Nether Cerne

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Nether Cerne is a small parish about 5 miles north of Dorchester. It is a tiny secluded hamlet that consists a few cottages, manor house and a church in the Cerne Valley. The church dedicated as All Saints is a small building of stone in the Gothic style. Originally built in the 13th century it was restored in 1876 and has sittings for 100 people. The manor was built in the 16th and early 17th centuries and is of a Georgian design.

The OPC for Nether Cerne is Claire Smith-Burns

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Census Returns 1841 by Jon Baker
1851 by Keith Searson
1861 by Neil Stanton
Parish Registers & Bishop's Transcripts Baptisms
1693-1906 [Parish Registers]

1732-1829 [Bishops Trancripts]

1716-1899 [Parish Registers]

1716 - 1829 [Bishops Transcripts]

1693-1898 [Parish Registers]
1731-1829 [Bishops Transcripts]
Monumental Inscriptions Nether Cerne Memorial Inscription index
Photographs Photographs of Nether Cerne Church, Manor and Cottages [Sally Beadle]
Other Records Protestation Returns, 1641/42
Hearth Tax, 1662-1664


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