Milton Abbas

1901 Census Ref RG13 1971

Transcribed and kindly donated to the Dorset OPC by Jean Trevett


Sch Address Rms Forenames Surname Rlt to Hd Cond Age Occupation   Emp   Place Born Ref
1Deer Park-Charles SHUTLERHeadMarr31Woodman Foreman Worker--Ringwood, HampshireF16 p1
   Mary SHUTLERWifeMarr35     Truro, CornwallF16 p1
    Charles Richard SHUTLER SonS8     Ringwood,HampshireF16 p1
   Edgar Harrold SHUTLERSonS6     Ringwood, HampshireF16 p1
   Frederick THORNERStepbro’S19Woodman Labourer Worker  Ringwood, Hampshire F16 p1
2Deer Park4Jesse FRIPPHeadMarr28Woodman.Labourer Worker  HiltonF16 p1
   Elizabeth FRIPPWifeMarr29     Milton AbbasF16 p1
   Fanny s FRIPPDau 8     Milton AbbasF16 p1
   Ethel Kate FRIPPDau 7     Milton AbbasF16 p1
   Annie A FRIPPDau 2     Milton AbbasF16 p1
3Deer Park4Thomas BUTTHeadMarr53Road Labourer Worker  Milton AbbasF16 p1
   Harry Valentine BUTTSonS14Labourer in Woodmans? Worker  Milton AbbasF16 p1
4Deer Park2George BUTTHeadWid65Carter on estate Worker  Milton AbbasF16 p1
5Higher Lodge2Thomas HANNAMHeadMarr36Labourer on estate Worker  HiltonF16 p1
   Alice HANNAMWifeMarr33     Melcombe HorseyF16 p1
6Milton Park Charles MILLSHeadMarr42GameKeeper Under Worker  Kineton, Gloucester F16 p1
   Isabella W MILLSWifeMarr37     Fonthill Gifford, Wilts F16 p1
   Mary MILLSDauS17     Fonthill Gifford, WiltsF16 p1
   Walter Charles MILLSSon 10     Tisbury, WiltsF16 p1
    William Francis MILLS Son 5     Milton AbbasF16 p1
   Edith Mary MILLSDau 3     HiltonF16 p1
7New Lodge4Emmanuel HALLHeadWid61Estate Painter Worker  Milton AbbasF16 p1
   Alice HALLDauS31     Milton AbbasF16 p1
   Alice May SHAVEG/Dau 12     S, Lambeth, LondonF16 p1
8New Close4Philip BOLTHeadMarr56Stockman on Farm Worker  ClenstonF16 p2
 Cottages  CharlotteBOLTWifeMarr53     Okeford fitzpaine F16 p2
   Frances BOLTDauS28     TurnworthF16 p2
   Walter BOLTSonS22Estate Labourer Worker  IbbertonF16 p2
   Albert BOLTSonS18Estate Labourer Worker  East OrchardF16 p2
   Eldon BOLTSonS15Estate Labourer Worker  Milton AbbasF16 p2
   Adelaide BOLTDau 12     Milton AbbasF16 p2
   Reginald BOLTSon 10     Milton AbbasF16 p2
9New Close Charles ROSEHeadMarr28Shepherd on Farm Worker  Sturminster Marshall F16 p2
 Cottages  EmilyROSEWifemarr29     HiltonF16 p2
   Bessie ROSEDau 2     Milton AbbasF16 p2
10New Close4George BOLTHeadMarr30Carter on Farm Worker  BelchawellF16 p2
 Cottages  MaryBOLTWifeMarr27     Hayes, KentF16 p2
   Leslie George BOLTSon 2 mths     Milton AbbasF16 p2
 Pigeon House Farm Unoccupied            F16 p2
11Chescombe Tom KEYNESHeadMarr54Farmer Employer  WhitechurchF16 p2
 House  Mary Spinney W KEYNES WifeMarr52     SpetisburyF16 p2
 Whitechurch  Mary BlancheKEYNESDauS18     Chescombe F16 p2
   Winifred M KEYNESDau 13     ChescombeF16 p2
   Alice COLLINSGovernessS31     Wells, SomersetF16 p2
   Rose ORCHARDServantS18     WhitechurchF16 p2
   Charles MARSHVisitor 25Living on own means    BlandfordF16 p2
12Chescombe4Albert George STURMEYHeadMarr38Farm shepherd Worker  W KnightonF16 p2
 Cottages  Alice Eliz’STURMEYWifeMarr 37    Lower Loders F16 p2
 Whitechurch  Henry RobSTURMEYSon 12     Camp Down F16 p2
   Deborah A STURMEYDau 10     Camp DownF16 p2
   Alice Gertude STURMEYDau 9     France DownF16 p2
   Edith Leonora STURMEYDau 8     France DownF16 p2
   Alfred Ernest STURMEYSon 6     BlandfordF17 p3
   Florence E STURMEYDau 4     Stourton CaundleF17 p3
   John STURNEYSon 2     Stourton CaundleF17 p3
13The Vicarage  George HenryWYNNEHeadWid67 Clergyman Church of England   Norwood, SurreyF17 p3
 Whitechurch  JaneDAVIESServantS64Cook (Domestic)    Kington, HerefordF17 p3
   Eliza BUTTServantS15Housemaid (Domestic)    WhitechurchF17 p3
14School House  ThomasJONESHeadMarr39 School Master Elementary    Cathedine,BreconshireF17 p3
 Whitechurch  MaryJONESWifeMarr36Infants Mistress    Chippenham,WiltsF17 p3
   Margaret JONESDau 15     Chippenham,WiltsF17 p3
   Elizabeth BENNETTM in LawW80     Bath, SomersetF17 p3
15Milton End4William WHITEHeadMarr43Rural Postman Worker  WhitechurchF17 p3
 Whitechurch  FannyWHITEWifeMarr43     Woodcutts, WiltsF17 p3
   Joseph J WHITESonS20Carpenter & Wheelwright Worker  WhitechurchF17 p3
    Henry Augustine WHITE SonS18Baker’s Assistant Worker  WhitechurchF17 p3
   Joseph William WHITESonS14     WhitechurchF17 p3
   Harold Oscar WHITESon 12     WhitechurchF17 p3
    William Francis WHITE SonS4     WhitechurchF17 p3
16Milton End4John MOORESHeadMarr51Carter on Farm Worker  Milton abbasF17 p3
   Mary Ann MOORESWifemarr53     PiddletownF17 p3
   Alice WHITEDauS20     WhitechurchF17 p3
   Edith WHITEDau 12     Gussage All Saints F17 p3
17Milton End4Henry POPEHeadWid76Retired on own means    Milton AbbasF17 p3
   Mary POPEDauS50Matron Indus’ School Worker  Milton AbbasF17 p3
   Annie POPEDauS45Matron ? Home Worker  Milton AbbasF17 p3
   Sarah Ann BUTTHousekeeperS24Housekeeper Worker  Lychett MatraversF17 p3
18Milton End3Mary STEELEHeadwid61     WoolcombeF17 p4
