Arnold Wills - Dorset

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They are a breakdown of names only which are in the wills and documents for the name ARNOLD
(Other surnames are mentioned in them also)
I add notes as a guide only to who I think these people might be.
Some of the very old ones are in LATIN and have been translated

PRO = Public Records Office
WRO = Wiltshire Record Office
DRO = Dorset record Office


PRO/6/1   1567 = The Admon of William ARNOLD of Child Okeford dated 30th March 1567. Granted to Christine the relict of the deceased and sworn in the presence of Edward Florence, notary.

WRO3/114 1578 = The Will of Thomas ARNOLD Husbandman of Nether Compton. Mentions: Wife Agnes Daughters: Agnes, Jone or Joan, Emily or Mary. Sons: John, Mathew, and Ambrose? Robert, Bartholomew?
NOTE: found Thomas ARNOLD married 1572 Agnes Bowden at Yeovil Somerset, which is not far from Nether Compton, this could be the Thomas in the will above?

WRO4/40 1582 = the will of Agnes ARNOLD of Nether Compton April 1582 (I believe the widow of Thomas WRO3/114) Mentions: Daughters, Jone or Jane, Mary, Elenor. Sons: Alexander and Henry. Also mentions Jone French this will is hard to read, these children could have been grand children, or children of Jone French.

PROB/6/4 1589 = 3rd February Administration of the will of Robert ARNOLD of Armeswell in the county of Dorset Proved and granted to his natural brother Richard ARNOLD Note: this was in Latin

PRO ref PROB 6/4 1589 = Administration Robert ARNOLDE on the 5th October 1589 granted to Alice ARNOLD the relict of Robert. Note in left margin: Entered and granted anew 14 November 1589.
NOTE: PROB 6/4 had two Admon’s; it appears the wife Alice may have contested the first or the brother Richard may have died before it was granted to him. I believe this Richard ARNOLD is the Richard of Bagbere.

PRO ref PROB 6/9 1616 = LATIN - Administration of the will of John ARNOLD of Cheselbourne granted on the 5th day of May to William ARNOLD the natural and lawful brother of John ARNOLD late of Cheselbourne. To administer the good rights and credits of the said minority of ages of John, William, Edith, Thomas and Christina ARNOLD the children of the said deceased, granted 30 November 1617
NOTE: This Admon was in Latin, the translator wrote ‘She having been sworn well to Administer the same” But I do not known who ‘She” is, unless something was missed out by the translator.

PRO ref PROB 6/12 1627 = the Administration of the will of Robert ARNOLD on the twenty-fourth day of November 1627 granted to Ralph ARNOLD the natural and lawful son of Robert ARNOLD late of Armeswell. Ascension 3 May 1627 (date by which inventory had to be exhibited)
NOTE: Robert was the son of Richard ARNOLD and Mary Horsey

PROB 11/106 1605 = the will of Richard ARNOLD 1605 of Alton Pancras Granted to Robert ARNOLD 1627 his son Mentions: wife Mary (nee Horsey) he gave the “Farme in Alton” Son: William gave £300. Son: Robert gave £100 and made him executor Daughter (illegible) Son: John Richard ARNOLD the son of my son John Niece: Mary daughter of Robert (obviously his brother) also mentions: William Stabout (sic) his manservant 5/-. Gave to Church of Milbourne 20/-.  Gave to poore (sic) of Milbourne 40/-.  Gave to Church of Alton 20/-.  Gave to poore (sic) of Alton 40/-

WRO 10/281 1625 = the will of John ARNOLD of Over Compton. Mentions: Robert ARNOLD, John ARNOLD, William ARNOLD, and ZACARIE ARNOLD, as the sons of his son JOHN ARNOLD. Also mentions: Maria, Margaret, as daughters of his son John ARNOLD and he gives one platter each. All the rest of his goods and chattels he gave to his son John ARNOLD who he also made executor. Granted to John ARNOLD 18th July 1685.
Note: Most will were not granted till one year after the person's death, which suggests John died July 1624.
Note: Zacharie Arnold of Over Compton son of John married 30 May 1654 at Trent Dorset to Elizabeth Mitchell daughter of Agnes Mitchell widow.
NOTE: John Arnold married 29 January 1608 at Over Compton to Elizabeth Mynthern.

PROB 11/165 1633 = The will of John ARNOLD of Pulham 13 November 1633, mentions wife Elizabeth. Daughters: Elizabeth, Mary, Sarah, Judith and Maratha or Margaret.  Sons: William, Thomas and John who he made executor. Also mentions Uncle Henry ARNOLD of Bagbere Uncle John ARNOLD of Alton Pancras. Cousin: Robert ARNOLD of Whatcombe and brother in law Edward Minthern.
NOTE: This I believe is the John who married Elizabeth Mynthern, son of the John Above.

WRO12/257 1636 = The will of Robert ARNOLD Husbandman, of Charminster 1st April 1636. Proved 26 May 1636. Mentions: wife Judith ARNOLD Margaret Arnold, William Arnold, Thomas Arnold and Ann Arnold, [may be his children hard to read] grandson Henry Arnold and grandson Nicholas Arnold.

PROB 11/198 1646 = The will of Henry ARNOLD (Gentleman) of Bagbere in Milton Abbas, Mentions: to be buried in Milton Abbas where his mother and father were buried left £5 to the Church of Milton. Mentions, Daughter Anne Goldsbough £20 and to her five children £20 to be paid to them when they are one and twenty years old, children of Robert Goldsbough, gave to the two daughters of his son Robert ARNOLD £200 equally divided. Mentions: Brother in law Mr Thomas Rose or Rofe, John Trogenwell for rent. Son: Henry ARNOLD Son:  Richard ARNOLD Mentions George Baker. Elizabeth and Thomas Domfret? (I think these were servants) My son-in-law John Coobes and Elizabeth his daughter, two daughters of my son Henry ARNOLD and William ARNOLD my son. Sampson Biles, my son Robert ARNOLD and his brother in law Thomas Rose/Rofe. Mentions his brother John Arnold of Alton (Gentlemen) son- in-law Richard Savidge (I am not sure if this is John of Alton’s son-in -law or his) Son Robert ARNOLD rector of Melcombe who I make and appoint (I think this means son of my brother John of Alton) This will was granted to Richard ARNOLD ( I think the oldest son)

PROB 11/217 1651 = this is the will of Robert ARNOLD (Rector) of Binghams Melcombe 1647. Proved and granted 23 June 1651. Mentions Roger Thurnhill, Francis Howse and Jane Ship. (Have no idea who these people are?) My son Robert ARNOLD, son William ARNOLD, son John, daughter Joane ARNOLD, wife Joane ARNOLD who he made executor.

