Tudor Subsidy Rolls

TUDOR SUBSIDY ROLLS 1525, 1544 & 1594

Extracted from “Dorset Tudor Subsidies Granted in 1523, 1543, 1593”, edited by T. L. STOATE, transcribed by Louise Haywood

In 1523 Parliament granted King Henry VIII a subsidy to finance the war in France, taxing everyone on lands, goods or wages down to a lower limit of £1, collected over a four-year period. In 1543 another widespread subsidy was granted to permit the King to assert his right to the title of ‘King of Scotland’, with a lower limit of £1 on land and £5 on goods, although this time wages were not taxed. Queen Elizabeth I’s subsidies tended to be constant as to amount, charging 4 shillings (/-) in the pound (£) on yearly income from land with a lower assessment limit of £1 and 2/8 in the £ on the capital value of goods with a lower limit of £3.

The assessments are expressed in pounds and fractions of pounds, with ‘L’ denoting land, ‘G’ denoting goods and ‘W’ denoting wages. People were taxed on one revenue stream only, being that which would yield the highest amount of tax to the Exchequer. The wealth of a married women formed part of her husband’s assessment, but widows and spinsters were taxed in their own right. Aliens and denizens (foreigners with the right of residence) were taxed double. They are usually denoted as “alien”, but occasionally their national origin is given (e.g. ‘Norman’, ‘Frensheman’, ‘Ducheman’, etc.).


RefYearHundredTithingPlaceNo.StatusSurnameForename Assessed on TaxedTotal Notes
Pg 151525HaslerChurch KnowleKnoll 1 BAKERHenry Wages 1  
 1525HaslerChurch KnowleKnoll 2 BAKERRichard Goods 5  
 1525HaslerChurch KnowleKnoll 3 BAREFOTEJohn Goods 2  
 1525HaslerChurch KnowleKnoll 4 BAREFOTEThomas Goods 4  
 1525HaslerChurch KnowleKnoll 5 BATERJohn Goods 10  
 1525HaslerChurch KnowleKnoll 6 BATERPeter Goods 2  
 1525HaslerChurch KnowleKnoll 7 BELLARDEJohn Wages 1  
 1525HaslerChurch KnowleKnoll 8 BENYTTJohn Goods 2  
 1525Hasler Church KnowleKnoll 9 BROWNE Joan Goods 4  
 1525HaslerChurch KnowleKnoll 10 BROWNEJohn Wages 1  
 1525HaslerChurch KnowleKnoll 11 LANGCASTERChristopher Wages 1  
 1525HaslerChurch KnowleKnoll 12 ROSEWilliam Goods 2  
 1525HaslerChurch KnowleKnoll 13 SCOTTEThomas Goods 4  
 1525HaslerChurch KnowleKnoll 14 SCOTTEWilliam Wages 1  
 1525HaslerChurch KnowleKnoll 15 SYMONThomas Wages 1  
 1525HaslerChurch KnowleKnoll 16 TYDBURYThomas Wages 1£0 19s 10d 
Pg 151525HaslerChurch KnowleBradell 1 BAKERBrian Goods 8  
 1525HaslerChurch KnowleBradell 2 BAKERJohn Wages 1  
 1525HaslerChurch KnowleBradell 3 BAKERJohn Goods 3  
 1525HaslerChurch KnowleBradell 4 BAKERWilliam Goods 2  
 1525HaslerChurch KnowleBradell 5 BROWNEWilliam Goods 8  
 1525HaslerChurch KnowleBradell 6WidowCAKEJoan Goods 4  
 1525HaslerChurch KnowleBradell 7 COLYNSWilliam Goods 6  
 1525HaslerChurch KnowleBradell 8 GOLDEWalter Goods 5  
 1525HaslerChurch KnowleBradell 9 HOREWilliam Goods 8  
 1525HaslerChurch KnowleBradell 10 OSMONDEWilliam Goods 6  
 1525HaslerChurch KnowleBradell 11 SMALEJohn Goods 8  
 1525HaslerChurch KnowleBradell 12 TRUERobert Goods 3  
 1525HaslerChurch KnowleBradell 13 VYEAlice Goods 8  
 1525HaslerChurch KnowleBradell 14 VYEJohn Goods 3£1 16s 4d 
Pg 151525HaslerChurch KnowleEst Crich 1NormanALEYNVincent Goods 0  
 1525HaslerChurch KnowleEst Crich 2 BAREFOTEJohn Goods 6  
 1525HaslerChurch KnowleEst Crich 3 BYLLYRobert Goods 5  
 1525HaslerChurch KnowleEst Crich 4 CLAVELLRoger Goods 15  
 1525HaslerChurch KnowleEst Crich 5 FRAUNKERichard Goods 12  
 1525HaslerChurch KnowleEst Crich 6 VALENCEHenry Goods 2£1 0s 8d 
Pg 161525HaslerArneArne1  CARTERFlowre Goods 2  
 1525HaslerArneArne2  CORYNGThomas Goods 5  
 1525HaslerArneArne3  COURYNGHugh Goods 7  
 1525HaslerArneArne4  COURYNGJohn Goods 2  
 1525HaslerArneArne5  COURYNGRobert Goods 2  
 1525HaslerArneArne6  GERARDEThomas Goods 6  
 1525HaslerArneArne7  GRENEJohn Goods 4  
 1525HaslerArneArne8  LEYSONJohn Wages 1  
 1525HaslerArneArne9 NormanMARGERYRaulyn Goods 0  
 1525HaslerArneArne10  VYEJohn Goods 2£0 16s 0d 
Pg 161525HaslerCorfe CastleBlachynwell 1 BARELOTTJohn Goods 3  
 1525HaslerCorfe CastleBlachynwell 2 GENTILLJohn Wages 1  
 1525HaslerCorfe CastleBlachynwell 3 LESYNGRobert Wages 1  
 1525HaslerCorfe CastleBlachynwell 4 TRUEAnthony Goods 2  
 1525HaslerCorfe CastleBlachynwell 5 TRUEJohn Wages 1  
 1525HaslerCorfe CastleBlachynwell 6 TRUEJohn Wages 1  
 1525HaslerCorfe CastleBlachynwell 7 TRUERobert Goods 4  
 1525HaslerCorfe CastleBlachynwell 8 TRUERobert Goods 5  
 1525HaslerCorfe CastleBlachynwell 9 TRUEWilliam Goods 4  
 1525HaslerCorfe CastleBlachynwell 10 TRUEWilliam Goods 5  
