1881 Census - RG 11/2121
Enumeration District 6

Transcribed by Sally Beadle

Spellings are those of the census taker, although some names and place names are obviously incorrect and spelt phonetically
[Bracketed names in italics suggest the possible correct place name where the census spelling is obviously inaccurate]


  Address Name SURNAME Relation Marital Status Age Male Age Female Occupation Where Born Dis.
1 Coombe Down Hill George HALLET Head Mar 38   Agricultural Labourer Dorset, West Compton  
    Jemima HALLET Wife Mar   38   Dorset, Powerstock  
    Ellen HALLET Daur Unm   16   Dorset, Powerstock  
    David HALLET Son Unm 14   Plough Boy Dorset, Powerstock  
    Henry HALLET Son   12   Plough Boy Dorset, West Compton  
    William HALLET Son   3   Scholar Dorset, Racedown  
2 Coombe Thomas HOLLOWAY Head Mar 31   Groom Hants, Eling  
    Mary HOLLOWAY Wife Mar   28   Hants, Minstead  
    George HOLLOWAY Son   6   Scholar Hants, Minstead  
    Edith HOLLOWAY Daur     4 Scholar Hants, Minstead  
3 Coombe John BARNES Head Mar 37   Shepherd Dorset, Chideock  
    Elizabeth BARNES Wife Mar   38   Dorset, Symondsbury  
    Charles E BARNES Son Unm 15   Shepherd Boy Dorset, Chideock  
    Mary Jane BARNES Daur Unm   14 Domestic Duties Dorset, Chideock  
    William BARNES Son Unm 12   Plough Boy Dorset, Symondsbury  
    John BARNES Son   11   Shepherd Boy Dorset, Symondsbury  
    Frances BARNES Daur     9 Scholar Dorset, Symondsbury  
    Sarah A BARNES Daur     7 Scholar Dorset, Symondsbury  
    Elizabeth A BARNES Daur     5 Scholar Dorset, Symondsbury  
    Ellen BARNES Daur     3 Scholar Dorset, Stoke Abbott  
    Emily BARNES Daur     10 mos   Dorset, Coombe  
4 Coombe David HOLT Head Mar 48?   Agricultural Labourer Dorset, Beaminster  
    Ellen HOLT Wife Mar   42   Dorset, Beaminster  
    William HOLT Son Unm 21   Carter, Farm Dorset, Broadwindsor  
    John HOLT Son Unm 19   Labourer, Agric Dorset, Broadwindsor  
    Charles HOLT Son Unm 17   Shoe Maker Dorset, Broadwindsor  
    Ann HOLT Daur Unm   16 Domestic Servant Dorset, Broadwindsor  
    Emily HOLT Daur     13 Scholar Dorset, Broadwindsor  
5   Robert WRIXON Head Mar 36   General Labourer Dorset, Melplaish  
    Jane WRIXON Wife Mar   37   Dorset, Mythe  
    William WRIXON Son   4   Scholar Dorset, Melplaish  
    Marion WRIXON Daur     2   Dorset, Coombe  
6 Coombe Charles DUNFORD Head Mar 65   General Labourer Dorset, Beaminster  
    Rebecca DUNFORD Wife Mar   64   Dorset, Beaminster  
7 Hills Folley Charles WAY Head Mar 43   Agricultural Labourer Dorset, Netherbery  
    Mary WAY Wife Mar   40 Farm Labourer Dorset, Netherbery  
    Elizabeth WAY Daur Unm   20 Domestic Servant Dorset, Netherbery  
    George WAY Son Unm 17   Carter Dorset, Netherbery  
    Ann WAY Daur     14 Domestic Duties Dorset, Netherbery  
    Mary WAY Daur     10 Scholar Dorset, Great Toller  
    Henery WAY Son   7   Scholar Dorset, Great Toller  
    Frederick WAY Son   3   Scholar Dorset, Corscombe  
8 Mythe Ann LEGG Head Widow   56 Pauper Dorset, Poorton  
    David LEGG Son Unm 28   General Labourer Dorset, Mythe  
9   Thomas FRAMPTON Head Mar 79   Pauper Dorset, Little-Lynch  
    Mary FRAMPTON Wife Mar   75   Dorset, Askerswell  
    Joseph FRAMPTON Grandson   9   Scholar Dorset, North Poorton  
    Elizabeth FRAMPTON Granddaur     5 Scholar Dorset, Powerstock  
10 Mythe William MABY Head Mar 72   Agricultural Labourer Jersey  
    Ann MABY Wife Mar   72   Dorset, Milton  
11 Mythe Frederick FRAMPTON Head Mar 54   Agricultural Labourer Dorset, Mythe  
    Elizabeth FRAMPTON Wife Mar   54 Formerly Laundress Dorset, Longbredy  
    Amy J FRAMPTON Daur Unm   14 Home Duties Dorset, Mythe  
    Thirza FRAMPTON Boarder Unm   47   Dorset, Mythe Imbecile (from birth)
12 Mapperton Charles BRYANT Head Mar 29   Gardener Somerset, Enmore  
    Cecilia BRYANT Wife Mar   32   South Wales, Canton  
    Eliza J BRYANT Daur     5 Scholar South Wales, Tongwinlais  
    William BRYANT Son   2     Somerset, Street  
13 Mapperton James TRENCHARD Head Mar 23   Game Keeper Somerset, North Curry  
    Georgina TRENCHARD Wife Mar   23   Somerset, Whilleggenton [Wellington?]  
    Harry TRENCHARD Son   2     Somerset, Broomfield  
    Fred TRENCHARD Son   1     Dorset, Mapperton  
