Parish of Motcombe

DIRECTORIES     1851        1865       1895      1935
transcribed by me, Jan Genge Kennedy,  1851 & 1865 from a copy of the Directory at the Dorchester Reference Library, 1895 & 1935 from a privately owned copy of the directory.

Hunt's Trade Directory 1851

MOTCOMBE - a large village 1 1/2 miles N.W. from Shaftesbury.  The Church, St. Mary, a modern erection, is in the perpendicular style, surrounded with a square tower; the living is united to that of Gillingham.  A new Church has also lately been erected at Enmore Green.  At Motcombe is a large school upon the National plan, built and supported by the lord of the manor, the Marquis of Westminster; this nobleman has a fine mansion here, called Motcombe House.  The parish, with the hamlet of Enmore Green, comprises 4780 acres, and in 1841, had 1560 inhabitants.

Baverstock, Mrs

Case, Mr George, Enmore Green

Parsons, Mr John

Westminster, Marquis of, Motcombe House


A'Court;    Susanna;    farmer

Aish;    John;    farmer;    Enmore Green

Arnold;    William;    market gardener;    Enmore Green

Bartley;    Charles;    farmer

Bartley;    George;    shoemaker

Bartley;    George;    farmer

Bartley;    Jnr. George;    farmer

Bartley;    Jas.;    butcher & famer

Bartley;    Rice;    butcher

Bartley;    Walter;    butcher

Benjafield;    Frederick;    farmer

Benjafield;    Henry;    farmer;    Coward St.

Benjafield;    Uriah;    farmer

Blandford;    William;    grocery&

Brickell;    Charles;    market gardener;    Enmore Green

Brickell;    James;    market gardener;    Enmore Green

Brickell;    William;    farmer;    Enmore Green

Broadway;    Edward;    builder

Broadway;    William;    boot & shoemaker

Caple;    Edward;    boot & shoemaker;    Enmore Green

Case;    Jnr. George;    cheese dealer;    Enmore Green

Chinn;    William;    tailor;    Enmore Green

Coombes;    Joseph;    farmer;    Sherborne Causeway

Cox;    John;    carpenter & grocer;    Enmore Green

Cox;    jnr. John;    carpenter;    Enmore Green

Cox;    Josiah;    carpenter;    Enmore Green

Curtis;    Charles;    blacksmith

Davis;    Robert;    grocer;    Enmore Green

Doggrell;    William;    farmer

Dore;    James;    corn dealer;    Enmore Green

Dowding;    John;    farmer

Dyke;    Mrs Henrietta;    beer retailer

Extance;    Mrs Elizabeth;    grocer &c.

Flower;    Robert;    farmer

Garrett;    John;    blacksmith;    Enmore Green

Goddard;    George;    farmer

Goddard;    William;    farmer

Goulden;    Charles;    "Fountain Inn" & mason;    Enmore Green

Gray;    James;    cheese dealer;    Enmore Green

Green;    Charles;    beer retailer

Holloway;    Thomas;    farmer

Honeyfield;    Robert;    farmer

Hunt;    Lazarus;    farmer

Huse;    Jas.;    blacksmith;    Enmore Green

Kimber;    Ambrose;    cowkeeper &c.;    Sherborne Causeway

King;    Thomas;    grocery dealer

Knapton;    Benjamin;    farmer

Lear;    Humphrey;    farmer;    Sherborne Causeway

Lear;    John;    boot & shoemaker

Lazenbury;    Henry;    carpenter & wheelwright;    Sherborne Causeway

Marten;    Charles;    woolstapler & cheesedealer;    Sherborne Causeway

Maskell;    Uriah;    builder

Mells;    William;    farmer

Miles;    Edward;    market gardener;    Nettlebed;    

Moore;    Mrs Barbara;    grocer &c.

