Milborne St Andrew

MARRIAGES 1841 to 1920

Translated, transcribed and donated to the Dorset OPC by Beki House from the Parish Registers


These transciptions are taken from the original images of the Dorset Parish Registers held at the Dorset Record Office.
All Spelling is as it appears in the Registers.
Some handwritten notes on the Register have been included where they will clarify an entry or assist the family historian but not all handwritten notes have been included..

DateNameAgeConditionOccupationParishFatherFathers OccpWitnessesMinister
[no marriages recorded in the Register of Milborne St Andrew in 1841]
16 Feb 1842John SmithFull BachelorCordwainerMilborne St AndrewJohn Smith CordwainerWilliam CutlerGeo Hadley
 Mary BeatonFull SpinsterServantMilborne St AndrewJohn Smith (sic) ButcherLouisa SmithVicar
         James Gaulton  
10 Jun 1842William DavisFull BachelorServantMilborne St AndrewHenry Davis LabourerEdward HeadRichard Robert
 Catherine PayneFull SpinsterServantMilborne St AndrewThomas Payne CordwainerJane Case (or Cake)Vicar of Milton Abbas
18 Jul 1842George EverettFull BachelorMasonMilborne St AndrewWilliam Everett MasonThomas SticklandGeo Hadley
 Louisa MartinFull SpinsterWire WorkerMilborne St AndrewEmanuel Martin SawyerEllen GoverVicar
         James Gaulton  
28 Nov 1842John BeerFull BachelorGamekeeperPoxwellThomas BeerLabourer James GaultonGeo Hadley
 Elizabeth SquibbFull SpinsterServantMilborne StilehamJames Squibb CarrierEliza GaultonVicar
3 Apr 1843Thomas WayFull BachelorLabourerMilborne StilehamCharles Way CarterJohn SmithGeo Hadley
 Elizabeth LockettFull SpinsterServantMilborne St AndrewRichard Lockett CarterJames GaultonVicar
         Maria Way  
1 May 1843Stephen AylesFull BachelorLabourerFisherton Anger WiltsStephen Ayles LabourerJames WayG Campball Gordon
 Maria WayFull Spinster-Milborne St AndrewCharles Way LabourerJane RidoutOfficiating Minister
6 Jul 1843Charles SpencerFull WidowerInnkeeperGreat CorbenThos Spencer InnkeeperJane RooseG C Gordon
 Mary CorbinFull Spinster-Milbourne St AndrewRoger Corbin YeomanThomas SymesOfficiating Minister
[no marriages recorded in the Register of Milborne St Andrew in 1844]
[no marriages recorded in the Register of Milborne St Andrew in 1845]
25 Jun 1846James SticklandFull BachelorLabourerMilborne St Andrew-- James GaultonGeo Hadley
 Elizabeth LoweFull Widow-Milborne St Andrew--Alexander Squires Vicar
21 Oct 1846John WattsFull BachelorCordwainerMilborne St AndrewSamuel Watts CarpenterJohn DavisGeo Hadley
 Ann RexFullSpinster Dress MakerMilborne St AndrewStephen RexLabourer Sarah Ann WatermanVicar
         James Gaulton  
29 Jul 1847John DavisFull BachelorCarterMilborne StilehamJohn Davis LabourerRobert ElfordGeo Hadley
 Sarah Ann WatermanFull Spinster-Milborne StilehamPhilip Waterman LabourerAmelia WhittyVicar
         James Gaulton  
3 Feb 1848Edward GaultonFull BachelorCarterMilborne St AndrewThomas Gaulton CarterJames GaultonGeo Hadley
 Anne KellawayFull Spinster-Milborne St AndrewJohn Kellaway YeomanEliza GaultonVicar
17 Jul 1848Jane GoverFull BachelorLabourerMilborne St AndrewThomas Gover LabourerJoseph MoreyGeo Hadley
 Mary Ann GoverFull Spinster-Milborne St AndrewSilas Gover LabourerEllen GoverVicar
         Thomas Gover  
         Amelia Gover  
31 Aug 1848Thomas DavisFull BachelorSaddlerMilborne StilehamGeorge Davis SasddlerJames BishopJames A Templer
 Ann DrakeFull SpinsterDress MakerMilborne St Andrew- -Ann DavisVicar of Puddletown
         James Gaulton  
3 May 1849Joseph MoreyFull BachelorBricklayerMilton AbbasJames Morey BricklayerGeorge GrayGeo Hadley
 Amelia GoverFull SpinsterDress MakerMilborne St AndrewSilas Gover LabourerJames MoreyVicar
         James Gaulton  
22 Nov 1849Richard RickettsFull BachelorBlacksmithDewlishJohn Ricketts BlacksmithEdward R BilesGeo Hadley
 Rhoda CowardFull SpinsterServantMilborne St AndrewWilliam Coward YeomanJames GaultonVicar
         Elisabeth Coward  
12 Feb 1850John Boyling20 BachelorLabourerMilborne St AndrewRobert Boyling LabourerElisabeth PayneGeo Hadley
 Mary Ann Payne24 SpinsterServantMilborne St AndrewThomas Payne ThatcherJames GaultonVicar
27 Feb 1850John Cosh20 BachelorThatcherMilborne St AndrewThomas Cosh ThatcherGeorge DickerGeo Hadley
 Mary Dicker21 SpinsterButtonerMilborne St AndrewHenry Dicker ThatcherRachel PopeVicar
         James Gaulton  
22 May 1850James WayFull WidowerLabourerMilborne St AndrewCharles Way CarterJames BishopGeo Marwell
 Jane RidoutFull SpinsterDress MakerMilborne St AndrewJames Ridout LabourerMary Ann SeareOfficiating Minister
