(from the Dorset County Archives) Transcribed by Jill Morley

1414. 1609. November 24th.

Sir Richard Grobham of Great Wisheford, County Wilts Knight; to Henry Arnolde of Cheselborne, gentleman. Recites his lease dated 14 July 4 Jac to William Longe, Esq. and Felix Browne, gentleman, of the manor of Bagheares in the parish of Milton and other messuages and lands in Dorset for the term of 41 years at the yearly rent of 100 payable at Sir Richard's house the Subpena Office in Chancerie Lane. Power of attorney to expel the said tenants and to take possession


1415. 1753, December 17.

Catherine Combe of Richmond, county Surrey, widow and relict of Bonnet Combe; late of Hanley, Dorset, Esq., deceased, Thomas Strode of Ormond Street, Esq., Richard Brodrepp of Mapperton, Esq and John Ridout of Blandford, Esq., Executors of the will of the said Bennet Combe, George Trenchard of Litchett Matravers, Esq., and Edward Southby of Carswell, county Berks, Esq. Recites a lease dated 1743 by George Trenchard to John Hitches of Wytherston and Parks farms in Winterbourne St. Martin. Mortgage of 3,000 to Bennet Combe of Puddle Trenthead of which 1,500 hath own repaid by Edward Southby Armorial seals of Ridout, Trenchard with quarterings, and Strode.             Defeazance.



3081. 1692, December 17. (Deed not found) William Dunning of East Burton in Winfrith Newburgh yeoman, assignment of lease.


3082. Notes on paper of recoveries.

(1) Hilary term, 1693-[4], George Gould and Simon Beale, gentleman, v. James Gould, gentleman, hall nine messuages and land, &c., in Upway, Waybyhouse and Whitchurch Canonicorum. (2) March 1694. Thomas Cooper, gentleman, v. George Arnold, gentleman, messuages and land, &c,, and half manor of Bearne, otherwise Barne, and messuages and land in Holworth, Milton Abbas, Upway, Broadway, Sottingway, &c.


3083.  1693, June 23.

George Arnold of St. Martin's in the Fields, Innholder, to Hubert Gould of Upway, esq., defeazance of his recognizance, on his settling the agreed Jointure upon Mary, daughter of the said George whom the said Hubert has lately married.


3084.  1693, August 29.

Copy of court roll of the manor of Wyke Regis and Elwell recording the surrender by Daniel Arden of Dorchester, goldsmith, on the highway from Upway to Weymouth, formerly in occupation of John Allen, deceased and late of Rebecca Butler, widow, and Charles Butler, gentleman, her son and heir, to the use of Elizabeth Gould of Upway, widow.


3085.   1696. April 22.

Probate of will of John Chapple of Upway, yeoman, dated (16 October, 1695), Sons Robert and Samuel Chapple, daughter Sarah Chapple Sister Elizabeth Patten Son Benjamin.


3129.  1714. June 24

James Keate of St. Botolf's, Bishopsgate, weaver, son and heir of James Keate, the elder late of Upway, yeoman, to James Gould of Upway, gentleman, conveyance of a moiety of a cottage, as it is now divided, called Camomill Bank in Upway, late in tenure of said James Keate the elder, deceased,


3130.  1715, March 7.

Note of purchase by Mrs. Elizabeth Gould of Upway of a collage in Broadway from Thomas Read and Ann his wife,


3131   1715, April 1.

Abstract of title of Upway Farm from 8 Car. one sheet.


3182. 1715, May 24, 25.

Mary Churchill of Dorchester, widow, daughter and heir of James Gould late of Dorchester, esq., (with whom act Hubert Gould of St. James, Westminster, esq., and William Chapple of the Middle Temple, esq.,) Lease and release to George Gould the elder of Dorchester, gentleman, of a tenement in Upway, late in tenure of John Gould, esq,, deceased, and afterwards of the said Hubert and of James Gould, two of his sons.


3188.  1715, June 25.

