Melcombe Horsey

Marriages 1696/7 - 1846
Transcribed from the Parish Registers and donated to the Dorset OPC Project by Kim Parker
Revised May 2011


09-Feb-1696/7; Barneby CAMDET & Jane BENNET

01-Aug-1698; John ALPEN & Mary WHITE of Iberton

11-Sep-1699; John WENTER & Constance Lady COOK

23-Feb-1702/3; John MULLETT of Stocke & Sarah VATER of Iberton (correction: bride’s name & date)

05-Apr-1711; George DUCKET Esq. & Grace SKINNER, d. of Thomas SKINNER Esq. of Dewlish

06-Apr-1713; Isaac HAYLY of Corfe Mullen & Elizabeth ARNOLD of Chesulbourn

07-Jun-1714; Nathaniel STICKLAND of Hilton & Mary BARBER of Stoke Wake

12-Oct-1719; John WILLSON & Elizabeth FOOT

28-Dec-1719; William HARVEY of Milton Abbey & Mary WHITE

31-Dec-1722; John JOBBINS & Mary VIE

25-Apr-1725; Stephen LUDLOW & Martha PARSONS

14-Feb-1726/7; Francis STICKLAND of Hilton & Sarah SHAVE

22-May-1722; Robert VINCIN of Cheselborn & Ann STAGG of Beer Regis

07-Sep-1727; John BENVALL [BENFIELD or BENVILLE] of Corfe Castle & Elizabeth PLOWMAN of Vinefrute (correction: groom’s name)

26-Jul-1728; Robert KINGSBERRY & Elizabeth FREEP, both of the Parish of Cheselborn

08-Feb-1729/30; Richard PAINE & Jane BLANCHET, both of the Parish of Cheselborn

21-May-1732; John BARTLET & Jane BEMENT

29-Apr-1733; Richard SHITTLER of Stoke Wake & Anne MOORES

21-Dec-1733; Mr John HUTCHENS, Rector of MH, & Mrs Anne STEPHENS of Milton Abbas

25-Apr-1734; Matthew HARDIMAN of Minterne Magna & Elizabeth SYMONDS of Piddle Hinton, at Higher Melcombe Chapel

27-May-1736; Mr Thomas MASTERMAN of Corton in Portesham Parish & Mrs Mary RAWLS of Druce in Puddletown Parish

07-May-1737; John GUY of Higher Melcomb & Sibyll BURT of Hilton

26-Apr-1739; Thomas TUCKET of Puddletown & Mary ABBOT

14-Apr-1740; Mr William DAVIS & Frances HAYNE of Hammoon

27-Jan-1740/1; The Rev. Mr Richard RICHARDS of Netherbury & Mrs Elizabeth DAVIS of Melcombe Horsey

08-Feb-1742/3; John MOORES of Harefoot Lane in this Parish & Jane WOOD of Piddle Hinton, at Upper Melcombe Chapel

16-Feb-1744/5;  Robert STICKLAND & Elizabeth MORRIS of Hilton

18-Aug-1745; Joseph COWARD & Sarah STICKLEY

09-Oct-1746; James KER Esq. & Miss Lucy PITT at Melcombe Chapel

22-Jul-1747/8; William HANN & Anne SHEPHERD both of Burleston Parish

13-Feb-1747/8; Andrew MOORE of Harefoot Lane & Mary STURMEY of Spetisbury (correction: bride’s name)

25-Jun-1748; George MORRIS & Mary LOCK

22-Dec-1748; Thomas UPWARD & Jane JACOB

30-Apr-1750; Francis HOUSE of ye town of Dorchester & Dorothy DAY of Wincaunton

22-Jul-1750; Thomas VIVIAN & Joyce BARBER, both of Chesilbourne

23-Jul-1750; George WORLD of Hilton & Anne ADAMS

23-Aug-1750; George STICKLAND & Anne BOLLEN both of Hilton

17-Sep-1750; John HOUSE jun. of Stoke & Sarah STICKLAND of Hilton

19-Dec-1750; John HART of Hilton & Mary MOORSE

23-Apr-1751; John TRASH senior & Elizabeth JEANES both of Anstey, Hilton

05-Jan-1752; Thomas TIZARD of Piddletrenthide & Jane MILLER of Hilton

20-Apr-1752; Robert KERLEY of Lydlinch & Mary MATTOCK of Helton [Hilton]