 1525HaslerCorfe CastleBlachynwell 11 VYEIsabel Goods 4  
 1525HaslerCorfe CastleBlachynwell 12 VYERichard Goods 5  
 1525HaslerCorfe CastleBlachynwell 13 VYERobert Goods 2  
 1525HaslerCorfe CastleBlachynwell 14 WOULEYWilliam Goods 2£0 19s 4d 
Pg 161525HaslerCorfe CastleEncombe 1 PAYNERalph Goods 2  
 1525HaslerCorfe CastleEncombe 2JunROSEJohn Wages 1  
 1525HaslerCorfe CastleEncombe 3SenROSEJohn Goods 2  
 1525HaslerCorfe CastleEncombe 4 VYNCENTJohn Goods 30£1 12s 4d 
Pg 171525HaslerTynehamWestenham 1 COCKESHenry Goods 4  
 1525HaslerTynehamWestenham 2 CROMEWilliam Goods 2  
 1525HaslerTynehamWestenham 3 MOSEJohn Goods 3  
 1525HaslerTynehamWestenham 4 PAYNEEdward Wages 1£0 4s 10d 
Pg 171525HaslerTynehamPovyngton 1 BYLERichard Goods 27  
 1525HaslerTynehamPovyngton 2 CODEWilliam Wages 1  
 1525HaslerTynehamPovyngton 3 FALLEYJohn Goods 5  
 1525HaslerTynehamPovyngton 4 GODRICHThomas Goods 5  
 1525HaslerTynehamPovyngton 5 RANDELLRobert Goods 2  
 1525HaslerTynehamPovyngton 6 SHEPARDERobert Goods 5  
 1525HaslerTynehamPovyngton 7 STANLEYJohn Goods 4  
 1525HaslerTynehamPovyngton 8 SYMONJohn Goods 6  
 1525HaslerTynehamPovyngton 9 WATTESThomas Wages 1  
 1525HaslerTynehamPovyngton 10JunWYLKESJohn Goods 2£2 2s 2d 
Pg 171525HaslerTynehamEgleston 1 BRODYJohn Goods 6  
 1525HaslerTynehamEgleston 2NormanCOMYSTALLJohn Wages 1  
 1525HaslerTynehamEgleston 3 COPEJohn Goods 7  
 1525HaslerTynehamEgleston 4 PARRYSJohn Wages 1  
 1525HaslerTynehamEgleston 5 PARRYSRobert Wages 1  
 1525HaslerTynehamEgleston 6SenWYLKESJohn Goods 6£0 10s 10d 
Pg 171525HaslerKimmeridgeKemrige 1 BAREFOTEGeorge Goods 2  
 1525HaslerKimmeridgeKemrige 2 CORBYNJohn Goods 4  
 1525HaslerKimmeridgeKemrige 3 PERYSThomas Goods 4  
 1525HaslerKimmeridgeKemrige 4 WHITERichard Goods 2£0 6s 0d 
Pg 181525HaslerLangton MatraversLangton Walshe 1 BROWNERichard Goods 4  
 1525HaslerLangton MatraversLangton Walshe 2 CULLEWilliam Goods 3  
 1525HaslerLangton MatraversLangton Walshe 3 DYVIRGEJohn Wages 1  
 1525HaslerLangton MatraversLangton Walshe 4 GAYThomas Goods 3  
 1525HaslerLangton MatraversLangton Walshe 5 GOFFEGeoffrey Goods 2  
 1525HaslerLangton MatraversLangton Walshe 6 HARDYNGWilliam Goods 5  
 1525HaslerLangton MatraversLangton Walshe 7 HUCHENJohn Goods 2  
 1525HaslerLangton MatraversLangton Walshe 8 PETERThomas Wages 1  
 1525HaslerLangton MatraversLangton Walshe 9 REDHEDEHenry Goods 2  
 1525HaslerLangton MatraversLangton Walshe 10 TOPEHenry Goods 3  
 1525HaslerLangton MatraversLangton Walshe 11 WYRGEJohn Goods 2£0 13s 8d 
Pg 181525HaslerEast HolmeEstholme 1NormanADAMSJohn Goods 0  
 1525HaslerEast HolmeEstholme 2 BARTELOTTThomas Goods 4  
 1525HaslerEast HolmeEstholme 3 COFFENJohn Goods 4  
 1525HaslerEast HolmeEstholme 4 HORERobert Goods 4  
 1525HaslerEast HolmeEstholme 5 PEIRSJohn Goods 2£0 7s 8d 
Pg 181525HaslerEast StokeWestholme 1 COLYFORDEJohn Goods 2  
 1525HaslerEast StokeWestholme 2 FOKEHenry Goods 6  
 1525HaslerEast StokeWestholme 3 GODRICHJohn Goods 5  
 1525HaslerEast StokeWestholme 4 MORYNGRobert Goods 6£0 9s 6d 
Pg 211525RowbarrowCorfe CastleKyngston 1 ALLERThomas Wages 1  
 1525RowbarrowCorfe CastleKyngston 2 DOLLYNThomas Goods 3  
 1525RowbarrowCorfe CastleKyngston 3 GILLOTTRobert Goods 67  
 1525RowbarrowCorfe CastleKyngston 4 LAURENCEStephen Goods 2  
 1525RowbarrowCorfe CastleKyngston 5 SMYTHJohn Goods 2  
 1525RowbarrowCorfe CastleKyngston 6 TRUEThomas Goods 2  
 1525RowbarrowCorfe CastleKyngston 7 WELSTEDERobert Goods 2£3 12s 10d 
Pg 211525RowbarrowCorfe CastleOure 1 BURGESWalter Goods 5  
 1525RowbarrowCorfe CastleOure 2 SAWNDERThomas Wages 1  
 1525RowbarrowCorfe CastleOure 3 TALBOTTHenry Goods 2£0 3s 10d 
Pg 211525RowbarrowCorfe CastleRollyngton 1 BAILEEdward Wages 1  
 1525RowbarrowCorfe CastleRollyngton 2 BURGILLRichard Goods 4  
 1525RowbarrowCorfe CastleRollyngton 3 FYSHERJohn Goods 5  
 1525RowbarrowCorfe CastleRollyngton 4 FYSHERNicholas Goods 2  
 1525RowbarrowCorfe CastleRollyngton 5SenGOVERJohn Wages 1  
 1525RowbarrowCorfe CastleRollyngton 6 GOVERThomas Goods 8  
 1525RowbarrowCorfe CastleRollyngton 7 JERARDERichard Wages 1  
 1525RowbarrowCorfe CastleRollyngton 8 MARCHANTENicholas Goods 2  
 1525RowbarrowCorfe CastleRollyngton 9 MARCHUNTTHenry Goods 3  
 1525RowbarrowCorfe CastleRollyngton 10 TALBOTTNicholas Goods 2  
 1525RowbarrowCorfe CastleRollyngton 11 TALBOTTWalter Goods 3  
 1525RowbarrowCorfe CastleRollyngton 12 TALBOTTWilliam Goods 4£0 17s 6d 
Pg 221525RowbarrowCorfe CastleAlflyngton 1 CRADELARJohn Wages 1  
 1525RowbarrowCorfe CastleAlflyngton 2SenCRADELERJohn Goods 5  
 1525RowbarrowCorfe CastleAlflyngton 3 CRADELERWilliam Goods 4  