   John STEELESonS28Carter on farm Worker  Milton AbbasF17 p4
   William STEELESonS28Shepherd on farn Worker  Milton AbbasF17 p4
   George STEELESonS20Carter on farm Worker  Milton AbbasF17 p4
  4Unoccupied           F17 p4
19Milton End4Joseph Wm GUYHeadMarr62Groom-Gardener Worker  Milton abbasF17 p4
   Rhoda GUYWifeMarr55     WhitechurchF17 p4
20Milton End4William NEWBERRYHeadMarr43Farm labourer Worker  Donyett, SomersetF17 p4
   Alice NEWBERRYWifeMarr44     WhitechurchF17 p4
   Wilson NEWBERRYSon 11     WhitechurchF17 p4
   Clement NEWBERRYSon 10     WhitechurchF17 p4
   Sidney NEWBERRYSon 8     WhitechurchF17 p4
   John NEWBERRYSon 6     WhitechurchF17 p4
21Milton End4Grace VACHERHeadWid57     Milton AbbasF17 p4
   Bessie Annie VACHERDauS25El’ School Teacher Worker  WhitechurchF17 p4
   Walter VACHERSonS23Hurdlemaker Worker  WhitechurchF17 p4
   Edith mary VACHERDauS21Dressmaker  OwnaccAthomeWhitechurchF17 p4
   Ernest VACHERSonS17Hurdlemaker Worker  WhitechurchF17 p4
22Milton End4William CUFFHeadMarr57Carpenter & Wheelwright  OwnaccAthomeWhitechurchF17 p4
   Jane Westen CUFFWifeMarr50     WhitechurchF17 p4
23Milton End4Robert SKINNERHeadMarr39Blacksmith Worker  OrganfordF17 p4
   Mary Jane SKINNERWifeMarr30     PooleF17 p4
   Kathleen Sarah SKINNERDau 9     WhitechurchF17 p4
   Gertrude Violet SKINNERDau 7     Milton EndF17 p4
   Samuel John SKINNERSon 4     Milton EndF17 p4
   Annie Kath JEANSS in Law 27     PooleF17 p4
24Milton End4Lionel BUTTHeadMarr67Farm Labourer Worker  Milton AbbasF18 p5
   Elizabeth BUTTWifeMarr55     Lychett MatraversF18 p5
   Emily BUTTDauS20     Milton AbbasF18 p5
   Albert George BUTTSon 10Cowboy Worker  Milton AbbasF18 p5
25Milton End4Henry CROWDERHeadMarr71Woodman Worker  HiltonF18 p5
   Henrietta CROWDERWifeMarr68Grocer  Ownacc AthomeLangtonF18 p5
   Eveline SPICERNiece 14     ManchesterF18 p5
26Milton End John SANDERSHeadMarr60Implement Maker Farm Employer AthomeWhitechurchF18 p5
   Isabella SANDERSWifeMarr60     WhitechurchF18 p5
27Milton End1Ellen BRYANTHeadWid62Living on own means    Warminster, WiltsF18 p5
28Milton End4George SANDERSHeadMarr35Smith & Cycle repairer Worker  Milton AbbasF18 p5
   Nellie SANDERSWifeMarr33     HookF18 p5
   Henry George SANDERSSon 10     Milton AbbasF18 p5
29Milton End4Robert MARSHHeadMarr71Farm labourer Worker  Wint’ Thompson F18 p5
   Mary MARSHWifeMarr73     Wint’ Zelstone F18 p5
   Emily Best MARSHDauMarr36     Tarrant CrawfordF18 p5
30Milton End4William CORBENHeadMarr28Farm labourer Worker  CameF18 p5
   Amelia Jane CORBENWifeMarr33     Stoke AbbottF18 p5
   Henry George CORBENSon 4     Milborne St Andrews F18 p5
    William Sylvester CORBEN Son 2     WhitechurchF18 p5
   Annie CORBENDau 11 mths     WhitechurchF18 p5
   Elizabeth APPLINVisitor 31Laundress WorkerOwnaccAthomeNetherburyF18 p5
31Milton End2Charles HOUSEHeadMarr35Blacksmith Worker  Binghams MelcombeF18 p6
   Jane HOUSEWifeMarr36     AnstyF18 p6
   Samuel John HOUSESon 4     Milton EndF18 p6
   Reginald Victor HOUSESon 10 mths     Milton EndF18 p6
32Milton End3Benjamin DAVISHeadWid57Thatcher  Ownacc Milton EndF18 p6
   John DAVISSonS19Thatcher  Ownacc Tarrant GunvilleF18 p6
   Susanna DAVISDauS17     Tarrant GunvilleF18 p6
33Milton End4Philip CHEESEMANHeadMarr54Police (pensioner?)    WhitechurchF18 p6
   Jane CHEESEMANWifeMarr49     WarehamF18 p6
   Ethel CHEESEMANDau 16     Fulham, LondonF18 p6
34Milton End3Eliza FOSTERHeadS60Living on own means    HoughtonF18 p6
   Montagu FOSTERG/Son 10     Milton EndF18 p6
   Mary Ann RIGGSVisitorMarr44     WhitechurchF18 p6
   Hilda RIGGSVisitor 2     Bere RegisF18 p6
35Milton End3Owen DICKERHeadMarr33Fish Hawker  Ownacc Milborne St Andrew F18 p6
   Caroline DICKERWifeMarr34     ChesilbourneF18 p6
   Harriet BELLINGERS in LawWid49     BlandfordF18 p6
   Annie DICKERNiece 11     Taunton, SomersetF18 p6
36Milton Arms  Tom EdwardJEANSHeadMarr38 Inn Keeper Ownacc  Kingstone F18 p6
 Whitechurch  JuliaJEANSWifeMarr30     Milborne St AndrewF18 p6
   Lilian JEANSDau 7     Milton EndF18 p6
   Tom JEANSSon 1yr 9mths    Milton EndF18 p6
   George JEANSSon 3mths     Milton EndF18 p6
   Emily WHITEServant 14     Milton EndF18 p6
37Milton End3Stephen VINCENTHeadMarr31Carter on Farm Worker  AndersonF19 p7
   Flora VINCENTWifeMarr26     LuccombeF19 p7
38Milton End4William PARKERHeadMarr26Farm labourer Worker  AndersonF19 p7
   Emily PARKERWifeMarr32     Milborne StylesF19 p7
   Walter Sidney PARKERSon 7     Milborne St AndrewF19 p7
   Arthur BILLETTB’ in LawS17Carter on Farm Worker  Milborne St AndrewF19 p7
39Barnes Hill  WilliamKENTHeadMarr25 FarmerWorker  Anderson F19 p7
 Milton Abbas  Sarah AmeliaKENTWifeMarr28     Whitechurch F19 p7
40East Luccombe  JosephFOSTERHeadMarr60 FarmerEmployer  Whitechurch F19 p7
 Milton Abbas  ElizabethFOSTERWifeMarr58     Whitechurch F19 p7
   Hensley FOSTERSonS32FarmerWorker  AthomeWhitechurchF19 p7
   Lillie FOSTERDauS27     WhitechurchF19 p7
41East Luccombe4Fred THOMASHeadMarr31Carter on Farm Worker  LulworthF19 p7