23-Oct-1752; John FRIPP & Elizabeth WORLD of Helton [Hilton]

06-Nov-1752; Samuel MORRIS of Cerne Abbas & Susannah STICKLAND of Aller

17-Jun-1753; Willliam STICKLAND of Helton [Hilton] & Elizabeth JACOB

23-Sep-1753; James LOCK of Helton [Hilton] & Margery CHAVE [SHAVE] of Winterbourne Whitechurch (correction: date)

25-Feb-1754; Arthur MORRIS & Anne STICKLAND, both of Anstey


18-Sep-1754; Lancelot LEE Esq. & Anna Elizabetha MICHEL

witnesses: David Robert MICHEL, Harry LEE


07-Nov-1754; Edward Buckley BATSON of St. Mary Woolnoth, London & Mary MICHEL by Licence

witnesses: Richard BINGHAM, David Robert MICHEL


20-May-1755; Daniel DRAKE & Susannah HICKMAN

witnesses: William RICKETTS, William PARSONS


03-Jan-1757; Henry BURNAL & Anne FROST

witnesses: William PARSONS, John FRIPP


07-Jul-1759; John WORRET & Eleanor RIGGS

witnesses: Thomas SHIPLAND, Thomas DRAKE


22-Apr-1762; John* STICKLEY of East Orchard & Susannah HOUSE of Harefoot Lane

witnesses: Daniel DRAKE, William GUY


*recorded as William, but the banns consistently state John


30-Jun-1762; Francis HOUSE of Harefoot Lane & Dinah YOUNG of Hilton (correction: date)