 1525RowbarrowCorfe CastleAlflyngton 4 DYVIRGERobert Goods 2  
 1525RowbarrowCorfe CastleAlflyngton 5 FYPPORTERobert Goods 10  
 1525RowbarrowCorfe CastleAlflyngton 6 GOVERHenry Goods 2  
 1525RowbarrowCorfe CastleAlflyngton 7 HARDYThomas Goods 16  
 1525RowbarrowCorfe CastleAlflyngton 8 LEWSTONJohn Goods 5  
 1525RowbarrowCorfe CastleAlflyngton 9NormanNAVYTANEJohn Goods 0  
 1525RowbarrowCorfe CastleAlflyngton 10 SCOTTEJohn Goods 3  
 1525RowbarrowCorfe CastleAlflyngton 11 SEVYERWalter Wages 1  
 1525RowbarrowCorfe CastleAlflyngton 12 SPYCERRobert Wages 1  
 1525RowbarrowCorfe CastleAlflyngton 13 TOPEWilliam Goods 5  
 1525RowbarrowCorfe CastleAlflyngton 14NormanHIS SERVANT  Goods 0£1 8s 4d 
Pg 221525RowbarrowWorth MatraversWorth 1 BAYLEJohn Wages 1  
 1525RowbarrowWorth MatraversWorth 2NormanBENYTTRawlyn Goods 0  
 1525RowbarrowWorth MatraversWorth 3 BRYNEHenry Goods 9  
 1525RowbarrowWorth MatraversWorth 4 DOLLYNGEHenry Goods 20  
 1525RowbarrowWorth MatraversWorth 5 GENTILLJohn Wages 1  
 1525RowbarrowWorth MatraversWorth 6 GILLOTTJohn Wages 1  
 1525RowbarrowWorth MatraversWorth 7 GILLOTTWilliam Goods 6  
 1525RowbarrowWorth MatraversWorth 8 HARRYSJohn Goods 18  
 1525RowbarrowWorth MatraversWorth 9 PETERRichard Wages 1  
 1525RowbarrowWorth MatraversWorth 10 SMYTHWilliam Wages 1  
 1525RowbarrowWorth MatraversWorth 11 STEDMANEdward Goods 2£1 19s 10d 
Pg 221525RowbarrowWorth MatraversRemescombe 1 ALYNJohn Goods 5  
 1525RowbarrowWorth MatraversRemescombe 2 CLAVELLColett Goods 6  
 1525RowbarrowWorth MatraversRemescombe 3 CONER (OR COVER)John Wages 1  
 1525RowbarrowWorth MatraversRemescombe 4 GERARDEJohn Goods 2  
 1525RowbarrowWorth MatraversRemescombe 5WidowTHORNEJoan Goods 6  
 1525RowbarrowWorth MatraversRemescombe 6WidowTREWJoan Goods 6£0 12s 10d 
Pg 231525RowbarrowSwanageSwanwich 1 BROUDEHenry Goods 2  
 1525RowbarrowSwanageSwanwich 2 BUSHELERJohn Goods 2  
 1525RowbarrowSwanageSwanwich 3JunBUSHELERJohn Goods 7  
 1525RowbarrowSwanageSwanwich 4SenBUSHELERJohn Goods 3  
 1525RowbarrowSwanageSwanwich 5 COKEJohn Goods 2  
 1525RowbarrowSwanageSwanwich 6 DODMANJohn Wages 1  
 1525RowbarrowSwanageSwanwich 7 GARDYNERRichard Wages 1  
 1525RowbarrowSwanageSwanwich 8 GERORDEJohn Wages 1  
 1525RowbarrowSwanageSwanwich 9 GOVERDenis Goods 4  
 1525RowbarrowSwanageSwanwich 10JunHARVYWilliam Goods 2  
 1525RowbarrowSwanageSwanwich 11SenHARVYWilliam Goods 3  
 1525RowbarrowSwanageSwanwich 12 HAYWARDEThomas Goods 2  
 1525RowbarrowSwanageSwanwich 13 HEYWARDEThomas Goods 10  
 1525RowbarrowSwanageSwanwich 14 KNAPPEWilliam Goods 2  
 1525RowbarrowSwanageSwanwich 15 LAURENCEJohn Wages 1  
 1525RowbarrowSwanageSwanwich 16 MARSHEWilliam Goods 2  
 1525RowbarrowSwanageSwanwich 17 MORSERobert Wages 1  
 1525RowbarrowSwanageSwanwich 18 MORYSJohn Goods 2  
 1525RowbarrowSwanageSwanwich 19 SAVYJohn Goods 5  
 1525RowbarrowSwanageSwanwich 20 SAVYPeter Wages 1  
 1525RowbarrowSwanageSwanwich 21 SAVYWilliam Goods 2  
 1525RowbarrowSwanageSwanwich 22 SYMMEJohn Goods 5  
 1525RowbarrowSwanageSwanwich 23 TRYGOJohn Wages 1  
 1525RowbarrowSwanageSwanwich 24 VYCARYWilliam Goods 2  
 1525RowbarrowSwanageSwanwich 25 WRYNGRichard Goods 4£1 12s 10d 
Pg 231525RowbarrowSwanageHerston 1 CARDELERWilliam Wages 1  
 1525RowbarrowSwanageHerston 2 CHECKFORDEThomas Goods 8  
 1525RowbarrowSwanageHerston 3 CULLEJohn Goods 2  
 1525RowbarrowSwanageHerston 4 FYPPORTEJohn Goods 7  
 1525RowbarrowSwanageHerston 5 FYPPORTERobert Wages 1  
 1525RowbarrowSwanageHerston 6 GAUDENNicholas Wages 1  
 1525RowbarrowSwanageHerston 7 GENTILLRobert Goods 2  
 1525RowbarrowSwanageHerston 8 GOVERPeter Goods 20  
 1525RowbarrowSwanageHerston 9 MARCHANTPeter Goods 16  
 1525RowbarrowSwanageHerston 10 MOLHAMWilliam Goods 2  
 1525RowbarrowSwanageHerston 11 PARNENTREWilliam Goods 3  
 1525RowbarrowSwanageHerston 12 SPYCERHenry Wages 1  
 1525RowbarrowSwanageHerston 13WidowTRUEJoan Goods 3  
 1525RowbarrowSwanageHerston 14 TRUERichard Goods 10  
 1525RowbarrowSwanageHerston 15 TULLEHenry Wages 1£2 8s 2d 
Pg 351525RowbarrowLiberty of Corfe castell & Malham Corfe castell1 ABBOTTThomas Wages 1 103/124
 1525RowbarrowLiberty of Corfe castell & Malham Corfe castell2 BARODDWilliam Wages 1  
 1525RowbarrowLiberty of Corfe castell & Malham Corfe castell3 BENVILEAlice Wages 1  
 1525RowbarrowLiberty of Corfe castell & Malham Corfe castell4 BENVILEHenry Goods 6  
 1525RowbarrowLiberty of Corfe castell & Malham Corfe castell5 BENVILEWilliam Goods 15  
 1525RowbarrowLiberty of Corfe castell & Malham Corfe castell6 BENVILEWilliam Wages 1  