 Cottages  Emily ElizabethTHOMASWifeMarr33     Whitechurch F19 p7
42East Luccombe4James ROSEHeadMarr49Farm Shepherd Worker  Stur’ Marshall F19 p7
 Cottages  AnnieROSEWifeMarr48     SomersetF19 p7
   Frances A ROSEDau 12     WhitechurchF19 p7
   Ernest frank ROSESon 9     Milton AbbasF19 p7
   Dora ROSEDau 5     Milton AbbasF19 p7
43Luccombe4Charles STURMEYHeadMarr38Carter on Farm Worker  Milton AbbasF19 p7
 Cottages  EllenSTURMEYWifeMarr34     Piddlehinton F19 p7
44Luccombe Tom John BURDENHeadMarr43Farm Shepherd Worker  WoodlandsF19 p7
 Cottages  CarolineBURDENWifeMarr45     Church Oakley F19 p7
   William J BURDENSonS17Farm Labourer Worker  Gussage All SaintsF19 p7
   Ernest G BURDENSonS15Carter on farm Worker  Gussage All SaintsF19 p8
   Walter BISHOPBoarderS16Horseman on Farm Worker  LondonF19 p8
45Luccombe Elizabeth SPILLERHeadWid73Farmer Employer  Yarchombe,DevonF19 p8
 Farm Thomas SPILLERSonS29FarmerEmployer   WaddonF19 p8
   Ida M HANSFORDServ’S20Domestic Help Worker  St TollarF19 p8
46Milton mill4Alfred PAGEHeadMarr46Gamekeeper (under) Worker  Fletching, SurreyF19 p8
 Cottages  ClementinePAGEWifeMarr46     Stourpaine F19 p8
   Cecil PAGESonS18Gamekeeper (under) Worker  StourpaineF19 p8
   Evelyn PAGESonS16Brewers Cellarman Worker  Milton AbbasF19 p8
   Delia ? PAGEDau 13     Milton AbbasF19 p8
   Ida PAGEDau 11     Milton AbbasF19 p8
   Olive PAGEDau 8     Milton AbbasF19 p8
   Agnes PAGEDau 6     Milton AbbasF19 p8
   Sidney PAGESon 3     Milton AbbasF19 p8
47Milton Mill  WilliamBUTTHeadMarr56 Farm LabourerWorker  Milton Abbas F19 p8
 Cottages  Sarah AnnBUTTWifeMarr55     Abbotsbury F19 p8
   William BUTTSonS17Farm Labourer Worker  Milton AbbasF19 p8
   Robert COLEG/Son 8     Bournemouth, HantsF19 p8
48Milton mil4Jane PRIDEHeadWid55     Tisbury, WiltsF19 p8
 Cottages  JamesJOINERLodgerS35Cowman Worker  KingstonF19 p8
   James HAWKERLodgerWid41Timber-Loader Worker  Bristol, SomersetF19 p8
49Milton mill4Samuel JEANSHeadMarr58Farm Labourer Worker  HoughtonF19 p8
 Cottages  EllenJEANSWifeMarr60     RawstonF19 p8
   Horace PAGELodgerMarr44Brewers Cartman? Worker  Fletching, SussexF19 p8
   Mary PAGELodgerMarr40     Hasketon,SuffolkF19 p8
50Milton Mill  Richard STETTHeadMarr49 Miller Ownacc Milton Abbas F20 p9
   Sarah TETTWifeMarr48     Bradford PeverillF20 p9
   Elizabeth S TETTDau 10     Milton AbbasF20 p9
51South lodge2James BUTTHeadMarr77Lodge Keeper Worker  Milton AbbasF20 p9
   Harriet BUTTWifeMarr77     Milton AbbasF20 p9
52Home Farm William ROGERSHeadMarr61Dairy farmer & Boot maker  OwnaccAthomeMilton Abbas F20 p9
   Phillis ROGERSWifeMarr62     Milton AbbasF20 p9
53The Brewery  HenryFOOKESHeadMarr41 BrewerEmployer  Milton Abbas F20 p9
   Catherine B FOOKESWifeMarr36     Crawley, hantsF20 p9
   Kathleen F FOOKESDau 1     Milton AbbasF20 p9
   William FOOKESBrotherMarr39Brewer Employer  Milton AbbasF20 p9
   George FOOKESNephew 5     Milborne St AndrewF20 p9
   Louisa K MITCHELLServantWid58Nurse (Domestic)    Milton AbbasF20 p9
54Delcombe James G LONGHeadS31FarmerEmployer   StalbridgeF20 p9
 Farm Henry F WILLISGuestMarr58Living on own means    Church KnowleF20 p9
   Hannah WILLISGuestMarr40     Andover, HantsF20 p9
55Delcombe4Charles VATERHeadMarr36Farm Labourer Worker  Milton AbbasF20 p9
   Ann VATERWifeMarr48     HiltonF20 p9
56Tufton4William H LEGGHeadMarr29Carter on farm Worker  Gt TollerF20 p9
 Cottages  Lena ALEGGWifeMarr24     HiltonF20 p9
   Charles William LEGGSon 3     Milton AbbasF20 p9
   Harry J LEGGSon 4 mths     Milton AbbasF20 p9
57Oxhouse4Frederick J RENDELLHeadMarr29Carter on farm Worker  Litton CheneyF20 p9
 Cottages  Mary AnnRENDELLWifeMarr25     Hilton F20 p9
58Oxhouse3George RENDELLHeadMarr31Carter on farm Worker  Litton CheneyF20 p10
 cottages  LeahRENDELLWifeMarr25     Ansty F20 p10
   Ethel Joy RENDELLDau 3     AnstyF20 p10
   Bertie G RENDELLSon 1     DelcombeF20 p10
   Unoccupied           F20 p10
59Oxhouse Albert LEGGHeadMarr36Dairyman milk  Ownacc MelburyF20 p10
 Cottage,  FannyLEGGWifeMarr40     BridportF20 p10
 Delcombe  Stanley ALEGGSon 11     Rampisham F20 p10
 Dairy Violet D C LEGGDau 10     W ComptonF20 p10
   Ethel M LEGGDau 9     W ComptonF20 p10
   Kathleen H LEGGDau 8     W ComptonF20 p10
   Estelle O LEGGDau 7     AnstyF20 p10
   Ellen M LEGGDau 6     AnstyF20 p10
   Horace G LEGGSon 3     AnstyF20 p10
   Lucy E GALPINServantS23General Servant Domestic    CheltenhamF20 p10
60Delcombe John BUTTHeadMarr50Foreman on farm Worker  Milton abbasF20 p10
 Cottages  DemiaBUTTWifeMarr48     Milton AbbasF20 p10
   William BUTTSonS21Gardener (domestic) Worker  Milton AbbasF20 p10
   John BUTTSonS15Cattleman on farm Worker  Milton AbbasF20 p10
   Annie BUTTDau 13     Milton AbbasF20 p10
   Fred BUTTSon 10     Milton AbbasF20 p10
   May BUTTDau 8     Milton AbbasF20 p10
 Keepers House  Unoccupied           F20 p10
61Shepherds William REGLARHeadMarr45Cattleman on farm Worker  PowerstockF20 p10
 Cottage  AnnaREGLARWifeMarr47     Harfoot LaneF20 p10
