Monkton Wyld

MARRIAGES 1851 - 1921

Transcribed from the Parish Registers held at the Dorset History Centre in Dorchester and donated to the Dorset OPC Project by Kim Parker

123Dec1851William WHITE28BachelorMarinerHarcombe BottomWilliam WHITEWoolstapler
   LicSusan MOORE 26Spinster-Harcombe BottomBenjamin MOORE Yeoman
           Thomas MOOREwitness
           Ann FOWLERwitness
216Dec1852John WHITE 34BachelorLabourerMonkton WyldGeorge WHITE Labourer
   Banns Lucy RENDALL33SpinsterWasherwomanMonkton Wyld John RENDALLLabourer
           Eli KENWAYwitness
           Charles LATHAMwitness
321Feb1853John PHILLIPS 32BachelorMiner (?)Monkton WyldJames PHILLIPS Dairyman
   Banns Ann LOVING39SpinsterServantMonkton Wyld John LOVINGThatcher
           Elizabeth Sodlan STRICKLANDwitness
           John LOVINGwitness
409Apr1853James MAAAR [sic] 32BachelorFarmerHarcombe Bottom, MWJames MAAAR Dead
   Banns Mary Ann JEFFARD23Spinster-Harcombe Bottom, MW James JEFFARDLabourer
           John WESCOMBEwitness
           Anna WESCOMBEwitness
504Jul1853Henry POMEROY 28BachelorCordwainerMonkton WyldThomas POMEROY Labourer
   Banns Amelia FIPPIN30SpinsterServantWhitchurch Canonicorum --
           Job SALTERwitness
           Elizabeth COLLIERwitness
604Apr1854Henry GILL 23BachelorCarrierAxminsterRobert GILL Carrier
   Banns Ann Turner DARE28SpinsterServantMonkton Wyld Thomas DAREYeoman
           Dinah DAREwitness
           Mary Ann GILLwitness
718Apr1854James TURNER 26BachelorYeomanMonkton WyldJohn TURNER Yeoman
   Banns Mary Ann LUGG23SpinsterServantMonkton Wyld John LUGGYeoman
           Joseph TURNERwitness
           Elizabeth LUGGwitness
820Jul1854Henry CHISWELL 28BachelorServantCompton DandoAbel CHISWELL Dead
   Banns Mary Ann EASTON28SpinsterServantMonkton Wyld John EASON [sic]Labourer
           John RENDELLwitness
           Charlotte RENDELLwitness
909May1855Thomas EDDY fullBachelorYeomanMonkton WyldRobert EDDY Bailiff
   Banns Ann BAKERfullSpinsterServantMembury William BAKERLabourer
           William BAKERwitness
           Robert BAKERwitness
1010Jan1856George PHELPS 23BachelorButcherThorncombeBarnard PHELPS Mason
   Banns Ann TURNER21Spinster-Monkton Wyld John TURNERYeoman
           Joseph TURNERwitness
           Sarah TURNERwitness
1124May1857John DARE 26BachelorButcherHonitonJohn DARE Yeoman
   LicAlice Mary BOND 24SpinsterServantMonkton WyldAbel BOND Labourer
           John Dare BONDwitness
           Rachel BONDwitness
1222Sep1857John YARDLEY fullBachelorGardenerMonkton WyldJames YARDLEY Yeoman
   LicAgnes HOLMES fullSpinsterServantMonkton WyldWilliam HOLMES Yeoman
           Elizabeth MEMBRYwitness
           John DOWNwitness
1303Dec1857Joseph POWERS fullBachelorCarpenterMonkton WyldJoseph POWERS Carpenter
   Banns Elizabeth MEMBERY / MEMBRYfullSpinsterServant Monkton WyldJohn MEMBERYYeoman
           John POWERSwitness
           Selina CHAPPLEwitness
1406Jan1859William LOVING fullBachelorLabourerMonkton WyldJohn LOVING Dead
   Banns Ann BROWNfullSpinster-Monkton Wyld John BROWNLabourer
           Robert LOVINGwitness
           Julia WHITEwitness