11 Sep 1850James Bishop23 BachelorShopkeeperMilborne St AndrewJames Bishop ShopkeeperThomas SearsGeo Hadley
 Mary Ann Seare26 Spinster-Milborne St Andrew-- Emma SeareVicar
         Fredk Baldey  
4 Dec 1850George StephensFull BachelorPrivate Soldier in 1st Regt of FootMilborne St Andrew William StephensWeaverJames EverettGeo Hadley
 Elizabeth StickleyFull Spinster-Milborne St AndrewJames Stickley LabourerJames GaultonVicar
1 Jun 1851George RapsonFull BachelorGamekeeperMilborne St AndrewJoseph Rapson ButcherJames SoperGeo Hadley
 Harriet Ann KinberFull Spinster-DurwestonJohn KinberYeoman James GaultonVicar
         Amelia Rapson  
1 Jul 1851Henry Matthias Newman FullBachelorSaddlerSt Bartholomew the Great, London George NewmanGrazierJohn LewisGeo Hadley
 Sarah SnowFull Spinster-Milborne St AndrewReuben Snow PublicanEdwin MumlayVicar
         Elvina Lane (sic)  
[no marriages recorded in the Register of Milborne St Andrew in 1852]
[no marriages recorded in the Register of Milborne St Andrew in 1853]
25 Jan 1854John StickleyFull BachelorLabourerMilbourn St AndrewJohn Stickley LabourerWilliam FoyelGeo Carter
 Rhoda RexFull SpinsterLabourerMilbourn St AndrewStephen Rex LabourerSarah FoyelOff Minr
8 Apr 1854George GillinghamFull BachelorBlacksmithWoollandWilliam Gillingham SmithJohn SmithT A Blair
 Ellen SmithFull Spinster-Milborne St AndrewJohn Smith Shoe MakerEliza SmithVicar
18 May 1854William BilesFull BachelorLabourerMilborne St AndrewJohn BIles LabourerJames MaltonT A Blair
 Mary Elizabeth BilesFull Spinster-Milborne St AndrewRobert Biles ButcherSarah MilesVicar
23 Nov 1854Henry DavisFull WidowerSeaman H M SMilborneHenry Davis YeomanRichard GaultonT A Blair
 Amy GaultonFull Spinster-MilborneSamuel GaultonGardener Jane LaneVicar
29 Nov 1854Joseph Philips20 BachelorBricklayerMilborneChristopher Philips ShoemakerPhillip PrideT A Blair
 Mary Anne Way19 Spinster-MilborneSamuel WayLaborer Anna PhillipsVicar
17 May 1855Frederick Stickland FullBachelorLaborerMilborne StilamJames Stickland LaborerReuben SticklandT A Blair
 Elizabeth PrideFull Spinster-Milborne St AndrewWilliam Pride LaborerAnn SticklandVicar
24 Dec 1855Philip Pride25 BachelorLaborerMilborne St AndrewJohn Pride -Joseph PhilipsT A Blair
 Anna Philips19 Spinster-Milborne St AndrewChristopher Philips Shoe MakerAmelia PrideVicar
6 Aug 1856John BattFull WidowerTailorMilborne St AndrewDead  Samuel BrownT A Blair
 Ann WattsFull WidowDress MakerMilborne St AndrewStephen Rix LabourerElizabeth DickerVicar
8 Sep 1856James StickleyFull BachelorLaborerMilborne St AndrewJames Stickley LaborerWilliam Henry WhiteT A Blair
 Betsy WayFull SpinsterDress MakerMilborne St AndrewGeorge Way LaborerEmily WhiteVicar
27 Nov 1857Robert FookesFull BachelorYeomanMilton AbbasHenry Fookes YeomanWm SymondsT A Blair
 Elizabeth Davis Symonds FullSpinster-Milborne St AndrewWilliam Symonds YeomanW SymondsVicar
         Elizabeth Willis  
         Anna Fookes  
1 Dec 1856Charles BilesFull BachelorLaborerMilborne St AndrewGeorge BIles LaborerWilliam CowardT A Blair
 Eliza WayFull Spinster-Milborne St AndrewSamuel Way LaborerSarah WayVicar
4 Mar 1857Charles Sweetapple FullBachelorYeomanNorth TidworthHenry Sweetapple YeomanThomas LongmanT A Blair
 Sarah CaseFull Spinster-Milborne St AndrewHenry Case DraperBetsy CakeVicar
3 Sep 1857Thomas PrideFull BachelorLaborerMilborne St AndrewWilliam Pride -John StickleyT A Blair
 Mary Jane WhiteFull Spinster-Milborne St AndrewRobert White -Amelia PrideVicar
11 Mar 1858Edwin DickerFull BachelorLaborerMilborne St AndrewGeorge Dicker LaborerBetsey StickleyT A Blair
 Jane StickleyFull Spinster-Milborne St AndrewJames Stickley LaborerJames StickleyVicar
22 Jun 1858Joseph Cole20 BachelorLaborerMilborne St AndrewJames Cole LaborerPhilip PrideT A Blair
 Martha Langford25 SpinsterServantMilborne St AndrewHenry Langford LaborerAnna PrideVicar
11 Nov 1858John StickleyFull BachelorLaborerMilborne St AndrewGeorge Stickley LabourerGeorge StickleyT A Blair
 Amelia PrideFull Spinster-Milborne St AndrewJohn Pride -Jane PrideVicar
29 Dec 1858Moses VivianFull BachelorLaborerMilborne St AndrewEdward Martyn Vivian LaborerCharles GaltonT A Blair
 Eliza GaultonFull Spinster-Milborne St AndrewThomas Gaulton LaborerChristian SpicerVicar
2 Aug 1859James HollowayFull BachelorLaborerMilborne St AndrewFrederick Holloway LaborerGeorge DavisT A Blair
 Hannah DavisFull Spinster-Milborne StilamSamuel DavisLaborer Mary GillardVicar
22 Sep 1859Demas DickerFull WidowerGame KeeperMilborne St AndrewRobert Dicker ThatcherJohn SmithT A Blair
 Eliza SmithFull Spinster-Milborne St AndrewJohn Smith ShoemakerSarah GoverVicar