   George Fudge REGLARSonS26Shepherd on farm Worker  BovingtonF20 p10
   Sarah REGLARDauS22     HiltonF20 p10
   William REGLARSonS17Carter on farm Worker  HiltonF20 p10
   Alice REGLARDau 13     DelcombeF20 p10
   Frederick REGLARSon 11     DelcombeF20 p10
   Samuel REGLARSon 9     DelcombeF21 p12
   Annie REGLARDau 7     DelcombeF21 p12
   Lily REGLARDau 6     DelcombeF21 p12
   Arthur REGLARSon 4     DelcombeF21 p12
   George SMITHBoarderMarr54Bricklayer & Driver Worker  Westminster, London F21 p12
   Henry OLIVEBoarderMarr40Painter Worker  Clapham, LondonF21 p12
   William SMITHBoarderS24Painter Worker  Lambeth, LondonF21 p12
62Keepers Joseph TAPPERHeadMarr54Gamekeeper (Head) Worker  MonktonF21 p12
 lodge Eliza TAPPERWifeMarr50     MonktonF21 p12
 Delcombe  Louisa STAPPERDauS24     MonktonF21 p12
   Eliza TAPPERDauS22     MelburyF21 p12
   Victor TAPPERSon 13     GunvilleF21 p12
   Charles COMPTONBoarderS28Gamekeeper (under) Worker  CharltonF21 p12
   George LAWRENCELodgerS23Gamekeepr (under) Worker  CrichelF21 p12
63Stable Cottage  FrederickPENDREYHeadMarr36 Builders ForemanWorker  Colnbrook, Bucks F21 p12
   Alice PENDREYWifeMarr38     Northfleet, KentF21 p12
   Francis PENDREYSon 13     Chertsey, SurreyF21 p12
   Gilbert PENDREYSon 11     Lambeth, LondonF21 p12
   George PENDREYSon 8     Lambeth, LondonF21 p12
   Minnie E PENDREYDau 5     Bury St Eds, Suffolk F21 p12
   Ethel W PENDREYDau 3     Newmarket, CambsF21 p12
64Abbey Cottages2James BESTHeadWid77House Carpenter Worker  Milton AbbasF21 p12
   Jane HOUSEDauMarr53Organist    Milton AbbasF21 p12
   Elizabeth BESTSisterS75     Milton AbbasF21 p12
65Abbey cottages2Thomas LOVELLHeadMarr70General Labourer Worker  Milton AbbasF21 p12
   Catherine LOVELLWifeMarr68     Milton AbbasF21 p12
66The Gardens  CharlesPERKINSHeadMarr46 Gardener (Domestic)Worker   HerefordF22 p13
   Sarah PERKINSWifeMarr47     Bristol,GloucesterF22 p13
   William H PERKINSSon 15Gardener (Domestic) Worker  Milton AbbasF22 p13
   Edith M PERKINSDau 14     Milton AbbasF22 p13
   Leonard T PERKINSSon 12     Milton AbbasF22 p13
   Charles Alfred PERKINSSon 10     Milton AbbasF22 p13
   Grace K PERKINSDau 9     Milton AbbasF22 p13
   Rosa H PERKINSdau 5     Milton AbbasF22 p13
67The Bothy,2Herbert OBORNEHeadS19Gardener (Domestic) Worker  SherborneF22 p13
 The Gardens  ThoamsWHIFFENBoarderS20 Gardener (Domestic)Worker   ShrotonF22 p13
68The Abbey Fanny JACKSONServantS46Housekeeeper Worker  Arkesden, EssexF22 p13
 House Ada HALEServantS30Housemaid Worker  EnglandF22 p13
   Jeannie FEARNEServantS22Housemaid Worker  Edzell, ScotlandF22 p13
   Annie KIDDLEServantS23Housemaid Worker  HiltonF22 p13
   Austin C DERRICKServantS18Footman Worker  MilborneF22 p13
   Edith SMITHServantS20Domestic Worker  Walthamstow, EssexF22 p13
69The Vicarage  JohnHOLMANHeadMarr42Upholsterer Worker  BlandfordF22 p13
   Ernest LITTLERServant ?S17Upholsterer Worker  PimperneF22 p13
70Hewish Cottages4Christopher SAMWAYSHeadMarr63Carter on farm Worker  PorteshamF22 p13
   Amelia SAMWAYSWifeMarr62     W’bourne Steepleton F22 p13
   George S SAMWAYSSonS41Farm Labourer Worker  LongbredyF22 p13
71Hewish Cottages3Henry GUYHeadMarr34Farmers Groom Worker  Church KnowleF22 p13
   Fanny GUYWifeMarr35     BeaminsterF22 p13
   Caroline E GUYDau 11     ArneF22 p13
   Herbert ADAMSBoarderS28Carter on farm Worker  UpweyF22 p13
72Hewish Cottages  GeorgeNEALHeadMarr47Foreman on farm Worker  Sydling St Nicholas F22 p14
   Emily NEALWifeMarr47     Charlton, HearnF22 p14
   Florence NEALDauS18     Kingston RussellF22 p14
   John NEALSonS15Carter on farm Worker  Kingston RussellF22 p14
   Charles NEALSon 14Carter boy Worker  Kingston RussellF22 p14
   Ernest NEALSon 11     Kingston RussellF22 p14
   Mabel NEALDau 9     Kingston RussellF22 p14
   Arthur NEALSon 6     Kingston RussellF22 p14
   Louie NEALDau 1     HewishF22 p14
73Hewish Farm  HerbertSTANDFIELDHeadMarr50 Farmer (Tenant)Employer  Milborne St Andrew F22 p14
   Emma STANDFIELDWifeMarr46     Milborne Sr AndrewF22 p14
   Louisa STANDFIELDDauS23     Milborne St AndrewF22 p14
   Arthur G STANDFIELDSonS18     Milborne St AndrewF22 p14
   Kate KELLAWAYServantS14General servant (Domestic)    Binghams MelcombeF22 p14
74Hewish Farm4George DRAKEHeadMarr53Farm Labourer Worker  ChesilbourneF22 p14
 Cottages  JaneDRAKEWifeMarr54     PiddletrenthideF22 p14
   Arthur DRAKESon 15Farm Labourer Worker  UpweyF22 p14
 Hewish " "4 Unoccupied           F22 p14
75Long Ash Farm  JosephALNERHeadS33Farmer Employer  Hazelbury BryanF22 p14
   Lucy ALNERSisterS36     LydlinchF22 p14
   Herbert ALNERBrotherS26Farmer Worker  Hazelbury BryanF22 p14
76Farm House,4Charles ALNERHeadMarr37Farmer Worker  Hazelbury BryanF22 p14
 Cottage,Long Ash  FannyALNERWifeMarr36     AnstyF22 p14
   Alice ALNERDau 6     Milton AbbasF22 p14
   May ALNERDau 3     Milton AbbasF22 p14
   Elsie ALNERDau 2 mths     Milton AbbasF22 p14
77Long Ash4Isaac BELLENGERHeadMarr70Farm Labourer Worker  SouthoverF23 p15