witnesses: John HOUSE, George DRAKE


25-Jan-1763; William DICKER of Hilton & Jean CHEEN

witnesses: G. ELKINS, William PARSONS


03-Nov-1765; Benjamin DRAKE & Mary MORRIS of Hilton

witnesses: William PARSONS, A. GROSS


02-Sep-1766; Daniel DRAKE & Elizabeth JEANES

witnesses: Mary STEPHENS, John FANE


23-Mar-1767; Simon THOMAS of Hilton & Anne FOIN by Licence

witnesses: Robert LOVELESS, William PARSONS


03-Apr-1768; John MAY & Mary KING

witnesses: Robert LOVELESS, Mary STEPHENS


02-Jul-1769; Benjamin RIGGS of Hilton & Anne MOORE

witnesses: James LOCKE, William PARSONS


10-Jan-1774; John PEACH of Chesilbourne & Joan UPWARD

witnesses: Ann ROLLS, William PARSONS


05-Apr-1775; George AMEY & Jenny SARLY

witnesses: Richard BINGHAM, John NEWEL, George AMEY


17-Jul-1775; John ANDREWS & Mary BAKER

witnesses: William PARSONS, Joseph MITCHELL


10-Aug-1775; William WORLD of Hilton & Charlotte TAPPER

witnesses: John NEVILLE


14Jan 1776; John MORRIS & Lydia MOORES

witness: William HOWE


19-May-1776; Joseph GREEN & Elizabeth COOMBES

witnesses: William PARSONS, John HOLLAND


11-Jun-1776; George DRAKE of Harefoot Lane & Mary KNOT

witnesses: John FONE, Mary Dinah DRAKE


17-May-1779; George YEATMAN of Mappowder & Nanny* UPWARD

witnesses: William PARSONS, James LOCKE


*also recorded in Mappowder BTs as George YEATMAN & Anne UPWARD


28-Nov-1780; John SQUIBB of Hilton & Mary DRAKE

witnesses: James SQUIBB, William PARSONS


12-Mar-1781; Thomas Young POWELL of Trent, Somerset & Elizabeth BURDEN

witnesses: Robert FOOT, William PARSONS


28-Jan-1783; Thomas BURDEN & Sarah TALBOT of Little Bredy

witnesses: Robert BULLING, William PARSONS


18-Oct-1784; Giles TRAVES of Hilton & Amey BAKER

witnesses: Patience BAILY, William PARSONS


23-Mar-1788; Robert HOUSE of Hilton & Grace DRAKE

witnesses: William STICKLAND, John HOUSE


17-Jun-1789; Francis HOUSE of Hilton & Mary YOUNG

witnesses: John ABBOTT, Patience BAILEY


23-Aug-1790; James DICKER & Margaret CORSH of Cerne Abbas

witnesses: William STICKLAND, John NELL


14-Feb-1791; John ABBOT of Gunville & Sarah FURMAGE

witnesses: John SKINNER, William STICKLAND


03-Dec-1792; Samuel FUDGE & Mary MOORS

witnesses: William STICKLAND, William NEVILLE


18-Oct-1793; Richard HANHAM & Sarah DRAKE

witnesses: Thomas HANHAM, Martha MORRIS


19 Oct 1795; George DRAKE & Jane KAINES of Hilton (correction: bride’s surname)

witnesses: Thomas DRAKE, Maria AMEY


24-Feb-1796; Thomas DRAKE & Ann PEACH of Hilton

witnesses: Thomas DRAKE, Mary RICHARDS


11-Dec-1796; William MULLET of Chiselbourne & Patience BAILY

witnesses: Mary BINGHAM, Amelia KING, John ABBOTT


30-Mar-1797; William CLAVELL Esq. of Smedmore in Kimmeridge & Sophia BINGHAM by Licence

witnesses: Edmund Morton PLEYDELL, Priscilla BINGHAM, Thomas BARTLETT junior


19-Feb-1798; Christopher SMITH & Ann DRAKE

witnesses: James PEACH, Elizabeth RIGGS


09-Jun-1800; James PEACH & Martha MORRIS of Hilton

witnesses: Martha CUTLER, Elizabeth RIGGS


06-Apr-1801; William DRAKE & Martha CUTLER

witnesses: Thomas PENNEY, John CUTLER, Sarah STILES


28-Oct-1802; William ARNOLD of Chesilbourne & Elizabeth RIGGS

witnesses: John MORRIS, Jane SCOTT


06-Jun-1804; William HILL of Piddletown & Ann HALLET

witnesses: Robert HALLETT, Hannah POWELL


02-Sep-1806; John HICKS of Dorchester Holy Trinity & Dinah DRAKE

witnesses: William HALLETT, Keturah HALLETT


27-May-1807; William SMITHER & Mary Ann STICKLAND

witnesses: William STICKLAND, Joanne DRAKE


03-Aug-1807; John MOORS & Maria BAKER

witnesses: James MOORS, Martha RICHARDS


31-Aug-1807; Charles HOUSE of Hilton & Jane MOORS

witnesses: John ABBOTT, Leonora BINGHAM


01-Nov-1808; Benjamin DRAKE & Dinah STICKLAND

witnesses: Thomas RICHARDS, Elizabeth HOUSE


22-Jul-1811; John HART of Hilton & Sarah PITMAN

witnesses: James RIGGS, Evelyn COURT


23-Sep-1811; William RIGGS of Hilton & Mary HOUSE

witnesses: John HOUSE, Elizabeth HOUSE


26-Dec-1811; George DRAKE of Hilton & Elizabeth HOUSE

witnesses: Thomas DRAKE, John HOUSE


07-Jul-1812; Robert SCARD of Cerne Abbas & Sarah MOORS

witnesses: John MOORE, Jemima BAKER


01-Feb-1813; George RICHARDS of Hilton & Anne THOMAS

witnesses: John HORLOCK, C. TANSWELL


29-Dec-1813; John HOMER of Piddle Trenthide & Anne SPRACKLAND (correction: Groom’s surname)

witnesses: Esther DICKER, William STICKLAND Clerk


13-Feb-1814; George VINCENT & Rebekka CHAMBERLAIN

witnesses: Dinah DRAKE, Jane TANSWELL, Henry KELLWAY


12-Jan-1815; William BIRCHALL of St. Giles, Camberwell & Leonora BINGHAM by Licence