PROB11/223 1653 = the will of Richard ARNOLD of Cole Hill in Milton. Mentions Wife Frances. Elizabeth daughter of Elizabeth Coobe of Milton Richard Cole, Mary Cole, Ann Cole sons and daughters of John Cole Gentleman of Milton. Mentions: Son of Robert Goldsbough of Lafcombe? And Margaret daughter of Robert Goldsbough; Robert Harris son of Martha Harris of Rollinton, In the Asle of Purdock? And Jane Harris daughter of Martha, William ARNOLD of Milton Abbas, brother Henry ARNOLD, his Children Henry, Jaquillita ARNOLD the daughter of my brother Henry. Henry and Robert my two brothers and my two sisters (who he dose not name) Brother in law Richard Savage of Delish Gentleman. Brother in law John Harris of Minterne Magna. Christopher Sytre? John Talbot, Richard Kenlam? Richard Harris, my godson or grandson.

9417 1655 = Mary ARNOLD and William ARNOLD were mentioned in the will of William Kiddle of Piddletrenthide, husbandman made August 1654. Proved January 1655

PRO 578 Wotton 1657 = This is the will of Ralph ARNOLD Esquire of Armeswell in Buckland Newton. Armeswell Farme mentioned in will. Mentions: wife Mary ARNOLD Sons, George and Robert ARNOLD Daughters, Mary and Ann, Proved 2nd day October 1658.

PROB 11/310 1663 = the will of George ARNOLD of Armeswell in Buckland Newton Dorset. Mentions: Cousin Ann Henly daughter of my sister Ann Henly, Elizabeth Syme? William Robert's son of William Roberts and Mary Roberts.
Note: this was very hard to read I hope someone can add to this.
Note: Ann Arnold daughter of Mary Arnold of Netherbrooke and Plush married John Henly of Celmore in Marshwood Esquire. 1st march 1650 Buckland Newton (Marshwood is north of Lyme Regis)
NOTE: Anne ARNOLD daughter of Thomas ARNOLD married John Roberts 25 April 1611 at Buckland Newton.

PROB 6/35 1668 = Grants of Administration of the will of Henry ARNOLD late of Ilsington on the 15th day of February 1668 issued forth a grant to Ann Hastings widow the natural daughter of Henry ARNOLD.
To administer the goods and rights or credits of the dead deceased left un-administered by Judith Arnold his relict, deceased, the adminstratrix whist she lived.  Granted 14 Feb 1669/70

DA/26 Admon:  1687 = Edith Arnold alias Grose, dated January 1687
Know all Men by these Presents that We Henry Arnold of Islington in Puddletowne in the County of Dorset, Gentl, and William Bartlett of Blandford Forum in the County aforesaid, Taylor" are held and firmly bound unto Henry Jones legum Doctori, Principal Official of the Archdeacon of the Archdeaconry of Dorset Bond     [? Five hundred pounds] etc Dated the? th day of  January 1677. The Condition of this Obligation is such, That if " the above-bounden Henry Arnold the n[atu]rall and lawful brother and Administrator of all and singular the Goods, Chattels and Credits of Edith Arnold als Grose,  Deceased....
The estate is to be settled the first day of December next [i.e.1677]
Witnesses: Robert  ?  [could be Forrest or could be Horrik - very sprawly signature] Wm. Horlock Signed: Henrye Arnold William Bartlett

DA/34 1677 = Administration:  Robert Arnold, late of Helton, Dorset dated:  April 1677 [Latin] Know all Men by these Presents that We Margaret Arnold widow and John Antram Clerk of Helton in the County of Dorset are held and firmly bound unto   Henry Jones legum Doctori, Principal Official of the Reverend Radolphi Ironside Clerk Archdeacon of the Archdeaconry of Dorset lawfully constituted in Centum  [One hundred pounds?] ...Dated the? th day of April  …. 1677.
The Condition of this Obligation is such, That if " the above-bounden  "Margaret Arnold the relict and lawful Administrix of all and singular the Goods, Chattels and Credits of Robert Arnold late of Helton aforesaid,  Deceased... The estate is to be settled "when thereunto required"    [no specific date given]
Witnesses: Richard: Fitzherbert, Notary Public Signed: Margaret Arnold Jno Antram, Clerk.

8252 1670 = James ARNOLD of Milton Abbas was mentioned in the will of Barbara Hardy of Upwey spinster Made 1720. Proved December 1723

DRO DA/14 1674 = this is the will of Christian or Tristram ARNOLD of Childe Okeford. November 1657 Proved 1674
Mentions: Wife Agnes ARNOLD Son Thomas ARNOLD, Son Henry ARNOLD
NOTE: Thomas ARNOLD married 14 July 1674 Child Okeford Alice Freshnan (son?)

MIC/R/342 BC/W & I/1682/A53 1682 = This is the will and Inventory of Edith ARNOLD of Okeford Fitspayne in Dorset. 8th August 1682. Inventory 13th June 1682. Mentions: daughter Joane Collins, Grandchild: John Collins. Daughter Edith ARNOLD. Joan Freeman Thomas Freeman Sen. Thomas Freeman and Henry Okeford signed this will.

NOTE: Edith Arnold married William Freeman 27 April 1685 at Blandford St Mary about 3 years after her mother died.
Some of the Inventory with the will [illegible]
Item a gold ring 10/-
Item In money £1-10-0
Item A quarters rent for her ground £1-15-0
Item for hay £2-10-0
Item for wood £1-5-0
Item for wearing apparel £3-0-0
Total was about £18

 6135 = the will of Henry Squibb of Islington Gent made April 1685 proved Nov 1688. Mentions his cousin Henry Arnold of Islington who is both beneficiary and executor of the will.