 Cottages  ElizaBELLENGERWifeMarr68     Piddlehinton F23 p15
78Long ash4John BARRETTHeadMarr55Carter on Farm Worker  Buckland NewtonF23 p15
 Cottages  Mary AnnBARRETTWifeMarr60     Buckland Newton F23 p15
79Long Ash4Henry BUGLARHeadMarr40Carter on Farm Worker  Downhead, SomersetF23 p15
 Cottages  MaryBUGLARWifeMarr38     PiddletrenthideF23 p15
   Mabel BUGLARDau 14     BincombeF23 p15
   Ethel BUGLARDau 11     BenvilleF23 p15
   Lottie BUGLARDau 8     ClandonF23 p15
   Primrose BUGLARDau 6     ClandonF23 p15
   Gwyneth BUGLARDau 2     Milton AbbasF23 p15
   Richard SAINTB in LawS34Carter on Farm Worker  PiddletrenthideF23 p15
  4Unoccupied           F23 p15
80Long Close Joseph WRIXONHeadWid57Farmer Employer  PowerstockF23 p15
 Farm Beatrice WRIXONDauS22     PowerstockF23 p15
   Keitch WRIXONSonS20FarmerWorker   PowerstockF23 p15
   Harold WRIXONSonS17FarmerWorker   PowerstockF23 p15
   May WRIXONDauS15     PowerstockF23 p15
81Long Close4Charles COXHeadMarr81Odd jobs Worker  Bradford PeverillF23 p15
 Cottages  JaneCOXWifeMarr79     BenvilleF23 p15
82Long Close "  CharlesHARTHeadMarr54 Farm LabourerWorker  Hilton F23 p15
   Frances HARTWifeMarr53     HiltonF23 p15
83Wordsdown4Robert STURMEYHeadMarr75Shepherd on Farm Worker  PiddletrenthideF23 p15
 Cottage  AnnSTURMEYWifeMarr44     DewlishF23 p15
84The Farm House,  RobertMACLAGANHeadS58 Retired mechanical Engineer   ScotlandF23 p16
 Bagber Kate JONESServantS34Housekeeper    Compton, BerksF23 p16
85Bagber Dairy4Mary LEGGHeadWid56Dairywoman Worker  MistertonF23 p16
   William LEGGSonS25DairymanWorker   Sandford OrcasF23 p16
   Ida LEGGDauS23     Sandford OrcasF23 p16
   Beatrice LEGGDauS18     PowerstockF23 p16
   Ethel LEGGDau 13     CorscombF23 p16
86Bagber Cottages4George LAWRENCEHeadMarr50Carter on Farm Worker  DorsetF23 P16
   Mary LAWRENCEWifeMarr42     MappowderF23 p16
   Kate LAWRENCEDauS19     Sturminster NewtonF23 p16
   William LAWRENCESonS18Carter on Farm Worker  Sturminster newtonF23 p16
   Frederick LAWRENCESonS16Carter boy Worker  Sturminster NewtonF23 p16
   Albert LAWRENCESonS15Carter boy Worker  Sturminster NewtonF23 p16
   Percy LAWRENCESon 5     Little MayneF23 p16
   Alfred LAWRENCESon 2     LulworthF23 p16
87Bagber "4George SLADEHeadMarr67Shepherd on Farm Worker  PowerstockF23 p16
   Mary SLADEWifeMarr54     PowerstockF23 p16
   Lily SLADEG/Dau 12     PuddletownF23 p16
88Hill House Eliza KIDDLEHeadMarr54(Housekeeper-crossed out)    Tonstall, SuffolkF23 p16
   Anna KIDDLEDau 14     HiltonF23 p16
   George PORTERVisitorMarr54Clergyman Ch of England    Anstey, HertsF23 p16
89Cottage Amy TAYLORHeadS48Hospital Nurse Worker  Belfast, IrelandF23 p16
 Hospital  AdaHOWEServant 14 General Servant (Domestic)Worker   WhitechurchF23 p16
90School House  Alfred CharlesCLARKEHeadMarr43 El’ School TeacherWorker   St Pancras, LondonF23 p16
   Sarah Annie CLARKEWifeMarr42     Sutton Bridge, Lincs F23 p16
   Blanche BYLESBoarder 14     Milborne St AndrewF24 p17
91Milton Abbas  WilliamFINDLAYHeadMarr36 Estate AgentWorker  Scotland F24 p17
   Christina FINDLAYWifeMarr38     ScotlandF24 p17
92Milton Abbas  ThomasFIELDINGHeadMarr57 Doctor of Medicine Ownacc  Castle Donington, LeicsF24 p17
   Julia FIELDINGWifeMarr58     PorteshamF24 p17
   Mary Ann LANEServantS20General Servant (Domestic)    Milton AbbasF24 p17
   George A WHITEServantS15Houseboy (Domestic)    WhitechurchF24 p17
93Hambro Arms  RobertADAMSHeadMarr42 Inn Keeper OwnaccAthomeSturminster Newton F24 p17
   Edna M ADAMSWifeMarr31     Bowden Hill, WiltsF24 p17
   Marion ADAMSDau 6     Bournemouth, HantsF24 p17
   Victor ADAMSSon 5mths     Milton AbbasF24 p17
   Alice B COLEVisitorS20     W’borne SticklandF24 p17
   George W CROMBIEBoarderS41Joiner    Clerkenwell, London F24 p17
   James J SHIELDSBoarderS47Decorator (House)    Pimlico, LondonF24 p17
   Benjamin SHEPHERDBoarderWid70Timber Contractor  Ownacc DevonF24 p17
   Alfred J SHEPHERDBoarderS25Timber Contractor    DevonF24 p17
   Walter LANDBoarderS17Timber Carter Worker  Exford, SomersetF24 p17
94Milton Abbas2Sophia VACHERHeadS63Needlewoman  OwnaccAthomeMilton AbbasF24 p17
   Maria SCOTTNieceS29Dressmaker Worker  Milton AbbasF24 p17
   Winifred SCOTTG/Niece 7     Milton AbbasF24 p17
95’’ ’’  JosephJEFFREYHeadMarr 66General LabourerWorker   Milton AbbasF24 p17
   Elizabeth JEFFREYWifeMarr66     Milton AbbasF24 p17
   Eva MARTINDauMarr29     Milton AbbasF24 p17
   Harold MARTING/Son 3     Milton AbbasF24 p17
   Ernest MARTING/Son 2     Milton AbbasF24 p17
   Arthur MARTING/Son 1mth     Milton AbbasF24 p17
   Matilda VACHERCousinS47Needlewoman  Ownacc Milton AbbasF24 p18
96’’ ’’ 4JamesGILLETTHeadMarr 55WoodmanWorker  Milton Abbas F24 p18
   Sarah GILLETTWifeMarr55     Milton abbasF24 p18
   George GILLETTSon 15Mason’s Labourer Worker  Milton AbbasF24 p18
97’’ ’’ 4CharlesNEWHeadMarr36 GroomWorker  Mappowder F24 p18
   Eliza NEWWifeMarr31     MappowderF24 p18
   Winifred NEWDau 10     BrockhamptonF24 p18
