Dorset Seamen at the Battle of Trafalgar 21 October 1805

Transcribed and donated to the Dorset OPC Project by Kim Parker

Admiral Nelson by LF Abbott  HMS Victory by JMW Turner Battle of Trafalgar by WC Stanfield Captain Hardy by Domenico Pellegrini

"England expects every man to do his duty." Arguably Britain's most famous naval victory, at the Battle of Trafalgar some 115 Dorset Seamen fought alongside mariners from not only the rest of the United Kingdom, but from all over the world, including from the US, Ireland, Germany, Italy, Norway, Holland, Sweden, Malta and even France! Napoleon's Franco-Spanish fleet had a 20% advantage in number of ships, but lost 22 ships, while Britain lost not a single one. However, the cost of the Battle for Britain was greater in another sense, with Admiral Lord Nelson being mortally wounded and dying aboard HMS "Victory" in Captain Thomas Masterman Hardy's arms.
I have searched through the parish registers and Bishop's Transcripts to try to identify these Dorset sailors. The vagaries of spelling, a tendancy to give the nearest large town as place of birth and inaccurate ages have made this task difficult. (Wherever age is given as 21, this should be regared as "aged 21 and upwards".)

SurnameNameAgeWhere BornRank/RatingShipShip’s pay
book N°
NA Reference
(RN Ships’ Musters)
Other Information
ATTWELLRobert31 PortlandMidshipman
HMS "Prince" SB 182ADM 36/16274son of Henry & Susanna ATTWOOLL chr. 24 Feb 1771
BANGORJames22 Linnerton
LandsmanHMS "Euryalus" SB 25ADM 36/16727son of Thomas & Mary BANGER chr. 16 May 1784
BARTLETTJoseph20 Whitechurch
LandsmanHMS "Prince" SB 537ADM 36/16274son of Joseph & Mary BARTLETT chr. 05 Dec 1784
BARTLETTThomas23 Martinstown/
Winterborne St Martin
Able SeamanHMS "Victory"
SB 921ADM 36/15900son of William & Elizabeth BARTLETT chr. 12 Sep 1779
"Discharged 22 Dec 1805 Chatham Yacht with the remains of Lord Nelson"
BAYLYRobert Sutton18 PooleMidshipmanHMS "Téméraire"SB 577 ADM 36/15851son of Robert & Jane BAYLY chr. 28 Sep 1785
BELLWilliam21 PooleOrdinary SeamanHMS "Spartiate"SB 406 ADM 36/16002son of Robert & Elizabeth BELL chr. 30 Apr 1786
BELLYThomas19 West KnightonLandsmanHMS "Dreadnought" SB 289ADM 36/15955- -
BENNETTHenry22 DorsetLandsmanHMS "Revenge"SB 543 ADM 36/16545possibly son of Robert & Ann BENNETT chr. 16 OCT 1785 Portland
James 14SwanageVolunteer 1st ClassHMS "Swiftsure" - -ADM 36/16549son of Matthew & Ann BENFIELD chr. 10 Jan 1790
BESTWilliam21 SherborneLandsmanHMS "Revenge"SB 499 ADM 36/16545son of James & Ann BESS chr. 03 Apr 1785
BRYANThomas23 PooleOrdinary SeamanHMS "Victory"
SB 135ADM 36/15900
- -
CARTERRobert47 BothenhamptonAble SeamanHMS "Britannia" SB 243ADM 36/15996possibly the son of Wm & Joan CARTER chr. 21 Nov 1762
Killed in action 21 Oct 1805
CHURCHILLFrederick36 Blandford
[Winterborne Whitechurch]
LandsmanHMS "Prince" SB 541ADM 36/16274son of John & Sarah CHURCHILL chr. 29 Dec 1767 WW
CLAPCOTTRichard30 PooleYeoman of the SheetsHMS "Defence" SB 51ADM 36/15942possibly son of William & Jane CLAPCOTT chr. 04 Feb 1770
Will & PofA to Mary CLAPCOTT 13 Jul 1805
CLARKESamuel21 Portesham
[Long Bredy; family moved to back to Portesham c1788]
Able Seaman
HMS "Victory"
SB 816
ADM 36/15900son of Samuel & Mary CLARK chr. 08 Jan 1786
drowned at sea 19 Jan 1814
CLAYTONJoseph29 BlandfordOrdinary SeamanHMS "Tonnant" SB 392ADM 36/16232- -
CLINCHEdward22 BlandfordCarpenter’s CrewHMS "Dreadnought" SB 294ADM 36/15955
ADM 27/10
- -
Allotment made from wages 18 May 1805 to mother
COFFINJoseph21 BlandfordLandsmanHMS "Ajax"SB 609 ADM 36/16538possibly son of William & Jane COFFIN chr. 18 May 1787 Blandford Forum
COOMBESJames33 PooleAble SeamanHMS "Dreadnought"SB 331 ADM 36/15955- -
CRIBBNoel24Wareham Able SeamanHMS "Dreadnought"SB 292ADM 36/15955 son of Noel & Mary CRIBB chr. 22 Feb 1778
John 25Blandford
[Spetisbury - if Croome]
Quartergunner HMS "Defence"SB 179ADM 36/15942possibly son of James & Anne CROOME chr. 06 Jul 1777
DANFORDBenjamin14 Shroton
[Iwerne Courtney]
MidshipmanHMS "Ajax" SB 616ADM 36/16538son of Nicholas & Mary DANFORD chr. 26 Dec 1792
DAVAGE?Bartholomew22 DorsetOrdinary SeamanHMS "Orion"SB 408 ADM 37/18- -
DAVISWilliam17 Isle of Purbeck
[Corfe Castle?]