PROB 11/383 1685 = The will of Henry ARNOLD Sen. Of Ilsington Puddletown Dorset 20 January 1685 Proved 1686Mentions Children, Gillet Arnold, Judith Arnold, Christian ARNOLD, Edith and Husband Thomas Crow? (There was a note with the mention on Edith and a date 17 Sept 1684 but I cannot make out what is says, it appears she lent money from the will or was granted some but as the will was dated 1685, it is a mystery) Also mentioned was “my unhappy daughter Jaquillita White and her son Giles White, daughters Mary White, Elizabeth White, Katherine White and Edith White. Mentions Sons Henry Arnold, Melchesideck ARNOLD and his wife (not mentioned but I believe is Gould) and their son Gould ARNOLD. Also mentions Kinsman Henry Squibb.
NOTE: Henry ARNOLD married Judith Squibb this Henry Squibb I believe to be the brother of Judith.

WRO (no number) = The will of John ARNOLD  (gentleman) of Alton Pancras 1680 this rather long-winded document all boiled down mentions only one person. Mary ARNOLD. It appears that John died without leaving a will and Mary his sister had had to prove she was the nearest living relative. She was grated the estate on 25 March 1682. Inventory: hard to read total: £129-12-10

PE/SH OV 1/1/39 1689 = This is a very interesting document draw up by the town of Sherbourne for Jasper ARNOLD and his wife Ann, who became liable to the town of Sherbourne.
NOTE: Jasper ARNOLD married Ann Short 7th October 1680 at Motcombe

30273 1690 = Robert ARNOLD farmer was mentioned in the Will of Henry Hann of Over Compton made May 1690 proved Mar 1690

1695 = In the will of George LEARE of Motcombe yeoman made January 1693 and proved May 1695 he mentioned George ARNOLD grandson
NOTE: John ARNOLD married Melionor Leare 17 October 1692 at Milton Abbas.

30252 1695 = Robert ARNOLD farmer was witness to the Will of Margaret Hann of Over Compton, widow made July 1695

30266 1694 = Robert ARNOLD farmer was witness to the Will of James Hann of Over Compton, yeoman made August 1694. Proved April 1702

WRO 2/21   1696 = the will of John ARNOLD the younger of Fordington in the county of Dorset 1695
Proved and granted to his wife Mary World 25 November 1696
NOTE: It seems Mary ARNOLD re married before the year was up after the death of her husband she married Robert World (date not found yet)
(I believe this John Arnold is the son of John ARNOLD and Jane BROWN who married in Fordington c1650s. I would be very grateful if anyone can add to this branch for me I had thought that this was my John and Jane of Winterbourne Kingston need to prove it was not.]

7988   1697 = Elizabeth ARNOLD   deceased   Sherborne.  Spinster made November 1697 proved January 1698

8243   1697 = ARNOLD (sister in law) mentioned in the will of John Michell of Kingston Russell, esq.. Made July 1697 proved Dec 1670.

PROB 11/457 1700  = this is the Will of John ARNOLD of Abbots Court in the Parish of Winterborne Kingston. 20 April 1700 Mentions Wife Jane Arnold Daughter: Jane the wife of William Harvey, Daughter: Elizabeth the wife of Cornelius Oakley, Brother James ARNOLD, Son Henry ARNOLD, Son John ARNOLD, Son James ARNOLD [My Line]

This is the will of Jane ARNOLD of Abbots Court Winterborne Kingston. (Wife of the above John ARNOLD) dated 1st day of March 1700. Mentions Jane her daughter wife of William Harvey James her son Eliza wife of Cornelius Oakley
Grand Daughter Ann ARNOLD the daughter of my daughter Joan ARNOLD So in Law James ARNOLD Grand daughter Elizabeth ARNOLD also daughter of my daughter Joan ARNOLD [My Line]

WRO /R/191 1707 = this is the will of William ARNOLD (Blacksmith) of Piddletrenthide Dorset. November 1697 Proved and granted to his son William in 1707. Mentions: wife Mary ARNOLD Sons: William and Richard ARNOLD Daughters: Sarah and her two children and Mary. And mentions his son in law Robert Rives.
NOTE: Sarah ARNOLD married 27 November 1690 William Teuxbury
Mary ARNOLD married 12 November 1676 at Piddletown to Robert Rives.

MIC/R191   1704 = this is the will of William ARNOLD of Bradford in Dorset dated 26th January 1704. Mentions Stephen Bolis? Of Hilton Daughter Ann Bolis?  John, Janst? Or Jant? Of Hasington Somerset my Kinsman.

MIC/R/190 1704 = this is the Will of Mary ARNOLD of Piddlehinton in Dorset dated 4th April 1704 Proved and granted to her son Richard ARNOLD 3 December 1706. Mentions: the children of Robert Rives namely John Rives, Sarah Rives, Mary Rives, Elizabeth Rives and gives them 40/- each. To the children of Richard my son namely Mary ARNOLD, William ARNOLD I give 40/-. To the children of William Teuxberry namely Mary, Margaret and Sarah I give 2/6d. To William Teuxberry and Robert Rives the fathers of the above children I give 1/- each. To my son William ARNOLD of ---Piddle I give 5/-. All the rest I give to Richard ARNOLD my son who I make executor. Note: Richard ARNOLD married Ann Noble or Hoble 25 July 1700 at Piddlehinton.

PROB / 6/54 = November 1708 Admon for William ARNOLD of Hazelbury Bryan  (Latin)

DE/WM:  OV10/3/4    1710 = Agreement between Joane Dolling and Melchesideck ARNOLD. Joane Dolling gave birth to a base born child (sex not stated). Melchesideck said he was the father and was able to be responsible for the child. The agreement says Joane Dolling was his servant and he had frequent carnal knowledge of her body and got her with child.