27 Dec 1859Samuel EllisonFull BachelorSadlerChellenhamHenry Ellison FarmerWilliam Henry EllisonT A Blair
 Eliza Corbin SymesFull Spinster-Milborne St AndrewThomas Symes ButcherMary Augusta SymesVicar
27 Dec 1859James BaggsFull BachelorTailorMilborne St AndrewHugh Baggs MasonHenry SymesT A Blair
 Emma Symes19Spinster -Milborne St AndrewThomas SymesButcher Sarah MaltonVicar
30 Aug 1860John RiggsFull BachelorLaborerMilborne St AndrewRichard Riggs LaborerWilliam RiggsT A Blair
 Susannah LongmanFull Spinster-Milborne St AndrewEphraim Longman LaborerSusanna RiggsVicar
20 Oct 1860Henry DerrickFull BachelorLaborerMilborne St AndrewThomas Derrick HaglerJohn WhiteT A Blair
 Emma PrideFull Spinster-Milborne St AndrewCharles Pride LaborerPhebe PrideVicar
15 Dec 1860Edmund BrownFull BachelorLaborerBlandford St MaryStephen Ailes -William CakeT A Blair
 Ellen DerrickFull Spinster-Milborne St AndrewGeorge Derrick GroomMary Ann DerrickVicar
22 Jan 1861William RandallFull BachelorLaborerMilborne St AndrewGeorge Randall LaborerJohn GaylerT A Blair
 Bethia DavisFull Spinster-Milborne St AndrewHenry Davis LaborerElizabeth RandallVicar
16 Apr 1861George Frederick Vachar FullBachelorLaborerMIlton AbbasRobert Vachar LaborerJoseph LeggT A Blair
 Mary Barrett MayoFull Spinster-Milborne St AndrewWilliam Mayo CooperMaria MayoVicar
31 Aug 1861James Way19 BachelorLaborerMilborne St AndrewGeorge Way LaborerEdmund BrownT A Blair
 Mary Anne Derrick19 Spinster-Milborne St AndrewGeorge Derrick LaborerCharlotte WayVicar
19 Sep 1861Samuel William Brown FullBachelorLaborerMilborne St Andrew Philip BrownLaborerGeorge Henry BrownT A Blair
 Elizabeth BevestockFull Spinster-Milborne St AndrewWilliam Bevestock LaborerCicely CakeVicar
20 Feb 1862John GaylerFull BachelorLaborerMilborne St AndrewThomas Gayler -William RandallT A Blair
 Elizabeth RandallFull Spinster-Milborne St AndrewGeorge Randall LaborerSophia VacherVicar
5 Jul 1862John StickleyFull WidowerLaborerMilborne St AndrewJohn Stickley LaborerSamuel BrownT A Blair
 Anne SticklandFull Widow-Milborne St AndrewWilliam Baker LaborerElizabeth BrownVicar
22 Dec 1862Henry MarshFull WidowerServantBryanstoneCharles William Marsh CarrierTom Wilkins SnowT A Blair
 Mary Elvina SnowFull Spinster-Milborne St AndrewReuben Snow Inn KeeperEmily SnowVicar
31 Dec 1862Emmanuel Charles Legg FullBachelorButcherMilborne St Andrew Charles LeggGlazierGeorge DavisT A Blair
 Keziah or Kehiah (sic) Everett FullWidow-Milborne St AndrewJohn Davis LaborerMary GillardVicar
 Transcriber Note - Bride signed as Thiza Everett     
16 Jun 1863Matthias LockeFull BachelorGroomMilborne St AndrewJohn Lock LabourerCharles LockeT A Blair
 Fanny CakeFull Spinster-Milborne St AndrewSamuel Cake ShepherdMary PhillipsVicar
7 Jul 1863William ParsonsFull BachelorBakerMilborne St AndrewJosiah Parsons ThatcherEdmund Charles CakeT A Blair
 Charlotte WayFull Spinster-Milborne St AndrewGeorge Way LaborerMaria DerrickVicar
 Transcriber Note - Groom signed as William Charles Parsons - Vicars column note states they are one in the same person.
18 Jul 1863Charles PrideFull BachelorLaborerMilborne St AndrewWilliam Pride LaborerJames PrideT A Blair
 Fanny CollisFull Spinster-Milborne St AndrewJames Collis LaborerElizabeth CollisVicar
13 Oct 1863William James Shave FullBachelorGardinerMelcombe HorseyWilliam Shave Game KeeperGeo HarrisT A Blair
 Ann AllenFull Spinster-Milborne St AndrewJohn Allen -Elizth A HallVicar
19 Jan 1864Samuel WarrenFull BachelorWheelerWinterbourneSamuel Warren WheelerJohn Thos WarrenT A Blair
 Lucy RichardFull Spinster-Milborne St AndrewGeorge Richard LandlordMary WarrenVicar
4 Apr 1864Francis John Coffin FullBachelorBakerMilborne St AndrewJohn Coffin DealerJames WayT A Blair
 Maria DerrickFull Spinster-Milborne St AndrewGeorge Derrick GroomMary Ann WayVicar
9 Apr 1864William HammettFull BachelorLaborerMilborne St AndrewBenjamin Hammett LaborerEdmond DickerT A Blair
 Ellen SticklyFull Spinster-Milborne St AndrewGeorge Stickly LaborerElizabeth StephensVicar
7 Dec 1864William John Lawrence Cummins FullBachelorClerk in War OfficeMelcombe Regis Richard gealer CumminsEngineer DepatamTom Watkins Snow T A Blair
 Emily SnowFull Spinster-Milborne St AndrewReuben Snow -Henry Ham MarshVicar
22 Dec 1864Francis PrideFull BachelorLaborerMilborne St AndrewWilliam Pride LaborerJames PrideT A Blair
 Ann FoyleFull Spinster-Milborne St AndrewWilliam Foyle -Elizabeth HallVicar
21 Apr 1866William BilletFull BachelorLaborerMilborne St AndrewIsaac Billet LaborerJohn BillettT A Blair