witnesses: Mary STILL, Richard BINGHAM


11-May-1815; Michael LOVELESS of Piddle Trenthide & Elizabeth PITMAN by Licence

witnesses: Thomas HOUSE, Susanna MOORS


23-Jul-1815; John FOOT of Piddle Trenthide & Martha SPRACKLING

witnesses: Dinah VINCENT, Esther DICKER


22-Mar-1816; James JANES & Mary COATE

witnesses: George KINGMAN, Mary KINGMAN


22-Apr-1816; Charles THOMAS widower of Buckland Newton & Dinah DRAKE by Licence

witnesses: Abraham WEST, Elizabeth CAPEN


26-Dec-1816; George KINGMAN of Buckland Newton & Elizabeth MOORS

witnesses: John MOORS, Mary WORLD


21-Apr-1817; James KINGSBURY of Cerne Abbas & Joanna DRAKE

witnesses: John BINGHAM, S. KINGSBURY


21-Apr-1817; James DRAKE of Hilton & Anne PITMAN

witnesses: Samuel RENDEL, Mary DRAKE


06-Aug-1817; John HOUSE & Maria MOORS

witnesses: William STICKLAND, Jane HOUSE


28-May-1818; Charles VINCENT of Tarrant Monckton & Susanna HOUSE

witnesses: John VINCENT, Mary AMEY, John BUTLER


19-Sep-1819; George STICKLAND & Susanna MOORS

witnesses: John MOORES, Mary Ann STONE


29-May-1820; Robert STICKLAND & Elizabeth FUDGE

witnesses: George MOORE, Jean WEST


12-Jun-1820; William BURDEN & Joyce UPWARD

witnesses: Ann UPWARD, Mary PITMAN


24-Sep-1820; Thomas HOMER of Cerne Abbas & Mary PITMAN

witnesses: John PITMAN, Esther DICKER


09-Aug-1821; Benjamin MULLETT of Hilton & Maria DRAKE

witnesses: Elizabeth DRAKE, Rebecca LONGMAN


23-Sep-1822; John RANDAL of Hilton & Ann RIGGS

witnesses: John ROLLS, Rebecca LONGMAN


25-Nov-1822; Robert CAINES of Hilton & Susannah SQUIBB

witnesses: John ROLLS, Rebecca ROLLS


15-Aug-1825; William JANESS [JEANS] & Zipporah THOMAS

witnesses: Samuel STOREY, Ann STOREY


03-Oct-1825; William BURDEN of Cheselbourne & Elizabeth LOVELESS

witnesses: Thomas OLDBY, Mary HOMER


24-Oct-1825; Philip TREVES of St. Peter, Dorchester & Rebecca ROLLS by Licence

witnesses: John ROLLS, Susanna TREVES


29-May-1826; James BAKER of Hilton & Grace PITMAN

witnesses: Esther DICKER, Mary SMITH


16-Oct-1827; William DRAKE of Piddle Trenthide & Frances NEALE

witnesses: James NEAL, Thomas BURDEN


19-Nov-1827; John BASTABLE & Jane DUNFORD

witnesses: John ROLLS, William STICKLAND


10-Jun-1834; William Horatio FRAMTON & Sarah DRAKE of Hilton

witnesses: John ROLLS, William STICKLAND


14-Jul-1834; Thomas HOWE & Jane HOUSE

witnesses: Cornelius BURDEN, John HOWE


03-Sep-1834; John HOWE & Susannah HOUSE

witnesses: Thomas HOWE, Cornelius BURDEN


15-Jan-1835; William Purchase BRYANT of Winterborne Houghton & Leonora HOUSE

witnesses: Chris. R. BRYANT, Elizabeth RANDALL


26-Aug-1835; Thomas GARRETT of Cheselbourne & Ann DRAKE

witnesses: James HALLETT, Margretta FOOT


18-Jul-1837; Frederick FOOKES 29 Gardener of Beaminster & Susan PRIDE 37 Servant

fathers: William FOOKES Farmer, William PRIDE Labourer

witnesses: John JACOB jun., Sarah DRAKE


03-Oct-1837; James VINCENT 23 Woodman & Martha Smith GOVER 24 Servant

fathers: George VINCENT Servant, Silas GOVER Labourer

