Parish of Milton Abbas

This transcription, has been taken from a copy of Phillimore's Marriage Registers, published in 1909.

Milton Abbey Parish Marriage Records 1559 - 1812

 The Register is incorporated in 4 Volumes-

 Volume 1 covers the period from 1559 to 1650 and was known to exist in 1729 but not in 1842. Some entries have been preserved in Hutchins History of Dorset and are transcribed below -

George BINGHAM. Gent & Cecilia MARTIN married 1569

George PAULET. Gent & Cecilia MARTIN married 1575

Thomas CHETTLE. & Catherine ARNOLD Widow married 1589

Henry MARTIN. & Elizabeth FLORENCE married 1603

John COLE. & Mary ARNOLD daughter of Henry Arnold married 1621

Volume 2 covers the period 1651 to 1763 It consists of 65 parchment leaves. On the last page is a licence to John Tregonwell Esquire and others to eat flesh "this Lent" (1660) Also a record of the Institution and Induction of Thomas Metcalfe 1758. Size 15" by 8 3/4"; condition generally good and the various handwritings legible. The volume was rebound in 1903

William WOLRIDGE & Francis CHILD married 20-May 1651

Jonathon JEFFERD & Ustey PEEKE married 07-Oct 1651

James GOLDRINGE & Elizabeth LUKIS married 09-Oct 1651

Thomas WOLRIDGE son of Robert Barnes & Margaret DEVALL married 02-Jun 1652

Robert BARNES son of Edward Drayton of Pedle Town & Mary VACHER married 28-Feb 1653

Benjamen LOVELL son of William Arnold of Helton & Mellior (DUNNING) daughter of Robert Dunning of Milton Abbey married 07-Mar 1654

William DRAYTON & An CHIPP of Tolpedle married 03-Jul 1654

William FORD & Alice MORREN married 15-Aug 1654

Phillipp WOLRIDGE of Winterborne Kingston & Celyna (EASTER) daughter of An Easter Widow married 08-Sep 1654

Christopher PRESTEE son of Elizabeth Denes of Whitchurch & Elizabeth LOKER of Winterborne Kingston married 11-Sep 1654

John BESSANT son of Jone Lovell of Winterborne Howton & Alice FURBER daughter of An Furber Widow of Stower Paine married 02-Oct 1654

Tobias PAINTER son of Henry Bessant of Stower Paine & Alice ARNOLD daughter of Thomas Painter of Portland married 02-Oct 1654

Henry CUFF son of William Boyatt of Tolpedle & Edith SQUIBB daughter of Jone Squibb of Milton Abbey married 06-Jan 1655

Willi BOYATT of Shillinge Ockford & Susan WOLFRIS daughter of Thomas Wolfris of Milton Abbey married 18-Jan 1655

John YOUNGE of Milton Abbey & (Mistris) Francis ARNOLD of Bagber p. of Milton Abbey married 08-Feb 1655

Edward BEALE of Milton Abbey & An BURPITT Wid. of Fippen Ockford Wid. married 12-Feb 1655

Richard SEABER of Milton Abbey & Francis ISAAC of Whitchurch married 03-Mar 1655

Nicholas PINCHERD son of Mary Tyler of Pedletowne & Margaret ROLE daughter of Nicholas Role of Helton married 27-Mar 1655

Henry ARNOLD of Mordon & Sara (VINCENT) daughter of William Vincent of Milton Abbey married 16-Apr 1655

Thomas LANCFORD of Marnehull & An ALNER daughter of Margaret Gardner of Milton Abbey married 29-Apr 1655

John SEAMER of Milton Abbey & Jone SNOOK of Strawbridge married 05-May 1655

William BARNES son of Robert Barnes of Milton Abbey & Jone DANMAN F70 daughter of Richard Danman of Milton Abbey married 15-May 1655

John...(of Pedletowne) BARNES son of John Barnes of Milton Abbey & An HUETT daughter of William Huett of Milton Abbey married 20-May 1655

Henry BARNES of Milton Abbey & Mary OLEVER of Milton Abbey married 08-Jun 1655

Henry HUTCHINGS of Milton Abbey & Margarett HAWKSBERY of Worr in the Isle of Purbick married 08-Jun 1655

Willi FORD of Milton Abbey & (blank) of Milton Abbey married 29-Jun 1655

Thomas WELLS son of John Vacher & Dorothy (of Wareham) WEYITT daughter of John Weyitt of Mordon married 01-Jul 1655

George VACHER of Milton Abbey clarke & Elizabeth PAINTER d.of Thomas Painter of Portland married 05-Jul 1655

John TALBOT son of Jone White of Milton Abbey & (mistris) Jane COPPER of Norton Bavent Wiltshire married 08-Jul 1655

George WHITE & Elizabeth (LOVELL) d.of Jone Lovell of Howden married 10-Jul 1655

John AYLES son of Martha Fleffiers of Covent Garden of Sct. Martins in the Cittie of London & Elizabeth PAINE of Milton Abbey married 27-Jul 1655

John.....(of Milton Abbey BROWN of Stickland & Katherin (of Clerken Well p. in London) CARTER d. of Richard Lawrence of Chater House in London married 03-Aug 1655

George BROWNE son of Robert Damfree of West Morden & Christian WHINDELL of Milton Abbey married 06-Sep 1655

Henry DAMFREE of Milton Abbey & Jane FLEERENCE of East Morden married 09-Sep 1655

John PALMER son of Joyce Allen of Howton & Mary HUTCHINGS of Milton Abbey married 14-Nov 1655

Hugh ALLEN of Milton Abbey & An FURBER daughter of An Furber of Stowerpaine married 18-Nov 1655

John BARNES of Beare Regis & An DALICOURT married 18-Nov 1655

Hugh HOPPER son of Roger Shepherd of Ash in p. Stowerpaine & Devall SEBBELL of Milton Abbey married 23-Nov 1655

Henry PERKINS of Milton Abbey & Martha DRAKE daughter of Thomas Drake of Beare Regis married 10-Dec 1655

William MUCKLE of Milton Abbey & Mary CLARKE of Milton Abbey married 16-Dec 1655

John SHEPHERD of West Harneham Wiltes & Elizabeth MELMAR daughter of Henry Mellmar of Milton Abbey married 21-Dec 1655