 1525RowbarrowLiberty of Corfe castell & Malham Corfe castell7WidowBROWDYJoan Goods 4  
 1525RowbarrowLiberty of Corfe castell & Malham Corfe castell8 BROWNEJohn Goods 60  
 1525RowbarrowLiberty of Corfe castell & Malham Corfe castell9 BRYTEWilliam Wages 1  
 1525RowbarrowLiberty of Corfe castell & Malham Corfe castell10 BUGLERAgnes Goods 5  
 1525RowbarrowLiberty of Corfe castell & Malham Corfe castell11 BUGLERChristian Goods 18  
 1525RowbarrowLiberty of Corfe castell & Malham Corfe castell12 BUGLERRichard Goods 4  
 1525RowbarrowLiberty of Corfe castell & Malham Corfe castell13 BUGLERThomas Goods 5  
 1525RowbarrowLiberty of Corfe castell & Malham Corfe castell14NormanBUSHELERWilliam Goods nil  
 1525RowbarrowLiberty of Corfe castell & Malham Corfe castell15 CARTERHenry Wages 1  
 1525RowbarrowLiberty of Corfe castell & Malham Corfe castell16 CARTERJohn Goods 2  
 1525RowbarrowLiberty of Corfe castell & Malham Corfe castell17 CLAVELLJohn Wages 1  
 1525RowbarrowLiberty of Corfe castell & Malham Corfe castell18 COCKESWalter Wages 1  
 1525RowbarrowLiberty of Corfe castell & Malham Corfe castell19 CODEJohn Wages 1  
 1525RowbarrowLiberty of Corfe castell & Malham Corfe castell20 COURYNGJohn Goods 2  
 1525RowbarrowLiberty of Corfe castell & Malham Corfe castell21 DACKEHAMHenry Goods 2  
 1525RowbarrowLiberty of Corfe castell & Malham Corfe castell22 DACKEHAMThomas Lands 15  
 1525RowbarrowLiberty of Corfe castell & Malham Corfe castell23 DYOTTRobert Wages 1  
 1525RowbarrowLiberty of Corfe castell & Malham Corfe castell24 DYRRANTWilliam Goods 5  
 1525RowbarrowLiberty of Corfe castell & Malham Corfe castell25NormanEMOTTRobert Goods nil  
 1525RowbarrowLiberty of Corfe castell & Malham Corfe castell26 GANDYRobert Goods 2  
 1525RowbarrowLiberty of Corfe castell & Malham Corfe castell27 GANDYWilliam Goods 2  
 1525RowbarrowLiberty of Corfe castell & Malham Corfe castell28 GARDYNERJohn Goods 3  
 1525RowbarrowLiberty of Corfe castell & Malham Corfe castell29 GIBBERobert Wages 1  
 1525RowbarrowLiberty of Corfe castell & Malham Corfe castell30 GIBSONAgnes Wages 1  
 1525RowbarrowLiberty of Corfe castell & Malham Corfe castell31 HARDYNGHenry Goods 2  
 1525RowbarrowLiberty of Corfe castell & Malham Corfe castell32 HAYWARDEStephen Goods 6  
 1525RowbarrowLiberty of Corfe castell & Malham Corfe castell33 HOPERThos Goods 8  
 1525RowbarrowLiberty of Corfe castell & Malham Corfe castell34 HOREJohn Wages 1  
 1525RowbarrowLiberty of Corfe castell & Malham Corfe castell35 HOREMargaret Wages 1  
 1525RowbarrowLiberty of Corfe castell & Malham Corfe castell36 HORSEMANRoger Wages 1  
 1525RowbarrowLiberty of Corfe castell & Malham Corfe castell37 JAMESHenry Wages 1  
 1525RowbarrowLiberty of Corfe castell & Malham Corfe castell38 JAMYSJohn Wages 1  
 1525RowbarrowLiberty of Corfe castell & Malham Corfe castell39 KEGILLRobert Wages 1  
 1525RowbarrowLiberty of Corfe castell & Malham Corfe castell40 LAMBERTJoan Wages 1  
 1525RowbarrowLiberty of Corfe castell & Malham Corfe castell41 LEDEThomas Goods 1  
 1525RowbarrowLiberty of Corfe castell & Malham Corfe castell42 LEWESJohn Wages 1  
 1525RowbarrowLiberty of Corfe castell & Malham Corfe castell43 LONGMEADE William Goods 3  
 1525RowbarrowLiberty of Corfe castell & Malham Corfe castell44 MARCHAUNTE Robert Goods 4  
 1525RowbarrowLiberty of Corfe castell & Malham Corfe castell45NormanMATHEWLewes Wages 2  
 1525RowbarrowLiberty of Corfe castell & Malham Corfe castell46 MOREJohn Wages 1  
 1525RowbarrowLiberty of Corfe castell & Malham Corfe castell47 PAYNEPeter Goods 2  
 1525RowbarrowLiberty of Corfe castell & Malham Corfe castell48 PETERJohn Wages 1  
 1525RowbarrowLiberty of Corfe castell & Malham Corfe castell49 RANDELLJohn Wages 1  
 1525RowbarrowLiberty of Corfe castell & Malham Corfe castell50 RANDELLThomas Wages 1  
 1525RowbarrowLiberty of Corfe castell & Malham Corfe castell51NormanSARELLBastian Goods nil  
 1525RowbarrowLiberty of Corfe castell & Malham Corfe castell52 SHERWYNRobert Goods 4  
 1525RowbarrowLiberty of Corfe castell & Malham Corfe castell53 STEDEMANJohn Goods 2  
 1525RowbarrowLiberty of Corfe castell & Malham Corfe castell54 SUREWilliam Goods 2  
 1525RowbarrowLiberty of Corfe castell & Malham Corfe castell55 TILSEHEDE Thomas Wages 1  
 1525RowbarrowLiberty of Corfe castell & Malham Corfe castell56 TYNBURYThomas Goods 5  
 1525RowbarrowLiberty of Corfe castell & Malham Corfe castell57 WESTCOTEJohn Goods 2  
 1525RowbarrowLiberty of Corfe castell & Malham Corfe castell58senWESTCOTEJohn Goods 2  
 1525RowbarrowLiberty of Corfe castell & Malham Corfe castell59 WHITEHenry Wages 1£7. 11s. 2d. 