witnesses: Cornelius BURDEN, Mary CAKE


17-Dec-1840; John KELLAWAY 25 Shepherd & Frances PITMAN 23 Labourer

fathers: Joseph KELLAWAY Shepherd, John PITMAN Carter

witnesses: John JEANS, Cornelius BURDEN


06-Feb-1842; William RIGGS 35 Labourer & Sarah TIZARD 36 widow of Hilton

fathers: John RIGGS Labourer, John SHERRY Carrier

witnesses: John Allingham SHERRY, Amelia SHERRY


21-Feb-1843; George HOUSE 25 Woodman & Harriet LUCAS 24 Servant

fathers: George HOUSE Woodman, Henry LUCAS deceased, Hostler

witnesses: Cornelius BURDEN, John HOUSE


16-Aug-1843; Charles RIGGS 22 Labourer & Ann STICKLAND 20 Servant

fathers: William RIGGS Labourer, George STICKLAND Labourer

witnesses: Charles HOUSE, Cornelius BURDEN


14-Apr-1844; Robert MOORS 36 Blacksmith & Ann RIDOUT 36 Shopkeeper

fathers: John MOORS Blacksmith, John RIDOUT Labourer

witnesses: Humphrey MOORS, Mary RIDOUT


11-Aug-1844; George HOWE & Mary Ann UPWARD both Labourers of full age

fathers: John HOWE Shepherd, John UPWARD Labourer

witnesses: John HOWE, Elizabeth HOUSE


09-Oct-1845; Michael PITMAN 19 & Elizabeth HOUSE 25 both Labourers

fathers: John PITMAN Labourer, George HOUSE Labourer

witnesses: Thomas DRAKE, Cornelius BURDEN


17-Feb-1846; William May PHILLIPS Dairyman & Dinah DRAKE Needlewoman of Hilton, both of full age

fathers: Joseph PHILLIPS Dairyman, Thomas DRAKE Timber Dealer

witnesses: Thomas DRAKE, Elizabeth LONGMAN


26-Nov-1846; Thomas DRAKE Labourer & Mary Ann RANDAL both of full age

fathers: Benjamin DRAKE Woodman, John RANDAL Labourer

witnesses: Daniel DRAKE, Elizabeth RANDAL


03-Dec-1848; Isaac SPRACKLEN Labourer & Thirza Theresa CAINES both of full age

fathers: Robert GODDARD Labourer, Morgan CAINES Dairyman

witnesses: William HOPKINS, Catharine PITMAN


04-Mar-1850; James HOPKINS Labourer & Elizabeth ROLLS Servant, both of full age

fathers: Samuel HOPKINS Labourer, John ROLLS Labourer

witnesses: Miriam HOPKINS, Joseph ROLLS


09-Apr-1850; Samuel Henry NEWMAN widower, Brewer of Sydling St Nicholas, & Harriet Amelia PRIGG School Mistress, both of full age

fathers: Henry NEWMAN Yeoman, John PRIGG Shipwright

witnesses: Caroline D. BINGHAM, James STROUD


11-Jul-1850; James HICKS widower, Groom of Hilton, & Mary PALMER Cook, both of full age

fathers: John HICKS Labourer, Henry PALMER Shepherd

witnesses: Robert MILES, Harriet BINGHAM


10-May-1852; Alfred STICKLAND Labourer of Hilton & Ann HOUSE Sempstress, both of full age

fathers: William STICKLAND Woodman, John HOUSE Woodman

witnesses: James? HOUSE, Susan KELLAWAY


08-Aug-1852; Joseph CAINES Labourer of Hilton & Elizabeth STICKLAND both of full age

fathers: Robert CAINES Labourer, George STICKLAND Labourer

witnesses: William STICKLAND, Hannah HOUSE


18-Feb-1853; Charles HOWE Shepherd & Mary Anne RIGGS both of full age

fathers: John HOWE Shepherd, John RIGGS Labourer

witnesses: Charles RIGGS, Martha HARVEY


23-Nov-1853; Charles COX Labourer of Farnham & Fanny FOOT Servant, both of full age