James MABEE of Helton & Margaret ROGERS daughter of Robert Rogers of Milton Abbey married 29-Mar 1657

Edward MARTIN of Milton Abbey & Amy DOREE daughter of Maudlen Doree of Tolpedle married 07-May 1657

James SADBERY of Bell Chalwell & Elizabeth MAINFORD of Milton Abbey married 17-May 1657

John RENNELL of Cembridge in the Ile of Purbick son of Thomas Burt of Cheselbourne & Elizabeth GELLENGAME of Ledlench married 23-Jun 1657

John BURT & Dabera BOND of Cembridge married 07-Jul 1657

John CHAFEE son of Bashwell Chafee Wid. of Holwell Somersett & Hannah POOPE daughter of George Poope of Holwell married 04-Aug 1657

Willi MARKS of Milton Abbey & Jone THOMAS daughter of Henry Thomas of Whitchurch married 13-Sep 1657

John of Blandford ROGERS son of John Rogers of Rawson & An LOPLEE daughter of Henry Loplee of East Martin Wiltes married 22-Sep 1657

Nicholas BRIGHT son of Edward Bright of Howton & Elizabeth HOLWAY of Howton married 29-Sep 1657

Hugh PEARSON of Heyton & (Mistris( Alice RAYMOND of Heyton married 01-Oct 1657

Richard CURRIDGE son of Richard Curridge of Fifit Navel & An GARDNER daughter of Elizabeth Gardner of Milton Abbey married 04-Oct 1657

John STICKLAND of Helton son of Christopher Stickland & Christian NORRIS daughter of John Norris of Milton Abbey married 08-Oct 1657

Paulet MORTON & Barbarogh MORTON of Little Canford. P. Ham Preston daughter of Thomas Morton. Gent of Canford married 13-Oct 1657

John GALPIN of Iberton son of John Galpin & Mary GAELE of Sturminster Marshall daughter of John Gaele of Lecket married 20-Oct 1657

William NEWMAN son of Willi Newman of Blandford Wotten & Faith DENMAN daughter of Richard Denman of Milton Abbey married 20-Mar 1658

Nathaniell GALPINGE of Milton Abbas son of John Galpinge of Milton Abbas & ??? married 28-Mar 1658

Richard HARRIS of Milton Abbas & Mistris Ann COLE daughter of Mistris Mary Saveye of Dewlish married 04-Apr 1658

John WARRIN of Milton Abbas & Jone FREMAN of Shillinge Okeford daughter of John Freman of Shroton married 23-May 1658

John SEAMER of Marnhull & An RINGE of Dunnett married 19-Aug 1658

John POTLE of Helton & Katheren CARTER of Milton Abbey married 19-Sep 1658

John MICHEL of Chalden Herren & Alice AGERS of Chalden Herren married 28-Sep 1658

Francis FRAMPTON of Milton Abbas Clarke & Elizabeth JAMES daughter of Thomas James of Iwren Minster married 07-Nov 1658

Thomas SHEPHERD of Holwell & Margery SHEPHERD of Holwell Wid. married 26-Apr 1659

Symond FRY of Milborne Sct.Andrew & Amy BARBER of Winterborne Whitchurch Wid. married 03-May 1659

Thomas BARNES of Milton Abbas & Margery FRANCIS of Forrington married 03-Jul 1659