Pg 341525HaslerSteepleCreech Grange          Not in roll



RefYearHundredTithingPlaceNo.StatusSurnameForenameAssessed onTaxedTotalNotes
Pg 151544HaslerChurch Knowle Knoll        Missing
Pg 151544HaslerChurch Knowle Bradell1 VYNCENTTRobert Goods10 Anticipation return in 1545 only. Missing from 104/153
Pg 151544HaslerChurch Knowle Est Crich1 CLAVELLRoger Goods60  
 1544HaslerChurch Knowle Est Crich2 GYLLOTTWilliam Goods20 Anticipation return in 1545 only. Missing from 104/153
Pg 161544HaslerArne Arnne1 CARTERRobert Goods3  
 1544HaslerArne Arnne2 DOWNEJohn Goods1  
 1544HaslerArne Arnne3 GERARDEThomas Goods18  
 1544HaslerArne Arnne4 GRYNEWilliam Goods4 Total: missing and part of the tithing is probably missing
Pg 161544HaslerCorfe Castle Blanchynwell1 BAREFOUTEJohn Goods1  
 1544HaslerCorfe Castle Blanchynwell2 BARFFOOTEGeorge Goods1 1/3  
 1544HaslerCorfe Castle Blanchynwell3 BARFOTTENicholas Goods1  
 1544HaslerCorfe Castle Blanchynwell4 BARNEWilliam Goods1  
 1544HaslerCorfe Castle Blanchynwell5 DAVYESimon Goods4  
 1544HaslerCorfe Castle Blanchynwell6 DOLLYNGEJohn Goods1  
 1544HaslerCorfe Castle Blanchynwell7 FOWLEChristopher Goods1  
 1544HaslerCorfe Castle Blanchynwell8 FRANCKERichard Goods1  
 1544HaslerCorfe Castle Blanchynwell9 HOGGARDEJohn Goods1 1/3  
 1544HaslerCorfe Castle Blanchynwell10 HOGGARDEWilliam Goods3  
 1544HaslerCorfe Castle Blanchynwell11 LEASSONHugh Goods2  
 1544HaslerCorfe Castle Blanchynwell12 LESONRobert Goods2  
 1544HaslerCorfe Castle Blanchynwell13 ROSENicholas Goods1  
 1544HaslerCorfe Castle Blanchynwell14Alien borneTREWE Anthony 0  
 1544HaslerCorfe Castle Blanchynwell15 TREWEAves Goods5  
 1544HaslerCorfe Castle Blanchynwell16 TREWEElizabeth Goods1  
 1544HaslerCorfe Castle Blanchynwell17Alien borneTREWE Henry 0  
 1544HaslerCorfe Castle Blanchynwell18 TREWERobert Goods1  
 1544HaslerCorfe Castle Blanchynwell19 TROBLEFYLDE JohnGoods1  
 1544HaslerCorfe Castle Blanchynwell20 WEYERichard Goods10  
 1544HaslerCorfe Castle Blanchynwell21Alien borneWULLJackett Goods1£0 6s 5d 
Pg 161544HaslerCorfe Castle Encome1 VYNCENTTAndrew Goods10  
 1544HaslerCorfe Castle Encome2JunVYNCENTTElizabeth Goods10  
 1544HaslerCorfe Castle Encome3SenVYNCENTTElnor Goods20  
 1544HaslerCorfe Castle Encome4 VYNCENTTGylyan Goods10 Anticipation return in 1545 only. Missing from 104/153
Pg 171544HaslerTyneham Westenham        Missing
Pg 171544HaslerTyneham Povyngton1 BONDEDenis Goods30  
 1544HaslerTyneham Povyngton2 BYLERichard Goods26 Anticipation return in 1545 only. Missing from 104/153
Pg 171544HaslerTyneham Egleston1 SAMPSONJohn Goods30 Anticipation return in 1545 only. Missing from 104/153
Pg 171544HaslerKimmeridge Kemrige        Missing
Pg 181544HaslerLangton Matravers Langton Walshe        Missing
Pg 181544HaslerEast Holme Estholme1 COFFENJohn Goods15  
 1544HaslerEast Holme Estholme2 ROWENicholas Goods10 Anticipation return in 1545 only. Missing from 104/153
Pg 181544HaslerEast Stoke Westholme        Missing
Pg 211544RowbarrowCorfe Castle Kyngestoune1 ARDRENWilliam Goods4 1/2  
 1544Rowbarrow Corfe CastleKyngestoune2 DOLLYNGE ThomasGoods5 1/2  
 1544Rowbarrow Corfe CastleKyngestoune3 GAWDYE RobertGoods2  
 1544Rowbarrow Corfe CastleKyngestoune4 GEFFERYE RobertGoods1  
 1544Rowbarrow Corfe CastleKyngestoune5 GRYNE ThomasGoods1  
 1544Rowbarrow Corfe CastleKyngestoune6 GYLLOTT ThomasGoods13 1/3  
 1544Rowbarrow Corfe CastleKyngestoune7 GYLLOTTE HenryGoods3 1/2  
 1544Rowbarrow Corfe CastleKyngestoune8 GYLLOTTE RobertGoods40  
 1544Rowbarrow Corfe CastleKyngestoune9 HARDYNGE RobertGoods4  
 1544Rowbarrow Corfe CastleKyngestoune10 HORE HenryGoods2  
 1544Rowbarrow Corfe CastleKyngestoune11 HORE WilliamGoods1  
 1544Rowbarrow Corfe CastleKyngestoune12 ROSE JohnGoods2  
 1544Rowbarrow Corfe CastleKyngestoune13 STEDDMAN JohnGoods1  
 1544Rowbarrow Corfe CastleKyngestoune14 TALBOTT EdwardGoods1  
 1544Rowbarrow Corfe CastleKyngestoune15 The Church Stocke  Goods2  
 1544Rowbarrow Corfe CastleKyngestoune16JunTREWE ThomasGoods2  
 1544Rowbarrow Corfe CastleKyngestoune17SenTREWE ThomasGoods2  
 1544Rowbarrow Corfe CastleKyngestoune18 WELSTYDE RobertGoods2£2 14s 7 3/4d 
Pg 211544RowbarrowCorfe Castle Owre1 BUNDALLHenry Goods1  
 1544Rowbarrow Corfe CastleOwre2 BURGES JohnGoods5 1/2  