Hubert Gould orders delivery to Mr, William Chapple of a statute staple for 2000. Mary Gould wife of Hubert assents. The bond was to her father late Mr. George Arnold.


3134. Detailed note of lands belonging (1718-21) to Mr. Chapple and to Mr. James Gould in Upway Town Field.


3135.  1718, July 22.

John Croome receipt for part payment from James Gould, esq., for two acres of land in Broadway.



 4061.  1754, July 1.

At a court baron of David Yea, esq., lord, Thomas West took quarter of two cottages on lives, rent 9d., fine 3 13s. 6d. Yea seals with his crest of a Talbot passant.


4062.  1762, February 13.

John Trenchard of Lincoln's Inn, esq., to William Bassett, labourer, for 35, lease of a cottage and two acres for 99 years on lives. Copy on four sheets


4063. 1800. November 11.

John Trenchard of Welbeck Street, esq., to James Collins, husbandman, for 35, lease of above in reversion. Copy on five sheets


4064.  1836, August 9.

Seth Cox of Bere Regis, cordwainer, to William Cox of Blandford St. Mary, gamekeeper, for 15. Assignment.


4065.  1839, September 14.

John Grant, carpenter to William Cox, for 30, assignment of lease.


4066.  1842. January 25-

Henry William Pickard of Forest Hill, Worksop, county Notts, esq., lord to John Cox for 15, lease of cottage on lives. Armorial seal. Crest: -An eagles head erased, in its beak a sprig. T.A. below. (? Thomas Arnold, solicitor of Poole, who drew the deed) also attested copy on paper.


4067.  1843, February 3.

At the Court Baron of Sir William Walter Yea. Bart., lord, William Cox took quarter of a cottage on lives. Fine 20.


4068.  1900, June 14.

Mary Ellen Parke of Henbury House, widow, to Maria Govey of No. 103 West 56 Street, New York, widow, for 42 Assignment of above. The above parcel endorsed " Deeds of Nos. 704 Yonges and 416 Oxfords cottage and separate garden."




5088.   16th April 1737

Mortgage: Oliver LAWRENCE of BUCKLAND NEWTON in D. 1st pt. And Josh. COOKE of SHERBORN in D. Bookseller 2nd pt. Land at BROCKHAMPTON COMMON B. N. Sig: LAWRENCE Wits: Oliver LAWRENCE J. HUTCHINGS, J. HEWLET


5089.   23rd March 1724

Lease: Joane DUNNING of DORCHESTER in D., Widow. Henry SMETHAM, Senr. do. gent., Sam. S. and Hy. S. Jnr.. of ILMINSTER in SOMERSET, Apothecary, 1st pt., to Hy. MOORE of WEST COKER in SOMERSET, gent,, 2nd pt. Land in BROCKHAMPTON COMMON B, N. Sigs: E. SMETHAMS Wits: Thos. MOORE, Thos. MUNDY, Lawrence St. LO., Thos. ARNOLD


5040.   24th March 1724

Release:  Joan DUNNING of DORCHESTER, Widow, Hy. SMETHAM, Senr. gent., Saml. S., Hy, S., Jnr., of ILMINSTER in SOMERSET, gent. 1st pt., Hy. MOORE of WEST COKER in SOMERSET, gent., 2nd pt., Oliver LAWRENCE Snr,, of BUCKLAND NEWTON in D. gent., 3rd pt. Land in BROCKHAMPTON COMMON B.N. Sigs: 3 SMETHAMS Wits: Lawrence St. LO. Thos. ARNOLD, Thos. MUNDY


6041.   7th October 1717

Lease: Henshaw HALSEY, etc., 1st pt. to John MITCHELL of WEST PULHAM, Gent, 2nd pt. Land in W. P. Ment. Margaret MITCHELL, deed., John & Sam. M. Sam HODGES Geo. H., son of Thos. H., then of CERNE ABBAS in D. Sig: MITCHELL Wits: Jas. GLOVER, Benj. COOMBE


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