   Gertrude NEWDau 8     Milton AbbasF24 p18
   Leonard NEWSon 6     Milton AbbasF24 p18
   Percy NEWSon 4     Milton AbbasF24 p18
   George NEWSon 2     Milton AbbasF24 p18
98’’ ’’ 4JohnHALLHeadMarr33 Rural PostmanWorker  Milton Abbas F24 p18
   Jane HALLWifeMarr34     DewlishF24 p18
   Alice M HALLDau 7     Milton AbbasF24 p18
   Frank HALLSon 4     Milton AbbasF24 p18
   Douglas R HALLSon 1     Milton AbbasF24 p18
99’’ ’’ 4GeorgeVACHERHeadMarr 62Bricklayer LabourerWorker   Milton AbbasF24 p18
   Maria VACHERWifeMarr49     Milton AbbasF24 p18
   Ada VACHERDau 15     Milton AbbasF24 p18
   Charles VACHERSon 13     Milton AbbasF24 p18
   Sarah VACHERDau 11     Milton AbbasF24 p18
   May VACHERDau 6     Milton abbasF24 p18
100’’ ’’ 4WilliamVINCENTHeadMarr 45General LabourerWorker   Milton AbbasF24 p18
   Mary VINCENTWifeMarr55     Milton AbbasF24 p18
   William STURMEYBrotherS75Parish Relief    Milton AbbasF24 p18
   Absolom VACHERLodgerS49General Labourer Worker  Milton AbbasF24 p18
101’’ ’’ 4GeorgeHALLEYHeadMarr 63Estate LabourerWorker   Milton AbbasF25 p19
   Sarah HALLEYWifeMarr61     Milton AbbasF25 p19
   Mary RIDOUT *S in Law 49Parish Relief    Milton Abbas F25 p19
              * Feeble minded from Childhood
   Margaret AINSWORTHG/Dau 15     Milton AbbasF25 p19
   Ruby MCKENDRICKAdopted 9     Milton AbbasF25 p19
102’’ ’’ 4JosephLEGGHeadWid65 General LabourerWorker  Milton Abbas F25 p19
103’’ ’’ 4StephenVACHERHeadWid 63Farm labourerWorker   Milton AbbasF25 p19
104’’ ’’ 2ElizaMOREYHeadWid75 Parish Relief   Milton Abbas F25 p19
   Thomas BARTERG/Son 19Brewers Labourer Worker  Milton AbbasF25 p19
   Ettie BARTERG/Dau 11     Milton AbbasF25 p19
   Ida BARTERG/Dau 7     Milton AbbasF25 p19
105Post Office  JessieVATCHERHeadS40Grocer  OwnaccAthomeMilton AbbasF25 p19
   Lauretta VATCHERSisterS38Grocer & Sub Post Mistress  OwnaccAthomeMilton AbbasF25 p19
   Walter Ch VINCENTCousinS24?Worker   ClenstonF25 p19
106’’ ’’ 4FannyBUTTHeadWid64 Kept by family   Houghton F25 p19
107’’ ’’ 2JaneLEGGHeadWid77 Kept by children   Milton Abbas F25 p19
   Walter MIDDLENephewS42Woodman Worker  Milton AbbasF25 p19
108’’ ’’ 4AnnAMEYHeadWid62 Dressmaker OwnaccAthomeBettsbury F25 p19
109 2Frederick VACHERHeadMarr49Estate Labourer Worker  Milton AbbasF25 p19
   Hannah VACHERWifeMarr50     WoodsfordF25 p19
   William G VACHERSonS27Estate Labourer Worker  Milton abbasF25 p19
110’’ ’’ 1WilliamVACHERHeadWid 67Estate LabourerWorker   Milton abbasF25 p19
111’’ ’’ 1MarthaSTURMEYHeadWid 83    Milton Abbas F25 p20
112’’ ’’ 1MariaWHITTEYHeadWid81     Milton Abbas F25 p20
113’’ ’’ 1JaneBUTTHeadWid73     Whitechurch F25 p20
114’’ ’’ 1DianeVATCHERHeadWid72     Milton Abbas F25 p20
   Salome E VATCHERDauS33Servant (Domestic) Cook    Milton AbbasF25 p20
115’’ ’’ 1AnnFIANDERHeadWid83     Milton Abbas F25 p20
116’’ ’’ 1MaryKNIGHTHeadWid73     Milton Abbas F25 p20
117Reading Room3Albert E PENNEYHeadMarr28Hurdlemaker Worker  DorsetF25 p20
   Eliza PENNEYWifeMarr26     Milton AbbasF25 p20
   Jane PRIDESis in LawS30     Milton abbasF25 p20
118Milton Abbas4John LANEHeadMarr52Woodman  Ownacc Milton AbbasF25 p20
   Eliza LANEWifeMarr52     HiltonF25 p20
   Elizabeth LANEDauS23     HiltonF25 p20
   John LANESonS18Farm Labourer Worker  Milton AbbasF25 p20
   Percy KNIGHTLodgerS17Farm Labourer Worker  NorfolkF25 p20
119’’ ’’ 4GeorgeMORGANHeadMarr 35BricklayerWorker   Milton AbbasF25 p20
   Fanny MORGANWifeMarr26     HiltonF25 p20
120’’ ’’ 4HarryGUYHeadMarr23 WoodmanWorker  Milton Abbas F25 p20
   Elizabeth GUYWifeMarr25     Walsall, StaffordshireF25 p20
121’’ ’’ 4JosephSCOTTHeadMarr66 Estate labourerWorker  Milton Abbas F25 p20
   Susan SCOTTWifeMarr43     HiltonF25 p20
   Sophia SCOTTDauS22Domestic Servant    Milton AbbasF25 p20
   Mary SCOTTDauS20     Milton AbbasF26 p21
   Louisa SCOTTDau 14     Milton AbbasF26 p21
   Susy SCOTTDau 11     Milton AbbasF26 p21
   John SCOTTSon 8     Milton AbbasF26 p21
122’’ ’’ 4Anna MGUYHeadS55 Dressmaker OwnaccAthomeMilton Abbas F26 p21
   Ruth Eva GUYDauS27? Dress  OwnaccAthomeMilton AbbasF26 p21
   Ethel Vine GUYDauS20     BlandfordF26 p21
123’’ ’’ 4WilliamFIANDERHeadMarr 28Sawyer Engine DriverWorker   Milton AbbasF26 p21
   Rose FIANDERWifeMarr28     BristolF26 p21
124’’ ’’ 4StephenFIANDERHeadWid 52Mason’s labourerWorker   Milton abbasF26 p21
   Ellen FIANDERDauS22Laundress Worker AthomeMilton AbbasF26 p21
   Eliza FIANDERDauS18Laundress Worker AthomeMilton AbbasF26 p21
   Charles FIANDERSonS16General Labourer    Milton AbbasF26 p21
   Artie FIANDERSon 9     Milton AbbasF26 p21
125’’ ’’ 4BaruchVACHERHeadMarr 53BricklayerWorker   Milton AbbasF26 p21
   Mary A VACHERWifeMarr51     Milton AbbasF26 p21
126’’ ’’ 2WilliamVACHERHeadMarr 45Estate LabourerWorker   Milton AbbasF26 p21
   Melina ? VACHERWifeMarr40     HiltonF26 p21
127’’ ’’ 2JaneSTICKLANDHeadWid 70Parish Relief (Estate)    Wint’ ZelstoneF26 p21
128’’ ’’ 4CharlesMORGANHeadMarr 58BricklayerWorker   Milton AbbasF26 p21
   Jane MORGANWifeMarr68     BridportF26 p21
