Melcombe Horsey, St Andrew's Church

This is an abbreviated list of the details transcribed from all the memorials in the burial ground. Memorials commemorating deaths less than 30 years old have not been included to avoid upsetting any relatives of the recently bereaved, details are available on request. Full details of all memorials are available by contacting the MI Coordinator (see contacts page). Please quote the MI reference number, the parish, the burial ground and the surname on all requests. Researchers are asked to please bear in mind that weathering of the stone and lichen growth can make transcription difficult and incomplete or even impossible in some cases.

Everything is transcribed exactly as is, but without capitalisation other than for all surnames.
Items in blue are not actually transcribed on the monument but are deduced and included to allow
sorting and searching by surname. * indicates unreadable information.

45BAILEY Wallace Hugh1954 68
74BAILEY Nora F Beatrice1914 4 mths
74BAILEY Dorothy Kathleen1917 7
88BINGHAM Rev C. W.1881  
88BINGHAM Mary1891  
89BINGHAM Richard Hippisley1891  
90BINGHAM Susanna1786  
91BINGHAM Caroline Damer1852  
92BINGHAM Harriet Georgiana1881  
100BINGHAM H.S.E. Philadelphia1893 88
117BINGHAM Rev George1838 35
117BINGHAM George Henry1837  
118BINGHAM Thomas1711  
118BINGHAM Robert1713  
118BINGHAM William1713  
119BINGHAM Charles1977  
120BINGHAM Hon C E   
120BINGHAM Hon F R   
120BINGHAM Hon L E   
120BINGHAM Lord   
120BINGHAM D C1914  
122BINGHAM John1735 27
122BINGHAM Elizabeth1750  
128BINGHAM William Wynyard1821 28
129BINGHAM Richard Charles William1902  
130BINGHAM Richard1824  
130BINGHAM Sophia1773  
130BINGHAM Elizabeth1813  
42BOWDEN Elizabeth1949  
42BOWDEN Tom1950  
110BOWDEN Peter James1975 66
75BROOMFIELD Emma Jane1919 60
75BROOMFIELD William Paulette1915 19
75BROOMFIELD Walter1929 68
18BROWN Nestor Charles1924 29
18BROWN Elizabeth Alice1940 74
18BROWN Samuel Charles1962 84
11CAINES Eliza1908 52
103CAINES Harriet Sarah1889  
121CALDWELL Capt. Kenneth Clyde1941  
87CAMBELL Anne Christine1891  
19CHRISTOPHER William James1950 81
19CHRISTOPHER Edith Mary1962 84
20CHRISTOPHER Doris1934 24
21CLARK Ann   
21CLARK Herbert   
49CLARKE E1958  
7COCHRANE Bertha Joan Bosworth1973  
86CRABB Frances1870  
29DRAKE Thomas1882  
29DRAKE Elizabeth1892 70
32DRAKE George1852 65
32DRAKE Elizabeth1850 61
33DRAKE George1829 55
33DRAKE George1848 92
34DRAKE Thomas1821 41
35DRAKE Ann1818 30
36DRAKE Sarah1812 29
37DRAKE Mary1816 14
38DRAKE Charles1818 27
39DRAKE Daniel1818 27
52DRAKE Elizabeth1817 24
28FIANDER Arthur1941  
28FIANDER Nora1963  
116FORD Jack1981  
72FOX Matilda1912 73
72FOX Thomas1922 83
72FOX Frederick1932 59
26FRASER Emily Elizabeth1937 47
26GILBERT Frederick James1971 83
127GILBERT Lorna Lawrence1919  
13GOLDMAN Sarah1836 42
1GREGORY Ellinor Flora Bosworth1948 81
1GROGAN Col Sir Edward Ian Beresford1937  
69GROGAN Montague1915 50
70GROVES Levi1887 64
70GROVES Susan Jane1909  
71GROVES Susan Jane1941  
73GROVES Richard1917  
123GROVES Lt. R.1917  
127HEISLER Emily Winifred1919  