 Maria WayFull Spinster-Milborne St AndrewThomas Way LaborerElizabeth Sarah BillettVicar
28 Jul 1866George HookeyFull BachelorLaborerMilborne St AndrewJoseph Hookey CordwainerTamsy BarnsT A Blair
 Thirza StickleyFull Spinster-Milborne St AndrewThomas Stickley LaborerTamsy BarnesVicar
2 Mar 1867John George Wilson Pope FullBachelorBricklayerMilborne St Andrew Frederick PopeCooperSeth PrideT A Blair
 Elizabeth BishopFull Spinster-Milborne St Andrew-- Matilda Jane JoyceVicar
9 Mar 1867Charles George Higgins FullBachelorGuardMilborne St AndrewCharles Higgins LaborerCharles CutlerT A Blair
 Mary CutlerFull Spinster-Milborne St AndrewCharles Cutler BricklayerEliza CutlerVicar
7 Sep 1867Charles Vacher25 BachelorWoodmanMilborne St AndrewJames Vacher WoodmanCharles WayJ W Cattle
 Grace Grey24Spinster -Fleet HantsRobert GreyLaborerEmmeline Vacher Curate of Dewlish
30 Jan 1868John Billett27 BachelorMillerMilborne St AndrewIsaac Billett LabourerWilliam BellittJ W Cattle
 Elizabeth Davis41 Spinster-Milborne St Andrew-- Ellen Maria BIllettCurate of Dewlish
31 Aug 1869John Davis21 BachelorHarness MakerMilbourne StylehamThomas Davis Harness MakerStephen CutlerChris Geo Wheat
 Eliza Cutler20 Spinster-Milbourne St AndrewCharles Cutler BricklayerGrace ParsonsVicar
10 Feb 1870William Henry Way 25BachelorLabourerMilbourne St Andrew Thomas WayLabourerGeorge MartinChris Geo Wheat
 Ellen Ridout25 Spinster-Milbourne St AndrewRobert Ridout LabourerCharlotte MartinVicar
4 May 1871Jabez ButtFull BachelorBakerMilbourne St AndrewSamuel Butt BakerStephen CutlerJohn Bond
 Sarah Gaulton CutlerFull Spinster-GillinghamStephen CutlerMason Elizabeth CutlerCurate
30 Sep 1871Charles WayFull BachelorLabourerMilbourne St Andrew-Labourer Edwin WayJohn Bond
 Sarah Harriet CollisFull Spinster-Milbourne St AndrewJames Collis GroomEmily Sarah SquiresCurate
16 Jan 1872William KingmanFull BachelorDairymanBuckland NewtonThomas Kingman DairymanGeorge HouseChris Geo Wheat
 Sarah House19 Spinster-Milbourne St AndrewGeorge House YeomanEmily Jane KingmanVicar
13 Jul 1872Frederick Derrick FullBachelorLabourerMilborne Styleham George DerrickGrromHarry HouseJohn Bond
 Martha Maria MorrisFull Spinster-Milborne StylehamCharles Morris WoodmanMary PrideCurate
24 Apr 1873William ToomerFull BachelorLabourerTollard FarnhamCharles Toomer LabourerArthur ToomerD Jenkins
 Ellen TorwellFull Spinster-Milbourne St AndrewJames Torwell LabourerCharlotte Ann ToomerCurate of Bere Regis
22 Jan 1874George Henry Brown 38WidowerShepherdMilbourne St AndrewPhilip Brown LabourerCharles Jesse HookeyLloyd B Walroad
 Hannah Chaffey22 Widow-Milbourne St AndrewJohn HookeyLabourer Selina FootVicar
7 May 1874Edmund AplinFull WidowerGroomWinterborne WhitechurchJoseph Aplin LabourerGeorge DavisLloyd B Walroad
 Mary Jane PrideFull Widow-Milbourne St AndrewRobert White LabourerFrances DavisVicar
15 Jul 1874Frederick Way22 BachelorLabourerMilbourne St AndrewThomas Way LabourerJohn WayLloyd B Walroad
 Julia Chaffey17 Spinster-Milbourne St AndrewGeorge Chaffey LabourerAlice ChaffeyVicar
1 Aug 1874Samuel Mitchell22 BachelorLabourerMilbourne St AndrewJames Mitchell LabourerSylvester CorbenLloyd B Walroad
 Elizabeth Corben25 Spinster-Milbourne St AndrewSylvester Corben LabourerEmma CorbenVicar
16 Sep 1874Henry Parsons29 BachelorBakerMilbourne StylehamJosiah Parsons BakerWilliam CutlerFrancis Thirkill White
 Emma Cutler29 Spinster-Milbourne St AndrewStephen Cutler BuilderFanny ParsonsCurate Winterborne Clenston
20 Jul 1875George White22 BachelorLabourerMilbourne St Andrew-- James FianderLloyd B Walroad
 Hamaletta Jeffery17 Spinster-Milbourne St AndrewJohn Jeffery GroomEmily Jane FianderVicar
28 Jul 1875Samuel James30 BachelorLabourerMilbourne St AndrewRobert James ShepherdJames JamesLloyd B Walroad
 Ellen King33Spinster -Milbourne St AndrewCharles KingShepherd Charlotte TuckVicar
28 Mar 1876John Learmond Elliott 35BachelorFarm BailiffMilbourne St Andrew Thomas ElliottBrewerWilliam KeechLloyd B Walroad
 Mary Neale Keech34 Spinster-Milbourne St AndrewSimon Frank Keech DairymanSarah HaleVicar
27 May 1876Edmund Humfrey Lock 19BachelorLabourerMilbourne St Andrew Edward LockLabourerGeorge HouseLloyd B Walroad
 Edith Emily Way21 Spinster-Milbourne St AndrewThomas Way LabourerElizabeth LockVicar
8 Aug 1876George Amey50 WidowerLabourerMilton AbbasWilliam Amey SawyerArthur ThorneLloyd B Walroad
 Elizabteth Bestey50 Widow-Milbourne St AndrewJames Satchell LabourerMary ThorneVicar
28 Oct 1876George House24 BachelorLabourerHiltonJohn HouseLabourer Henry DavisLloyd B Walroad
 Anna Maria Davis21 Spinster-Milbourne St AndrewHenry Davis LabourerEliza HouseVicar