129’’ ’’  OsmondeMITCHELLHeadS 20GroomWorker  Milton Abbas F26 p21
   Sophia MITCHELLSisterS24     Milton AbbasF26 p21
   William STEVENSONVisitorMarr41Hot water fitter Worker  St Pancras, LondonF26 p22
   Ralph CURTISVisitorS21Hot water fitter Worker  Blackfriars, London F26 p21
130Grocers Shop  EmmaPARSONSHeadMarr56 Grocer (provision) OwnaccAthome Milborne St AndrewF26 p22
   Elizabeth PARSONSDauS21Help in shop Worker  Milborne St AndrewF26 p22
   Winifred PARSONSDauS16     Milborne St AndrewF26 p22
   Gertrude PARSONSDau 12     Milborne St AndrewF26 p22
   George GORRIDGEBoarderWid49Painter Worker  Southwark, LondonF26 p22
   William GORRIDGEBoarder 15Painter Worker  Lambeth, LondonF26 p22
   Charles SNOWDONBoarderMarr42Paperhanger Worker  Sunderland, DurhamF26 p22
   Herbert BOAKESBoarderMarr30Painter Worker  Sevenoaks, KentF26 p22
131Milton Abbas4George VACHERHeadMarr61General Labourer Worker  Milton AbbasF26 p22
   Emily VACHERWifeMarr59     Milton AbbasF26 p22
   Ann VACHERMotherWid79     WimborneF26 p22
   Frank KNIGHTBoarderS21Plumber Worker  Pennington, HantsF26 p22
132’’ ’’ 4JohnBARTERHeadMarr46 Brewers CarterWorker  Milton Abbas F26 p22
   Eliza BARTERWifeMarr40     Milton AbbasF26 p22
   Louisa BARTERDauS18Housemaid    Milton AbbasF26 p22
   Ernest BARTERSonS16Estate Labourer Worker  Milton AbbasF26 p22
   Kate BARTERDau 13     Milton AbbasF26 p22
   Elsie BARTERDau 3     Milton AbbasF26 p22
   Ella BARTERDau 5mths     Milton AbbasF26 p22
133’’ ’’  AlbertGUYHeadMarr 60Blacksmith& Farmer OwnaccAthome Milton AbbasF26 p22
   Eliza GUYWifeMarr55     Milton AbbasF26 p22
   Flora GUYDau 12     Milton AbbasF26 p22
   Albert EDWARDSBoarderS25House Decorator Worker  SheffieldF26 p22
   Rudolf SCHMOHLBoarderS27House Decorator Worker  Rostock,GermanyF26 p22
134The Smithy  WalterEVANSHeadMarr31 Blacksmith Ownacc Hampreston F27 p23
   Charlotte M EVANSWifeMarr31     PimperneF27 p23
   Walter C EVANSSon 4     West Knoyle, WiltsF27 p23
   Reginald D EVANSSon 1     Milton AbbasF27 p23
   Charles GILLARDServantS21Blacksmith (Journeyman) Worker  Yeovil,SomersetF27 p23
   Archibald MAIDMENTServantS19Blacksmith (Journeyman) Worker  Yeovil, SomersetF27 p23
135Milton Abbas  WilliamBUSSELLHeadMarr48 Shemaker OwnaccAthomeMilton Abbas F27 p23
   Elizabeth BUSSELLWifeMarr45     Milton AbbasF27 p23
   Hector BUSSELLSon 12Estate Office boy Worker  Milton AbbasF27 p23
   John KIDDLEBoarderWid73Sparmaker Worker  Milton AbbasF27 p23
   Alfred LANGBoarderMarr45Carpenter Worker  Bradford AbbasF27 p23
   Charles BUNTONBoarderMarr37Engine Driver Worker  Wellington, Somerset F27 p23
136’’ ’’ 4George HJARVISHeadMarr 27Brewer’s LabourerWorker   CambridgeF27 p23
   Elizabeth JARVISWifeMarr29     RumboldF27 p23
   Edward H JARVISSon 2     PimperneF27 p23
   Hilda M JARVISDau 1     PimperneF27 p23
137’’ ’’ 4JohnCHURCHILLHeadMarr 54Road Contractor Ownacc  Milton AbbasF27 p23
   Susan CHURCHILLWifeMarr60     Milton AbbasF27 p23
   Elizabeth CHURCHILLDauS25     Milton AbbasF27 p23
   Eliza CHURCHILLDauS23     Milton AbbasF27 p23
   James CHURCHILLSonS22Roadman Worker  Milton AbbasF27 p23
   George CHURCHILLSon 14Stonebreaker    Milton AbbasF27 p23
138’’ ’’ 4FrederickFIANDERHeadMarr 50Estate CarterWorker   Milton AbbasF27 p23
   Jane FIANDERWifeMarr49     Bere RegisF27 p23
   Blanche FIANDERDauS25     Milton AbbasF27 p23
   John FIANDERSonS17Farm Labourer Worker  Milton AbbasF27 p23
   Ethel FIANDERG/Dau 5     Milton AbbasF27 p23
   Mabel FIANDERG/Dau 2     BlandfordF27 p24
139’’ ’’ 4FrederickROLLSHeadMarr 56BricklayerWorker   Milton AbbasF27 p24
   Anna ROLLSWifeMarr56     Milton AbbasF27 p24
   Frederick J ROLLSSonS22Bricklayer Worker  Milton AbbasF27 p24
   Gertrude ROLLSDauS17Pupil Teacher    Milton AbbasF27 p24
   Harry ROLLSSon 12     Milton AbbasF27 p24
140’’ ’’ 4StephenWHITEHeadMarr 63Estate CarpenterWorker   Milton AbbasF27 p24
   Sophia WHITEWifeMarr64     Milton AbbasF27 p24
   George WILLYBoarderMarr32Cabinet Maker Worker  Lambeth, LondonF27 p24
141’’ ’’ 4WilliamKIDDLEHeadS64 Retired Gentlemans Servant    Milton AbbasF27 p24
   Jane KIDDLESisterS75Retired Laundress    Milton AbbasF27 p24
142’’ ’’  ThomasFIANDERHeadMarr 49Carrier Ownacc  Milton AbbasF27 p24
   Honora FIANDERWifeMarr48     Bere RegisF27 p24
   Sarah J FIANDERDauS28     BloxworthF27p24
   Henry R LOVELLUncleWid75Estate pensioner    Milton AbbasF27 p24
143The Stores  ElizabethMARLOWHeadWid63 Grocer & Draper OwnaccAthomeFareham, Hants F27 p24
   Alice M COOKEDauWid41     Fareham, HantsF27 p24
   Maud MARLOWDauS17     Milton AbbasF27 p24
   Florence M COOKEG/Dau 8     Helston, CornwallF27 p24
   James BELLBoarderMarr40Sanitary Engineer Worker  Henley on Thames, Oxford F27 p24
   William J BELLBoarderS19Sanitary Engineer Worker  Henley on Thames, Oxford F27 p24
144Milton Abbas2Ann MARSHHeadWid63Parish Relief    Bere RegisF27 p24
145’’ ’’ 2MarthaVATERHeadWid72 Parish Relief   Hilton F27 p24