1510Feb1859Samuel WRIGHT fullBachelorGardenerWavertree, Lancashire John WRIGHTLabourer
   Banns Sarah Fowler GLYDEfullSpinsterServant Monkton WyldJohn GLYDELabourer
           John HARVEYwitness
           Jane HARVEYwitness
1631Mar1859Alfred LANE fullBachelorBrickmakerHarcombe Bottom William LANEPoultry Dealer
   Banns Ann SALTERfullSpinsterServant  George SALTERShoemaker
           John SALTERwitness
           Jane SALTERwitness
1701Sep1859John POWERS fullBachelorGamekeeperUffculmeJoseph POWERS Carpenter
   Banns Selina CHAPPLEfullSpinsterServantMonkton Wyld William CHAPPLEDead
           Amos POWERSwitness
           Mary PEARCE (?)witness
1803May1860John BAKER fullBachelorLabourerMonkton WyldWilliam BAKER Dead
   Banns Anne COLLEYPRIESTfullSpinster-Monkton Wyld Robert COLLEYPRIESTYeoman
           Samuel COLLEYPRIESTwitness
           Maria BEERwitness
1931Jan1861William DARE fullBachelorDairymanMonkton WyldThomas DARE Yeoman
   Banns Lucy Ann WOODMANfullSpinsterServantHawkchurch John WOODMANMason
           Abel DAREwitness
           Anne RENDLEwitness
2004Apr1861William WILLIAMS fullBachelorLabourerMonkton WyldHenry WILLIAMS Dead
   Banns Sarah POWELLfullWidowWasherwomanMonkton Wyld Robert ROCKETDead
           John JEFFARDwitness
           Eli GENITER (?)witness
2108Jul1861Samuel JAMES fullBachelorSoldierMonkton WyldJoseph JAMES Labourer
   Banns Sarah WAREHAMfullSpinster-Monkton Wyld Francis WAREHAMLabourer
           Richard DENNINGwitness
           Susan WAREHAMwitness
2213May1862Thomas Walter SANSOM fullBachelorGardenerUplymeThomas SANSOM Labourer
   Banns Rachel BONDfullSpinster-Monkton Wyld Abel BONDLabourer
           Edward DOBELLwitness
           Mary Ann MARCHANTwitness
2326May1862Thomas TURNER fullBachelorFarmerMonkton WyldJohn TURNER Farmer
   Banns Anne Maria TROTTfullSpinsterSchoolmistress Monkton WyldThomas TROTTMiner
           George Henry TROTTwitness
           Ann RENDLEwitness
2428May1862William POWERS fullBachelorGamekeeperNewton St Eyres Joseph POWERSCarpenter
   Banns Ann PHIPPENfullSpinsterServantMonkton Wyld Charles PHIPPENCarter
           Amos POWERSwitness
           Selena POWERSwitness
2506Apr1863William SLOWMAN fullBachelorLabourerChardstockFrancis SLOWMAN Labourer
   Banns Mary Ann GAPPERfullSpinsterServantMonkton Wyld John GAPPERLabourer
           Charles CASEwitness
           Mary Ann SALTERwitness
2602Jul1863Robert START fullWidowerLabourerAxmouthWilliam START Labourer
   Banns Eliza WOODfullWidowServantMonkton Wyld Joseph COLLIERFarmer
           William SATLER [sic]witness
           Ellen COLLIERwitness
2703Oct1863John TURNER fullWidowerLabourerMonkton WyldTheophilus TURNER Dead
   Banns Elizabeth ABERCROMBIEfullWidow-Monkton Wyld Thomas FIPPINDead
           Samuel POWELLwitness
           Mary Ann POWELLwitness
2805Jan1865James ENGLAND fullBachelorLabourerWambrookJames ENGLAND Labourer
   Banns Ruth PRIDDLEfullSpinster-Monkton Wyld Samuel PRIDDLELabourer
           William WOONTONwitness
           Louisa PRIDDLEwitness
2924May1865James TURNER fullWidowerDairymanMonkton WyldJohn TURNER Dead
   Banns Ann RENDLEfullSpinsterServantMonkton Wyld William RENDLEDead