83HONEBON James1915 9
48HOPKINS Beatrice1956  
104HOPWOOD the Right Hon Francis John1982  
5HOUSE Harriet1895  
5HOUSE William1924  
6HOUSE William John Rolls1927  
6HOUSE Alice Eliza1928  
6HOUSE Florence May1967  
6HOUSE Cedric George1982  
17HOUSE Ann1903 79
17HOUSE Charles1913 89
22HOUSE Rose1890 17
23HOUSE Frank1911 65
23HOUSE Jane1922 77
50HOUSE John1829 76
50HOUSE Susannah1844 74
53HOUSE John1813 22
54HOUSE Frederick John (Jack)1982 82
55HOUSE Annie1971 81
55HOUSE Edwin Montague1971 79
56HOUSE Maria1826 58
56HOUSE John1870 75
57HOUSE William1821 80
57HOUSE Mary1836 75
62HOUSE Leonora1889  
62HOUSE Elizabeth1897  
62HOUSE Mary Jane1900  
66HOUSE Rhoda Eunice Rolls1918 59
66HOUSE Walter Marwood1937 71
124HOUSE Percival   
97KELLAWAY Sarah1890 39
98KELLAWAY Elizabeth1817 27
65LACEY Gay1973  
27LEGG Dorothy Rose1974  
68LOVELL William1882 70
68LOVELL Ann1883 77
120LUCAN The Earl of   
79MATTHEWS Herbert George1918 26
80MATTHEWS Elizabeth1929 78
80MATTHEWS William James1931 0
43MEARS Harold1986 71
81MEARS Charles1916 28
81MEARS Susan1964 84
27MERVYN Lionel1952  
107MONEY Alice Margaret1959  
108MONEY Edward Douglas1974  
8MOORS Robert1805 55
8MOORS Ann1829 72
9MOORS Joanna1838 58
10MOORS Jane1835 19
125MORRIS Robert1875 84
125MORRIS Ann1865 62
14NEALE Harriet1835 20
15NEALE James1928 70
15NEALE Joan1836 73
3PARSONS William John1885 4yr 8mth
3PARSONS Arthur George1886 16 days
2PAUL the Rev Joseph1898  
101PEACH Milly1879 72
101PEACH James1893 88
102PEACH Martha1846 72
40PITTS Leonard William John1979 63
41PITTS John1942 61
41PITTS Bessie Dorcas1969 83
134POLLARD H.H.W.1982  
60POTTS Ivy1972 63
76READ Dorothy Jane1985 82
94RIGGS Sarah1846 41
94RIGGS Amelie   
94RIGGS Edward   
78RIGLER Edith Kate1898 12 yr 10 mth
47ROOTS Harold Stephen1979  
111ROYLE Stanley1982  
82RUSSELL Ann1902 66
124RUSSELL Robert   
7SHEPHARD Charles Sinclair1930  
133SHITLER Rev Robert   
133SHITLER Jane1860 74
61SHUTE  1965 53
24SLADE William1927 73
112SLADE Edwin1986  
126SMITH Reginald Bosworth1908  
126SMITH Flora1927  
131SMITH Alan Wyldborr Bosworth1901  
132SMITH Ellinor Flora Bosworth   
106SPICER Margaret Frances Ina1953  
106SPICER Roy Godfrey Bullen1946 56
16STICKLAND William1876 47
62STICKLAND Ann1898  
67STONEHAM Robert Thompson1975  
31THOMAS Dinah1853 72
1THOMPSON Sir Harry Langhorne1902  
4THORNE Sylvester1959 77
4THORNE Edith Jane1970 94
94TIZZARD George   
12TORY Edith Frances Muriel1933  
12TORY Edith Olivia1969  
12TORY Edward John1974  
46TRASK H A1982 64
46TRASK I M M1986 66
58VICKERS Alice Maud1985 93
51VINCENT Susannah1819 19
51VINCENT John Richard  infant
109VINEY Frances Pennington Hopwood1963  
109VINEY Arnold1972  
84WATTS Elizabeth1883 38
84WATTS Vile Board1885 65
85WATTS Alice Mary1869 6
63WELLINGTON Derek Adrian1978 30
77WHITE Elizabeth Mary1923 69
77WHITE Margaret   
44WHITELOCK Frank William1979 55
99WILKINSON Francis Hessey1907 9
64WOODHOUSE Brigadier Charles Hall1962  
59WORRALL James Rupert1973 14
95WRIGHT Sarah Emily1852  
96WYNYARD Jane1863 86yr 11mth
93YORKE-LONG Alan Bligh1952 27


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