DA/34 1713 = this is the will of Henry ARNOLD dated 12 July 1712 granted 1713. (Damaged)

MIC/R/193 1714 = the will of Robert ARNOLD Blacksmith of Cheselbourne dated 2oth July 1714 Proved and granted to Ann ARNOLD 1714. Mentions Sons William ARNOLD and Thomas ARNOLD. Daughters Mary BUDDEN, Elizabeth ARNOLD and John Woodrow. Also daughter Ann ARNOLD his daughter he made executor.
NOTE: Mary ARNOLD married George BUDDEN (sailor) of Great Canford on the 28th February 1703 at Cheselbourne

MIC/R/194 1716 = the will of Thomas ARNOLD of Cheselbourne dated 21st June 1716. Mentions daughter Elizabeth ARNOLD and son John ARNOLD who he makes executor. Note John ARNOLD married Ann ARNOLD 26 January 1726 at Milbourne St Andrew.
NOTE: This Ann could be his cousin one of the daughters of Robert [see will 1714]

 DRO 1717 / 1718 = this is the Administration for the will of James ARNOLD of Abbots Court Farm in the Parish of Winterborne Kingston. (Son in law to John and Jane see 1700) Husband of Joan ARNOLD Granted to Joan ARNOLD September 1718 Witness Alice Woofreys.

DA/16 1721 = the will of Alice ARNOLD August 1721 of Melbury Abbas (near Shaftesbury) Probate granted to Francis Morgan 1721. Mentions Kinswoman Elizabeth Morgan daughter of Robert Morgan.. Mentions Thomas Arnold Morgan her Grandson and his sister Mary Morgan. Mentions Francis Morgan daughter of Robert Morgan..
NOTE: Thomas ARNOLD married Alice Freshnan 14 July 1674 at Childe Okeford I believe this is the Alice who made this will. Alice ARNOLD the daughter of this Alice and Thomas married Robert Morgan 23 May 1707 at Cann.

DRO1722 1722 = the will of Henry ARNOLD of Ilsington in Puddletown dated 19th November 1722.
Mentions Farm in Tolpuddle that belonged to Francis Hull of Tolpuddle. Mentions William HULL esquire brother of the said Francis and Heir. Mentions Ambrose Audry of Chippoharn? In the county of Wiltshire And Lawrence St Loe of Pulham in Dorset. Mentions Henry ARNOLD his son and executor and Margaret his wife.

DA 30 1726 = the will of Richard ARNOLD of Melcombe Regis (near Weymouth) dated 12th February 1726. Mentions wife Margaret Son Richard ARNOLD Brothers Thomas ARNOLD and Robert ARNOLD Thomas ARNOLD the son of my brother Thomas. Sister Mary WADMAN
NOTE: Richard ARNOLD of Weymouth married Margaret WEST servant of Robert Coker on the 2nd May 1708 at Mappowder (near Alton Pancras)

MIC/R/342 BC/W/1727/AST 1727 = this is the Will of William ARNOLD (Blacksmith) of Piddletrenthide dates 4th Sept 1727. Mentions: Brother Richard Arnold Niece Margaret Channing/Thanning Niece Sarah Shepherd, Nephew John Shepherd Niece Sarah Rives, Nephew John Rives and the two children of John Rives  (not named) Niece Ann Winzar, Nephew John Brown? Niece Ann Brown? (This may not be Brown very hard to read), Niece Elizabeth Lyzoons? Niece Ann Tavish/Javid? Wife Jane Arnold
NOTE: William ARNOLD married Jane FOOK 20 November 1674 at Hazelbury Bryan
Mary Arnold married Robert Rives 21 Nov 1676
Elizabeth ARNOLD married John Shepherd 28 July 1702 at Trent.
Elizabeth Arnold married David Winsor 27 April 1725 at Dorchester.

MIC/R/342 1728 = The Will of Thomas ARNOLD of Cheselbourne dated 20th January 1728 Proved and granted May 1729. Mentions: Sister: Margaret Woodrow Niece: Margaret Woodrow Brothers: John and William ARNOLD. Sisters: Mary Budden, Elizabeth Haily or Hally, and Ann ARNOLD

WRO 1725 = this is the will of Henry ARNOLD the Elder of Winterbourne Kingston dated 4th May 1725. Mentions: Son Henry ARNOLD Son John ARNOLD Daughter Mary Haskell Son in law: John Haysom his wife Margaret Haysom my daughter lately deceased and their children. Daughter Anne ARNOLD Daughter Rachel ARNOLD Anne Haley my grand daughter, who he leaves in the care of his daughters Ann and Rachel. Proved and granted 6th day of June 1731
[NOTE:  Henry died 1730 Winterbourne Kingston]

DA/21 1728 = the will of John ARNOLD of Dorchester dated 1st February 1728. Mentions: Brother Thomas ARNOLD brother Robert ARNOLD William ARNOLD son of my son Thomas ARNOLD. Niece, Elizabeth Winzar wife of David Winzar and Thomas ARNOLD her father, Sister Mary Hunt, widow. Mary and Elizabeth Wadman and Francis Wadman the daughters of my late brother in law. Nephew Jacob Toogood son of my sister Martha Toogood and Mary ARNOLD, Sister Martha Lovell daughter of --- Lovell. Sarah Bill? Dorothy the now wife of Johnathan Ridout
NOTE: Ruth ARNOLD married Francis Wadman of Dorchester on the 2 July 1706 at Winterbourne Came (which is part of Dorchester today?)
Elizabeth Arnold married David Winzar/Winsor, 27 April 1725 at Dorchester


DA/61 1728 = this is the will of Mary ARNOLD widow, of East Rushton dated 12 March 1728 (Tarrant Rushton or Tarrant Rawston is East of Blandford between Whichampton) Mentions: Brother Thomas
Brother George Susan Coolt? John Bennet Mary Dike My Grand daughter “Catern Benet.” Is Catherine Bennet. Administration granted to Catherine Bennet.