           Joseph TURNERwitness
           Sarah TURNERwitness
3003Aug1865William STEARS fullBachelorLabourerMonkton WyldUnknown  
   Banns Sarah Ann POWELLfullSpinsterServantMonkton Wyld John POWELLLabourer
           Charles FOWLERwitness
           Susan POWELLwitness
3106Feb1866Henry BOND fullWidowerYeomanWhitchurch Canonicorum John BONDYeoman (dead)
   LicElizabeth POWELL fullWidow-Whitchurch CanonicorumHenry NORMAN Labourer (dead)
           John MILLERwitness
           Ann MILLERwitness
3227Dec1866David Charles HIBBS fullBachelorBrewerSwanageJohn HIBBS Publican
   Banns Thirza Amelia NEVILLEfullSpinster-Monkton Wyld Thomas NEVILLEFarmer
           Job SALTERwitness
           Mary BALSTONwitness
3306Apr1867Nun [sic] BRIDEL fullBachelorFarmerMonkton WyldThomas BRIDEL Farmer
   LicEmily LOVERIDGE -Spinster-Monkton WyldIsaac LOVERIDGE Publican
           Isaac LOVERIDGEwitness
           Thomas BRIDELwitness
3416Apr1868John RICHMOND fullWidowerGamekeeperMonkton WyldJohn RICHMOND Woodman
   LicElizabeth COLLIER -Spinster-Monkton WyldJoseph COLLIER Labourer
           Job SALTERwitness
           Emily SALTERwitness
3508May1868John MEMBURY fullWidowerFarmerMonkton WyldRobert MEMBURY Farmer
   Banns Ann PAYNEfullWidow-Monkton Wyld John BRADFORDLabourer
           Robert VEYARDwitness
           Ann Mary JAMESwitness
3622Nov1868Albert DROWER fullBachelorJoinerMonkton WyldJames DROWER Joiner
   Banns Rebecca BROWNfullSpinster-Monkton Wyld George BROWNLabourer
           Henry BROWNwitness
           Emily MOOREwitness
3705Jan1869Henry MAJOR fullBachelorLabourerMonkton WyldJohn MAJOR (Dead) Labourer
   Banns Susan FERREY / FERRY17Spinster-Monkton Wyld Thomas FERREYLabourer
           Thomas FERRYwitness
           Elizabeth [faded] FERRYwitness
3808Feb1869George HUSSEY fullBachelorLabourerMonkton WyldJohn HUSSEY Nursery man
   Banns Susan WAREHAM-Spinster-Monkton Wyld Francis WAREHAMLabourer
           Job SALTERwitness
           Mary BOLTwitness
3915May1869William WILLIAMS 49WidowerLabourerMonkton WyldHenry WILLIAMS Butcher
   Banns Mary BOLT45Spinster-Monkton Wyld John BOLTYeoman
           Walter ROWEwitness
           Ellen Kate MEADENwitness
4026Jul1870John MAJOR 28BachelorLabourerHarcombe BottomJohn MAJOR Labourer
   Banns Elizabeth TRIM23Spinster-Harcombe Bottom Samuel TRIMFarmer
           Henry TRIMwitness
           Ann HORNERwitness
4108Sep1870Walter ROWE 40WidowerFarmerMonkton WyldJohn ROWE Labourer
   Banns Emily SALTER23Spinster-Monkton Wyld Job SALTERGardener
           Job SALTERwitness
           Mary Ann SALTERwitness
4213Jun1872George BELLINGHAM 49WidowerDistillerDalston, LondonJohn BELLINGHAM Gentleman
   LicFanny COAKES 31Spinster-Monkton WyldAbraham COAKES Gentleman
           Thomas Walter HOLTwitness
           Edith E. HARTwitness
           Eliza LUKERwitness
           M. A. ROBERTSwitness
4313Jun1872William ROBERTS 25BachelorFarmer[illegible], Axminster Joseph ROBERTSGentleman
   LicEllen COAKES 21Spinster-Monkton WyldAbraham COAKES Gentleman
           William HARTwitness
           M. A. ROBERTSwitness
