Rectors of All Saints Parish

Transcribed from Hutchins History of Dorset and other sources and donated to the Dorset OPC by Sally Beadle

Patron Rector Date
  Symon CYFREWAST (occurs 18 Edw. I)
(18 Edw. I, commonly called “The Statute
Quia Emptores”made in 1290 during the reign of Edward I (1272-1307, was “A Statute of our Lord the King, concerning the Selling and Buying of Land”).
  John WYCHER 1405
  Thomas BENNET 1408
  Nicholas STERE 1411
Humphrey LOWE Esq John NAPPER inst. 11 Aug 1422
  John ALEYN on the resignation of Napper inst. 5 November 1422
  Oliver GYBBES  
John MORGAN Esq Peter BEAUCHAM on the resignation of Gybbes inst. 26 September 1555
George LUTTRELL Esq George BOWDEN on the death of Beauchamp inst. 23 April 1599
  Buried at Beminster 30 July 1640
  Hugh GUNDRY occurs 1641
  Ejected for nonconformity. After his ejectment
he preached mostly in Devonshire, after at Newton Chapel, a peculiar belonging to Ailsbeere. He was one of the twelve in that county that took the oath required by the Five Mile Act in 1665. (The aim of this Act, also known as the Nonconformists Act, was to force conformity to the Church of England. Clergy who did not conform were expelled and unless they swore an oath conform to the 1662 prayer book and to neither oppose the King nor involve themselves in the politics of State or Church they could not live within 5 miles of the parish from which they had been expelled).
Richard BRODREPP Esq Bernard BANGER, in the room of Gundry inst. 20 January 1662
  Buried 17 April 1698
  John POWELL B.A. on the death of Banger inst. 10 September 1698
  Presented again on his own cession, being inst. to Winterbourne Thompson. He rebuilt the Parsonage House 1701.
22 January 1715
  Buried 5 December 1734
Richard BRODREPP Esq John MARSHALL M.A. Fellow of University College Oxford. inst. 19 May 1735
  Thomas FOX on the death of Marshall inst. 1757
  Died aged 77 21 January 1793
Bennet COMBE Esq Thomas FOX Jun. on the cession of his father 1783
  Rector of Wootton Glanville 1785
  Died aged 73 14 February 1820
Henry Combe COMPTON Esq John Combe COMPTON M.A. inst. 1820
  Also Rector of Minestead, Hants. Died 1835
  Charles FOX M.A. inst. 16 July 1835
  Also Rector of East Stoke and curate of Hooke  
  Paulet Mildmay COMPTON B.A. Trinity College Cambridge on the resignation of Fox inst. 14 November 1848
  Died 29 March 1906
  Alfred Charles Harvey EARLE inst. 1907
  Died aged 72. Buried at Beaminster 28 November 1944

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