Monkton Wyld Rectors

Incumbents of St Andrew’s Church Monkton Wyld

Transcribed and donated to the Dorset OPC Project by Kim Parker

7th December 1850Robert Sparke HUTCHINGS
6th November 1865Lester LESTER S.C.L.
30th June 1869John Brooke Maher CAMM M.A.
2nd November 1891Stanley William KETTLEWELL M.A.
8th February 1896Edward Murray SALMON M.A.
13th February 1926William JACOB M.A.
2nd November 1937Edward Stanley MOSS M.A.
17th December 1953Reginald Henry LAPAGE M.A.
23rd July 1959Arthur Henry Wippell SANDERS M.A.
24th November 1960Raymond Preston THOMAS M.A.
24th May 1967Kenneth George Caulfield ROWCROFT
1st December 1974Robert Laybourne RAKES
1980John AFFLECK
1988John Mark STOW Team Rector
1992Robin Harry FAIRBROTHER Team Rector
16th June 2005Sister Ann-Marie STUART M.A. Team Rector (acting)
16th June 2005Sister Isabel KEEGAN Team Vicar

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