7 Nov 1876Herbert Standfield 25BachelorLabourerMilbourne StilehamJohn Standfield FarmerJames BishopLloyd B Walroad
 Elizabeth Bishop25 Spinster-Milbourne St AndrewJames Bishop GrocerEmma Louisa BishopVicar
18 Dec 1876Sidney John Standfield 33BachelorFarmerMilbourne St AndrewFrederick Standfield FarmerWilliam CutlerLloyd B Walroad
 Elizabeth Cutler35 Spinster-Milbourne St AndrewStephen Cutler MasonConer (sic) LaneVicar
4 Sep 1877William Baverstock 25BachelorGardenerMilbourne St Andrew John BaverstockShoemakerGeorge HartLloyd B Walroad
 Emily Deacon28 Spinster-Tarrant RawstonWilliam Deacon Game KeeperAnne HartVicar
30 Mar 1878Thomas Jeffery28 BachelorLabourerMilbourne St AndrewWilliam Jeffery LabourerSylvester CorbenLloyd B Walroad
 Emma Corben22 Spinster-Milbourne St AndrewSylvester Corben LabourerEllen CorbenVicar
21 Jun 1879George Collis27 BachelorLabourerMilbourne St AndrewJames Collis LabourerWilliam BesleyRoger St John Gresley
 Mary Ann Besley20 Spinster-Milbourne St AndrewCharles Besley LabourerCharles BesleyCurate
15 Jul 1879Henry James Chubb 44BachelorTailorCharminsterHenry Chubb BakerAndrew LaneJoseph Augustus Wix
 Ann Lane46Spinster -Milbourne St AndrewIssachar LaneTailor Mary Horner (sic)Curate
7 Feb 1880George Wells43 BachelorGroomLittle Bowden NorthamptonshireDeceased -Richard Dowell ParkerNigel W Gresley
 Mary Jane Parker37 Spinster-Milborne St AndrewSamuel Parker LabourerAnn ParkVicar
20 Jan 1881James Brown Derrick 24BachelorLabourerMilborne St AndrewDeceased -Thomas William WhiteNigel W Gresley
 Sarah Susan Loveless19 Spinster-Milborne St AndrewDeceased- Emily Mabel DerrickVicar
13 Aprl 1882Charles Legg23 BachelorJourneyman BlacksmithMilborne St Andrew Thomas LeggDairymanJacob FletcherNigel W Gresley
 Mary Ann Fletcher32 SpinsterServantMilborne St AndrewJacob Fletcher Market GardenerHarriett LeggVicar
         Sophy Payne  
23 Aug 1882John House57 WidowerFarmerBrianspiddleJohn HouseLabourer George KeatsNigel W Gresley
 Mary Horner50 Widow-Milborne St AndrewThomas BrownLabourer Mary Georgina KeatsVicar
[no marriages recorded in the Register of Milborne St Andrew in 1883]
8 Feb 1884Thomas Arnold27 BachelorPipe LayerMilborne St AndrewJames Arnold LabourerJohn BrownNigel W Gresley
 Eliza Jane Brown23 Spinster-Milborne St AndrewJohn Brown LabourerCharles BrownVicar
         Ellen Matilda Brown  
         Sarah Ann Arnold  
26 Mar 1884Thomas Samways30 BachelorCarterMilborne St AndrewEli Samways LabourerJohn GaylerR Henry Barber
 Eliza Morgan18 Spinster-Milborne St AndrewWilliam Morgan LabourerMary JennettCurate
30 Dec 1885Edwin Davis30 WidowerLabourerMilborne St AndrewRobert Davis -Thomas William WhiteNigel W Gresley
 Mary Ann Stickley29 SpinsterServantIn Service Lancing College Sussex Thomas Stickley-Isabel DerrickVicar
28 Oct 1886Herbert James Stevens 32BachelorFarmerBroad Chalk WiltsRobert Stevens Farmer (Decd)C A BesentNigel W Gresley
 Olivia Sarah Besent33 Spinster-Milborne St AndrewWilliam John Besent Farmer (Decd)M E BesentVicar
         Wm Chas Percival  
         William John Besent  
10 Nov 1886William John Besent 30BachelorFarmerMilborne St AndrewWilliam John Besent Farmer (Decd)William DrakeNigel W Gresley
 Elizabeth Jane Drake23 Spinster-Milborne St AndrewWilliam Drake FarmerAdelaide DrakeVicar
         W Drake  
         Chas Drake  
         Thomas Gnarr  
17 Sep 1887Samuel Wetherall22 BachelorGroomMilborne St AndrewRichard Wetherall CarterGeorge HookeyF G Montagu Powell
 Emily Barnes21 Spinster-Milborne St AndrewJames Barnes CarterMary Barnes 
1 Feb 1888Robert Henry SnowFull BachelorVet SurgeonMilborne St AndrewTom Watkins Snow Vet SurgeonAbslum VatcherF G Montagu Powell
 Mary Elizabeth VineFull Spinster-Milborne St AndrewSamuel Snow PublicanLavinia Jane Vine 
24 Dec 1888William John Riggs 21BachelorLabourerMilborne St AndrewJohn Riggs CarterGeorge RiggsF W Cooper
 Mary Barnes19 Spinster-Milborne St Andrew-- Anne Riggs 
         Owen BIles  
4 Mar 1889John Linington25 BachelorLabourerMilborne St AndrewWilliam Linington LabourerSamuel WetherallGeorge L Nash
 Annie Louisa Barnes19 SpinsterServantMilborne St AndrewJames Barnes LabourerAmelia Delilah CrossVicar Of Tolpuddle
18 Apr 1889William Bennet Snell 26BachelorTravellerSt Andrews, Plymouth John SnellSchoolmasterJohn ManuellH William Freeman
 Alice Mary Manuell25 Spinster-Milborne St AndrewJohn Manuell AccountantAne ManuellVicar of Affpuddle
7 Dec 1889Cornelius John Stickland 20BachelorLabourerMilborne St AndrewReuben Stickland LabourerFrederick SticklandD Colquhuan Smart