Thomas FYANDER & Martha COX married 21-Feb 1660

John TOPP & Dorothy MAYO married 29-Sep 1661

William LAMBERT & Alice VICAR married 22-Nov 1661 by licence

George NORRIS & Francis DERECKE married 06-Jan 1662

Henry NEWMAN & Dorothy LUMEN married 11-Jun 1662 by licence

John HUXFORD & Jane NORRIS married 30-Sep 1662

Edward BARBER & Elizabeth ADDAMS married 28-Apr 1663

William WARRIN & Edith SQUIBB married 30-Apr 1663

Thomas BAKER & Hannah HARBIN married 05-May 1663

Richard DENNES & Jone HEIELL Wid. married 06-May 1663 by licence

Henry WILLSTORM & Jone GENGE married 18-Jun 1663 by licence

Thomas MAN & Margarett BAKER married 29-Jun 1663

Robt. SQUIER & Margery NORRIS married 04-Aug 1663

Willi. BALER & Mary SQUIBB married 24-Aug 1663

Mr. James CHURCHELL & Mistris Grace LAWRENCE married 13-Sep 1664 by licence

John ALNER & Mary WHITE married 03-Oct 1664 by licence

John HART & Rose FRANKLIN married 26-Aug 1667

Nicholas BARNES & Ketherin POPE married 03-Sep 1667

Roger FLAGGE & Frances KAYLE married 24-Jun 1668

Tho. WHINNELL & Mary RODWAIE married 13-Oct 1668

George SEXER & Philip LYNE married 29-Oct 1668

John SHIPP & Alice CHILD married 19-May 1670

Thomas BARNES & Martha LOADER married 10-Oct 1670

Jo. SHIPP & Judath SPENCER married 20-Feb 1671

Henery SIMES & Joane SHEPHARD married 06-Oct 1671

Samuell JASPER & Ann GYLLENGAME married 01-Oct 1672

Hamb BRIENT & Grace WHINELL married 03-Apr 1673

George POPE of Tolpedell & Alice LANNEN of Milton Abbey married 05-Oct 1673

Robert DUNNING & Jane SHERREN married 01-Jan 1675

Peter WHITT & Eliz. STOYLE married 03-Apr 1675

Tho. DEVERELL & Kathren CHAFFEN married 25-Nov 1675

John OTTER & Elizabeth WELSTEED married 01-Apr 1676

Adam SHEPHARD & Prudence GALTEN married 17-Oct 1676

John APPELGATE & Dorothy SQUIBB married 29-Sep 1678

John FORD & Mary WELSTEED married 12-Oct 1678

William VATER & Mary TOPP married 21-Apr 1679

George NORRIS & Elionor SCOTT married 24-Jun 1679

Roger DUNNING & Ann LYNNINGTON married 25-Jun 1679

Will. HUTCHENS & Eliz. HELYER married 29-Nov 1679

Robert MELYOUR & Elizabeth LAWRENCE married 20-Apr 1680

Richard DYRINT & Mary HUETT married 17-May 1680

John HOOPER & Sarah GOVER married 08-Nov 1680

Thomas TOPP & Lydia DYRINT married 31-Nov 1681

Richard ANTRAM & Elizabeth HOPKINS married 20-Apr 1682

George VATER & Elizabeth WOLRIDGE married 08-Jun 1682

JOHN BRINE & Mary BARENCE married 06-Jan 1683

Francis LOVELL & Margrett WOLRIDGE married 20-Mar 1683

Richard BARENCE & Mary DRAKE married 09-Apr 1683

Samuell GOVER & Mary PHIPPIT married 23-Jun 1684

William SQUIBB & Tabitha SHEPHARD married 26-Apr 1685

Thomas WHITHORN & Mary SNOOCKE married 14-Nov 1685

Charles WYETT & Elizabeth PALMER married 29-Nov 1685

Phillipp WOLRIDGE & Lucie BARENS married 07-Feb 1686

John SAVEGE & Barbery BRIDELL married 05-Apr 1686

Thomas RUNYEARD & Mary TOPP married 13-Jul 1686

Morgin KAIN & Ann PAGG married 18-Nov 1686

Thomas CHURCHELL & Sarah CUFF married 02-Feb 1687

John HEWETT & Christin DIBBIN married 17-Apr 1687

Joseph ARNOLD & Mary PAYER married 18-Apr 1687

Daniel BEST & Bridgett WEST married 02-Jun 1687

William COWARD & Elianor HARVE married 28-Jul 1687

George WHIFFEN & Mary MARTIN married 30-Jul 1687

Richard VACHER & Abigail BARENS married 14-Jul 1689

Richard WYETT & Elianor EVERY married 10-Jun 1690

John ARNOLD & Melionor LEARE married 17-Oct 1692 by licence

Thomas BARBER & Elizabeth SQUIBB married 28-Apr 1693

John HOOPER & Mary EASTER married 07-Jun 1693

Edward ROOPER & Mary SHEPPARD married 03-Oct 1693

Thomas YOUNG & Mary CELLEWAY married 19-Oct 1693

James ARNOLD & Joane ARNOLD married 01-Nov 1694

Christopher NORRIS & Sarah BARBER married 09-Jul 1695

Joseph COLE & Frances FOSTER married 16-Apr 1696

George NORRIS & Mary NORRIS married 03-Jun 1696

Tobias HUETT & Ann MARTIN married 23-Jun 1696

Thomas MUCKELL & Grace BARENS married 29-Sep 1696

Robert SHEPARD & Mary HARVEY married 25-Jan 1699

Walter STURMY & Sarah COLLENS married 11-Apr 1699

Tho. HAM & Jone SANSSUM married 20-Feb 1700

William GYBES & Sarah LANKFORD married 11-Apr 1700

Caleb FOX & Martha MARSH married 22-Oct 1700

Francis BASSETT & Mary BARNES married 23-Jun 1702

Daniell BEST & Susana DRACKE married 29-Nov 1702

Samuell ROGERS & Jane CROSS married 28-Dec 1702

Richard LEGG & Mary SHEPARD married 10-Apr 1703

William VACHER & Mary DYRINT married 17-May 1703

Henery WATKINS & An DUNNING married 12-Sep 1703

Jonathon GILL & Sarah PRINCE married 11-Nov 1703

John FISHER & An MINTERN married 27-Dec 1703

George READ & Frances COLE married 01-Jun 1704

Tho. HAKINS & An HUNT married 06-Jun 1704

Will. SYMONS & Mary CROSS married 17-Jan 1705

Edward ROPER & Eliz. MORES married 25-Mar 1705

Thomas BEZANT & Elizabeth COX married 20-Jun 1705

Stephen FOX & Eliz. ABBOTT married 23-Apr 1707

Richard HAM & Eliz. HOBELL married 07-Jun 1707

Joseph LEGG & Sarah CLARKE married 12-Jun 1707

Lawrence WHINELL & Mary LOVELL married 23-May 1708 by licence

Henery WATTKINS & Susanah CHAFFEN married 05-Aug 1708

John HOBBS & Sarah HOBELL married 20-Apr 1710

William SYMONS & Jone BILE married 08-Oct 1713

Robert ROGERS & Sarah MORES married 29-Nov 1714

William NORRIS & Ann CROSS married 25-Feb 1717

John ROSE & Elizabeth HOOPER married 20-Jul 1718

Joseph SHEPARD & Frances NORRIS married 21-Dec 1718

John HEWETT & Mary WOLRIDGE married 25-Jul 1719

John FURLONG & Penellope GLEDWYN married 05-Aug 1720

John GOVER & Christion WELLSTEED married 26-Sep 1720

Mr. John CHAPMAN & Mary PERKINS married 06-Oct 1720

James ARNOLD & Honour LOVELL married 26-Jun 1721

Edmond COOLE & Grace MUCKELL married 16-Sep 1722

James SCOTT & Joane BESST married 23-May 1723

William GENGE & Grace BIRDE married 12-Apr 1724

John ADDAMS & Amy HEWETT married 21-Oct 1724

John NORRESS & Judah VIVENS married 05-Jan 1725

Thomas KITTE & Frances FOX married 05-Feb 1725

Henery MABY & Grace BARNESS married 28-Mar 1725

Richard BACKER & Sarah VACHER married 29-Mar 1725

William WOODS & Susanah OTTELLAR married 29-Mar 1725

James DRACK & Usila VACHER married 10-Apr 1725

Francis LOVELL & Edith RIDDELL married 13-May 1725

Thomas BARBER & Ann COLLER married 18-May 1725

Tobias WIFFEN & Abigall VACHER married 11-Jul 1725

Robert JEFFERY & Margrett SMITH married 29-Jul 1725

Richard LEGG & Mary VACHER married 08-Sep 1725

Thomas WALLES & Mary COWARD married 10-Sep 1725

Richard RIDDELL & Mary TOPP married 12-Apr 1726

John BESST & Charity HEWETT married 01-May 1726

John DAVISS & Christin FRAMPTON married 03-May 1726

William TUCKER & Anne SHEPARD married 10-Jul 1726

Charles WOOLRIDG & Mrs. Jone GLEEDE married 25-Nov 1726

William THORNE & Mary CHURCHELL married 23-Jan 1727

Henry BEST & Sarah NORRESS married 26-Jun 1728

John HIND of Lychett Maltravers & Mary BROWNING of Winterborn Clenston married 09-Feb 1729