fathers: Charles COX Labourer, George FOOT Labourer

witnesses: Robert MILES? Leonora HOUSE


18-Mar-1854; Charles HOUSE & Ann RIGGS widow, both Labourers of full age

fathers: George HOUSE Labourer, George STICKLAND Labourer

witnesses: John DRAKE, Elizabeth HOUSE


01-May-1854; James STICKLAND 22 Carter & Ann HOUSE 25

fathers: George STICKLAND Labourer, William HOUSE Woodman

witnesses: Frederick RIGGS, Mary HOUSE


23-Jul-1854; Henry CUFF Labourer & Emma ROLLS both of full age

fathers: James CUFF Labourer, John ROLLS Labourer

witnesses: James HOPKINS, Elizabeth HOPKINS


09-Nov-1854; Joseph ROLLS Labourer & Ann KELLAWAY both of full age

fathers: John ROLLS Labourer, Joseph KELLAWAY Dairyman

witnesses: Emma? DELLMAN?, Jane KELLAWAY


05-May-1855; Robert Thomas MILES Butler & Ann CAINES of Hilton, both of full age

fathers: George MILES Millwright, George CAINES Miller

witnesses: Robert TALBOT, Sarah HOLLOWAY


07-May-1855; Frederic RIGGS 23 Labourer & Mary HOUSE 19

fathers: W. RIGGS Labourer, W. HOUSE Labourer

witnesses: George HOUSE, Catharine HOPKINS


05-Aug-1855; George RIGGS 22 Labourer & Emily PEACH 22 of Hartfoot Lane, Hilton

fathers: James RIGGS Labourer, James PEACH Labourer

witnesses: Stephen GUY, Mary Ann PEACH


13-Nov-1855; George BUSSELL Labourer of Cheselbourne & Hannah HOUSE both of full age

fathers: Wm. BUSSELL Labourer, Wm. HOUSE Labourer

witnesses: Samuel RIGGS, Mary Jane CAINES


03-Aug-1856; Charles GOULD Carpenter of Dorchester Holy Trinity & Ann Sophia SLADE both of full age

fathers: John GOULD Chairmaker, John SLADE Shepherd

witnesses: William COLE, Amelia SLADE


11-Feb-1857; Edward PITMAN Groom of Higher Melcombe & Jane KELLAWAY of Melcombe Park, both of full age

fathers: John PITMAN Carter, Joseph KELLAWAY Dairyman

witnesses: Joseph KELLAWAY, Grace CANDY


19-Feb-1857; Joseph KELLAWAY 23 Dairyman of Higher Melcombe & Grace CANDY 22 of Stoke Wake

fathers: Joseph KELLAWAY Dairyman, Thomas CANDY Dairyman

witnesses: Frances HOUSE, Susan KELLAWAY


23-Apr-1857; George RICHARDS Postman & Sarah TIZARD Glover, both of full age

fathers: James RICHARDS Dairyman, James TIZARD Shoemaker

witnesses: Thomas COURTNEY, Martha RICKETTS


20-Aug-1857; Charles HOUSE Labourer of Aller, Hilton, & Amelia SLADE both of full age

fathers: Peter HOUSE Labourer, John SLADE Labourer

witnesses: George HOUSE, Jane DRAKE


05-Dec-1857; Richard TUCKER Labourer & Mary Jane CAINES both of full age

fathers: William TUCKER Labourer, William CAINES Labourer

witnesses: Anne HOWE, Reuben TUCKER


27-Dec-1858; William HOUSE 20 Carpenter of Hilton & Harriet ROLLS 20

fathers: John HOUSE Labourer, John ROLLS Labourer

witnesses: Edward GUY, Sophia MOORS?


23-Sep-1859; John GARRETT Butcher & Jane DRAKE both of full age

fathers: John GARRETT Hawker, William DRAKE Woodman

witnesses: Robert MOORS, Sophia COZENS


29-Nov-1859; David DRAKE Brewer & Mary DRAKE Servant of Bingham’s Melcombe, both of full age

fathers: Samuel DRAKE Labourer, Benjamin DRAKE Woodman

witnesses: Sarah Sophia COZENS, Caroline STICKLAND


16-Feb-1860; James BROWN 22 Drummer of W. Fordington & Tryphenia SLADE 18

fathers: Wm. BROWN Labourer, John SLADE Shepherd

witnesses: John? SWYER, William LOVELL


01-Mar-1860; George TREVESS Groom & Julia SLADE both of full age

fathers: Daniel TREVESS, John SLADE

witnesses: Mary SLADE, George HOUSE


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