 Emily Mary Fiander22 Spinster-Milborne St AndrewWilliam Fiander LabourerEdith Jane FianderVicar
10 Oct 1890James Foyle31 BachelorDealerMilborne St AndrewJohn Foyle DealerFrederick CourtneayDornberg Faulkner
 Sarah Randal37 Spinster-Milborne St AndrewGeorge Randal GardenerEliza Charlotte RandallCurate
24 Dec 1890James Park18 BachelorLabourerMilborne St AndrewRobert Parks CarterG ParkD Colquhuan Smart
 Eliza Ann Daniels18 Spinster-Milborne St AndrewGeorge Daniels LabourerAda BillettVicar
21 Apr 1891Tom Edward Jeans27 BachelorLabourerWinterborne WhitchurchJohn Jeans GroomGeorge Arthur DickerD Colquhuan Smart
 Julia Dicker21 Spinster-Milborne St AndrewGeorge Arthur Dicker LabourerFanny Elizabeth CollisVicar
6 Jun 1892Charles Purdue23 BachelorHairdresserPokedownCharles Purdue BricklayerArchie DerrickD Colquhuan Smart
 Emily Isabel Derrick29 Spinster-Milborne St AndrewHenry Derrick FarmerSarah Jane PurdueVicar
28 Jun 1892Arthur Tom Grey25 BachelorLabourerGillinghamWilliam Grey LabourerCharlie Ernest BillettD Colquhuan Smart
 Ellen Elizabeth Billett 25SpinsterLabourerMilborne St AndrewIsaac Billett LabourerSarah BrightVicar
20 Aug 1892George Park33 BachelorLabourerMilborne StylehamRobert Park LabourerEmily BillettC E Macdonald Read
 Ada Fanny Billett21 Spinster-Milborne StylehamWilliam Billett LabourerDawson Henry WayCurate
21 Mar 1893William Comben24 BachelorLabourerPortlandBartholomew Comben YeomanThomas HollowayD Colquhuan Smart
 Harriet Holloway21 Spinster-Milborne St AndrewJames Holloway LabourerPriscilla CrossVicar
3 Apr 1893Charles Wood25 BachelorLabourerSouthseaJoshua Kitson Wood ClerkLewis Augustus DerrickC E M Read
 Olivia Maria Derrick26 Spinster-Milborne St AndrewHenry Derrick FarmerDaisy Christina DerrickCurate
6 Apr 1893Edwin Mundy26 BachelorFarmerKingsclere Woodlands, HantsRobert Mundy FarmerRobert MundyD Colquhuan Smart
 Edith Emily Besent28 Spinster-Milborne St AndrewWilliam John Besent FarmerC A BesentVicar
20 Apr 1893Alfred John Jeffrey 28BachelorGroomMilborne St AndrewJohn Jeffrey GroomHarry JefferyD Colquhuan Smart
 Lilla Jane Butt19 Spinster-Milborne St AndrewThomas Butt WoodmanAnnie JeffreyVicar
20 Jun 1894Walter John Keats 25BachelorMillerDurwestonWilliam Keats MasonGeorge ChristopherD Colquhuan Smart
 Mercy Christopher23 Spinster-Milborne StilehamCharles Christopher ShepherdFanny ChristopherVicar
23 Apr 1895George Herbert Davis 24BachelorSaddlerMilborne StilehamJohn Herbert Davis FarmerRobert Henry SnowD Colquhuan Smart
 Alice Emily Vine26 Spinster-Milborne St AndrewSamuel Vine Inn KeeperLavinia Jane VineVicar
27 Jun 1895Ernest Herbert Colborne 27BachelorBakerNew Milton HantsStephen Colborne BakerErnest Henry WayD Colquhuan Smart
 Eveline Maud Way24 Spinster-Milborne St AndrewSamuel Way BlacksmithLaura Bartlett WayVicar
16 Sep 1896Samuel Churchill28 BachelorLabourerMilborne St AndrewJosiah Churchill ShepherdJohn WillsD Colquhuan Smart
 Lucy Elizabeth Brown26 Spinster-Milborne St AndrewJoseph Brown LabourerAlice ChurchillVicar
26 Nov 1896William Corben24 BachelorLabourerMilborne St AndrewSilvester Corben LabourerThomas JefferyD Colquhuan Smart
 AMelia Jane Leak29 Spinster-Milborne St AndrewEli LeakLabourer Emma JefferyVicar
28 Dec 1896Charles Albert Riggs 21BachelorLabourerMilborne St AndrewJohn Riggs -Augustus BrownD Colquhuan Smart
 Anne Brown20Spinster -Milborne St AndrewGeorge Henry Brown- Grace Fanny BrownVicar
14 Apr 1897Frank Lane29 BachelorGrocerDurwestonJames LaneGroom George ChristopherD Colquhuan Smart
 Fanny Christopher24 Spinster-Milborne St AndrewCharles Christopher ShepherdAda ChristopherVicar
2 Dec 1897William Bagg49 WidowerLabourerWhitechurchJoseph Bagg LabourerFrederick ChurchillD Colquhuan Smart
 Sarah Ann Bowles54 Widow-Milborne St AndrewWilliam Davis LabourerMary Ann BrownVicar
15 Jun 1898Albert Edward Hayter 30BachelorFarmerHaney Brook HoltRobert Stephen Hayter FarmerClifford ElmesD Colquhuan Smart
 Lavinia Jane Vine32 Spinster-Milborne St AndrewSamuel Vine ButcherAmy Ann PattersonVicar
17 Sep 1898William Parker24 BachelorCarterAffpuddleRichard Parker LabourerTom BillettH A Bullen
 Emily Edith Billett30 Spinster-Milborne St AndrewWilliam Billett LabourerEmily Louisa ParkerCurate
20 Sep 1898Albert Newham21 BachelorBakerMilborne St AndrewGeorge Newham (decd) MillerHenry LockH A Bullen
 Kate Louisa Lock22 Spinster-Milborne St AndrewEdward Lock Engine DriverAgnes Edith WayCurate
1 Mar 1899John James White22 BachelorPrivate Dorset RegtMilborne St AndrewGeorge White DairymanHarry JeffreyD Colquhuan Smart
 Amelia Biles22 Spinster-Milborne St AndrewAlfred Biles LabourerAlice Maude BilesVicar
