1901 Census - RG 13/2011
Enumeration District 5

Transcribed by Sally Beadle

Spellings are those of the census taker, although some names and place names are obviously incorrect and spelt phonetically
[Bracketed names in italics suggest the possible correct place name where the census spelling is obviously inaccurate]


  Address House Status No. Rooms Name SURNAME Relation Marital Status Age Male Age Female Occupation Emplymt Status Work at Home Where Born Dis.
1 Coltley Farm I   Guy BUGLER Head M 49   Farmer Employer   Dorsetshire, Beaminster  
        Catherine BUGLER Wife M   47       Dorsetshire, Whitechurch  
        Alice BUGLER Daur S   21       Dorsetshire, Bettiscombe  
        May BUGLER Daur S   12       Dorsetshire, Bettiscombe  
  Coltley Cottage U/O                        
2 Coltley Firs I   William ISAACS Head M 48   Carter on Farm Worker   Dorsetshire, Corscombe  
        Rachel ISAACS Wife M   48       Dorsetshire, North Poorton  
        Walter LEGG Nephew S 8         Dorsetshire, Beaminster  
        Mary A LEGG M in Law Wid   69       Dorsetshire, North Poorton  
3 Mapperton Dairy I   Charles G WHITTLE Head M 29   Dairyman Own account At Home Dorsetshire, Cerne Abbas  
        Teresa WHITTLE Wife M   30       Dorsetshire, Buckland Newton  
        Elizabeth READ Visitor Wid   67 Nurse (Monthly)     Dorsetshire, Netherbury  
4 Mythe I   David LEGG Head M 48   Woodman on Estate Worker   Dorsetshire, Mythe  
        Charlotte LEGG Wife M   37       Dorsetshire, Milton  
        David C LEGG Son S 17   Labourer on Estate Worker   Dorsetshire, Mythe  
        William LEGG Son   15         Dorsetshire, Mythe  
        Victoria J LEGG Daur     13       Dorsetshire, Mythe  
        Albert E LEGG Son   11         Dorsetshire, Mythe  
        Amy E LEGG Daur     9       Dorsetshire, Mythe  
        Evelyn M LEGG Daur     9       Dorsetshire, Mythe  
        Francis J LEGG Daur     6       Dorsetshire, Mythe  
        John LEGG Son   4         Dorsetshire, Mythe  
        Lenoard LEGG Son   2         Dorsetshire, Mythe  
5 Mythe I   George QUARTERMAINE Head M 32   Gardener (Domestic) Worker   Oxfordshire, Chinner  
        Matilda QUARTERMAINE Wife M   29       London  
        Lilian QUARTERMAINE Daur     4       Dorsetshire, Radipole  
        Violet QUARTERMAINE Daur     1       Dorsetshire, Mapperton  
        Victor QUARTERMAINE Son   4 mons         Dorsetshire, Mapperton  
6 Mythe I   Frederick FRAMPTON Head Widr 74   Woodman’s Labourer Worker   Dorsetshire, Mapperton  
        Thirza FRAMPTON Sister S   66       Dorsetshire, Mapperton  
  Mythe U/NO                        
7 Manor Cottage I   James TREVETT Head M 43   Carter on Farm Worker   Dorsetshire, Netherbury  
        Mary A TREVETT Wife M   43       Wiltshire, Stourton  
        Bertrand S TREVETT Son S 15   Under Gardener (not domestic) Worker   Dorsetshire, Beaminster  
        Mabel E TREVETT Daur     13       Dorsetshire, Beaminster  
        Ada B TREVETT Daur     11       Dorsetshire, Beaminster  
        Mary A TREVETT Daur     9       Dorsetshire, Beaminster  
        Ernest V TREVETT Son   6         Dorsetshire, Mapperton  
        Frances A TREVETT Son   4         Dorsetshire, Mapperton  
        Percy J TREVETT Son   2         Dorsetshire, Mapperton  