John BRAGG & Martha MILES married 11-Sep 1729

William BARNES of Milton Abbey & Mary TUCKER of Hilton married 04-Jan 1730

Tho. WHIFFEN of Milton Abbey & Alice RIGGS of Hilton married 11-Jan 1730

Samuel LONG of Mintern Magna & Abigail STURMY of Milton Abbey married 20-Feb 1730

John DYRENT & Honor TUCKER married 04-Apr 1730

Thomas MOULAM of Over Moyne & Joan PRESLEY of North Holworth married 26-Dec 1730

Joseph LEGG & Joan PAUL of Milton Abbey married 17-Jun 1731

Richard BRISHET & Jane SHEPPARD married 09-Oct 1731

Mr. John WOOLRIDGE & Mary WHINNEL married 09-Dec 1731

William SQUIRE & Sarah HARVEY married 14-Apr 1732

Henry EVOMY of Blandford Forum & Elizabeth BARTLETT of Dorchester married 14-Aug 1732

Arthur WALKER of Puddle Trenthyde & Elizabeth MOORES of Milton Abbey married 14-Sep 1732

Josiah VACHER & Sarah HOX married 24-Dec 1733

Andrew VACHER & Mary MUCKELL married 07-Jan 1734

James VACHER & Jane WOOLRIDGE married 09-Jun 1734

Jonathan WELSTEED & Catherine WEBB married 20-Oct 1734

Walter HARDYMAN & Mrs. Jane FREEKE married 26-Nov 1734

Richard KAATE & Frances KITE married 09-Feb 1735

Henry BARNES & Frances CROSS married 26-Oct 1735

Thomas BROWN of St.Andrews Milbourne & Martha DICKER of St.Andrews Milbourne married 07-Oct 1736

John REDWAY & Mary HICKS married 01-Oct 1737

John HARVEY & Ann VACHER married 26-Oct 1737

Samuel GOVER & Mary OSMENT married 19-Jan 1738

Robert FORD & Hannah HODGES married 05-Feb 1738

William MUCKELL & Ann BURRESS married 03-Jun 1738

William KATE & Jane WOOD married 27-Jan 1739

William BENNETT & Frances FORD married 04-Feb 1739

Charles MARSH & Emma SHEPPARD married 20-May 1739

Thomas WHITE & Mary COLLINS married 25-Jul 1739

Henry WHITTY & Hannah WARREN married 26-Jan 1740

Andrew VACHER & Jane LEGG married 17-May 1740

John FRYER & Mary LEGG married 02-Aug 1740

Mr. Thomas GLEED & Betty GLEED married 30-Aug 1740

John CLARCK & Mary LOVELL married 24-Nov 1740

Richard CUFF & Phebe VACHER married 12-Jan 1741

Thomas RIDOUT & Mary HOBBS married 27-Aug 1741

Richard BARNS & Elizabeth CANDY married 29-Dec 1741

James HARDY & Mary SWEET married 08-Jun 1742

Richard GARLAND & Mary HAM married 31-Jul 1742

Mr. Andrew LOADER & Mrs. Mary CLAPCOTT married 11-Oct 1742

William PUNCH & Mary FRIPP married 18-Jan 1743

Robert SANDERS & Mary VACHER married 29-Jan 1743

Roger WHINNEL & Ann ADAMS married 17-Jul 1743

John SYMS & Hannah LINIINGTON married 31-Jul 1743

Benjamin LOVELL & Abigail CLARKE married 08-Oct 1743

John SARGENT & Eleanor EASTER married 12-Jan 1744

William STROUD & Mary WELLSTEED married 18-Nov 1744

William MUCKELL & Jane ARNOLD married 29-Jun 1745

Stephen WOOD & Mary DAVISON married 05-Oct 1745

Thomas LININGTON & Mary BOLT married 02-Mar 1746

The Rev. Mr.George LACY of Stinsford & Elizabeth MARTIN married 08-Apr 1746

James CROSS & Elizabeth FORD married 10-May 1746

John ADAMS & Mary STICKLAND married 11-Oct 1746

Mr. John CLAPCOTT & Mrs . Ann WOOLFREY married 20-Jan 1747

Henry BARNES & Sarah HUNT married 02-May 1747

William HAIN & Mary BURGUNDY married 31-Dec 1747

Francis HOUSE & Sarah FOOKS married 26-Jan 1748

Silas VACHER & Mary DRAKE married 01-Feb 1748

Mr. Nicholas INGRAM & Mary BACON married 15-Feb 1748

John ADAMS & Mary LAWRENCE married 27-Nov 1748

William MUCKELL & Mary BRIDLE married 28-Dec 1748

Charles LOVELL & Mary BARNES married 10-Feb 1749

John VACHER & Elizabeth COLLINS married 27-Apr 1749

Josiah VACHER & Jane SANDERS married 22-Oct 1749

Robert DAVIS & Mary ARNOLD married 25-Dec 1749

Joseph STICKLEY & Elizabeth MARSH married 16-Feb 1750

Thomas BAKER & Ann POLDEN married 17-Apr 1750

Samuel GOVER & Mary WHIFFEN married 11-Aug 1750

Richard SQUIBB & Elizabeth BARNS married 29-Sep 1750

Daniel BEST & Susannah ELFORD married 25-Dec 1750

Hugh CAPON & Mary WHITE married 27-Dec 1750

Robert NOTTING & Ann COOK married 04-May 1751

John HOLLAND & Susannah DRAKE married 12-May 1751

John ARNOLD & Hannah NORRIS married 05-Jul 1751

Andrew VACHER & Mary NORRIS married 30-Nov 1751

Joseph SHEPHARD & Mary BESSANT married 27-Jan 1752

Edward HOOPER & Mary WHITE married 08-Feb 1752

George PAIN & Phillis VACHER married 19-Apr 1752

John PLAYER & Jane VACHER married 19-Apr 1752

Thomas DAVIS & Mary BESS married 20-May 1752

John OXFORD & Mary WELSTEED married 30-May 1752

John GILLINGHAM & Mary DAMAR married 19-Jul 1752

William COLBY & Katherine HOPKINS married 28-Dec 1752

John HEWETT & Ann KNIGHT married 09-Jun 1753

John LILINGTON & Mary HEWETT married 02-Jul 1753

Jethro VACHER & Mary RIGGS married 30-Dec 1753

Hugh WILKINSON & Eleonor ROBERTS married 05-Jan 1754

Volume 3 covers the period 1754 to 1766 It consists of 24 parchment leaves with Banns and Marriage forms printed thereon. Size 13 1/2 iknches by 10 1/2 inches. Condition good and the entries all made by the officiating Minister. Original binding very thick cardboard leather back and corners.

