mary SKINNER  married 24-Aug 1789

Nicholas DENNETT  & Dinah HALLETT of Beaminster married 13-May 1790

Robert TRAVERS of Maiden Newton & Rose BRYDLE  married 26-Apr 1791

Thomas PEACH  & Mary NOBBS of Chilfroom married 31-Oct 1791

William HISCOCK of Toller Porcorum & Betty PITCHER  married 29-Apr 1794

William PITCHER  & Elizabeth HALLET of Netherbury married 02-Dec 1794

George LEGG  & Ann PEACH  married 03-Nov 1795

Simon PEACH  & Hannah GALE  married 05-Sep 1796

Thomas FRAMPTON  & Sarah DICKER  married 21-Sep 1797

Thomas DENNETT  & Frances NOBBS of Cattistock married 10-Jun 1799

William DENNETT of Toller Porcorum & ABIGAIL Critchel married 28-Aug 1800

Henry SKINNER  & Mary DENNETT  married 05-Jul 1802

William DICKER  & Jane GALE  married 06-Sep 1803

Thomas SKINNER  & Joan PEACH  married 01-Dec 1804

William SNOOK of Preston Somerset & Susannah BELLRINGER  married 12-Jan 1805 by licence

Josias PITCHER  & Mary LAWRENCE  married 01-Apr 1803 by licence

David LEGG of Cattistock & Jane BELLRINGER  married 05-Jan 1807 by licence

Henry RUSSELL of Hook & Susannah COX  married 28-Mar 1808

John CONWAY of Pourstock & Elizabeth BELLRINGER  married 30-Nov 1809 by licence

Daniel KERSLAKE  & Elizabeth GALE  married 28-Oct 1812