Moore;    George;    boot & shoemaker

Moore;    Meshach;    blacksmith & parish clerk

Morgan;    Robert;    farmer;    Sherborne Causeway

Norton;    Thomas;    cowkeeper & grocer

Parsons;    John;    cheese dealer;    Enmore Green

Pond;    Thomas;    farmer;    North Hayes

Read;    John;    farmer

Ridgeley;    George;    cheese dealer;    Enmore Green

Scammell;    Francis;    farmer

Scammell;    George;    farmer

Scammell;    Mrs Mary;    farmer

Seymour;    William;    carpenter &c

Sharpe;    John;    farmer

Smith;    James;    baker;    Enmore Green

Spinney;    Robert;    blacksmith

Stacey;    John;    farmer

Stevens;    Mary;    farmer

Timmins;    Samuel;    grocery &c. dealer

Ullett;    Samuel;    land agent & agent to M.Westminster;    Pensbury House

West;    John;    farmer;    North End;    

West;    Mrs Mary;    farmer

William;    William;    farmer;    North End;    

Wortley;    James;    farmer

Young;    George;    farmer;    Forest;    

Young;    Samuel;    farmer;    Donhead Lodge

  J. G HARROD & Co. Postal & Commercial Directory of Dorset & Wilts 1865

MOTCOMBE is an extensive parish in the borough and union of Shaftesbury, from which it is distant 2 miles, and 4 from Gillingham. The church (St. Mary) is in the Perpendicular style, with square tower; it is a chapelry annexed with others to Gillingham. The Rev. Henry Deane, of Gillingham, is the incumbent; and the Rev. James Charles Warrington Rogers, B.A., curate.  There is a church at Enmore Green, with square embattled tower rising from the centre; the Rev. George Glover, B.A., is the curate.  Here is a National school. The Wesleyans and Primitive Methodists have chapels here: the latter have a chapel also at Motcombe.  Attached to the church at Motcombe is a large school called the Marchioness of Westminster's school.   The Marquis of Westminster, who has a handsome seat here, is lord of the manor.  This is a great cheese district.  Drinking fountains have been recently built at the expense of the Marquis of Westminster at Motcombe and two at Enmore Green.  Population in 1961, 1,433; acreage, 4841
Sherborne Causeway
is one mile N.W. from Shaftesbury
Postal Regulations
. - Letters through Shaftesbury, which is the nearest money-order office and Post town


Westminster, Marquis of, Motcombe House


Bartley, George, Farmer, Red House

Bartley , James, Beer Retailer,

Bartley, Rice, Cattle Dealer,

Bartley, Walter, Farmer & Cattle dealer, Woodsend Farm

Benjafield, Frederick, Farmer, Froglane

Benjafield, Uriah, Farmer, Short's Green

Blakiston, Mrs Ann, National school Mistress,

Blakiston, Arthur, National school Master,

Blandford, William, Grocer,

Bristol, James, farmer, Northays Farm

Broadway, Alpheus, Shoemaker,

Broadway, Edward, Carpenter,

Davidge, Jeremiah, Farmer,

Doggerell, William, Farmer & Coal Carrier,

Goddard, George, Farmer,

Goddard, Mrs Wm., Farmer, Meatyard

Green, Mrs Martha, Beer Retailer,

Hiscock, James, Farmer, Pain's Place

Hole, William, Tailor,

Holloway, Thomas, Farmer,

Honeyfield, Robert, Farmer, Woodwater Farm

Hunt, Silas, Tailor,

Jenkins, George, Farmer, Kingsettle Farm

King, Alfred, Gamekeeper to the Marquis of Westminster,

Knapton, Benjamin, Farmer,

Lear, Matthew, Shoemaker,

Lyon, John Radcliffe, Land Agent & Agent to the Marquis of Westminster, Pensbury Hse