Able SeamanHMS "Leviathon" SB 1742ADM 36/15837possibly son of John & Susanna DAVIS chr. 30 Dec 1789
DEAMONChristopher23 Weymouth
Ordinary SeamanHMS "Thunderer" SB 240ADM 37/192son of John & Rebecca DAMON chr. 17 Jun 1781
DENNISSamuel26 WeymouthAble SeamanHMS "Conqueror"SB 459 ADM 36/16250- -
DEWJames25Dorset Able Seaman
HMS "Entrepenante"SB 50 ADM 36/16607- -
DOWDINGThomas38 DorsetQuartergunnerHMS "Victory"
SB 458ADM 36/15900- -
Discharged 5 May 1812 Gladiator for harbour duty
DREWWilliam20 Storbridge
LandsmanHMS "Colossus" SB 695ADM 36/15825possibly son of John & Mary DREW chr. 21 Oct 1787
DUNFORDJohn33 Stock Gaylard
[christened at Stalbridge?]
Yeoman of the Sheets HMS "Ajax"SB 157ADM 36/16538
ADM 27/10
possibly son of Sam. & Charity DUNFORD chr. 22 Oct 1770
Allotment made from wages 1 September 1804 to wife
Able Seaman/
Quartermaster Feb 1805
HMS "Spartiate" SB 605ADM 36/16002possibly son of Henry & Elizabeth DUNN chr. 28 Feb 1770
EBBSJohn28Poole Gunner’s MateHMS "Victory"SB 347 ADM 36/15900- -
ELLERYWilliam23 BridportOrdinary SeamanHMS "Royal Sovereign" SB 585ADM 36/15755- -
?ELLONUriah22 WimbournLandsmanHMS "Defiance"SB 317 ADM 36/16244- -
FARRJohn16Dorset BoyHMS "Orion"- -ADM 37/18- -
FESTINGBenjamin Morton 15DorchesterMidshipman
[Commander by 1827]
HMS "Prince"
[Capt.Richard GRINDALL, uncle]
SB 811ADM 36/16274son of Henry FESTING & Mary Morton COLSON;
chr. at Linkenholt HAM 27 Apr 1794; died Radipole 1865
FRAMPTONWilliam29 [Winterborne] HoughtonQuartermaster’s MateHMS "Royal Sovereign" SB 127ADM 36/15754son of John & Mary FRAMPTON chr. 19 Nov 1775
made an allotment from his wages 24 Sep 1805
FRENCHFrancis29 Lynn
[Lyme Regis?]
Able SeamanHMS "Victory" SB 632ADM 36/15900- -
GALEGeorge19 Bridport
[Burton Bradstock or Loders?]