John ROGERS of Milton Abbey & Hannah CROCKER of p. Durweston with consent of parents married 16-May 1754

James CLARK & Jane FORD married 03-Feb 1755

Thomas LILINGTON & Mary CHURCHOUSE married 31-Mar 1755

George ELKINS of the parish of Holy Trinity Dorchester & Elizabeth ALLEN married 09-May 1755

Benjamin JEANS of the parish of Sturminster Marshall & Mary GOVER married 14-Aug 1755

Andrew VACHER & Mary LOVEL married 30-Sep 1755

Thomas KITE & Mary TUCKER married 23-Nov 1755

Samuel DRAKE & Mary HARDEN married 02-Feb 1756

John TOBY of the parish of Piddlehinton & Phillis POPE married 18-Apr 1756

James STICKLEY & Mary WOOLRIDGE married 09-Jun 1756

Joseph NORRIS & Mary BARNES married 22-Jun 1756

Joseph SHEPHARD & Priscilla HICKS married 28-Jun 1756

Joseph HARDEY & Elizabeth BAKER married 16-Oct 1756

Jethro LOVELL & Ann TUCKER married 23-Jan 1757

Henry BARNES & Ann THORN married 17-Oct 1757

James DRAKE & Sarah LOVELL married 29-Nov 1757

Hugh CAPON of the parish of Beaminster & Abigail VACHER married 01-Jan 1758

Samuel DRAKE & Mary HART married 09-Jan 1758

Thomas FARR & Elizabeth STURMY married 06-Feb 1758

William COWARD of the parish of Winfrith & Elizabeth RIDDLE married 09-Feb 1758

Jonah RIGGS & Sarah VACHER married 28-Mar 1758

William STICKLEY of Winterbourne Whitechurch & Jenny TUCKER married 09-Apr 1758

Joram FOOT & Margaret LOVELL married 06-May 1758

John BARNES & Abigail WHIFFEN married 06-Jul 1758

Melmer DAVIS of the parish of Whitchurch & Elizabeth CANDY married 12-Sep 1758

John SCOTT & Elizabeth TUCKER married 17-Apr 1759

Charles BESS & Elizabeth WHIFFEN married 29-Jul 1759

Jethro VACHER & Elizabeth ANDREWS married 11-Sep 1760

Joseph THORN & Martha RANDELL married 25-Nov 1760

John GERRARD & Jane RANDELL married 08-Feb 1761

Samuel HOPKINS & Ann OXFORD married 06-Apr 1761

Thomas KITE & Jane GERRARD married 17-Apr 1761

Robert HUMBER of Milton Abbey & Elizabeth COBB of p. Whitchurch married 17-Jul 1761 by licence

Henry DAW & Ann GOVER married 29-Aug 1761

Samuel CLENCH & Jane OXFORD married 02-Sep 1761

John VACHER & Elizabeth LOVELL married 26-Oct 1761

Francis SHAVE & Honour JAMES married 23-Dec 1761

Jethro LOVELL & Ann MUCKELL married 23-Jan 1763

William BALLSON of the parish of Oure Moyne & Bethia OXFORD married 13-Jun 1763

John WHITE of Hilton & Martha LOCK married 22-Nov 1763

William TUCKER & Sarah Whiffin BILES married 12-Feb 1764

Joseph HUETT & Jane LEGG married 03-May 1764

John LOVELL & Honour TUCKER married 24-May 1764

John HOBBS & Ann LANE married 31-May 1764

Samuel HOPKINS & Elizabeth BRAGG married 12-Jun 1764

John FRAMPTON of the parish of Winterbourne Houghton & Mary BRUSKETT married 02-Aug 1764

Josiah VACHER & Mary UPWARD married 06-Aug 1764

Richard DAMON & Ursula DRAKE married 19-Oct 1764

William RIDOUT & Mary COURTNEY married 19-Dec 1764

Henry DAVIS & Catherine DAVIS married 30-Dec 1764

John MOREY of Gunville & Elizabeth HUETT married 27-May 1765

George SMITH & Susannah WHEELER married 04-Jun 1765

James PAIN of Dewlish & Elizabeth TRIM married 04-Aug 1765

John LOVELL & Elizabeth STACY married 25-Aug 1765 by licence

John HALLETT & Charity HAM married 23-Oct 1765

Morgan MULLETT & Ann ARNOLD married 01-Nov 1765

Charles FRAMPTON of the parish of Gussage All Saints & Susannah POPE married 30-Dec 1765 by licence

Samuel BARNES & Ann BARNES married 17-Jan 1766 by licence

James FURBER & Ann HAWKINS married 04-Feb 1766 by licence

William OXFORD of Milton Abbey & Mary SCUTT of p. Affpiddle married 01-Apr 1766 by licence

Joseph WHIFFIN & Elizabeth ARNOLD married 03-Apr 1766

Thomas OXFORD & Sarah BEST married 10-Apr 1766

Henry ROGERS of the parish of Piddlehinton & Jenny ANTHONY married 16-Apr 1766

Thomas WHITE & Jane LOVELL married 10-Jun 1766

Thomas Dewy RIDOUT & Betty CHURCHILL married 18-Dec 1766

Volume 4 covers the period 1767 to 1812 "The register Book for Marriages in all parish churches and chapels conformable to an Act of the 26th of King George 2 intitled and Act for the better preventing of Clandestine Marriages. Published according to Act of Parliament. By T. Lownds in Fleet Street London 1762." Condition good and all the entries made by the officiating Minister. Only 46 pages used.

Henry Junior BARNES & Ursula YOUNG married 20-Feb 1767 licence

Thomas WOOLFRYES of the parish of Whitchurch & Elizabeth HUMBER married 28-Apr 1767 by licence

Charles TUCK of the parish of St Martin's Wareham & Mary GARLAND married 03-Jun 1767 licence

John CHURCHILL & Sarah FIANDER married 05-Jul 1767 sp.