Martin, James, Thatcher,

Maskell, Uriah, Builder & Farmer, Coward Shute

Miles, Edwin, Market Gardener, Nettlebed

Mells, William, Farmer, Allotment Farm

Moor, Meshach, Smith & Parish Clerk,

Morgan, John, Farmer, Larkinglass Farm

Parsons, John, Carpenter & Wheelwright,

Scammell, Francis, Farmer, Beetles Green

Scammell, George, Farmer, Coppelridge

Scammell, Henry, Farmer, Culver House

Scammell, John, Shoemaker,

Seymour, William, Carpenter & Wheelwright,

Sharp, John, Farmer, Wolfridge

Spinney, Robert, Smith,

Stacey, John, Farmer, Fernbrook Farm

Timmins, Samuel, Grocer & Baker,

Tucker, William, Farmer, White House Farm

West, Cornelius, Farmer, Corner Farm

West, Mrs John, Farmer, North End

Williams, William, Farmer, North End

Young, George, Farmer, Lodge Farm

Young, Samuel, Farmer, Forest Farm

Enmore Green ,

Aish, John, Esq, ,

Glover, Rev. George, B.A., Curate,

Martin, Charles, Esq, ,


Brickell, Charles, Esq, Market Gardener,

Brickell, Giles, Provision Dealer,

Brickell, James, Market Gardener,

Brickell, Richard, Farmer & Publican, Fountain Inn

Brickell, William, Cheese Dealer,

Broadway, John, Shoemaker,

Burr, Job, Horse Dealer,

Case, George, Farmer,

Chinn, William, Tailor & Shopkeeper,

Chubb, Samuel, Contractor, Farmer & Butter Dealer,

Cox, Josiah, Carpenter,

Dore, James Baldwin, Corn Dealer,

Gray, James, Cheese Dealer,

Gray, James, Market Gardener,

Gray, Noah, Market Gardener,

Hellier, Stephen, Butcher,

King, Thomas, Shopkeeper,

New, A.H., Auctioneer, Farmer & Brickmaker,

Norton, Thomas, Farmer,

RICKABY, MISS, Establishment for Young Ladies, Minerva House

Soppitt, James, Road Surveyor & Architect,

Wright, William, Boot & shoemaker,



Brine, Thomas, Farmer & Coal Carrier,

Coombes, J., Farmer , & at St. James Shaftesbury

Coombs, John, Farmer, Duncliff Farm

Courtney, Thomas, Farmer,

Lazenbury, Henry, Carpenter,

Moore, George, Shoemaker,

Stacey , John, Farmer,

Wright, William snr., Boot & shoemaker & Shopkeeper

 1895 Kelly's Directory of Dorsetshire
transcribed by Jan Genge Kennedy from an original directory

MOTCOMBE is a large scattered parish, 2 to 3 miles south west from Semley station on the London and South Western railway, and 2 north from Shaftesbury, in the Northern division of the country, hundred of Sixpenny Handley, Shaftesbury petty sessional division, union and county court district, rural deanery of Shaftesbury (Shaftesbury portion), archdeaconry of Dorset and diocese of Salisbury.  The church of St. Mary was rebuilt in 1846 of green sandstone in the Early English style, consisting of chancel, nave, aisles divided from the nave by five arches, south porch, and an embattled western tower containing 6 bells, hung in 1887 at a cost of about £300, two of which were presented by Lady Theodora Guest, and the remaining four by the parishioners in 1888-9 heating apparatus was furnished and pipes laid for lighting the church with gas: the church affords about 400 sittings.  The register dates from the year 1676.  The living is a vicarage, with Enmore Green annexed, average tithe rent-charge £280, joint gross yearly value £304, net £256, with residence, in the gift of the Bishop of Salisbury, and held since 1892 by the Rev. Sydney Dugdale M.A. of Brasenose College, Oxford.  Here are chapels for Wesleyans with 380 sittings, and Primitive Methodists for 200 persons.  The whole of the parish is well supplied with water, the source of which is a spring rising on the range of hills close to Cowherd's Shute and conveyed to various parts of the parish through pipes laid down at the expense of the late Elizabeth Marchioness of Westminster.  The charities for distribution amount to £70 yearly.  Here are numerous apple orchards and cider is manufactured; this is likewise a great cheese district; market gardening dairy farming and brick making are carried on in this parish; there is a milk and cream factory conducted by Messrs. large butter factory conducted by Mr. Charles Prideaux, who also deals extensively in milk, cheese, bacon, eggs, poultry and all kinds of dairy produce, and employs a large number of hands.  Motcombe House, the seat of the Right Hon. Lord Stalbridge P.C. is a handsome red brick mansion in the Tudor style, with Ham Hill stone dressings, erected in 1894 under the direction of Messrs. George and Peto, architects: it is situated in charming park-like grounds, planted with rhododendrons and well wooded.  Lord Stalbridge is lord of the manor and principal landowner.  The soil is clayey; subsoil, clay.  The land is principally in pasture.  The area is 4,837 acres; rateable value, £10,811; the population in 1891 was 1,309. 
Enmore Green is half a mile north-west from Shaftesbury.  The church of St. John the Evangelist was erected at Enmore Green in 1843:  it is a small cruciform structure of stone in the Norman style, consisting of chancel, nave, transepts with galleries, and a square embattled western tower containing one bell:  it is seated with open benches for 300 persons:  the Rev. Garnault Henry Norman Stephens M.A. of Wadham College, Oxford, has been curate since 1892, and resides at Shaftesbury.  Here is a Primitive Methodist chapel with 350 sittings, and a Life Boat mission hall with 100 sittings.