Ordinary Seaman HMS "Bellerophon"SB 497ADM 36/16498possibly son of George & Mary GALE chr. 05 Aug 1787 BB
or son of John & Mary GALE chr. 26 Apr 1787 Loders
GILLJames46Winbourn [Wimborne Minster] QuartergunnerHMS "Bellerophon"SB 51ADM 36/16498 son of Thomas & Mary GILL chr. 14 Jul 1759
made an allotment from his wages to wife Elizabeth
GILLJames42Poole Able SeamanHMS "Victory"SB 637ADM 36/15900 - -
GOODWINWilliam21 SherborneOrdinary SeamanHMS "Prince" SB 508ADM 36/16274- -
GRANTAbraham21 Corfe CastleOrdinary SeamanHMS "Defiance" SB 305ADM 36/16244
ADM 27/10
son of Thomas & Sarah GRANT chr. 23 Aug 1778
Allotment made from wages 17 January 1805 to mother
GRAYWilliam36 WeymouthQuartermaster’s MateHMS "Swiftsure" SB 142ADM 36/16549- -
GREENJames30 Weymouth [& Melcombe Regis]Gunner’s MateHMS "Neptune" SB 1303ADM 36/16489son of Thomas & Betty GREEN chr. 06 SEP 1773
Ordinary SeamanHMS "Britannia"SB 482 ADM 36/15996possibly son of John & Elizabeth GREEN chr. 07 MAR 1786 Abbotsbury
GREYEdward22 WeymouthLandsmanHMS "Victory"SB 486 ADM 36/15900- -
GRINDALLFesting Horatio 19Weymouth [& Melcombe Regis]MidshipmanHMS "Victory" SB 678ADM 36/15900son of Captain Richard & Catherine GRINDALL chr. 10 May 1787
GUPPYGeorge38 Malcom Lake [Morecombe Lake, Stanton St Gabriel]Able Seaman HMS "Swiftsure"- -ADM 36/16549- -
HANDCOCKAlexander B.14 SwanageMidshipmanHMS "Swiftsure"- - ADM 36/16549- -
HARDYJohn26Dorset Ordinary SeamanHMS "Achille"SB 490ADM 37/52 possibly son of William & Mary HARDY chr. 18 Jun 1777 Langton Matravers; other naval records give his birthplace as Corfe Castle, which is where Wm & Mary were living in 1786
HARDYThomas Masterman 36PorteshamCaptainHMS "Victory" SB 665ADM 36/15900son of Thomas & Nanny HARDY chr. 07 Apr 1769 Longbredy; commemorated by a 72ft monument above the village of Portesham errected in 1844 by public subscription, now owned by the National Trust
HARRISRobert24 WarehamAble SeamanHMS "Conqueror"SB 441 ADM 36/16250son of George & Elizabeth HARRIS chr. 27 Dec 1779 Wareham Lady St Mary
HEAVERRichard26 WeymouthOrdinary SeamanHMS "Victory" SB 894ADM 36/15900- -
died 01 Mar 1812 at Malta Hospital
George 34DorchesterAble SeamanHMS "Phoebe" - -ADM 36/16809son of George & Susanna ELFORD chr. 05 AUG 1772 Dorchester Holy Trinity
HENDERSONWilliam20 PooleMidshipmanHMS "Belleisle"SB 64 ADM 36/15814- -
HINESJames25 WollondridgePrivate, MarineHMS "Victory" ML 120ADM 36/15900- -
HISCOCKRobert53 GillinghamOrdinary SeamanHMS "Ajax"SB 138 ADM 36/16538- -
HOAREHenry21 HamprestonLandsmanHMS "Revenge"SB 545 ADM 36/16545possibly son of Thomas & Martha HOAR chr. 12 Aug 1787 Hampreston
HOBBSJohn21Wareham LandsmanHMS "Dreadnought"SB 293ADM 36/15955 possibly son of Wm & Sarah HOBBS chr. 28 Jul 1782 Old Meeting House
HOUNSELLThomas20 Lyme [Regis]LandsmanHMS "Royal Sovereign" SB 520ADM 36/15755son of Richard & Mary HOUNSELL chr. 18 Apr 1783
HOWLESJohn12 Ramson
- -HMS "Royal Sovereign" - -ADM 36/15755- -
HOWLESRichard13 Ramson
- -HMS "Royal Sovereign" - -ADM 36/15755- -