4414Nov1872Andrew LUGG 42WidowerFarmerMonkton WyldJohn LUGG Farmer
   Banns Caroline HOLMAN47Widow-Dalwood Robert SPILLERYeoman
           Thomas DAVISwitness
           Sarah LUGGwitness
4517Feb1873George Symonds HUNT 22BachelorTailorMonkton WyldDavid HUNT Tailor
   Banns Hannah MOORE25Spinster-Monkton Wyld Benjamin MOOREFarmer
           James HAYESwitness
           Sarah Ann COOMBESwitness
4629May1873Benjamin JAY 24BachelorLabourerMonkton WyldWilliam JAY Labourer
   Banns Jane BROOM20Spinster-Monkton Wyld John BROOMLabourer
           Daniel COLLIERwitness
           Emma COLLIERwitness
4724May1874George BROWN 55WidowerLabourerHarcombe BottomRobert BROWN Labourer
   Banns Elizabeth Sarah FOWLER30Spinster-Harcombe Bottom Thomas FOWLERFarmer
           Benjamin FOWLERwitness
           Maria FOWLERwitness
4804Jun1874Edwin BAGG 50WidowerCarpenterNorton sub HamdenJames BAGG Carpenter
   Banns Harriet Slade SLADE [sic]42Spinster-Monkton Wyld Abraham SLADEDomestic Servant
           John HARRISONwitness
           H. HARRISONwitness
4911Nov1874Charles AMER / AMOR 51WidowerLabourerCombe PyneWilliam AMER Labourer
   Banns Eliza HOLMAN33Spinster-Monkton Wyld Nebuchadnezzar HOLMANLabourer
           Elizabeth SALTERwitness
           Eli LUGGwitness
5027Apr1875James HILLIER 30BachelorGamekeeperMonkton WyldMartin HILLIER Brickmaker
   LicEllen COLLIER 31Spinster-Monkton WyldJohn RICHMOND Farmer
           John SPILLERwitness
           Ann RICHMONDwitness
5106Jan1876Benjamin HODDER 32BachelorFarmerHarcombe BottomAbraham HODDER Gardener
   Banns Anne HUNT21Spinster-Harcombe Bottom David HUNTTailor
           George HODDERwitness
           Anne [ILLEGIBLE]witness
5202Apr1877Andrew PEACH 29BachelorMechanicChardHenry PEACH Farmer
   Banns Elizabeth MEMBERY22Spinster-Monkton Wyld David MEMBERYFarmer
           [illegible] G. MEMBERYwitness
           Mary MEMBERYwitness
5303Apr1877Robert SPURLE 22BachelorGamekeeperHarcombe BottomGeorge SPURLE Farmer
   Banns Martha SPILLER22Spinster-Monkton Wyld William SPILLERFarmer
           Mary Anna TRENCHARDwitness
           W. SPILLERwitness
5429Jan1878William Samuel PARSONS 22BachelorLabourerMonkton WyldStephen WAKELEY Labourer
   Banns Emma SIMMONS29Spinster-Monkton Wyld William SIMMONSLabourer
           George SIMMONSwitness
           Sarah SIMMONSwitness
5523Jan1879William Thomas PRESTON 21BachelorOfficer, 75th Regt.Aldershot Sir J. H. PRESTON BartBaronet
   LicAlice Mary STEVENS 20Spinster-Monkton WyldF. Hildebrand STEVENS Captain, R. Navy
           J. [ILLEGIBLE]witness
           Charles H. PAYNEwitness
5613Nov1879John BROWN 26BachelorThatcherMonkton WyldDavid BROWN Labourer
   Banns Anna GAPPER23Spinster-Monkton Wyld John GAPPERLabourer
           Jane GAPPERwitness
           Robert GAPPERwitness
5730Aug1881John COLLYPRIEST 51WidowerLabourerMonkton WyldRobert COLLYPRIEST Farmer
   Banns Eliza BEVIS / BEAVIS24Spinster-Monkton Wyld John BEVISFarmer
           Job SALTERwitness
5811Sep1882William JEWELL 22BachelorLabourerHarcombe BottomJames Hannibal JEWELL Labourer
   Banns Tabitha FOWLER24Spinster-Harcombe Bottom Bento FOWLERButcher