1729 = in the will of John Russell of Nether Compton Linen Weaver Proved April 1729 He mentions: John ARNOLD son in law and Sarah ARNOLD his daughter
[NOTE: John Arnold of Over Compton married Sarah Russell of Nether Compton 29 December 1713 at Sherborne]

PRO/119 1731 = This is the will of John ARNOLD of Over Compton Mentions: wife Sarah ARNOLD executor Father: Robert ARNOLD of Over Compton Brother in law Robert Russell of Over Compton Kinsman: Francis Beaton of Over Compton Sister Elizabeth Hillary her daughter Sarah Hillary Kinsman Samuel Beaton Kinsmen, John Beaton, Joshua Beaton, Henry Beaton. Kinswoman Joan Knight, Elizabeth Beaton and Mary Rigle could be Riddout. Samuel Good Elizabeth White. Brother in laws Thomas Hillary and Robert Russell Trustees: Robert ARNOLD Father, and Brother in law Thomas Hillary.
NOTE: Elizabeth ARNOLD married Thomas Hilary 5 Feb 1718 at Thornford

DE/WM OVID/1/24 1731 = this is the will of John ARNOLD of Cheselbourne dated 9th June 1731 (died 7 July 1731) Mentions: Sisters Elizabeth and Mary. Brother in law John ARNOLD husband of my sister Ann ARNOLD Margaret Woodrow daughter of my sister Margaret. Brother William ARNOLD executor
NOTE: John ARNOLD married Ann ARNOLD 26 January 1720 at Milbourne St Andrews both were of Cheselbourne

PROB/6/109 1733 = Probate of Gould ARNOLD 27 November 1733 Granted to Henry ARNOLD the lawful brother and next of kin of Gould ARNOLD of Moreton Proved last day of May 1743 Granted to Henry ARNOLD.
NOTE: I believe this to be the wife of Melchesideck ARNOLD and Henry ARNOLD was his brother, the brother in law of Gould

DE/WM OVIO/1/24 = Bastard paper 1733 = Agreement 7th May 1733 Dated 7th May 1733 between Odell ARNOLD (Gentleman) of Moredon and Ann White of Moredon in the parish of Wimborne Minster. This paper was draw up in the presence of John Russell and Thomas Archer. It basically says that Odell is the father of her male child and he accepts the responsibility and maintenance of the bringing up of the child. Child not named.

MIC/R/342 1740 = Administration of the will dated 22 April 1740 of Gillet ARNOLD of Puddletown granted to his wife Jacquitta ARNOLD last day of April 1741 Mentions John Harris of Puddletown yeoman Henry Gibbs of Puddletown Husbandman Witnessed by Jacquitta ARNOLD John Harris and Henry Gibbs (cousin)
Note Gillet ARNOLD son of Gillet Arnold married Jacquitta Gibbs 19 Feb 1738 at Winterbourne Clenston. Gillet was the son of Gillett who was a son of Henry and Edith (Gillet) ARNOLD of Ilsington. Gillet and Jacquitta had two children that I can find. Mary who married Robert or Thomas Brown, and Jacquitta Arnold who married Henry Besant 17 July 1764 in Puddletown, no issue Jaquitta died. Henry Besant re married. (Gossip: Henry apparently married a young girl he was in his 60s they had four children, they lived in Puddletown)

MA/4 1742 = this is the will of James ARNOLD of Milton Abbas dated 25 June 1742 Proved 8 August 1743 Mentions Wife: Mary ARNOLD Son: John ARNOLD Daughter: Mary wife of William Lovell Daughter: Ann wife of Peter House. Daughter: Jinny Appoints wife Mary as Executor

1743 LDS Film  = 1743 Will of Anne Hales Court of the Dean of Sarum,
In the Name of God Amen   I Anne Hales of Winterbourne Kingston in the County of Dorset Spinster being of Good health of Body and of sound and disposeing mind and understanding do make and ordaine this my last Will and Testament in manner and forme following.  Imprimis I Commend my Soul to Almighty God hopeing thro the merrits of my Saviour Jesus Christ to obtaine Remission for all my Sins, As for my Worldly estate with which it hath pleased God to bless me I give and devise to my two Aunts Anne Arnold and Rachel Arnold to be equally divided between them and to the longest Liver of them   Item I make my Dear Aunt Anne Arnold of Winterbourne Kingston aforesaid Spinster Sole Executrix of this my last Will and Testament In Witnesse whereof I have hereunto set my hand and Seal this twelfth day of April in the Year of our Lord one Thousand Seven hundred and thirty Six.    The Mark of Anne Hales
Signed Sealed published and declared by the said Anne Hales as her last Will and Testament in the presence of us who subscribed our Names as Witnesses to the due Execution thereof in the presence of the said Testatrix Rachel Lane Mary Hicks On the obverse of the page (30) Winterborne Kingston The Will of Ann Hales Spinster deceased.
 This will was proved at Beer Regis on the fifth day of July 1743 before the Reverend John Talmon Clerk M.A. lawful Surrogate of the Official of the Dean of Sarum And by him Administration of all & singular the goods & chattels of the deceased & anyways concerning this Will was committed unto Ann Arnold Spinster the Executrix within named being first duly sworn __of the truth of the said Will faithfully to perform the same & to pay the deceaseds Debts & legacys as far as the goods and chattels will extend & the law binds & to exhibit a true Inventory & yield a just Accompt when required & Saving the rights of all persons Hen: Hurst    Registrar Will Hales Ann of Winterborne Kingston(Spinster)5 July 1743 DEAN OF SARUM

PROB/11/727 1743 = this is the will of Robert ARNOLD of Over Compton. Mentions: wife Sarah Grandson John ARNOLD Hillary Grand daughter Sarah Hillary Mentions: John Thompson of lower Compton alias Nether Compton (maltster) Mentions Francis Beaton of Over Compton (Clothier), Sighed John Beaton and Robert Russell. Proved 14 July 1743.

MA/3 1744 = this is the will of Mary ARNOLD (wife of the above) of Milton Abbas Mentions: son John ARNOLD Daughter: Mary wife of William Lovell Daughter: Ann wife of Peter House Grand daughter: Honor Daughter: Jinny executor

WRO 1745 = this is the Admon of Christopher ARNOLD of Winterborne Kingston dated 30 June 1745  (Christopher died 21 June 1744) Drawn up in the presence of Henry Woolfreys yeoman of the same parish and William Talbot of Bere Regis yeoman. Legacy of £300 was granted to Elizabeth ARTNOLD widow of Christopher, which she could not get till the last day of June 1745. Signed Henry Woolfreys William Talbot and Elizabeth ARNOLD.

