Dorset Pensioned Royalist Soldiers 1672

Transcribed and donated to the Dorset OPC Project by Kim Parker

This list of the 85 Royalist Soldiers (and 1 preacher) pensioned at the Restoration and still surviving in 1672 was amongst the Gould papers inherited by Dr. Wyndham Godden who made them available to Rev. Bartelot for publication in Somerset and Dorset Notes & Queries (Vol 19 P139-142, 1925). I have converted the sums into annual amounts to make them comparable with the 1662-4 lists.

A List of ye Annuall Pencioners and ye severall sumes of mony payable unto them [annually] by Major Gould Esq' Treasurer for ye yeare 1672.


Elias BISHOP Sherborne £2.0s.0d.
John BOWDEN Waymouth £2.0s.0d.
Mathew BISHOP Shepton Gorges £2.0s.0d.
Richard BAKER Puncknole £2.0s.0d.
Leanard BASCOMBE Beare Regis £1.10s.0d.
Stephen BOUND Sherborne £2.0s.0d.
Walter BUCKLER Chetnoll £2.0s.0d.
Francis BUFFETT Stalbridge £0.20s.0d.
William CLARKE Buckhorne Weston £0.20s.0d.
Richard CAMBLE Maydon Newton £2.0s.0d.
Richard COALEFOX Chideock £2.0s.0d.
Symon CROSSE Blanford £2.0s.0d.
William CHETMILL Sherborne £2.0s.0d.
Joseph CHILDES Evershott £2.0s.0d.
Richard CHAPELL Weeke Regis £2.0s.0d.
William CHALDECOTT Longbridy £2.0s.0d.
William DUCK Froome Quinton £2.10s.0d
Joseph DANIELL Sherborne £2.0s.0d.
John DOWNE Dalwood £2.0s.0d.
Stephen DIBIN Blanford £2.0s.0d.
Richard ELBY Allengton £2.0s.0d.
William ELLIS Piddletrenthed £2.0s.0d.
Christopher GARDNER Sherborne £2.0s.0d.
Hugh GORMAN Duelish £2.0s.0d.
John HURLE Sturminster Marshall £2.0s.0d.
Owen HENDY Upway £2.0s.0d.
William HOLLOWAY Sherborne £2.0s.0d.
Mathew HAGGARD Dorchester £2.0s.0d.
Clifford HUSEY Corfe Mullen £7.0s.0d.
John HAMLIN Sherborne £1.10s.0d.
Thomas HARDY Worgrett £1.10s.0d.
John HAYNES Portland £3.0s.0d.
Edward HARRIS Knighton £2.0s.0d.
William HARRIS Folke £1.10s.0d.
Nathaniel HEARNE Netherbury £2.0s.0d.
William HEARNE Netherbury £2.0s.0d.
Nicholas HILL Corfe Castle £2.0s.0d.
John HOUSLEY Lankton £1.0s.0d.
Symon HARDY Frampton £1.0s.0d.
Christopher JOYCE Blanford £1.10s.0d.
Jarves JEFFERY Sherborne £1.0s.0d.
William KNAPP Blanford £1.10s.0d.
John KENYES Blandord £1.10s.0d.
Henry KINIES Beamister £1.10s.0d.
John KEECH of ye Gaole £1.0s.0d.
Walter KEMPE Sherborne £2.0s.0d.
Richard KEATE Upway £1.10s.0d.
Roger LUCAS Warharh £3.0s.0d.
John LAMBERT Lidlench £1.10s.0d.
Richard LOCKETT Blanford £2.0s.0d.
Peter MICHELL Sherborne £1.10s.0d.
Roger MANFEILD Sherborne £1.0s.0d.
Nicholas ORCHARD Chideocke £2.0s.0d.
Humphrey PENNY Sherborne £2.0s.0d.
John PURCHASE Sherborne £2.0s.0d.
Edmond PARKER Sherborne £1.0s.0d.
John PARRATT Blanford £2.0s.0d.
Nicholas PITFOULD Loders £2.0s.0d.
William PAYNE Puncknole £2.0s.0d.
William ROGERS Sherborne £1.5s.0d.
Thomas RICH Sherborne £1.0s.0d.
John REDMAN Cerne £3.0s.0d.
Tobias SYMONS Loathers £2.0s.0d.
Richard STEPHENS Sherborne £1.0s.0d.
Nicholas SHEPARD Pidle £2.0s.0d.
Thomas SYMONS Sherborne £2.0s.0d.
Isaac STICKLEY Shaston £2.0s.0d.
James SYMONS Bloxworth £2.0s.0d.
William STONE Durweston £2.0s.0d.
John STOWER Lyme Regis £2.13s.4d.
Robert TAYLER Sherborne £3.0s.0d.
Thomas TOWNSEND Waymouth £1.10s.0d.
Audley TREVERS Poorstock £2.0s.0d.
William TOOGOOD Sherborne £2.0s.0d.
Richard TUCKER Lidlinch £2.0s.0d.
Thomas WEARE Beere Regis £2.0s.0d.
Jasper WALTER Sherborne £2.0s.0d.
Lancelot WELCH Pudletrenthed £3.0s.0d.
Alexander WILLIAMS Sherborne £3.0s.0d.
Thomas WARWICKE Sherborne £2.0s.0d.
John WOONSEY Chideocke £1.0s.0d.
Joseph WATTS Waymouth £2.0s.0d.
John WARREN Leathers £2.0s.0d.
William WHITE Owermoyne £3.0s.0d.
William WARR Wootton Glandfeild £2.0s.0d.
Mr. Richard WYNE for preaching in y6 Gaole at Dorchester £14.0s.0d.


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