14 Mapperton House Paulet M COMPTON Head Mar 58   Rector of Mapperton Hants, Minstead  
    Mary C COMPTON Wife Mar   55   Berkshire, Farringdon  
    Alice T COMPTON Daur Unm   24   Hants, Minstead  
    Harriet E JAMES Servant Unm   38 Domestic Servant Pembrokeshire, Whiteland  
    Eliza H SAMWAYS Servant Unm   23 Domestic Servant Dorset, Wynford Eagle  
    Annie TREVETT Servant Unm   15 Domestic Servant Dorset, Netherbury  
15 Parsonage House Elizabeth DUFFIELD Servant Unm   31 Domestic Servant Oxford, Littlemore  
    Emily EXTER/EATER? Servant Unm   19 Domestic Servant Oxford, Littlemore  
    Alma ALLEN Servant Unm   18 Domestic Servant Somerset, Enston?  
  All Saints Church                  
  Mapperton Boys & Girls School                
16 Manor Farm Seth MOREY Head Mar 66   Farmer of 618 acres Dorset, Stutill [Sturthill, Shipton Gorge?]  
    Marth MOREY Wife Mar   70 Employing 13 men, 6 boys, 2 women Somerset, Crewkerne  
    Francis MOREY Son Unm 29   Farmers Son Somerset, Hinton  
    Sarah COLEMAN   Unm   65 Retired Somerset, Crewkerne  
    Elizabeth CLEAL Servant Unm   16 Domestic Servant Dorset, Stoke  
17   Richard RIGLAR Head Mar 44   Carter on Farm Dorset, Powerstock  
    Abi/Ali? RIGLAR Wife Mar   48   Somerset, Misterton  
    Henry RIGLAR Son Unm 22   Carter on Farm Dorset, Powerstock  
    William RIGLAR Son Unm 20   Agricultural Labourer Dorset, Powerstock  
    Richard RIGLAR Son   10   Scholar Dorset, Compton Abbas  
    John RIGLAR Son   8   Scholar Dorset, Shipton Gorge  
18   George LANKSHEAR Head Widower 32   Agricultural Labourer Dorset, Hook  
    Henry G LANKSHEAR Son   10   Plough Boy Dorchester  
19 Dairy House William GREEN Head Mar 55   Dairyman Somerset, Leigh on Mendip  
    Sarah GREEN Wife Mar   52 Dairymans Wife Somerset, Stoke Lane  
    Frank A GREEN Son Unm 19   Assist in Dairy Work Somerset, Stoke Lane  
    Ernest W GREEN Son Unm 18   Assist in Dairy Work Dorset, Pulham  
    Ellen M GREEN Daur Unm   16 Assist in Dairy Work Dorset, Pulham  
    Rose M GREEN Daur Unm   14 Scholar Dorset, Gutch-Pool  
    Annie M GREEN Daur Unm   12 Scholar Dorset, Gutch-Pool  
    Hannah C GREEN Daur     11 Scholar Dorset, Gutch-Pool  
    Theophilus GREEN Son   9   Scholar Dorset, Gutch-Pool  
    Ethel GREEN Granddaur     4 Scholar Wiltshire, Fovant  
20 Coltley Farm Samson GILLINGHAM Head Mar 31   Farmer (of 330 acres Dorset, Portisham  
    Mary GILLINGHAM Wife Mar   31 Employing 4 Labourers &/9? Boys) Dorset, Netherbury  
    Richard GILLINGHAM Son   5   Scholar Dorset, Netherbury  
    Ralph GILLINGHAM Son   2   Scholar Dorset, Coltley  
    n/k GILLINGHAM Daur     1 week   Dorset, Coltley  
    Ann TRAVERS Nurse Widow   69 Nurse Dorset, Cattistock  
    Elizabeth DODGE Servant Unm   19 General Servant (Domestic) Dorset, Netherbury  
  2 Unoccupied                  
21   Charles LEGG Head Mar 33   Carter Farmer Dorset, Mapperton  
    Mary LEGG Wife Mar   30   Dorset, Beaminster  
    George LEGG Son Unm 14   Plough Boy Dorset, Beaminster  
    Elizabeth LEGG Daur     7 Scholar Dorset, Beaminster  
    Fred LEGG Son   5   Scholar Dorset, Mapperton  
    Alfred LEGG Son   3   Scholar Dorset, Mapperton  
    Eli LEGG Son   1     Dorset, Coltly  
    Walter LEGG Son   4 days     Dorset, Coltly  
  1 Unoccupied                  
22 Mapperton Marsh Esau SAUNDERS Head Mar 29   Dairyman Dorset, Pendomer [Somerset?]  
  Dairy House Elizabeth SAUNDERS Wife Mar   29   Dorset, Waytown  
    William J PITCHER Boarder Unm 17   Dairy helper Dorset, Batcombe  
23   Stephen TREVETT Head Mar 55   Agricultural Labourer Dorset, Netherbury  
    Ann TREVETT Wife Mar   56   Dorset, Powerstock  
24   John LANE Head Mar 36   Carter Agricl Somerset, Ilminster  
    Mary A LANE Wife Mar   39   Dorset, Loscombe  
    May/Mary? E LANE Daur Unm   14 House duties Dorset, Chideock  
    William LANE Son   9   Scholar Dorset, Chideock  
    Bessie LANE Daur     5 Scholar Dorset, Mapperton  
    George LANE Son   2     Dorset, Mapperton  
  1 Unoccupied                  
24 inhabited houses              
4 uninhabited houses              
60 males              
60 females              
No blind, deaf or dumb              

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