 1544Rowbarrow Corfe CastleOwre3 TALBOTT HenryGoods3 1/2£0 1s 3 1/2d 
Pg 211544RowbarrowCorfe Castle Rollyngtoune1 BONVYLLHenry Goods7  
 1544Rowbarrow Corfe CastleRollyngtoune2 BURGELL RichardGoods3  
 1544Rowbarrow Corfe CastleRollyngtoune3 BURGES WilliamGoods1 1/10  
 1544Rowbarrow Corfe CastleRollyngtoune4 FUSTYAN NicholasGoods1 1/2  
 1544Rowbarrow Corfe CastleRollyngtoune5 FYSSHER NicholasGoods3 1/10  
 1544Rowbarrow Corfe CastleRollyngtoune6 GERARDE RichardGoods2  
 1544Rowbarrow Corfe CastleRollyngtoune7 GYBBE RobertGoods2  
 1544Rowbarrow Corfe CastleRollyngtoune8 MARCHAUNTE HenryGoods2  
 1544Rowbarrow Corfe CastleRollyngtoune9 TALBOTTE NicholasGoods3 1/6  
 1544Rowbarrow Corfe CastleRollyngtoune10 TALBOTTE RichardGoods1  
 1544Rowbarrow Corfe CastleRollyngtoune11 TALBOTTE WilliamGoods2 1/2  
 1544Rowbarrow Corfe CastleRollyngtoune12 TALBOTTE WilliamGoods4 1/20£0 3s 4d 
Pg 221544RowbarrowCorfe Castle Alfryngetoune1 BYEHenry Goods5  
 1544Rowbarrow Corfe CastleAlfryngetoune2 CRADDELER JohnGoods6  
 1544Rowbarrow Corfe CastleAlfryngetoune3 ELINE JohnGoods3  
 1544Rowbarrow Corfe CastleAlfryngetoune4 GOVER HenryGoods1  
 1544Rowbarrow Corfe CastleAlfryngetoune5 HARDYE ThomasGoods20  
 1544Rowbarrow Corfe CastleAlfryngetoune6 PARMYTTER WalterGoods2  
 1544Rowbarrow Corfe CastleAlfryngetoune7 PHYPORTE JohnGoods3  
 1544Rowbarrow Corfe CastleAlfryngetoune8 PHYPORTE RobertGoods1 1/2  
 1544Rowbarrow Corfe CastleAlfryngetoune9 SEWARDE ThomasGoods1  
 1544Rowbarrow Corfe CastleAlfryngetoune10 SKUTTE RichardGoods2£0 16s 3 1/2d 
Pg 221544RowbarrowWorth Matravers Worthe1 BRYNEHenry Goods4 1/2  
 1544Rowbarrow Worth MatraversWorthe2 DOLLYNGE HenryGoods30  
 1544Rowbarrow Worth MatraversWorthe3 GOLDE EdwardGoods5  
 1544Rowbarrow Worth MatraversWorthe4 GYLLOTTE RobertGoods1 1/2  
 1544Rowbarrow Worth MatraversWorthe5 HARRYES ThomasGoods2  
 1544Rowbarrow Worth MatraversWorthe6 LANYE JohnGoods4  
 1544Rowbarrow Worth MatraversWorthe7 MOCKEFORDE RobertGoods4 1/2  
 1544Rowbarrow Worth MatraversWorthe8 NYNEHAM RichardGoods3 1/2  
 1544Rowbarrow Worth MatraversWorthe9 SMYTHE WilliamGoods4  
 1544Rowbarrow Worth MatraversWorthe10 STEDMAN WilliamGoods2 1/4  
 1544Rowbarrow Worth MatraversWorthe11 The Churche Stocke  Goods1£1 3s 2 1/2d 
Pg 221544RowbarrowWorth Matravers Rempscombe1 BENETTHenry Goods1  
 1544Rowbarrow Worth MatraversRempscombe2AlienNYNEHAM John 0  
 1544Rowbarrow Worth MatraversRempscombe3JunNYNEHAM JohnGoods6 2/3  
 1544Rowbarrow Worth MatraversRempscombe4 NYNEHAM WilliamGoods4 1/2 Taxed 9d instead of the correct 4 1/2d so perhaps an alien.
 1544Rowbarrow Worth MatraversRempscombe5 ROOSE ThomasGoods1  
 1544Rowbarrow Worth MatraversRempscombe6 TREWE JohnGoods4£0 2s 5d 
Pg 231544RowbarrowSwanage Sanwyche1 JohnGoods 2 1/6  
 1544Rowbarrow SwanageSanwyche2 BARNE WilliamGoods3  
 1544Rowbarrow SwanageSanwyche3 BUSHELER RichardGoods2  
 1544Rowbarrow SwanageSanwyche4 BUSHELER WilliamGoods2  
 1544Rowbarrow SwanageSanwyche5 BUSSHELER MargaretGoods1  
 1544Rowbarrow SwanageSanwyche6 BUSSHELER ThomasGoods7  
 1544Rowbarrow SwanageSanwyche7 DURRANTE HughGoods1 1/2  
 1544Rowbarrow SwanageSanwyche8 GOVER DenisGoods7  
 1544Rowbarrow SwanageSanwyche9 GOVER PeterGoods1  
 1544Rowbarrow SwanageSanwyche10 HARRYES JoanGoods3  
 1544Rowbarrow SwanageSanwyche11 HARRYES RogerGoods1  
 1544Rowbarrow SwanageSanwyche12 HARVYE WilliamGoods5  
 1544Rowbarrow SwanageSanwyche13 HAYEWARD ThomasGoods1  
 1544Rowbarrow SwanageSanwyche14 HAYEWARDE PeterGoods1  
 1544Rowbarrow SwanageSanwyche15 HAYWARD RobertGoods3  
 1544Rowbarrow SwanageSanwyche16SenHAYWARD ThomasGoods10  
 1544Rowbarrow SwanageSanwyche17JunHAYWARD WilliamGoods4  
 1544Rowbarrow SwanageSanwyche18SenHEYWARD WilliamGoods2  
 1544Rowbarrow SwanageSanwyche19 LYDE WilliamGoods1  
 1544Rowbarrow SwanageSanwyche20 MARSSHE WilliamGoods1  
 1544Rowbarrow SwanageSanwyche21 PATTWYN JohnGoods1  
 1544Rowbarrow SwanageSanwyche22 SAVYE JohnGoods2 1/10  
 1544Rowbarrow SwanageSanwyche23 SAVYE WilliamGoods8  
 1544Rowbarrow SwanageSanwyche24 TREWE GeorgeGoods2 1/6  
 1544Rowbarrow SwanageSanwyche25 TREWE RichardGoods4  
 1544Rowbarrow SwanageSanwyche26 TREWE ThomasGoods4  
 1544Rowbarrow SwanageSanwyche27 WERE JohnGoods1  
 1544Rowbarrow SwanageSanwyche28 WYRYNGE RichardGoods8  