8 Manor House I   Paulet M COMPTON Head M 78   Clergyman (Church of England) Employer   Hants, Minstead  
        Mary C COMPTON Wife M   75       Berks, Wadley  
        Alice T COMPTON Daur S   44       Hants, Minstead  
        Elizabeth LOUD Serv Wid   40 Cook - Domestic     Somerset, Tatworth  
        Annie HILL Serv S   20 Parlour & Housemaid - Domestic     Dorsetshire, Beaminster  
        Emily HILL Serv S   18 Housemaid - Domestic     Dorsetshire, Beaminster  
  Parsonage U/NO                        
9 The School I   Leonard LANE Head M 35   Groom (not Domestic) Worker   Dorsetshire, Plush  
        Mary LANE Wife M   35       Dorsetshire, Stourpaine  
        Amelia LANE Daur     10       Dorsetshire, Upcerne  
        John LANE Son   9         Dorsetshire, Upcerne  
        Robert LANE Son   7         Dorsetshire, Sydling St Nicholas  
        Elfrida LANE Daur     3       Dorsetshire, Mapperton  
  Slite Cottage U/NO                        
10 Mapperton Farm I   Richard R GRIFFIN Head M 54   Foreman on Farm Worker   Dorsetshire, Sydling  
        Jane GRIFFIN Wife M   61       Dorsetshire, Preston  
        Mary GRIFFIN Daur S   24       Dorsetshire, Morten  
        Charles R GRIFFIN Son S 17   Agricultural Labourer Worker   Dorsetshire, Winfrith  
11 Farm Cottages I 3 Charles LARCOMBE Head M 38   Carter on Farm Worker   Dorsetshire, Mosterton  
        Annie LARCOMBE Wife M   26       Dorsetshire, Stoke Abbott  
        Florence LARCOMBE Daur     5       Dorsetshire, Drimpton  
        John LARCOMBE Son   4         Dorsetshire, Drimpton  
        Arthur LARCOMBE Son   3         Dorsetshire, Broadwindsor  
12 Farm Cottages I 3 Frank WHITE Head M 46   Agricultural Labourer Worker   Dorsetshire, Askerswell  
        E WHITE Wife M   46       Dorsetshire, Powerstock  
        W WHITE Son   14         Dorsetshire, Shipton  
        Alice WHITE Daur     13       Dorsetshire, Shipton  
        G WHITE Son   10         Dorsetshire, Shipton  
        Thomas LEGG Boarder Widr 75   General Labourer on Farm Worker   Dorsetshire, Powerstock  
        G HUSSEY Boarder S 20   Carter on Farm Worker   Dorsetshire, Beaminster  
13 Coombe Down Hill I   Joseph LAKE Head M 52   General Labourer on Farm Worker   Dorsetshire, Frome St Quinton  
        Eliza J LAKE Wife M   49       Dorsetshire, Netherbury  
        Emily J LAKE Daur S   17       Dorsetshire, ---down (Melbury)  
        Alfred H J LAKE Son   14   Shepherd Boy on Farm Worker   Dorsetshire, Affpuddle  
        William LAKE Son   11         Dorsetshire, Portisham  
        George LAKE Son   6         Dorsetshire, Upwey  
        Albert E LAKE Son   4         Dorsetshire, Pudemore  
        George COLLINS Son in Law M 26   General Labourer on Farm Worker   Dorsetshire, Bridport  
        Rosina COLLINS Daur M   24       Dorsetshire, Frampton  
        Ellen COLLINS Granddaur     3       Dorsetshire, Salwayash  
  13 inhabited houses - marked ’I’
  1 house in occupation, but uninhabited at time of census - marked ’U/O’
  3 houses not in occupation and uninhabited at time of census - marked ’U/NO’
  2 houses with less than 5 rooms occupied
  38 males
  38 females
  No blind, deaf or dumb etc

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