Sherborne Causeway
is 2 miles west from Shaftesbury situated on the road from Shaftesbury to Sherborne.  Here is a Life Boat mission Hall.
Parish Clerk.
Meshach Moore
, M.O. & T. O., S.B., Express Delivery & Annuity & Insurance Office. - Thomas Parsons, sub-postmaster. Letters arrive through Shaftesbury at 7 & 11.20 am & 3.50 pm on weekdays; 7 am on Sundays; dispatched at 11.20 am, 5.30 & 8 pm on week days & 10.45 am on Sundays. Wall Letter Box at the Butter Factory, cleared at 11.10 am & 5.15 & 7.45 pm on weekdays; Sundays at 10.45 am Wall Letter Box, Elm, cleared at 5.10 pm on weekdays & 10.40 am on Sundays Post Office, Enmore Green. - Henry Robert Miles, sub-postmaster.  Letters through Shaftesbury.  Box cleared at 9.25 & 11.35 am & 6 & 8 pm on weekdays; & 5.20 pm on sundays.  Postal orders are issued here, but not paid.  Shaftesbury is the nearest money order & telegraph office. Wall Letter Box, Sherborne Causeway, cleared at 5 pm on weekdays; Sundays at 8.10 am.
. Attached to the church at Motcombe are two schools (on the National principle) upon a large scale, called Lord Stalbridge's schools, one for girls & infants, erected by the late Marquis and one for boys, built by the late Elizabeth, Marchioness of Westminster; they are entirely supported by the Right Hon. Lord Stalbridge. Boys' School, with residence for master, built in 1874, at a cost of about £520, for 80 children; average attendance, 50; Loftus Storey, master. Girls' & Infants', with school house for mistress, built in 1839, at a cost of about £700, for 140 children; average attendance, 45; Miss Edith Fox, head mistress; Miss Quinton, infants' mistress. National, Enmore Green (mixed), built in 1870, for 120 children; average attendance, 108; Miss Sarah E Haynes, mistress.