 1544Rowbarrow SwanageSanwyche29 WYRYNGE ThomasGoods3 1/4£0 13s 0 3/4d 
Pg 231544RowbarrowSwanage Herstoune1 BOYERWalter Goods1  
 1544Rowbarrow SwanageHerstoune2 CHECKEFORDE ThomasGoods10  
 1544Rowbarrow SwanageHerstoune3 CRADDER WilliamGoods1  
 1544Rowbarrow SwanageHerstoune4 CULL ThomasGoods1 1/6  
 1544Rowbarrow SwanageHerstoune5 GENTLE RobertGoods4  
 1544Rowbarrow SwanageHerstoune6 GOVER JohnGoods2  
 1544Rowbarrow SwanageHerstoune7 GOVER PeterGoods10  
 1544Rowbarrow SwanageHerstoune8 HALL WilliamGoods1 1/2  
 1544Rowbarrow SwanageHerstoune9 HORE JohnGoods12  
 1544Rowbarrow SwanageHerstoune10 KYGELL ThomasGoods2  
 1544Rowbarrow SwanageHerstoune11 MICHELL RichardGoods2 1/4  
 1544Rowbarrow SwanageHerstoune12 MOULEHAM WilliamGoods1  
 1544Rowbarrow SwanageHerstoune13 PARMETTER RobertGoods2  
 1544Rowbarrow SwanageHerstoune14 PARMETTER WilliamGoods1  
 1544Rowbarrow SwanageHerstoune15 PERCYE WilliamGoods20  
 1544Rowbarrow SwanageHerstoune16 PHYPORTE ThomasGoods4  
 1544Rowbarrow SwanageHerstoune17 TREWE RichardGoods8  
 1544Rowbarrow SwanageHerstoune18 TREWE WilliamGoods5£1 8s 3 1/4d 
Pg 351544RowbarrowLiberty of Corfe castell & Malham Corfe castell1 BROWNEJohn Goods16 Anticipation of 1545 only. Missing from 104/153
 1544Rowbarrow Liberty of Corfe castell & MalhamCorfe castell2  CULLYFOURDHenryGoods10   
 1544Rowbarrow Liberty of Corfe castell & MalhamCorfe castell3  DACKEHAMRobertGoods18   
 1544Rowbarrow Liberty of Corfe castell & MalhamCorfe castell4  MYLLERJohnGoods15   
 1544Rowbarrow Liberty of Corfe castell & MalhamCorfe castell5  SAMPFOURDJohnGoods12 £1. 3s. 8d. 
Pg 341544HaslerSteeple Creech Grange1 ….…. Goods1 The Kynges Tethyng beynge within Stepull
 1544HaslerSteeple Creech Grange2 ….R… Goods1  
 1544HaslerSteeple Creech Grange3 COMPTONWilliam Goods1  
 1544HaslerSteeple Creech Grange4 GYLLYNGHAM JohnGoods1  
 1544HaslerSteeple Creech Grange5 HAMPER…. Goods4  
 1544HaslerSteeple Creech Grange6 NEWMANHenry Goods1  
 1544HaslerSteeple Creech Grange7 NEW(MAN?)W… Goods2£0. 0s. 11d. 



RefYearHundredTithingPlaceNo.StatusSurnameForenameAssessed onTaxedTotalNotes
Pg 151594HaslerChurch Knowle Knoll, Steeple & Creech1 BAKER ThomasGoods3  
 1594HaslerChurch Knowle Knoll, Steeple & Creech2 BAREFOOTE ThomasGoods4  
 1594HaslerChurch Knowle Knoll, Steeple & Creech3JunBETTERLEY ThomasGoods3  
 1594HaslerChurch Knowle Knoll, Steeple & Creech4SenBETTERLEY ThomasGoods3  
 1594HaslerChurch Knowle Knoll, Steeple & Creech5 CLAVELL WilliamGoods4  
 1594HaslerChurch Knowle Knoll, Steeple & Creech6 MORE JohnGoods3  
 1594HaslerChurch Knowle Knoll, Steeple & Creech7 PARRYS ThomasGoods3  
 1594HaslerChurch Knowle Knoll, Steeple & Creech8 PEVERELL PeterGoods3£3 9s 4d 
Pg 151594HaslerChurch Knowle Bradell1 ARIESJohn Goods3  
 1594HaslerChurch Knowle Bradell2 BAKERRoger Goods3  
 1594HaslerChurch Knowle Bradell3 BAKERWilliam Goods3  
 1594HaslerChurch Knowle Bradell4GentCHALDECOTTFrancis Lands5  
 1594HaslerChurch Knowle Bradell5 COLLINSWilliam Goods4  
 1594HaslerChurch Knowle Bradell6 GERRARDJohn Lands3  
 1594HaslerChurch Knowle Bradell7 VINCENTEdward Goods3  
 1594HaslerChurch Knowle Bradell8GentWOOLREDGEJohn Lands4£4 10s 8d 
Pg 151594HaslerChurch Knowle East Creech1 BATTERJohn Goods3  
 1594HaslerChurch Knowle East Creech2 BETTERLEYDyonise Goods3  
 1594HaslerChurch Knowle East Creech3 BROWNEJohn Lands1  
 1594HaslerChurch Knowle East Creech4EsqCLAVELLJohn Lands15  
 1594HaslerChurch Knowle East Creech5 COFFINJohn Goods3 marked Estholme in the margin
 1594HaslerChurch Knowle East Creech6 FRANKEWalter Lands2  
 1594HaslerChurch Knowle East Creech7 SYD(WAY?)Richard Goods5£5 9s 4dmarked Estholme in the margin
Pg 161594HaslerArne Arne1 COWRINGEAnthony Goods3  
 1594HaslerArne Arne2 DOLLINGThomas Goods3  
 1594HaslerArne Arne3WidowGREENEAgnes Goods3  
 1594HaslerArne Arne4 GREENEThomas Goods3£1 12s 0d 
Pg 161594HaslerCorfe Castle (Blachen)well1 BAREFOTENicholas Goods6  
 1594HaslerCorfe Castle (Blachen)well2 BARNENicholas Goods3  
 1594HaslerCorfe Castle (Blachen)well3 BUCKLERThomas Goods3  
 1594HaslerCorfe Castle (Blachen)well4 TUPPJohn Goods3  
 1594HaslerCorfe Castle (Blachen)well5 VIEHenry Lands1£2 4s 0d 
Pg 161594HaslerCorfe Castle Encombe1GentCULLYFORDJohn Lands6£1 4s 0d 