John PLAYER widr. & Mary FORD married -bov30 1767 sp.

Andrew CROSS & Eleanor COWARD married 09-Jan 1768 sp.

William CLARK & Elizabeth WOOD married 05-Mar 1768 by licence

Thomas STICKLAND of Hilton & Ann GILES married 25-Jul 1768 sp.

William ADAMS widr. & Sarah WOODS married 30-Oct 1768 sp.

David DRAKE & Mary OXFORD married 23-Jan 1769

Thomas BLEATHMAN of the parish of Sturminster Newton & Elizabeth LOADER married 24-Apr 1769 licence

John THORN & Betty YEATMAN married 24-Apr 1769 licence

Thomas OXFORD widr. & Ann LOVELL wid. married 04-Dec 1769

William COX alias Collins & Catherine WOODS wid. married 23-Dec 1769

John JACOB & Jane SMART married 01-Jan 1770 sp.

John STANLEY widr & Edith STAY married 19-Feb 1770 sp.

John SAVAGE of the parish of Blandford St. Mary & Elizabeth BARNES married 05-Mar 1770

John BURT of Milton Abbey & Elizabeth GREGORY of p. Owre Moigne married 08-Apr 1770 licence

Robert FIANDER & Mary VACHER married 04-Sep 1770 licence with permission of Parents

Thomas CAKE of Tolpiddle & Elizabeth GOVER married 17-Sep 1770 sp.

Stephen VACHER & Mary HUETT married 22-Oct 1770 sp.

Jacob STURMEY & Mary CHALDECOTT married 14-Jan 1771 sp.

Lawrence HAWKINS & Hannah HAM married 31-Jan 1771 licence

Thomas BILLETT of & Jane PAULL of p. Winterbourne Houghton married 05-Feb 1771 sp.

Joseph NORRIS & Sarah STURMY married 15-Apr 1771 sp.

Joseph ELFORD & Jane HAWKINS married 24-Apr 1771 licence

John SEAGER & Ann PIKE married 18-May 1771 sp.

Robert LOVELL & Susannah NEW married 23-May 1771 sp.

Thomas WEST of Milton Abbey & Anna THORN married 15-Jul 1771 sp.

John MEECH of Whitchurch widr. & Eleanor ANTHONY married 24-Aug 1772 sp.

Robert ROGERS & Sarah HUETT married 17-Jan 1773 sp.

Samuel LANDER & Elizabeth HAWKINS married 08-Feb 1773 sp.

William COUSINS of Blandfor Forum & Sally COWARD married 20-Feb 1773 sp.

William REEKS of Cheslebourn & Mary GRANT married 17-Apr 1773 sp.

Thomas BRAGG & Ann LOVELL married 05-Jan 1774 sp.

John RATCLIFFE & Jane SANDERS married 04-Apr 1774 sp.

James VACHER & Ursula DAMON wid. married 22-Jul 1774 by licence

Alezander SHEPHERD of Milton Abbey & Elizabeth STURMY married 21-May 1775

Edmund DAVID of Milton Abbey & Mary BESS married 11-Jul 1775

Francis PINNEY of Milton Abbey & Elizabeth DOWNING married 30-Jul 1775 by licence

George LILLINGTON & Susanna HEWET married 17-Sep 1775

John WHITE & Mary SARGEANT married 21-Sep 1775

George ABBOTT & Anne BRAGG married 21-Dec 1775 by licence

George CHISMAN of the parish of Owre Migne & Mary TRENT married 08-Apr 1776

Charles BURT of East Holworth (Milton Abbey) & Mary CHAPPLE married 09-Apr 1776 by licence

John TROUGHTON of Milton Abbey sojourner & Susanna THORN married 02-Jun 1776

John SMITH & Elizabeth WARREN married 30-Sep 1776 by licence

John NUNN of Milton Abbey & Ann LOVELL married 09-Oct 1776

John WINZER & Dinah BARNES married 29-Oct 1776

Dennis DEERING of Milton Abbey sojourner & Elizabeth SAUNDERS married 13-Jan 1777

Joseph GOVER sojourner & Ann KNIGHT married 13-May 1777

Abraham FISHER & Ann WHINNEL married 22-Jun 1777

Storer MATTHEWS sojourner & Margaret WOOD married 16-Jul 1777

Abraham BUZZAR of the parish of Chisil in the Isle of Portland sojourner & Elizabeth LOVEL married 17-Aug 1777

Thomas JOYCE & Catherine PEIRCE married 16-Sep 1777

James STAGG of the parish of Blandford St. Mary & Elizabeth GOVER married 18-Oct 1777

William STICKLEY widr. & Sarah GOVER married 27-Oct 1777

Edward WATSON & Frances BLAIR sojourner married 27-Jan 1778

Thomas MEADEN & Ann OXFORD married 23-Feb 1778

John GOVER & Mary VACHER married 27-Apr 1778

Henry BARNES of the parish of Dewlish Widr. & Elizabeth LOVELL married 04-May 1778

Benjamin HOWSE of the parish of Hilton & Fanny MARSH married 24-Sep 1778 by licence

John OXFORD & Elenor PARKINS married 25-Nov 1778

Josiah VACHER & Susanna LILLINGTON married 21-Aug 1779

Robert PETTY sojourner & Ann WHIFFEN married 23-Aug 1779

John GREEN & Mary HOWSE married 13-Sep 1779

John SWYER & Ruth KNIGHT married 25-Oct 1779

George CHISMAN of the parish of Ower Moigne widr. & Sarah JOHNSON sojourner married 16-Jan 1780

Mr. John BRIDGE of the parish of Winford Eagle gent. & Ann WOOLFREY married 22-Feb 1780 by licence

James CRISSDEY & Mary VACHER married 01-Mar 1780

John EAMES of the parish of Blandford Forum & Ann HAM married 30-Mar 1780

Stephen ELFORD of the parish of Winterborne Stickland & Mary ARNOLD married 27-Apr 1780

George LILLINGTON widr. & Elizabeth HARRIS married 19-Sep 1780 by licence

Samuel ROLES & Elizabeth VACHER married 20-Sep 1780

James VACHER & Jane CROSS married 07-Dec 1780

Robert WINZER of the parish of Winterborne Whitchurch & Mary BOLLEN married 25-Jan 1781

John CHAFFEY & Elizabeth LILLINGTON married 02-Apr 1781

Joseph ARNOLD & Susanna BEST married 18-Jul 1781

William HAMMETT & Jane LOVEL married 27-Jan 1783

John ROLES & Catherine LOVEL married 27-Jan 1783 sp.