DA/69 1750 = this is the will of Henry ARNOLD of Winterbourne Stickland dated 22 October 1750 proved and granted 6th November 1750. Mentions: Wife Julian ARNOLD Son William ARNOLD Daughter Ann ARNOLD Daughter Elizabeth ARNOLD His late son Christopher ARNOLD. Note: Henry ARNOLD and Julian Notting were married 6th May 1703 at Delish (in Milbourne St Andrews) Ref: Delish parish registers. This couple had a son Henry ARNOLD baptised 18 January 1714/15 in Winterbourne Kingston parents recorded as Henry and Julian ARNOLD. This son is not mentioned in any of the wills he may have died young. (I believe they are cousins of the WK ARNOLD’s or were there for work at the time)

Dorset County Archives Indenture made 18 February 1752 Between John Chaffley and Isaac Toodgood churchwardens in the Parish of Sherbourne and William Dibbin, Robert Oke, overseers of the poor in the said Parish. Jasper ARNOLD aged thirteen or thereabouts a poor child of the parish Apprentice to Henry Brooks of Baysbull in Newfoundland mariner. This states that he should be his apprentice till he reaches the age of one and twenty and that he should teach him the art of mariner, which he now useth. Sighed in the presence of Henry Selby and Phillip Stafford Withall and Henry Brooks.

DA/19 1756 = Administration:  Henry Arnold, the Elder, late of Milborne St. Andrew, Dorset dated: 23 April 1753 Know all Men by these Presents that We Henry Arnold of Milborne St. Andrew in the County of Dorset yeoman John Hewett of Melcombe Horsey in the said County, labourer and Thomas Barton of Beer Regis in the said County saddler are held and firmly bound unto John Walker Clerk Master of Arts Principal Official of the Reverend Edward Hammond Clerk Master of Arts Archdeacon of the Archdeaconry of Dorset lawful  in  the sum of sixty pounds...
Dated the twenty-third day of April. 1753.
The condition of this obligation is such that if " the above named Henry Arnold the natural and lawful Son and Administrator of all and singular the Goods, Chattels and Credits of Henry Arnold the elder late of Milborne aforesaid intestate deceased... The estate is to be settled on or before the last day of April 1754 Witnesses: Tho: Fitzherbert, Notary Public Signed:     Henry Arnold Thos Barton John Hewitt made his mark
[NOTE: A Henry Arnold was a licensed victualler at Milborne Churchston in 1736, 1743,1744 and 1748 but not in 1749. Other years before 1736 and between the years given were either not available or not checked.  (From Quarter Session Records DRO.)]

DA/7 1756 = Administration:  Thomas Arnold, late of Cheselborne, Dorset, gentleman dated: 27 March 1756
The same form is used for a Letter of Administration granted in 1753. Know all Men by these Presents that We Odell Arnold of Piddletown in the County of Dorset, Gentleman, Nicholas Humfrey of Blandford Forum in the County aforesaid, Gentleman and Thomas Sprong of the same place, Gentleman are held and firmly bound unto John Walker Clerk Master of Arts Principal Official of the Reverend Edward Hammond Clerk Master of Arts Archdeacon of the Archdeaconry of Dorset lawfully constitute in the sum of five hundred pounds... Dated the 27th day of March 1756.
The condition of this obligation is such that if the above bound Odell Arnold the cousin German and next of kin and Administrator of all and singular the Goods, Chattels and Credits of Thomas Arnold late of Cheselborne in the Archdeaconry aforesaid, Gentleman, intestate...
Witnesses: Tho: Fitzherbert, Notary Public Signed:   Odell Arnold Nichs Humfrey Thos. Spong
[The estate is to be settled on or before the last day of March 175]

DA /72 1753 = this is the will of Julian ARNOLD wife of the above. Of Winterbourne Stickland.
Dated 11 May 1750. Mention the same children as her husband. Signed in the presence of William Pearce and Ann Clench.

WRO 1760 = this is the will of Ann ARNOLD spinster of Winterbourne Kingston, dated 6 September 1760  (she died two years after this will was made on the 27 June 1762 in Winterborne Kingston.)
Mentions: Brother John ARNOLD, his sons Henry ARNOLD, Christopher ARNOLD, Ambrose ARNOLD and William ARNOLD. Mentions: Brother John’s daughters, Mary ARNOLD and Elizabeth ARNOLD my sister Mary Haskell, and her son John Haskell, and her other son Francis Haskell; my sister Margaret Haysom sons John Haysom and William Haysom and her daughter Rachel Pick. Nephew John ARNOLD (shewmaker sic) in Corfe Mullen. Executor. Witnessed Jone Harris and Mary Neppred.
Land deed: 6th March 1761= this is a land deed between Ann ARNOLD spinster, Rachel ARNOLD spinster, both of Winterborne Kingston and Thomas Besant.  (This document is huge) Basically Thomas wanted to lend money from the two ladies to buy land. He signed this agreement agreeing to give back the money within a certain time or forfeit the land.
[NOTE: Ann and Rachel are the daughters of Henry the Elder (see will 1725) both:  Ann and Rachel died in 1762]

PROB/6/137 1761 = Probate of the will of Henry ARNOLD of Toller Porcoum (sic) on the 18th day of October 1761. Proved April 1762 and granted to Odell ARNOLD his lawful son. Being first born.  (Mary Arnold died before she had taken upon her letters of Admon of the goods of the said deed)  this was written in brackets on the document.

DA/8 1763 = this is the will of John ARNOLD of Cheselbourne dated April 17th 1763. Mentions: Mary Jeff/Jesse Sister: Sarah wife of Francis Willa Brother: William ARNOLD Cousin:  Betty Loveless.
[NOTE: Mary ARNOLD married Joseph Jesse of Burleston 11th June 1753 at Cheselbourne
Sarah ARNOLD married Francis Willa 12th May 1761
Cousin! Elizabeth (Betty) ARNOLD married Andrew Loveless 7 Feb 1758]
DA/17 1765 = Will of William ARNOLD of Cheselbourne dated May 18th 1765 Mentions: Sons, William ARNOLD, and John ARNOLD. Daughter. Sarah ARNOLD; Elizabeth the wife of Andrew Loveless. Mary ARNOLD.