JACKSONJames30 DursleyAble SeamanHMS "Minotaur"SB 692 ADM 36/16055- -
JAMESJoseph22 BridportOrdinary SeamanHMS "Tonnant" SB 685ADM 36/16232- -
JOHNSONSamuel35 BlandfordAble SeamanHMS "Victory"SB 835 ADM 36/15900- -
JONESWilliam23 WeymouthBoatswain’s MateHMS "Minotaur" SB 127ADM 36/16055- -
KEICHJohn35Bridport Able SeamanHMS "Ajax"SB 134ADM 36/16538 - -
died 24 Sep 1856 Greenwich Hospital
[Wyke Regis]
Able SeamanHMS "Royal Sovereign"SB 871 ADM 36/15755son of Samuel & Deborah LOWMAN chr. 17 Oct 1783 Wyke Regis
MANNINGWilliam13 WeymouthBoyHMS "Minotaur"- - ADM 36/16055- -
MARSHALLJohn34 DorsetQuartergunnerHMS "Thunderer"SB 175 ADM 37/192possibly son of John & Mary MARSHALL chr. 07 Jul 1775 Bridport
MARSHALSEAJohn23 Weymouth
Ordinary SeamanHMS "Prince" SB 458ADM 36/16274possibly son of William & Grace MARSHALLSAY chr. 12 Feb 1780
MATTHEWSSamuel25 [Winterborne] SticklandPrivate, MarineHMS "Defiance" ML 95ADM 36/16244- -
James 30BridportQuartergunnerHMS "Defiance" SB 580ADM 36/16274son of James & Grace MINTERNE/MINTON chr. 29 Nov 1779 Bridport
MORRISArthur25 Blandford
LandsmanHMS "Dreadnought" SB 275ADM 36/15955son of Arthur & Elizabeth MORRIS chr. 29 Apr 1781 Hilton
MOULANGeorge22 DorsetLandsmanHMS "Thunderer"SB 452 ADM 37/192possibly son of John & Martha MALLAM chr. 27 Jan 1782 Langton Matravers
NICHOLLSWilliam20 BlandfordLandsmanHMS "Minotaur"SB 257 ADM 36/16055- -
OLIVERWilliam25 DorsetAble SeamanHMS "Orion"SB 327 ADM 37/18possibly son of John & Mary OLIVER chr. 01 Apr 1781 Lyme Regis
ORCHARDRichard27 DorsetQuartergunnerHMS "Bellerophon" SB 313ADM 36/16498possibly son of William & Dorothy ORCHARD chr. 28 Aug 1774 Chideock
OSMANAnthony29 WimbourneAble SeamanHMS "Euryalus"SB 79 ADM 36/16727- -
PARKERRichard26 DorsetLandsmanHMS "Leviathon"SB 1536 ADM 36/15837possibly son of William & Ann PARKER chr. 02 OCT 1776 Toller Porcorum
PARROTTSamuel47 Bridport
QuartergunnerHMS "Revenge" SB 121ADM 36/16545son of Mary PERROTT chr. 03 Jun 1759 Walditch
PATEYPeter23 DorsetLandsmanHMS "Bellerophon"SB 597 ADM 36/16498likely son of James & Mary PEATY of Cerne Abbas, but no christening found
allottment of wages paid to mother Mary from Cerne
PAYNEGeorge25 WimborneLandsmanHMS "Swiftsure"SB 228 ADM 36/16549- -
?POSHEREdward40 WeymouthCarpenter’s CrewHMS "Téméraire" SB 282ADM 36/15851- -
REDWOODJohn40 WimbourneMidshipmanHMS "Royal Sovereign" SB 942ADM 36/15755possibly the son of Thomas REDWOOD chr. 01 Aug 1758 Wimborne Minster
REEDNoah20Dorset LandsmanHMS "Colossus"SB 696ADM 36/15825 possibly son of Noah & Mary READ chr. 31 Dec 1780 Marnhull
REESEThomas G. [Grogane] 20[Nether] ComptonMidshipmanHMS "Colossus" SB 51ADM 36/15825son of Thomas & Ann REES chr. 22 Sep 1785 Nether Compton
RICHARDSJohn29 Weymouth [& Melcombe Regis]Ordinary SeamanHMS "Thunderer" SB 243ADM 37/192possibly the son of John & Jenny RICHARDS chr. 03 Sep 1771 Melcombe Regis
ROBERTSRichard Francis 20Burton [Bradstock]MidshipmanHMS "Victory" SB 963ADM 36/15900son of Richard & Martha ROBERTS chr. 25 Oct 1787 Burton Bradstock
ROGERSJohn35 Poole
[Lytchett Minster?]