John GEORGE of the parish of Bellchalwell & Mary CLARK married 20-Feb 1783

Thomas COMBS of the parish of S. Peter in Dorchester & Susanna BIRT of S. Holworth married 26-Feb 1783 by licence

Richard RUTTER of Beere Regis & Ann SQUIRE married 22-Apr 1783

Thomas SQUIRE of the parish of Winterbourne Houghton & Jane MOORE married 02-Jun 1783

James WEBBER of Milton Abbey & Elizabeth BOLLON married 12-Jul 1784

William LUCAS & Anne LILLINGTON married 26-Jul 1784 sp.

William MEADEN of the parish of Winfrith & Mary LOVELACE of Holworth married 18-Oct 1784

Jethro VACHER & Elizabeth MILLER married 11-Jan 1785

Thomas CHURCHILL of the parish of of our lady in the town of Wareham & Mary MEADEN married 19-Sep 1785

Edmund KINGSBURY sojourner & Rebecca BOLLAM married 07-Nov 1785

Dennis DEARING widr & Mary LEGG wid. married 29-Jan 1786 by licence

Thomas BULLOCK & Amey WOLD married 20-Mar 1786 by licence

Thomas HAWKINS & Anne ELLISON married 21-May 1786

Samuel COLTSFELL sojourner & Mary RIDOUT married 20-Nov 1786

John VACHER & Sarah LILLINGTON married 23-Dec 1786

William BOWER of the parish of Langton Matravers & Mary THORN married 31-Jan 1787

Samuel DRAKE widr. & Mary RIDOUT married 20-Apr 1787 by licence

John TOWSEY of Milton Abbey & Sarah STYLE married 20-Apr 1787

David GERRET & Ann VACHER married 06-Aug 1787

Jacob CORBEN of the parish of Maiden Newton & Sarah HAWKINS married 29-Nov 1787 by licence

Thomas CORBYN of the parish of Langton Matravers & Abigail BARNES married 03-Dec 1787

James LOVELL & Mary VACHER married 09-Jun 1788

William LOCK & Rebecca ASH married 04-Aug 1788

William MORGAN & Elizabeth BRAGG married 07-Aug 1788

John SCOTT & Mary VACHER married 06-Jan 1789

William THORN & Betty NORRIS married 23-Nov 1789

James GREGORY & Mary COSSON married 18-Jan 1790

Samuel DRAKE & Diana BRIDLE married 27-Jan 1790

Robert GILLETT & Ann LIDFORD married 15-Feb 1790

Robert FOOT of the parish of Buckland Newton & Mary VACHER married 31-May 1790

Ellis Viryard DAW & Mary ANSTY married 26-Jul 1790 sp. by licence

Benjamin LEGG & Ann WHIFFEN married 23-Aug 1790

James BARNES & Millyar VACHER married 21-Feb 1791 sp.

John HOOPER of the parish of Hilton & Hannah ARNOLD married 21-Mar 1791

William GREENING of the parish of West Stafford & Mary VACHER married 26-Apr 1792

Edward PEIRCE & Mary COX married 30-Apr 1792 sp. by licence

John VACHER widr. & Anne VINSON married 11-Jun 1792

Richard VACHER & Elizabeth MOREY married 23-Jul 1792

James WARF & Anne BRAGG married 18-Oct 1792 sp. by licence

William STICKLY of Monson Farm Isle of Wight & Elizabeth HAWKINS married 11-Nov 1792 sp. by licence

Richard VINCENT & Dinah STICKLAND married 18-Dec 1792 by licence

Jonathan MOREY & Elizabeth CHRISTOPHER wid. married 25-Dec 1792

William ARNOLD of Milton Abbey & Elizabeth MALTON of p. Winterbourne Whitchurch married 30-Aug 1793

Morgan DOVE of the parish of Blandford & Elizabeth DOLING married 14-Nov 1793

Charles BEST widr & Eleanor OXFORD wid. married 04-Jan 1794

Samuel BEST & Jane STICKLAND married 23-Jan 1794

Silas VINCENT of the parish of Dewlish & Barbara BRYANT married 20-Feb 1794

John HOPKINS & Anne OXFORD married 15-Jun 1794

Joseph WHITE of the parish of Hilton & Penelope VACHER married 21-Sep 1794

James STANFIELD of the parish of Tolpuddle & Mary HAWKINS married 09-Oct 1794

Robert ANTHONY & Elizabeth GRIFFEN married 04-Dec 1794

Richard GUY & Joan LOVELL married 25-Dec 1794

Richard KING of Holworth & Anne MORRIS of Holworth married 04-Mar 1795

Benjamin LOVELL & Catherine RIDOUT married 13-Apr 1795

David SIMMS of the parish of Dewlish & Ann TOOP of Holworth married 14-Jul 1795

John STOODLEY & Mary BURGUNDY married 29-Jul 1795

John YOUNG of the parish of West Pullham & Elizabeth SMITH married 31-Dec 1795 by licence

William BEST & Mary FIANDER married 14-Mar 1796

Samuel DRAKE & Susannah WOODS married 21-Mar 1796

Thomas ROLES of the parish of Cerne Abbas & Jane PAINE married 28-Mar 1796 by licence

Samuel GANE & Mary GALE married 24-Apr 1796

Andrew KAINES of Milton Abbey & Sarah TUFFIN of p. Melcombe married 13-May 1796

John Warren PLOWMAN of the parish of Dulverton Somerset clerk & Ann LANGDON married 18-May 1796

James VACHER & Ann ARNOLD married 26-Jul 1796 sp. by licence

John DAVIS of Exeter College Exeter student & Elizabeth CHAMP married 06-Feb 1797 sp. by licence

Reuben JOYCE of the parish of Bath Somerset gent. & Elizabeth LANGDON married 21-Sep 1797 by licence

George STURMEY & Sarah SCOTT** married 18-Oct 1797 ** "but by mistake suppos'd to be Sarah Cross". by licence