Stalbridge, Right Hon. Lord P.C.,M.A.,J.P., Motcombe House, 12 Upper Brook Street.W.London, Brooks' Club. S.W.London

Benjafield, Nathaniel, Short's Green Farm,

Dugdale, Rev. Sydney M.A. , Rectory,

Hiscock, Arthur, ,

Jenkins, George, ,

Prideaux, Charles, ,

Siboth, Theodore, Pensbury,


Bartley, George, , shopkeeper & cowkeeper

Benjafield, Nathaniel, Short's Green Farm, auctioneer/valuer/hse, estate,land, insurance & gnrl commission agent,cake & manure mrcht, breeder pedigree shorthorn cattle & Berkshire pigs

Blandford, William, , grocer

Bracher, Cornelius, , basket & chair maker

Bristol, William, Whitehouse Farm, farmer

Coward, Arthur, , shopkeeper

Coward, Charles, , shoemaker

Doggerell, Enos, Corner Farm, farmer

Fricker, James, , carpenter

Gray, Elijah, , brick manufacturer

Harris, Arthur, , carpenter & builder

Hiscock, Alfred, Frog Lane Farm, farmer

Hiscock, Arthur jnr, Manor Farm, farmer

Hiscock, Sidney Albert, North Hayes, farmer

Hiscock, Thomas, Thanes Place, farmer

Hole, Sidney , , hairdresser

Hole, William, , tailor

Hunt, Henry, Dunedge Lodge, farmer & Wolfridge Farms,

Inkpen, Edwin Thomas, Royal Oak P.H., & farmer

Jones, Lucy Mrs, , laundress

King, William, Haines Farm, farmer

Lodder, Thomas, Woodwater Farm, farmer

Martin, Albert, , head gardener to Right Hon. Lord Stalbridge

Martin, Thomas, Guest's Farm, farmer

Moore, George, Withie's Farm, farmer

Moore, Meshach, , blacksmith

Parsons, Thomas, , carpenter & shopkeeper. Post Office

Pike, Ernest J, Waterloo Farm, farmer

Pitman, William, Elm, shopkeeper

Prideaux, Charles, Beetle's Green, wholesale provision merchant, bacon/butter factor/cheese factor etc etc

Prideaux, Charles & George Edward, Milk & cream factory

Ricketts, Charles, Culverhouse Farm, farmer

Rutley , Albert, Peak's Farm, farmer

Shute, Jas. W., Lock's Lane Farm, farmer

Spinney, Fredk. & Arthur, , blacksmiths

Trowbridge, Charles, Fernbrook Farm, farmer

Tucker, Arthur, Allotment Farm, farmer

Tuffin, Robert Lanwarne, Red House Farm, farmer

Williams, Charles, North End, farmer

Woodford, Hubert Adolphus, Larkinglass Farm, farmer

Woodford, Osmond William, Cowherd Shute, farmer

Young, George, Coppleridge Farm, farmer

Young, James, Forest Farm, farmer


Gatehouse, George Henry, Rock Villa,

King, Mrs, ,

Norton, Thomas, New Road,


Adams, Moses, , cheese dealer & shopkeeper

Bown, Frank, , milk seller

Bown, Henry, , coal haulier

Bown, Mrs Henry, , laundress

Brickell, Albert, , carpenter

Brickell, Charles, , market gardener

Brickell, Mrs Giles, , shopkeeper

Broadway, Mrs Elizabeth, , carriage propr.

Burr, Job, , horse dealer

Case, William, , pig dealer

Chubb, George, , mason

Gatehouse, George Henry, , auctioneer

Gray, James, , market gardener

Hansford, Charles, , furniture dealer

Hatcher, Orpheus, , shopkeeper

Hopkins, Frank, , cabinet Maker

Martin, Austin Charles, Pains Place Farm, farmer

Miles, Edwin, , nurseryman & florist

Miles, Henry Robert, Post Office, grocer,

Moore, Mrs Eliza, , blacksmith

Norton, Benjamin Hill, , insurance agent

Norton, Edmund Thomas, farmer

Pickford, Frederick, Fountain Inn, publican

Rutley , Bernard, Laurel Cottage, farmer

Whitmarsh, James, , shoemaker

Whitmarsh, Mrs Martha, , laundress

Wright, William, , shoemaker


Young, Frank, ,

Bartley, Samuel, , farmer

Brine, Henry, Duncliff, farmer

Brine , John, , haulier & contractor

Brine, Thomas, , farmer & egg/butter merchant

Courtney, Thomas, , farmer

Lear , Thomas, Willcott's Farm, farmer

Lear , William, Causeway Farm, farmer

Mould, John, , shopkeeper

Kelly's Directory of Dorsetshire 1935



Buchanan;    Sydney ;    Hines Farm House;    

