Winsham Independent Chapel

Burials 1810 to 1837

Reference: Public Record Office RG4/2934

William DUNFORD, Pastor 1810-29; Thomas CHILDS, Pastor 1830-32, and John WELLS, Pastor 1833-7
The congregation included residents of Winsham, Thorncombe, Broadwinsor & other parishes.

Transcribed from the Parish Registers and donated to the Dorset OPC Project by Kim Parker


DateForenameSurnameAge Where BuriedComments
19May1811William PHILLIPS24y Winsham 
15Sep1811[not given] PROSSER9m Winshamson of John PROSSER
09Apr1812Lavinia CHAFFEY1y Winsham 
22Jan1813[not given] STANTON8m Winshamson of Joseph STANTON
15Apr1813Hugh TRENCHARD63y In the Meeting  
18Apr1813George PHILLIPS47y Winsham 
18May1813[not given] SMITH6m Winshamson of Thomas SMITH
19Sep1813[not given] CHAFFEY7m Winshamson of John CHAFFEY
28Dec1813[not given] WHALE75y BlackdownMr.
13Mar1814[not given] ELWORTHY5y Winshamson of H. ELWORTHY
12Jun1814[not given] JEFFERY6m Winshamdau of John JEFFERY
16Jun1814[not given] MULLET5y Winshamson of Job MULLET
28Dec1814[not given] CHAFFEY8m Winshamdau of John CHAFFEY
06Jan1815Elizabeth RUSSEL95y Blackdown 
03Feb1815[not given] PHILLIPS7w Winshamson of Samuel PHILLIPS
28May1815Elizabeth REASON27y Winsham 
23Jul1815Henry GLYDE23y Winsham 
07Sep1815John BRIDLE2y Blackdown 
27Jan1816Daniel LARKCOMBE21y Blackdown 
20May1816George PRIEST3y Winsham 
11Jun1816[not given] TRENCHARD19w Winshamson of George TRENCHARD
28Jul1816Catharine STANTON66y Winsham 
10Aug1816Susan ROPER35y Blackdown 
24Oct1816Thomas PROSSER44y Winsham 
08Jan1817Betty STANTON38y Winsham 
21Feb1817John ROPER69y Blackdown 
02Jan1818Robert CHAFFEY7w Winsham 
16Jan1818Elizabeth EPDON56y Blackdown 
12Feb1818[not given] GLYDE9m Winshamchild of Thomas GLYDE [gender not mentioned]
24Jun1818Rebekah TRENCHARD8m Winsham 
27Jun1818Elizabeth LARCOMBE1m Blackdown 
06Nov1818Susanna STANTON?y Winsham[number of years left blank]
03Feb1819Thomas TUCKER86y Blackdown 
09Apr1819[not given] HITCHCOCK2y Winshamchild of Henry HITCHCOCK [gender not mentioned]
27Apr1819Sarah PHELPS72y N. Chapel 
01Nov1819Joseph PHELPS4y N. Chapel 
10Jan1820Betty TUCKER89y Blackdown 
01Jan1821Samuel RUSSEL95y Blackdown 
08Feb1821M. PROSSER7y Winsham 
02Mar1821William LARCOMBE31y Blackdown 
24Apr1821Jane PALMER60y Winsham 
01May1821Sarah Jane FOWLER9m Winsham 
23Jun1821Sarah GLYDE57y Winsham 
15Nov1821John FRY2y N. Chapel 
05Apr1822Hannah WHALE78y Blackdown 
29Apr1822[not given] HODGES5w N. Chapelchild of Richard HODGES [gender not mentioned]
05May1822Edith GLYDE26y Winsham 
24May1822William LARCOMBE4m Blackdown 
08Nov1823Susan TRENCHARD36y N. Chapel 
23Jan1824James BOON7w N. Chapel 
31Jan1824Thomas SMITH31y Winsham 
26May1824Mary LARCOMBE22y Blackdown 
26Jun1824Paul PARK63y N. Chapel 
06Nov1824Sarah PROSSER19y Winsham 
23Aug1825A. ROPER4y BlackdownBurnt
26Feb1826Mary CRAB66y N. Chapel 
20Sep1826Sarah TRENCHARD72y WinshamWidow
05Apr1827John FOWLER3y Winsham 
18Sep1827[not given] DUNSTER1y Blackdownchild of S. DUNSTER [gender not mentioned]
29Jan1828Betty WHALE71y Blackdown 
07Mar1828Mary FRY86 Winsham 
26Jun1828Samuel Denning GLYDE9m Winsham 
22Nov1828Sarah GLYDE14y Winsham 
01Dec1828Samuel POOR77y Blackdown 
14Dec1828M. BENNETT3y Winshamof Yewwood
20Mar1829William LANGFORD81y Winsham 
08May1829Fanny LIMBREY29y Winsham 
17Jul1829Fanny ROPER89y Blackdown 
29Aug1829E. [Elizabeth] FOWLER31y Winshamwife of James FOWLER
- -Dec1829William DUNFORD59y WinshamReverend
07Apr1830William SMITH23y Winsham 
24Oct1830William GLYDE72y Winsham 
25Dec1830Susan CHAFFEY22y New Chapel 
10Mar1831Ann CHAFFEY53y Winsham 
12Nov1831Elizabeth LEMBRY70y Winsham 
07Jan1832Sarah SMITH64y Winsham 
18Apr1832T. [Thomas] CHILDS35y WinshamReverend
27Oct1832James FOWLER63y Winsham 
14Nov1832Henry S. HARDYMAN2y Winsham 
02Feb1833William GLIDE20y Winsham 
18Mar1833John BAKER3y Winsham 
18Sep1833Charles GLYDE4y Winsham 
27Nov1833James SYMES80y Winsham 
15Mar1834William LOARING27y Winsham 
10Apr1834Richard CHAFFEY60y Winsham 
10May1834Mary STANTON50y Winsham 
29Oct1835James FOWLER44y Winsham 
24Mar1836Joseph HAWKER63 Winsham 
30Oct1836[not given] SMITH44y WinshamMrs., wife of John SMITH
13Feb1837Catharine FOWLER5m Winsham 
25Mar1837Robert FOWLER30y Winsham 
25Mar1837Mary STANTON82y Winsham 

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