           James Hannibal JEWELLwitness
           Mary Ann FOWLERwitness
5924Sep1883Henry FOWLER fullWidowerFarmer (retired)Monkton Wyld Henry FOWLERLabourer
   Banns Mary BOONfullSpinster-Monkton Wyld Thomas BOONLabourer
           William JEWELLwitness
           Tabitha JEWELLwitness
6013Jan1884Robert LARCOMBE fullBachelorMarket GardenerHarcombe Bottom William LARCOMBELabourer
   Banns Emma DRAKEfullWidow-Harcombe Bottom William LANEYeoman
           Samuel LOVEwitness
           Anna Maria GILLwitness
6119Jun1884Herbert LOVE fullBachelorButcherCharmouthEdward LOVE Late Butcher
   Banns Jane COPPfullSpinster-Monkton Wyld John COPP[not given]
           James COPPwitness
           Sarah NORRISwitness
6217Jul1884James PHIPPEN fullWidowerFarmerHarcombe BottomGeorge PHIPPEN Farmer
   Banns Frances WAYfullWidow-Harcombe Bottom Henry WILLIAMSButcher
           George WELLMANwitness
           Mary Ann WELLMANwitness
6325Jan1885George CURTIS 24WidowerSailorLyme RegisWilliam CURTIS Sailor
   Banns Lavinia Alberta DOWN22Spinster-Harcombe Bottom John DOWNLabourer
           John DOWNwitness
           Lucy Ellen DOWNwitness
6431Mar1885William SPILLER 27BachelorFarmerHarcombe ValleyWilliam SPILLER Farmer
   Banns Sarah Glyde LUMBARD25Spinster-Axmouth James LUMBARDFarmer
           William LUMBARDwitness
           Elizabeth SPILLERwitness
6507Apr1885William KIBBY fullBachelorFarmerThorncombeWilliam KIBBY Farmer
   Banns Elizabeth WARRENfullSpinster-Monkton Wyld Charles WARRENFarmer
           Walter WARRENwitness
           Julia Annie KIBBYwitness
6604Oct1887William POWERS 27BachelorCarpenterMonkton WyldGeorge POWERS Carpenter
   Banns Elizabeth Maria ROWE22Spinster-Monkton Wyld William ROWEFarmer
           Susanna ROWEwitness
           William ROWEwitness
6727Oct1887George Thomas GAME 29BachelorButcherHarcombe ValleyWilliam GAME Butcher
   Banns Elizabeth Ann STADDON30Spinster-Lyme Regis James STADDONGardener
           John Edwin BEERwitness
           Annie FANCOCKwitness
6809Nov1887Ben George DOWN 21BachelorLabourerHarcombe ValleyJohn DOWN Labourer
   Banns Prudence SWEATLAND22Spinster-Lyme Regis William SWEATLANDLabourer
           George CURTISwitness
           Lavinia Alberta CURTISwitness
6927Jun1888Samuel HOLMES 28BachelorSmithPennWilliam HOLMES Carpenter
   Banns Fanny NEALE22Spinster-[not given] Charles NEALECarpenter
           Charles NEALEwitness
           Emma NEALEwitness
7007Nov1888John Henry DOWN fullBachelorLabourerHarcombe ValleyJohn DOWN Labourer
   Banns Elizabeth COLLYPRIEST / COLYPRESSfullSpinster- Harcombe ValleyGeorge COLLYPRIESTLabourer
           George DAVISwitness
           Lucy Hellena DAVISwitness
7101Jan1889George HOLMAN fullBachelorLabourerMonkton WyldJames HOLMAN Farmer
   Banns Jane MANLEYfullSpinsterServantCharmouth Peter MANLEYLabourer
           Eli LUGGwitness
           Caroline HOLMANwitness
7212Mar1889Mark MARTIN fullBachelorDraper’s ForemanWest Ham, Essex Arbar MARTINFarmer
   Banns Kate ORPWOODfullSpinster-Monkton Wyld William ORPWOODCoachman
           William ORPWOODwitness
           Louisa ORPWOODwitness