WRO 1770 = this is the will of John ARNOLD of Muston in the parish of Winterborne Kingston dated 15 January 1770 Proved 18 September 1770. Mentions: sons, John, Henry, William (this William married Betty Brewer they are my G G G Grand Parents) and Ambrose ARNOLD. Mentions Daughters, Elizabeth, and Mary. Signed: John Haysom and Benjamin Barnes. Granted at Bere Regis 10 Sept 1770.
[NOTE: never been able to find the wife of this John??]

MIC/R/220: AD/DT/W/ 1777/45 1777 = the will of Odell ARNOLD of Piddletown. 20th April 1777 Mentions: Mary Rice the daughter of Reuban Rice of Piddletown executor. Gave his sister Elizabeth Thornbest (sic) 1/-, Nephew: Odell ARNOLD 1/-, Niece:  Mary Betie 1/-, Niece:  Ann ARNOLD 1/-. He then directed that his body be buried in the Church of Piddletown by his sole executor above mentioned.  On the 30th May 1777 this will of Odell ARNOLD deceased was proved and granted to Mary Rice the sole executor.

NOTE: Puddletown House Street and family, 1724,  by C. L. Sinclair William.
The 6th house at the turning of the street Westward
1724: Reuban Rice, Taylour (sic) and Ann his wife, with 5 children. Reuban born in 1713, John in 1716, Sarah 1718, Mary 1720 Ann in 1723 and Elizabeth Rice, widow and mother of Reuban born in 1653, Poor 8 in the family.
Same house:
1769: Mary Rice, 1 in family.
(I think this is the Mary born 1720 mentioned in Odell’s will)
1769: Living in the seventh house on the south side of the street opposite the May Pole.
Reuban Rice, Taylor (sic) and Baker, wife and 3 children
[NOTE: Mary ARNOLD married James Moores of Holy Trinity Dorchester 25th October 1775 Puddletown wits: John ARNOLD and Reuban Rice.
Sarah ARNOLD married George George 5th February 1816 Puddletown wits: Joseph Runyard and Reuben Rice (this must be the grandson of the first Reuban)]

PE/WM OV9/3/78 1783 = This is a work reference for William ARNOLD (carpenter) dated 28th April 1783 now residing in Wimborne Minster in Dorset. Says: he is 29 born in Child Okeford worked for his parents as a carpenter wheelwright. At the age of 21 went to work for William Wyatt at Wimborne Minster as a carpenter Wheelwright. Married to Sarah and they have three children now living, James age 5 years, Ann age 3 years and Sarah age 9 months sighed by Bros King.
NOTE: William ARNOLD married Sarah Osburn 12th October 1777 at Wimborne Minster wits: John Hewlett and James King

1800 Dorset County Archives WORK REFERENCE 20th December 1800 = This is an Examination of Robert ARNOLD now residing in Puddletown (Bricklayer) It says he was born in Hilton in Dorset, and agreed to work at Hazelbury Bishop for one year for a wage of 40/- which years service has completely finished.  That he then was hired by Thomas Tool (sic) at Harmshall Farm in the county of Dorset at a wage of 50/- while years service is fully completed he received his full wage.  About ten years ago he agreed with John Hardy of the parish of Puddletown Bricklayer to serve him for three years at a wage of 60/- In his third year of service he married Betty Bird they now have children Samuel age 7 (born 1793) William age 5 (born 1795). James age 2 (Born 1798) and Thomas age half a year (born 1799) Signed by Lionel Dament?
[NOTE: Robert ARNOLD of Puddletown married Betty Bird 12 August 1793 at Corfe Castle wits: Henry brown and Joseph Collier]

W1801/3 DA  1801 = the will of John ARNOLD of Child Okeford Whitesmith I give and bequeath to my eldest dau. Elizabeth the wife of James Woolfrey 5 guineas to be paid to her 6 months after my death I also give her 2 guineas for mourning to be paid immediately after my death. To my second dau Jane the wife of Thomas Garret at Hatchbury, Wilts 5 guineas, to my son Thomas Arnold 1 shilling. I give to my grand-dau. Mearey Arnold the wife to James Arnold 2 guineas for mourning. To my son John Arnold all my goods chattels, working tools and all my stock, trade monies, book-debts and all debts owing me. He is to be my sole executor. Will was signed on 2 Feb 1801.

WRO 1803 = this is the Will of Christopher ARNOLD of Muston in the Parish of Winterbourne Kingston. Mentions nephew James ARNOLD so of my brother William ARNOLD.  Sister: Mary the wife of Richard Pooke, Sister Elizabeth Little. Nephew: Henry ARNOLD son of my brother Ambrose. Niece Elizabeth wife of Robert Inkpen; Niece: Lucy wife of John Davis. James ARNOLD respective son of Lucy Davis (base Born) Administered at Bere Regis 1st sept 1803 by John Little sole executor

1804 LDS FILM  # 189802 = In the name of God Amen I James Arnold in the Parish of Motcombe, in the county of Dorset, Laborer, doth declare this to be my last Will and Testament this seventh day in march in the year of our Lord One Thousand eight Hundred and Two. First I give and bequeath unto my son-in-law William Love my house and orchard and all my Goods, Cyder and Cash excepting my... making tools whom I appointment my whole and sole Executor, also I give unto my daughter Elizabeth Love five pounds and five shillings. I give and bequeath unto my son Stephen ten pounds and ten shillings. I give and bequeath unto Sophia Love my one-year-old colt and five pounds and five shillings. I give and bequeath unto Hester Love my old mare and five pounds and five shillings.  I give and bequeath unto Mary Love my clock and five pounds and five shillings, also I give and bequeath to my grandson William Arnold all my .........making Tools and Canner and ............... and everything there unto belonging and a three year old colt and all my clothes, lawful money of Great Britain. But my executor shall pay all my funeral expenses and every person mentioned in this Will shall receive his within mentioned money the day after my funeral and this I declare to be my Last Will and Testament putting all former away where of I interchangeably set my hand and seal this Twenty Seventh Day of March on the year of One Thousand Eight Hundred and Two and its my bed and bedding and five pounds and five shillings of all and everyone above mentioned of good and desire that every poor child should receive a small leaf that attend my funeral.   James Arnold William Hannanis William Hangford Edward Crouch H. Larum on the 20th day of Feb 1804 Wm. Love The Sole Executor within name has dully sworn before me ..Wm Douglas
[This Will found in Gillingham Peculiar  LDS]