 1594HaslerTyneham West Tyneham1 SEYMOURERobert Goods4  
 1594HaslerTyneham West Tyneham2GentWILLIAMSJohn Lands10£2 10s 8d 
Pg 171594HaslerTyneham Povington1WidowBANDAlice Goods20  
 1594HaslerTyneham Povington2 BATTRICKAnthony Goods3  
 1594HaslerTyneham Povington3 COCKERAMJohn Goods3  
 1594HaslerTyneham Povington4 COKERAMLewes Goods3  
 1594HaslerTyneham Povington5 TREWRobert Goods3  
 1594HaslerTyneham Povington6 VINCENTJohn Goods6£5 1s 4d 
Pg 171594HaslerTyneham Egleston1 COCKERAMRobert Goods3  
 1594HaslerTyneham Egleston2 TYLERRobert Goods3£0 16s 0d 
Pg 171594HaslerKimmeridge Kemeridg1 BARRYJohn Goods3  
 1594HaslerKimmeridge Kemeridg2WidowBERIMANAlice Goods3  
 1594HaslerKimmeridge Kemeridg3 PARRISRobert Goods3  
 1594HaslerKimmeridge Kemeridg4 PARRYSRichard Goods3£1 12s 0d 
Pg 181594HaslerLangton Matravers Langton Wallis        Given in Rowbarrow hundred
Pge 181594HaslerEast Holme Estholme        Given in East Creech
 1594HaslerEast Stoke Westholme1 FOWKEJohn Goods3  
 1594HaslerEast Stoke Westholme2 GOOLDEWilliam Goods16£2 10s 8d 
Pg 211594RowbarrowCorfe Castle Kingston1 BENNETTHenry Goods4  
 1594Rowbarrow Corfe CastleKingston2WidowBROWNE ElizabethGoods5  
 1594Rowbarrow Corfe CastleKingston3 HARVY ThomasGoods3  
 1594Rowbarrow Corfe CastleKingston4 URREY RobertGoods3  
 1594Rowbarrow Corfe CastleKingston5 WELSTEED WilliamGoods3£2 8s 0d 
Pg 211594RowbarrowCorfe Castle Owre1 BURGESJohn Goods4  
 1594Rowbarrow Corfe CastleOwre2 HAYWARD RobertGoods4  
 1594Rowbarrow Corfe CastleOwre3 NORMAN ThomasGoods3£1 9s 4d 
Pg 211594RowbarrowCorfe Castle Rollington1 GERRARDStephen Goods3  
 1594Rowbarrow Corfe CastleRollington2 PARMYTER RobertGoods4  
 1594Rowbarrow Corfe CastleRollington3 TANNER RichardGoods3£1 6s 8d 
Pg 221594RowbarrowCorfe Castle Aflington1 CULLYFORDJohn Goods7  
 1594Rowbarrow Corfe CastleAflington2 PHIPPORD PeterGoods3  
 1594Rowbarrow Corfe CastleAflington3 SEAWELL ThomasGoods1  
 1594Rowbarrow Corfe CastleAflington4 VIE ThomasGoods3  
 1594Rowbarrow Corfe CastleAflington5GentWELLS HenryLands2£2 6s 8d 
Pg 221594RowbarrowWorth Matravers Worth1 BRYNEHenry Goods3  
 1594Rowbarrow Worth MatraversWorth2 CULLYFORD WilliamLands10  
 1594Rowbarrow Worth MatraversWorth3 DEVIRGE JulianGoods4  
 1594Rowbarrow Worth MatraversWorth4 DOLLYNG ChristopherLands5  
 1594Rowbarrow Worth MatraversWorth5 GROVE WilliamGoods5  
 1594Rowbarrow Worth MatraversWorth6 NINEHAM RobertGoods3£5 0s 0d 
Pg 221594RowbarrowWorth Matravers Rempscombe1 BONVILLHenry Goods5  
 1594Rowbarrow Worth MatraversRempscombe2 STEDMAN ThomasGoods3£1 1s 4d 
Pg 231594RowbarrowSwanage Swanwich1 GATCHELLJohn Goods3  
 1594Rowbarrow SwanageSwanwich2 LIDE GeorgeGoods5  
 1594Rowbarrow SwanageSwanwich3WidowSAVY ElizabethGoods3  
 1594Rowbarrow SwanageSwanwich4 TALBOT JohnGoods4  
 1594Rowbarrow SwanageSwanwich5 WEARING GeorgeGoods3£2 8s 0d 
Pg 231594RowbarrowSwanage Hearston1 CHECKEFORDWilliam Goods4  
 1594Rowbarrow SwanageHearston2WidowDENNETT AliceGoods8  
 1594Rowbarrow SwanageHearston3 EGERTON WilliamGoods3  
 1594Rowbarrow SwanageHearston4 PHIPPORD VincentGoods7  
 1594Rowbarrow SwanageHearston5WidowROBERTES MaryGoods4  
 1594Rowbarrow SwanageHearston6 SARRELL ThomasGoods3  
 1594Rowbarrow SwanageHearston7AlienSHERM ClementGoods0£3 18s 0d 
Pg 351594RowbarrowThe Borough of Corfcastell Corfcastell1 ABBOTTRobert Goods3  
 1594Rowbarrow The Borough of CorfcastellCorfcastell2  ATIEAgnesGoods3   
 1594Rowbarrow The Borough of CorfcastellCorfcastell3  BROWNEWilliamGoods4   
 1594Rowbarrow The Borough of CorfcastellCorfcastell4Widow DACKHAMMaryLands3   
 1594Rowbarrow The Borough of CorfcastellCorfcastell5  DOLLINGAnthonyGoods6   
 1594Rowbarrow The Borough of CorfcastellCorfcastell6  DOLLINGRobertGoods3   
 1594Rowbarrow The Borough of CorfcastellCorfcastell7  HAYWARDJohnGoods5   
 1594Rowbarrow The Borough of CorfcastellCorfcastell8  MILLERJohnGoods4   
 1594Rowbarrow The Borough of CorfcastellCorfcastell9  SMYTHRogerGoods3   
 1594Rowbarrow The Borough of CorfcastellCorfcastell10  TUPPRichardGoods5   
 1594Rowbarrow The Borough of CorfcastellCorfcastell11  TURNERGilesGoods6£6 9s 4d  
Pg 341594HaslerSteeple Creech Grange1Esq.LAWRENCEEdward Goods20£4. 0s. 0d. 

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