7311Jul1889Robert LANE 44BachelorFarmerBroadwinsorHenry LANE Farmer
   Banns Sarah WARREN42Spinster-Monkton Wyld Charles WARRENFarmer
           Walter WARRENwitness
           Annie WARRENwitness
7424Sep1890John Austin SYMONS 32BachelorFarmerStoke Climsland, Cornwall Samuel SYMONSFarmer
   Banns Mary MEMBERY32Spinster-Monkton Wyld David MEMBERYFarmer
           David MEMBERYwitness
           Jane MEMBERYwitness
7513May1891George LARCOMBE 22BachelorPolice ConstableFontmell Magna John LARCOMBECottager
   Banns Helena BROWN22Spinster-Harcombe Valley Isaac BROWNCottager
           William LARCOMBEwitness
           Elizabeth Agland BROWNwitness
7628Jul1892Samuel Job OSTLER 31BachelorLabourerUplymeGeorge OSTLER Labourer
   Banns Blanche Alice BROWN24Spinster-Harcombe Valley Isaac BROWNCottager
           William Phillip TAYLORwitness
           Elizabeth Mary BROWNwitness
7715Nov1892Samuel John MILLER 35BachelorFarmerWotton FitzpaineJohn MILLER Farmer
   Banns Frances MEMBERY33Spinster-Monkton Wyld David MEMBERYFarmer
           Jane MEMBERYwitness
           David MEMBERYwitness
7823May1893Thomas CARTER 33BachelorLabourerHarcombe ValleyWilliam CARTER Labourer
   Banns Susan GROVES33Spinster-Harcombe Valley William GROVESFarmer
           Simeon Charles GROVESwitness
           Elizabeth GROVESwitness
7921Jun1893John ROWE 23BachelorLabourerMonkton WyldWilliam ROWE Sexton
   Banns Ida Letitia HUXFORD22Spinster-Monkton Wyld George HUXFORDGardener
           John BROWNwitness
           Elizabeth Maria POWERwitness
8011Nov1893William Henry BOTELER fullBachelorGentlemanMonkton WyldHenry BOTELER Captain, R. Navy
   LicSabina SMYTH fullWidow-CharmouthRobert TOWNS Gentleman
           Mary Julia Monique BOTELERwitness
           W. W. [ILLEGIBLE]witness
8115Apr1895James HOARE 26BachelorLabourerMerthyr-clovanCharles HOARE Labourer
   Banns Fanny Elizabeth LARCOMBE23Spinster-Monkton Wyld John LARCOMBEFarmer
           William LARCOMBEwitness
           Sarah Maria LARCOMBEwitness
           Emily Alice HOAREwitness
8206May1896Albert Edward STEVENS 28BachelorCarpenterMonkton WyldJohn STEVENS Labourer
   Banns Emma NEALE24Spinster-Monkton Wyld Charles NEALECarpenter
           Charles NEALEwitness
           Ada Virginia NEALEwitness
8307Oct1896Albert Edward DARKE / DRAKE 24BachelorShoemakerHarcombe ValleyCharles DARKE Thatcher
   Banns Eliza HUTCHINGS45Widow-Harcombe Valley Amos STOODLEYFarmer
           Thomas CARTERwitness
           Elizabeth Mary BROWNwitness
8425May1897Frederick George PENNY 30BachelorCarpenterCharmouthReuben PENNY Gardener
   Banns Mary Rebecca ROWE35Spinster-Monkton Wyld Walter ROWEFarmer
           George Walter Miller ROWEwitness
           John ROWEwitness
8507Jun1897Albert George Hartnell PALMER 29BachelorCoach builderSouth Lambeth, London Alfred PALMERRailway Inspector
   Banns Emily ROWE25Spinster-Monkton Wyld William ROWEFarmer
           John ROWEwitness
           Susanna ROWEwitness
8619Mar1898Job HAND 55WidowerFarmerHarcombeSolomon HAND Labourer
   Banns Mary Ann LUGG28Spinster-Monkton Wyld Andrew LUGGFarmer
           Albert Brandkane HANDwitness
           Caroline HOLMANwitness