Ordinary SeamanHMS "Thunderer" SB 37ADM 37/192possibly the son of John ROGERS chr. 10 May 1772 Lytchett Minster
RUSSELLJohn31 Weymouth
Able SeamanHMS "Dreadnought" SB 345ADM 36/15955possibly the son of William & Sarah RUSSELL chr. 21 Sep 1770 Abbotsbury
SAGEJames37Dorset QuartergunnerHMS "Polyphemus"SB 64ADM 36/16507 - -
SANDEFORDWilliam42 NetherburyQuartergunnerHMS "Defiance" SB 497ADM 36/16244- -
SAUNDERSStephen21 BridportOrdinary SeamanHMS "Tonnant" SB 347ADM 36/16232possibly son of John & Elizabeth SAUNDERS chr. 20 Apr 1780 Bridport
SELBYWilliam23 DorsetOrdinary Seaman    possibly son of Thomas & Susanna SELBY chr. 27 Dec 1783 Durweston
SEYMOREWilliam43 Alweston [Folke]Able SeamanHMS "Ajax" SB 163ADM 36/16538- - [the only William SEYMORE/SEYMER chr. at Folke is 10yrs younger]
allotment made from wages 01 Mar 1805 to Mother, paid Sherborne
SHEAVESThomas29 PooleQuartermaster’s MateHMS "Victory" SB 298ADM 36/15900- -
SHEPPERDBenjamin13 Cutmeal
[Cut Mill, Hinton St Mary]
MidshipmanHMS "Britannia" SB 836ADM 36/15996son of Thomas & Mary SHEPHERD chr. 28 Mar 1792 Hinton St Mary
SIMMONDSJoseph[38] PooleLieutenantHMS "Royal Sovereign" SB 845ADM 36/15755possibly son of John & Elizabeth SIMMONDS chr. 05 Feb 1766 Poole [based on being approx. 29 when he joined the RN in 1793]; died 17 Mar 1838 Southsea
SMEDMOREGeorge21 SwanageAble SeamanHMS "Achille"SB 411 ADM 27/11 & 37/52son of Joseph & Sarah SMEDMORE chr. 01 Oct 1785 Swanage
allottment from wages to wife Margaret, paid Plymouth
SMITHJohn38Weymouth ArmourerHMS "Britannia"SB 137ADM 36/15996 - -
SMITHRobert21 WeymouthAble SeamanHMS "Defiance"SB 535 ADM 36/16244- -
STICKLANDJames12 BridportBoyHMS "Ajax"- -ADM 36/16538 possibly son of George & Rebekah STICKLAND chr. 11 Feb 1787 Bridport
Benjamin 21BridportLandsmanHMS "Prince" SB 535ADM 36/16274possibly son of George & Rebecca STICKLAND chr. 03 Nov 1777 Bridport
George 30BridportAble SeamanHMS "Ajax" SB 135ADM 36/16538son of George & Rebecca STICKLAND chr. 28 Oct 1774 Bridport
John 15Longham
BoyHMS "Africa" - -ADM 37/99son of John & Mary STICKLAND chr. 13 Feb 1791 Hampreston
THOMASWilliam37 Corfe MullenOrdinary SeamanHMS "Dreadnought" SB 244ADM 36/15955possibly non-conformist, chr. 11 Mar 1771 Skinner St, Poole (parents not give)
allottment from wages to wife, paid Portsmouth
THOMPSONJohn27 PiddestonAble SeamanHMS "Minotaur"SB 639 ADM 36/16055- -
WATERSJohn34 DorsetQuartergunnerHMS "Bellerophon" SB 456ADM 36/16498possibly son of Betty WATERS chr. 05 May 1771 Melcombe Regis
WAYJohn33Bridport RopemakerHMS "Conqueror"SB 36ADM 36/16250 either son of Edward & Elizabeth WAY chr. 21 Oct 1770 or son of Richard & Catharine WAY chr. 03 Sep 1773, both at Bridport
WELSTEADJohn38 Milton AbbasBoatswain’s MateHMS "Victory" SB 654ADM 36/15900possibly Jonathan, son of John & Liney WELSTEED chr. 12 May 1765 Milton Abbas
allottment from wages to wife Ann, paid Portsmouth
WESTHenry19Bradford [Abbas] Master’s MateHMS "Africa"SB 396 ADM 37/99son of Rev.d E. M. & Ann WEST chr. 04 Jun 1789 Bradford Abbas
WILTONGeorge37 ShaftesburyAble SeamanHMS "Belleisle" SB 268ADM 36/15814- -
WRIGHTJames29 DorsetOrdinary SeamanHMS "Bellerophon" SB 176ADM 36/16498- -


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