Hobbs;    Gilbert George;    Laven Lodge;    

James;    Mrs;    The Firs;    

Prideaux;    Charles;    The Grange;    

Tuffin;    Mrs;    Red House;    

Watkins-Jones;    Rev. David John. M.A. L.Th.;    hon C.F. (Vicar);    The Vicarage;    


marked thus* farm 150 acres or over;    ;    

Alexander;    Cyril Jas.;    ;    farmer

Bristol;    Alfred;    North End Farm;    farmer

Cobby;    Jack;    South & West Wilts Hunt. Shafts. 49;    1st whip & kennel huntsman

*Collis;    Nelson Victor;    Shorts Green;    farmer

*Coombs;    Frederick;    Frog Lane;    farmer

Coombs;    William;    North Hayes;    farmer

Coward;    Arthur;    ;    shopkeeper

England;    Howard Edgar;    ;    baker

*Garrett;    Bros;    Fernbrook.Shaftesbury 131;    farmers

Gibbs;    Claude Ivo Bertie;    Culverhouse;    farmer

Greenwood;    George;    ;    grocer

Harris;    Sydney John;    Guest Farm;    farmer

Hayden;    Howard Edgar;    ;    grocer

Hiscock;    Roland Henry;    Cowherd Shute;    farmer

Hiscock;    Thomas Henry;    Thanes Farm;    farmers (exors. of)

*James;    Alex.;    Wolfridge;    farmer

Legg;    Charles;    ;    motor car proprietor

Maidment;    Charles;    ;    boot repairer

*Netherway;    F.T. junior;    Dunedge Lodge;    farmer

*Palmer;    Jn. Feltham;    Larkinglass;    farmer

Parsons;    John & Son;    Sunnyside;    farmers

Pike;    William George;    ;    farmer

Prideaux;    C. & G. Ltd. Shaftesbury 4 & 100;    ;    dairymen

Prideaux;    Charles Shaftesbury 4a;    The Grange;    farmer

Salisbury;    Clement;    East Coppleridge;    farmer

Sellars;    Ernest M;    ;    saddler

Shute;    Cecil;    East Coppleridge;    farmer

Snook;    Jn. Feltham;    Withies Farm;    farmer

Spiller;    Albert;    Meadow Farm;    farmer

Stacey;    William Lambert & Son;    Barn House;    motor car proprietor

Stainer;    Mrs Elizabeth. Shaftesbury 35;    ;    stationer/Post Office

Stainer;    Henry. Shaftesbury 35;    ;    builder/decorator/undertaker etc

Stainer;    Henry Claude;    ;    clerk to Parish council

Thomas;    Arthur R.S.S.;    A.F.C.L.;    ;    blacksmith/cycle repairs.Champ.farrier x 3

White;    Ernest M;    Manor Farm;    farmer

Willis;    Stanley;    Beetle's Green;    farmer

*Young;    G.J. & E.F.  Shaftesbury 75;    Forest Farm;    farmers


Hatcher;    Charles;    ;    

Arnold;    Albert T.;    ;    cycle repairer

Gaunt;    H.C. & SON;    Causeway Café & Garage;    

Duneman;    Eli;    ;    firewood dlr.

Filmer;    Mrs Annie;    ;    refreshment rooms

Gregory;    Frank Gordon. Shaftesbury 172;    ;    refreshment rooms/ Post Office

Lear;    George Thomas;    Woolcott's Farm;    farmer

Loder;    Frederick Charles;    Hunt's Farm;    farmer

Netherway;    Frederick Thomas;    ;    farmer

Pike;    Stanford H.;    Butterprint Farm;    farmer

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