8723Jan1899John Charles CRABBE 20BachelorLabourerHarcombe ValleyJohn Charles CRABBE Labourer
   Banns Matilda Jane GUDGE20Spinster-Harcombe Valley John GUDGELabourer
           John Josepth GUDGEwitness
           Annie Edith GUDGEwitness
8824Jul1899Charles COLLINS 34BachelorSeamanMonkton WyldRobert COLLINS Plate Layer
   Banns Susanna ROWE36Spinster-Monkton Wyld William ROWEFarmer
           John ROWEwitness
           Annie FOWLERwitness
8929Nov1899Caleb AUSTIN 43BachelorGardenerLyme RegisRobert AUSTIN Shepherd
   Banns Maria DRAKE36Spinster-Monkton Wyld Robert DRAKELabourer
           Thomas BOWDITCHwitness
           Lilly DRAKEwitness
9026Feb1900John GUDGE 28BachelorLabourerMonkton WyldJohn GUDGE Labourer
   Banns Alice SNELL33Spinster-Harcombe Valley William SNELLCarpenter
           Samuel SNELLwitness
           Annie Edith GUDGEwitness
9129Jul1901Herbert John STRONG 25BachelorButcherEast LydfordJoseph STRONG Farmer
   Banns Annie Eliza FINCH30Spinster-Monkton Wyld William FINCHBailiff
           William FINCHwitness
           Elsie Mary STRONGwitness
9223Apr1902John Albert QUICK 22BachelorGardenerLyme RegisDavid QUICK Mason
   Banns Georgina MILLER27Spinster-Monkton Wyld Frederick Edwin MILLERGardener
           Frederick Edwin MILLERwitness
           Elizabeth Ann MILLERwitness
9301Sep1906William George HAWKER 29BachelorBlacksmithChickerellGeorge HAWKER Wheelwright
   Banns Mabel STOODLEY29Spinster-Monkton Wyld James STOODLEYButcher
           James STOODLEYwitness
           Ellen Eva STOODLEYwitness
9402Apr1907Albert BARTLET 28BachelorGamekeeperAbbotsburyDaniel BARTLET Gamekeeper
   Banns Ada Catherine LUGG27Spinster-Monkton Wyld Eli LUGGFarmer
           Eli LUGGwitness
           Annie Elizabeth DENINGwitness
9503Mar1908Stephen Miller ROWE 29BachelorFarmerMonkton WyldWalter ROWE Farmer
   Banns Annie Elizabeth Emma DENING26Spinster- AxminsterFrancis Charles DENINGHawker
           Francis Charles DENINGwitness
           Evelyn Frances Maud DENINGwitness
9614Dec1909Joseph William MILLER 63WidowerFarmerMonkton WyldJames MILLER Farmer
   Banns Sarah WAREHAM43Spinster-Wootton Fitzpaine John WAREHAMGardener
           Frederick Edwin MILLERwitness
           Elizabeth Ann Cox MILLERwitness
9710Jan1911Alan CAMERON 29BachelorJute Merchant’s AssistantHarcombe Bank Alan Charles Grant CAMERONHM Geol___ Services (Retired)
   RegMargaret Jane COLLINS 23Widow-Harcombe BankWilliam Bowden SKEWIS Mining Engineer
           A.C.G. CAMERONwitness
           Lilias CAMERONwitness
     Entry made in error: the ceremony was subsequent to the marriage of the parties at the Register Office, St Giles, December 30, 1910
9812Dec1911James Hill ANDREWES 60WidowerFarmerCharlton AdamJohn ANDREWES (deceased) Coal Merchant
   Banns Athaliah Ruth Mullet BULLEN51Widow-Monkton Wyld Gideon GALE (deceased)Farmer
           Mordecai GALEwitness
           Nellie GALEwitness
9914Feb1912John GOODFELLOW 48BachelorGardenerCharmouthChristopher GOODFELLOW Coachbuilder
   Banns Ada Virginia NEALE38Spinster-Monkton Wyld Charles NEALECarpenter
           William STOODLEYwitness
           Mary Ann NEALEwitness