Joseph GALTON & Mary LANE married 12-Nov 1797

John BURGUNDY & Elizabeth COX married 06-Dec 1797

William VOSS & Christian BARNES married 20-Jun 1798

William VACHER & Dinah LOVELL married 01-Sep 1798

Robert VINCENT & Mary LILLINGTON married 06-Dec 1798

William MITCHELL of the parish of Tarrant Kainston & Ann LOVELL married 14-Feb 1799

William LEGG & Mary LOVELL married 20-Feb 1799

Matthew MEACH of the parish of Piddletrenthide & Jane CHURCHILL married 27-May 1799

William SOPER of the parish of Chaldon Herring & Hannah BURT of Milton Abbey married 24-Jul 1799 by licence

Thos. ELFORD & Esther BULLEN married 20-Jan 1800

Henry ELFORD of the parish of Howton & Susanna STURMY married 27-Oct 1800

Richd. VACHER & Eliz. JACOB married 13-Jan 1801

John DANIEL & Eliz. WOODSFORD married 19-Jan 1801

James CROSS & Amey WINDSOR married 08-Jun 1801

James BUTTER of the parish of Woodbury Devon & Mary LANGDON of Milton Abbey married 11-Jun 1801 by licence

James PAIN & Martha JACOB married 15-Jun 1801 by licence

James COX of Milton Abbey & Ann ROBINS of p. Houghton married 17-Jun 1801

Robert CHURCHILL & Ann GOVIER married 22-Jun 1801

Abraham BARNS & Mary JOHNSON married 27-Aug 1801

James WHITE & Betty BELLEY married 05-Sep 1801

William JEFFEREY of the parish of All Saints Dorchester & Eliz. HALLETT married 21-Dec 1801 by licence

James HAMMETT & Martha LEWIS married 23-Dec 1801 by licence 5 Nov 2011: Note Parish Register shows James HAM (not Hammett)

Andrew VACHER of Milton Abbey & Sarah STILES of Hilton married 03-Feb 1802 by licence

James PRIDE of the parish of Bere Regis & Ann ROLES married 22-Feb 1802

Samuel FITZHERBERT of the parish of Chideock Dorset & Ann PLOWMAN wid. married 31-Mar 1802 by licence

Joseph STREET of Milton Abbey & Susannah SWYRE of p. Lychett Minster married 03-Apr 1802

John ARNOLD & Sarah STURMY married 12-Apr 1802

Henry BARNES & Maria VACHER married 19-Apr 1802

Joseph MORES alias MORRIS of the parish of Hilton & Ann FUDGE married 22-Apr 1802

James STURMEY & Jane FIANDER married 07-Jun 1802

William WEST & Ann JACOB married 11-Jun 1802

Thomas READ of the parish of Winterbourne Whitchurch & Maria BEST married 26-Jul 1802

William FIANDER & Ann STURMY married 21-Sep 1802

John SQUIBB of the parish of Moreton & Ann BURDON married 14-Jun 1803

John KIDDELL & Mary WHIFFEN married 09-Jul 1803

George PLOWMAN & Sarah SHEPHERD married 18-Oct 1803

Willm. RICKS & Sarah GOLLIN married 02-Nov 1803

John WILKINS of the parish of King's Sombourne in Co. Southampton & Frances CHAMP married 07-Feb 1804 by licence

Joseph OXFORD of the parish of Winterbourne Stickland & Martha ADAMS married 07-Feb 1805

John CHAFFEY & Mary GOVIER married 14-Feb 1805

Thos. CHURCHILL & Frances NORRIS married 27-May 1805

Thomas JANES & Hannah SWYRE married 17-Jun 1805

John COATS of the parish of Melcomb & Jane ROLE married 21-Jul 1805

Joseph ROGERS & Elizabeth CHAFFEY married 18-Nov 1805

Timothy HALLEY & Margaret FOOT married 21-Jan 1806

Charles SWYER of the parish of Buckland Newton & Martha TRAVERS married 16-Apr 1806

Henry LOVELL & Martha GRIFFIN married 07-Jun 1806

Joseph STEPHENS & Mary Ann HAMMET married 03-Jul 1806

John RIDOUT & Sarah CUTLER married 05-Aug 1806

Joseph ARNOLD & Ann KITE married 18-Aug 1806

John OXFORD & Maria KELLAWAY married 18-Oct 1806

Robert WHITE of the parish of Hilton & Mary MUCKLE married 20-Oct 1806

Thos. SWYRE & Elizabeth STURMY married 21-Oct 1806

Mark SINGLETON & Jemima VACHER married 27-Oct 1806

Robert ROBINS of the parish of Houghton & Mary STICKLY married 24-Nov 1806

Thomas CRISDEE of the parish of Winterbourne Came & Fanny alias Frances LILLINGTON married 09-Aug 1808 sp. by licence

John ORCHARD of the parish of Bradford Peveral widr. & Susannah JACOB married 15-Aug 1808 sp. by licence

Stephen VACHER & Susanna GOVIER (or GOVEIR) married 28-Nov 1808

Willm. ADAMS of the parish of Dewlish & Mary BELLEY (or BILLEY) married 17-Apr 1809

James DYER & Frances HAWKINS married 15-Aug 1809 sp. by licence

Cornelius BURDEN of Milton Abbey & Rebecca ALLEN of p. Hilton married 16-Oct 1809

John MILLER of the parish of Wooland & Elizabeth BURDEN married 16-Oct 1809 sp.

Thomas YOUNG of the parish of Andover Hants & Ann GREGORY married 29-Jun 1810 by licence

John RIDOUT & Rebecca RIGGS married 31-Jul 1810

Edward WHITE & Elizz. TRAVERSE married 20-Sep 1810

Willm. RIDOUT & Lydia VACHER married 30-Oct 1810

Charles BILLET of the parish of Milbourne St. Andrews & Eliz. STURMY married 16-Dec 1810 sp.

Charles ROLES & Eliz. FIANDER married 01-Jul 1811

Charles BRIGHT of the parish of Whitchurch & Elizabeth BEST married 17-Oct 1811

Abraham BARNES Labourer & Susanna JOYCE married 24-Dec 1811

James WHITTLE & Miriam ROBERTS married 01-Jan 1812

Joseph KINGSBURY & Rebecca STICKLAND married 18-Feb 1812

Thomas ALDRIDGE & Sarah YEATMAN married 29-Sep 1812

Joseph GOVIER & Eliz. KELLAWAY married 26-Oct 1812

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