146’’ ’’ 4JamesSTICKLANDHeadMarr 49Carter (Estate)Worker   Milborne St AndrewF28 p25
   Annie STICKLANDWifeMarr48     Milton AbbasF28 p25
   Blanche STICKLANDDauS20     Milborne St AndrewF28 p25
   William FRIZZELLF in LawW72Parish Relief    Milton AbbasF28 p25
147’’ ’’  WilliamCOXHeadMarr 40Gardener (Domestic)Worker   CattistockF28 p25
   Annie COXWifeMarr35     West MiltonF28 p25
   Harry F COXSon 13Gardeners (Dom’) Boy Worker  Milton AbbasF28 p25
   Ethel H COXDau 11     Milton AbbasF28 p25
   Gertrude COXDau 9     Milton AbbasF28 p25
   Ida Gladys COXDau 10 mths     Milton AbbasF28 p25
   Edward LUCKBoarderMarr42Painter    LondonF28 p25
   Harry YOUNGBoarderS38Painter    LondonF28 p25
148’’ ’’  Charles RBESTHeadMarr 33Estate CarpenterWorker   Milton AbbasF28 p25
   Frederick SANKEYBoarderMarr30French Polisher Worker  New Cross, LondonF28 p25
   Ursula SANKEYBoarderMarr27     Lambeth, LondonF28 p25
149’’ ’’ 4ErnestGUYHeadMarr28 Rakemaker (Wood)Worker  Milton Abbas F28 p25
   Frances GUYWifeMarr30     NetherburyF28 p25
   Walter STRANGEVisitorMarr37General labourer Worker  Chelsea, BerksF28 p25
150’’ ’’ 2MarthaCHURCHILLHeadWid 76Dressmaker OwnaccAthome Milton AbbasF28 p25
   Frances CHURCHILLDauS36Dressmaker  OwnaccAthomeMilton AbbasF28 p25
151’’ ’’ 2MarthaAMEYHeadS42 Relief (Parish) & NeedlewomanOwnacc  AnstyF28 p25
  3Unoccupied           F28 p25
152’’ ’’  ElizabethMOREYHeadS 59Dressmaker OwnaccAthome Milton AbbasF28 p25
   Jael MOREYSisterS50Dressmaker Worker  Milton AbbasF28 p25
153’’ ’’ 3WilliamGUYHeadMarr36 Clerk ( Estate Agister)Worker   Milton AbbasF28 p26
   Sarah GUYWifeMarr38     Gayton, NorfolkF28 p26
   Dorothy GUYDau 2     Milton AbbasF28 p26
   Agnes GUYDau 3mths     Milton AbbasF28 p26
   Elizabeth GUYMotherWid75     DewlishF28 p26
154’’ ’’  JethroGUYHeadWid 65BricklayerWorker   Milton AbbasF28 p26
   Alice GUYDauS32     Milton AbbasF28 p26
   William DANCEBoarderMarr52Wood Grainer Worker  Westminster, London F28 p26
   George BECKETTBoarderMarr41House Painter Worker  Codford, WiltshireF28 p26
155’’ ’’  FrankLOVELLHeadMarr 52Carpenter & Wheelwright Ownacc AthomeMilton AbbasF28 p26
   Elizabeth LOVELLWifeMarr56     Bewdley, WorcesterF28 p26
   Mary LOVELLDauS21     Milton AbbasF28 p26
   Alfred LOVELLSonS18Farm Labourer Worker  Milton AbbasF28 p26
   Ada LOVELLDau 15     Milton AbbasF28 p26
   Harry GUYAdopted Son 2     Milton AbbasF28 p26
   James YOUNGBoarderMarr35Plumber Worker  LondonF28 p26
   Ernest WESTBoarderS22Plumbers Improver Worker  LondonF28 p26
156Police house  GeorgePAYNEHeadMarr34 Police ConstableWorker  Corfe Castle F28 p26
   Emily PAYNEWifeMarr34     StudlandF28 p26
   George PAYNESon 11     SwanageF28 p26
   Harold PAYNESon 9     HillfieldF28 p26
   Percy PAYNESon 7     SherborneF28 p26
   Edith A PAYNEDau 5     SherborneF28 p26
   Hilda M PAYNEDau 1     Milton AbbasF28 p26
157Milton Abbas4James GUYHeadMarr48Woodman  Ownacc Milton AbbasF28 p26
   Elizabeth GUYWifeMarr48     Milton AbbasF28 p26
   Charles GUYSonS21Carrier  Ownacc Milton AbbasF28 p26
   Bessie GUYDauS19     Milton AbbasF29 p27
   Edwin GUYSonS16Carrier  Ownacc Milton AbbasF29 p27
   William GUYSon 14     Milton AbbasF29 p27
158’’ ’’ 4HenryWHITTEYHeadMarr 60Gardener (Domestic)Worker   Milton AbbasF29 p27
   Emily GUYWifeMarr62     Bere RegisF29 p27
   Emily E STALLARDG/Dau 9     Richmond, SurreyF29 p27
   John BROOKEBoarderMarr70Carpenter    Dewsbury,YorksF29 p27
159’’ ’’ 4JamesBUTTHeadMarr47 Farm LabourerWorker  Milton Abbas F29 p27
   Elizabeth BUTTWifeMarr42     Milton AbbasF29 p27
   George BUTTSonS16Estate Labourer Worker  Milton AbbasF29 p27
   Mabel BUTTDau 12     Milton AbbasF29 p27
   Harry BUTTSon 10     Milton AbbasF29 p27
160’’ ’’ 4FrederickBESTHeadMarr 47General LabourerWorker   Milton abbasF29 p27
   Sarah BESTWifeMarr45     Milton AbbasF29 p27
   Elizabeth BEST *DauS20     Milton Abbas F29 p27
              * Imbecile from childhood
   Gertrude BESTDauS16     Milton AbbasF29 p27
161’’ ’’ 4JohnCHURCHILLHeadMarr 46Woodman (Estate)Worker   Milton AbbasF29 p27
   Elizabeth CHURCHILLWifeMarr43     Milton AbbasF29 p27
   John CHURCHILLSon 12     Milton AbbasF29 p27
   Bertie CHURCHILLSon 10     Milton AbbasF29 p27
   Mark CHURCHILLSon 4     Milton AbbasF29 p27
   Frank CHURCHILLSon 1     Milton AbbasF29 p27
162’’ ’’ 4JohnRIDOUTHeadWid60 Bricklayer (Estate)Worker   Milton AbbasF29 p27
   Harry RIDOUTSonS24Bricklayer (Estate) Worker  Milton AbbasF29 p27
   Matilda RIDOUTDauS33     Milton AbbasF29 p27
163’’ ’’ 4EdwardMORRISHeadMarr 48Groom & PensionerWorker   Islington, LondonF29 p28
   Jane MORRISWifeMarr49     Merriott, SomersetF29 p28
   Elizabeth MORRISDau 9     Cape ColonyF29 p28
   Elizabeth HOCKEYSis in LawMarr51Laundress (Private)    Merriott, SomersetF29 p28
   Thomas HOCKEYNephew 10     W Chinnock?, Somerset F29 p28
164’’ ’’ 4JonathanBUSSELLHeadMarr 79Pensioner (Private)    Milton AbbasF29 p28
   Elizabeth BUSSELLWifeMarr72     Morston, SomersetF29 p28


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