Will 1807 = this is the will of Sarah ARNOLD of Bloxworth Proved at Bere Regis 20 August 1807 Granted to Thomas Bezant. Mentions only her son in law Thomas Bezant.
NOTE: Henry Arnold yeoman of Bere Regis married Sarah Durant 20 Feb 1757 at Bloxworth.
Their Daughter Sarah ARNOLD married Thomas Besant at Moredon 12 December 1782

1810 (have no number for this) = In a will of John Arbuthnot of Weymouth & Melcombe Regis made September 1810 Mentions: John Mills ARNOLD son of Robert and Katherine ARNOLD. Mentions: Katherine ARNOLD of Weymouth and Melcombe Regis Mentions: Robert ARNOLD of Weymouth and Melcombe Regis.
NOTE: I have more of John Mills Arnold to come later he was a Church Minister.
NOTE: John Mills Arnold of Melcombe Regis  (near Weymouth) married Francis Davis on th3 13 July 1820 at Winterborne Abbas wits: William Davis and John Davis]

PRO/11/152B 1811 = the will of Rebecca ARNOLD spinster of Bradpole (near Bridport and Beaminster) Proved 1811. Mentions: Mary Parks Ame Wainwright 8 nephews sons of my sister Ann, namely Robert, John, Arnold, Roger, Abel, William, and Benjamin Wainwright. (could not read the following it could be) Elizabeth, Fanny, Emma, Thomas ---- Mentions: Elizabeth Waters of Bridport Elizabeth Sousell (sic) widow of Joseph of Bridport. Robert Marsh of Slodin? Short Middlesex. Rebecca Barclay wife of Thomas Barclay. John Wainwright Mary Rivan? Thomas Colfax? [sorry could not read all of this Will this may mean something to someone]

DR/3 1801 = James ARNOLD of Child Okeford Dorset proved1837 (testator died 17 March 1836) will written 8 Feb 1836. To my Gran-son Samuel Newman ARNOLD the only son of my son the late James ARNOLD the sum of £5. To my daughter Ann Menchenten, wife of Bennet Menchenten £25. Also the second best bed and bedstead that whereon my son John William Woolfrey ARNOLD generally sleeps. To my brothers in law Thomas WOOLFREY and William WOOLFREY …upon trust my freehold cottage and garden and outhouse in Child Okeford now in the tenure or occupation of Elizabeth Wyatt. The residue of my estate with tools and stock to be held in trust until my son John William Woolfrey ARNOLD attains 21 years of age. Once he is 21 I will devise and bequeath unto him my freehold cottage and garden.

 DRO/BC/1 1813 = Martha ARNOLD will, dated 1813. [Note this is 5 years before John William Woolfrey ARNOLD was born so he isn’t mentioned along with his siblings.] Martha mentions her brother William ARNOLD and sister Lucy Brockway wife of James Brockway of Dunhead, Wilts. She also mentions her niece Ann ARNOLD the daughter of her brother James ARNOLD and Ann’s brother James ARNOLD. Martha names her brother James as her executor. The will was proved on 14 Aug 1813.  Martha ARNOLD was buried at Child Okeford church on the 25 March 1813 aged 60.
The references etc are all from the DRO card index (DA stands for Archdeacon of Dorset)

PROB 6/195 1819 = Administration of the will of Edward ARNOLD dated 24th July 1819 late of Sturminster Newton. Granted to James Ayles the nephew of the late sons of kin of the said deceased.
NOTE: Mary ARNOLD (Possibly Edwards sister) married John Ayles of Melbury Abbas 6th March 1815 at Cann. Wits: were Edward Fuke and Maria ARNOLD

NM2:S16 TS3/1 1822 = Agreement between William Beal and Joseph ARNOLD of Milton Abbas to use the Dwelling house of Joseph as a place or worship by an Assembly or Congregation of Protestants.  Dated 8 November 1822

PROB/1901 1838 = Will of William ARNOLD of Bradford / Milton Abbas. (Shoemaker of Bradford) proved 16 October 1838. Mentions: Sons, Henry ARNOLD and Robert ARNOLD Daughters: Caroline, Jane, Joanna, Elenor and Mary. Wife: Elenor ARNOLD
NOTE: William ARNOLD married Eleanor Jenner 15th January 1794 Braford Abbas, Wits: William Bartar and Martha King.

DRO/109 1867  = the Will of James ARNOLD the younger of Sherborne, Dorset - Tailor & Mercer.
Proved at Blandford 1st May, 1867 by the oaths of Edmund James Arnold (son), Thomas Penny (friend) & Ann ARNOLD (wife) He bequeathed to his wife - all his Wines, liquors, household stores, fuel and other vehicles of consumption in or about his dwelling house offices and outhouses,  £50 to be paid immediately to his wife for purchasing mourning for herself & family and to supply her immediate wants.  Also the use but not the property of all his household furniture implements and utensils, plate, linen, china, glass. He bequeathed the residue of his personal estate to his son Edmund and his friend Thomas Penny and granted them trustees.

DRO 1879 = this is the will of Jane ARNOLD of Winterborne Kingston. Mentions: daughter Sarah Jeans daughter Mary Ann. Son John. Dated 27th September 1879 Proved 7th November 1879
NOTE: Sarah Arnold died 1 October 1879 Buried 3 October 1879 WK

DRO 1882 = this is the will of George ARNOLD of Winterborne Kingston. Dated 1st March 1882  (he died 7 August 1882) Mentions Wife Emily Son: Charles ARNOLD. Daughter: Ellen Ann Arnold. Daughter: Mary Elizabeth ARNOLD James ARNOLD. Thomas Charles Beck. Witness Ellen Ann Arnold and John Berry

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