5 Apr 1899George Andrews23 BachelorBlacksmithMilborne St AndrewFrank Andrews BlacksmithGeorge ChristopherD Colquhuan Smart
 Ada Christopher23 Spinster-Milborne St AndrewCharles Christopher ShepherdFanny LaneVicar
19 Jun 1899Swan Richard Stockbridge 35BachelorDraperCambridgeJonathan Stockbridge DraperFrank Herbert StockbridgeD Colquhuan Smart
 Annie Constance Davis29 Spinster-Milborne St AndrewJohn Herbert Davis FarmerEdith Manson DavisVicar
7 Aug 1899Henry John Hicks25 BachelorTailorSherborneHenry HicksMarket Gardener George CorbenD Colquhuan Smart
 Agnes Ellen Corben23 Spinster-Milborne St AndrewGeorge Corben Machine OwnerEllen HicksVicar
11 Sep 1899William Edward Frith 26BachelorIronmonger51 Townchend Rd, London NW William FrithProprietorArthur William PriorD Colquhuan Smart
 Mary Beatrice Stickley 30Spinster-Milborne St AndrewJames Stickley LabourerFlorence Madeline StickleyVicar
19 Dec 1899Joseph Henry White 34BachelorDairymanMilborne St AndrewWilliam White LabourerJohn Lane BrownD Colquhuan Smart
 Sarah Ann Brown27 Spinster-Milborne St AndrewJohn Brown GroomMary Louisa LovellVicar
16 Apr 1900James North22 BachelorBlacksmithBuckland St MarySamuel North CarpenterWalter BoltD Colquhuan Smart
 Tabitha Stickland21 Spinster-Milborne St AndrewJames Shetland LabourerMary NorthVicar
16 Oct 1900Henry Richard Sillence 40BachelorArtistMilborne St AndrewHenry Sillence EngineerTheophilus Julius HenryD Colquhuan Smart
 Alice Moore Ayshford43 Spinster-Milborne St AndrewGiles Reynolds Ayshford SurgeonMa BialsVicar
         Solome Reynolds  
         Elizabeth Letitia Radford Ayshford
11 Dec 1900Frederick Arthur Dunesley 26BachelorPorter S W RWest Fordington John DunesleyPainterSamuel ChurchillD Colquhuan Smart
 Alice Churchill26 Spinster-Milborne St AndrewJosiah Churchill ShepherdMary Amelia ChurchillVicar
14 Mar 1901Samuel Jarvis33 BachelorRoad ContractorMilborne St AndrewDavid Jarvis Road ContractorWilliam MooreD Colquhuan Smart
 Rosa Pride26Spinster -Milborne St AndrewJames PrideHotel Keeper Charlotte Beatrice PrideVicar
05 Aug 1901Edward Weeks23 BachelorDairymanCharminsterRichard Weeks ShepherdFrank WayGeorge H Wynne
 Agnes Edith Way22 Spinster-Milborne St AndrewWilliam Henry Way (decd) CarterEmily Ada ToopVicar of W Whitechurch
15 Oct 1901Frederick Frank Oliver 28BachelorLabourerTarrant MoncktonJames Oliver ShepherdTom James HollowayD Colquhuan Smart
 Alice Maud Elizabeth Holloway 22Spinster-Milborne St AndrewJames Holloway LabourerClove Blanche DerrickVicar
21 Apr 1902John Hutchings32 BachelorButcherCharles Parish PlymouthDaniel Hutchings FarmerJohn V DavisD Colquhuan Smart
 Maria Louise Davis27 Spinster -John H DavisFarmer Louisa Mary DavisVicar
26 Jun 1902Robert Park26 BachelorLabourerMilborne St AndrewRobert Park LabourerWalter Thomas MooreD Colquhuan Smart
 Sarah Elizabeth Moore18 Spinster-Milborne St AndrewJohn Moore LabourerAnnie Rebecca MooreVicar
26 Aug 1902Frederick John Rolls 29BachelorBricklayerMIlton AbbasFrederick Rolls BricklayerGeorge James DerrickH A Bullen
 Dora Martha Derrick21 Spinster-Milborne St AndrewFrederick Derrick (decd) LabourerEliza DerrickCurate
01 Jul 1903James Huntley Knight V.C. 24BachelorSergeant Kings RgtMilborne St Andrew Huntley KnightWeaverCharles ParsonsD Colquhuan Smart
 Carrie Ellen Smith23 Spinster-Milborne St AndrewHenry Smith LabourerAnnie Beatrice Mary SmithVicar
06 Jul 1903Maurice Rogers32 BachelorButcherCharles Parish PlymouthEdwin Rogers BuilderJohn Herbert DavisD Colquhuan Smart
 Louisa Mary Davis26 Spinster-Milborne St AndrewJohn Herbert Davis FarmerMary Emma ParsonsVicar
30 Nov 1904Frank Way28 BachelorLabourerMilborne St AndrewWilliam Way LabourerEli NorthoverD Colquhuan Smart
 Laura Kate May Northover 20Spinster-Milborne St AndrewEli Northover LabourerEliza NorthoverVicar
16 Oct 1905Charles Daman50 WidowerLabourerMilborne St AndrewWilliam Daman LabourerWilliam James CapieD Colquhuan Smart
 Martha Maria Derrick53 Widow-Milborne St AndrewCharles Morris FarmerEthel Louise CapieVicar
04 Jun 1906Frederick Riglar28 BachelorWarehouse manSt John’s WatfordGeorge Riglar CaretakerWalter FrizzellD Colquhuan Smart
 Mary Eliza Frizzell27 Spinster-Milborne St AndrewWilliam Walter Frizzell BakerEmma Elvina FrizzellVicar
19 Sep 1906Thomas Walter Billett 37BachelorLabourerMilborne St AndrewWilliam Billett LabourerWilliam ParkerD Colquhuan Smart
 Caroline Mary Churchill 46Widow-Milborne St AndrewWilliam Curles LabourerKate ChurchillVicar
18 Oct 1906Walter Critchell27 BachelorInsurance AgentMilborne St AndrewGeorge Critchell LabourerFrank ParkD Colquhuan Smart