10028Apr1913William STOODLEY 31BachelorButcherMonkton WyldJames STOODLEY Butcher
   Banns Mary Ann NEALE32Spinster-Monkton Wyld Charles NEALECarpenter
           Charles NEALEwitness
           Joseph Richard HUTCHINGSwitness
10127Oct1913William John FARMER 32BachelorLabourerHarcombeFrank FARMER Farmer
   Banns Alice Maud Mary ROCKETT25Spinster-Harcombe George ROCKETLabourer
           Ernest Charles HOLDWAYwitness
           Enid ROCKETTwitness
10223Dec1914John Edward BETTS 32BachelorGardenerCamberley, SurreyBenjamin BETTS Farmer
   Banns Lily May BOWDITCH20Spinster-Harcombe Thomas George BOWDITCHFarmer
           Thomas George BOWDITCHwitness
           Arthur Andrew LUGGwitness
10307Apr1915Arthur Andrew LUGG 26BachelorFarmerMonkton WyldEli LUGG Farmer
   Banns Elizabeth Gwendoline BOWDITCH26Spinster- HarcombeThomas George BOWDITCHFarmer
           Thomas George BOWDITCHwitness
           Eli Edward LUGGwitness
10423Jun1915Charles NEALE 72WidowerCarpenterMonkton WyldWilliam NEALE Blacksmith
   Banns Elizabeth Mary BROWN54Spinster-Harcombe Isaac BROWNLabourer
           Sidney WAREHAMwitness
           Job OSTERwitness
10531May1916Charles Victor START 45BachelorLabourerCharmouthWilliam START Labourer
   Banns Elizabeth Ann Cox MILLER40Spinster-Monkton Wyld Frederick Edwin MILLERGardener
           Frederick Edwin MILLERwitness
           Edith Mary MILLERwitness
10620Dec1916Albert SLADE 32BachelorPrivate 2nd, 76th E. Surrey Regiment, HM Army MargateDeceased-
   Banns Frances Ellen POWELL33SpinsterDressmaker Monkton WyldJames POWELLFarmer
           James POWELLwitness
           Edith POWELLwitness
10728Dec1916William Henry PIDGEON 26BachelorHM ArmyGreat Clacton, Essex Henry PIDGEONFarmer
   Banns Ellen Eva STOODLEY27Spinster-Monkton Wyld James STOODLEYButcher
           James STOODLEYwitness
           William STOODLEYwitness
10809Apr1917Henry George BARHAM 33BachelorAdvertising SpecialistCamberwell Henry BARHAMTraveller
   Banns Winifred Maude LANNING26Spinster-Monkton Wyld Charles LANNINGGardener
           Charles LANNINGwitness
           Kate Emma LARCOMBEwitness
10902Sep1918Harold Edwin TRENT 26BachelorHants Labour BatalionB.E.F. France Edgar Edwin TRENTCarpenter
   Banns Emily Mabel BOWDITCH26Spinster-[not given] Thomas George BOWDITCHFarmer
           Arthur Andrew LUGGwitness
           Fredk Harry Charles RICHARDSwitness
11001Jun1921Frederick GOODLAND 26BachelorFarmerHawkchurchLevi GOODLAND Farmer
   Banns Eva Anne LUGG20Spinster-Monkton Wyld Eli LUGGFarmer
           Charles GOODLANDwitness
           Edith Jane GOODLANDwitness
11108Jun1921Sidney William Robert WELLMAN 38BachelorTailorLyme RegisGeorge WELLMAN Tailor
   Banns Annie Mary LARCOMBE24Spinster-Monkton Wyld William LARCOMBEFarmer
           Ernest George WELMANwitness
           Clara Emma BASTFORDwitness
11205Dec1921Denis Henry POWELL 27BachelorFarmerMonkton WyldTom POWELL Farmer
   Banns Violet May STEVENS23Spinster-Monkton Wyld Albert Edward STEVENSCarpenter
           Alick Samuel POWELLwitness
           Albert Edward STEVENSwitness

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