 Fanny Frances Park28 Spinster Milborne St AndrewRobert Park LabourerMabel Rosetta CorbenVicar
02 Apr 1907Joseph Johnston Crook 26BachelorGrocerSt Cuthberts WiltsJohn Crook PawnbrokerJohn Johnston CrookD Colquhuan Smart
 Selina Maria Hawkes30 Spinster Milborne St AndrewJoseph Hawkes Railway PorterMabel Sophy GoldingVicar
[no marriages recorded in the Register of Milborne St Andrew in 1908]
29 Aug 1909Sidney James Gale 24BachelorCarterMilborne St AndrewRobert Gale ForemanFred CrossW E F Petavel
 Edith Mary Damon20 SpinsterCookMilborne St AndrewWilliam John Damon Ag LabourerAnnie Jane Damon 
18 Jul 1910George Pride37 BachelorAssurance SuperintendentMilborne St Andrew James PrideInnkeeperJohn Robert PullenW E F Petavel
 Laura Susanna Prior29 Spinster-Milborne St AndrewHenry James Prior Game KeeperElizabeth Pride 
18 Dec 1911Arthur Freakley22 BachelorPrivateHelenlish (sic)Glen Freakley LaborerSidney Donald DemriCharles Walter Lloyd Evans
 Emily Elizabeth Everett 29Spinster-Milborne St AndrewGeorge Everett SergeantMabel Sarah Everett
24 Dec 1911Charles Brown52 WidowerEngine DriverMilborne St AndrewJohn Brown LabourerWilliam BurtCharles Walter Lloyd Evans
 Louisa Joyce52 Widow--Alfred MeanLabourerDorothy Burt
[no marriages recorded in the Register of Milborne St Andrew in 1912]
[no marriages recorded in the Register of Milborne St Andrew in 1913]
[no marriages recorded in the Register of Milborne St Andrew in 1914]
16 Aug 1915Frederick William Siddors 30BachelorHawkerMilborne St AndrewFrederick William Siddors MusicianFrank WayCharles Walter Lloyd Evans
 Eliza Rose Northover28 Spinster-Milborne St AndrewEli Northover CarterAlice Northover
24 Apr 1916Edward George Barrett 40BachelorPostmanMilborne St AndrewGeorge Barrett FarmerWilliam BellamCharles Walter Lloyd Evans
 Matilda Jane Pope43 Spinster-Milborne St AndrewJohn PopeBuilder Gertie Pope
12 Sep 1916Richard Harold Lifely 23BachelorFarmerMilborne St AndrewRichard Lifely FarmerGeorge LeggCharles Walter Lloyd Evans
 Mary Sarah Legg23 Spinster-Milborne St AndrewGeorge Legg FarmerEmily May Legg
27 Sep 1916Walter Frank Brown 37BachelorFarmerMilborne St AndrewJoseph Brown LabourerCharles ParsonsCharles Walter Lloyd Evans
 Bessie Rhoda Mears26 Spinster-Milborne St AndrewCharles Mears FarmerIvy Dorothy Burt
29 Sep 1917Percival Moore  BachelorCarterMilborne St AndrewJohn Moore CarterPercy WebberCharles Walter Lloyd Evans
 Florence Adelaide Mitchell  Spinster-Milborne St AndrewHarry Mitchell LabourerRuth Mitchell
10 Nov 1917James Edward Lane 26BachelorPte B E FMilborne St Andrew --Fred FrizzellCharles Walter Lloyd Evans
 Annie Louisa Frizzell28 Spinster Milborne St AndrewWilliam Walter Frizzell BakerEmma Blanche Annie North
27 Apr 1918Henry George Holmes 26BachelorCorporal Australian Imperial ForcesFovent John HolmesSmithJames ParkCharles Walter Lloyd Evans
 Alice Anne Park26 Spinster-Milborne St AndrewJames Park CarterLily Louisa Webber
04 Aug 1919Walter Ernest Marsh 26BachelorCarterMilton AbbasFrederick Marsh CarterHarry MarshCharles Walter Lloyd Evans
 Frances Alice Churchill 25Spinster-Milborne St AndrewSamuel Churchill LabourerCicely Churchill
10 Sep 1919Frederick Stephen Knight 20sBachelorBootmakerThe Close Blandford Thomas Stephen KnightPorterGeorge Grant Charles Walter Lloyd Evans
 Lily White25Spinster -Milborne St AndrewHenry William WhiteLabourer Mary White
 Transcribers Note - Age of Groom partially illegible due to a crease in the page - only a 2 appears indicating he is in his 20s
09 May 1920Benjamin Aubrey Tom Hart 26BachelorBakerMilborne St AndrewThomas Hart FarmerHenry TootCharles Walter Lloyd Evans
 Nellie Barrett25 Spinster-Milborne St AndrewCharles Barrett Maine Enginer (sic)Emily Dodge (sic)
 Transcribers Note - Age of Groom partially illegible from ink blot - only a 2 is certain but looks like it is followed by a 6
29 May 1920Frederick Charles Howard 32BachelorTailorMilborne St AndrewJoseph Howard BuilderDolly R HowardCharles Walter Lloyd Evans
 Gertrude Sarah Pope40 Spinster-Milborne St AndrewJohn PopeBuilder Florence M White
11 Nov 1920Laurence Willett21 BachelorMarket GardenerMilborne St AndrewReuben Willett Market GardenerJohn EverettCharles Walter Lloyd Evans
 Sarah Mabel Everett22 Spinster-Milborne St AndrewGeorge Everett SergeantEllen Kezia Brown
24 Dec 1920John Dumareng25 BachelorDairymanMilborne St AndrewJohn Dumareng Cabinet MakerAlbert HorseyCharles Walter Lloyd Evans
 Daisy Florence King Stacey 24Spinster-LangportGeorge Stacey CarpenterGertrude Stacey

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