1861 Census

20 inhabited houses; No uninhabited houses; 39 males; 53 females; No blind, deaf or dumb

Spellings are those of the census taker, although some names and place names are obviously incorrect and spelt phonetically

  Address Name SURNAME Relation Marital Status Age Male Age Female Occupation Where Born
1 Vicarage Paulet M. COMPTON Head Mar 38   Rector of Mapperton Hants, Minstead
    Mary COMPTON Wife Mar   35 Rector’s Wife Berks, Farington
    Alice T COMPTON Daur     4 Scholar Hants, Minstead
    Julia BAILEY Serv Un   28 Lady’s Maid Hants, Milford
    Caroline HUNT Serv Un   22 House Maid Hants, Milford
    Jane PERKINS Serv Un   26 Cook Hants, Milford
2 Mapperton House George MARRYAT Head Widr 54   Lt Colonal Army Retired London
    Isabella MARRYAT Daur Un   18   Hampshire, Chuton?
    Amy MARRYAT Daur     13 Scholar Hampshire, Chuton?
    Rosalind MARRYAT Daur     10 Scholar Hampshire, Chuton?
    Eva MARRYAT Daur     8 Scholar Hampshire, Chuton?
    Jane STEPHENSON Governess Un   35 Teacher London
    William COOMBES Serv Mar 29   Butler Dorset, Beaminster
    Harriet HYILE? HYDE? Serv Un   28 Lady’s Maid Hants, Christchurch
    Anna AHRINS Serv Un   24 Cook Germany
    Alice COWARD Serv Un   27 House Maid Dorset, Badcombe
    Caroline GREEN Serv Un   18 Kitchen Maid Dorset, Poorstock
    John LAKEY? Serv Un 28   Groom Devon, Bacham?
3   Thomas HANSFORD Head Mar 42   Farm Labourer Dorset, Loders
    Rebecca HANSFORD Wife Mar   43 Wife Dorset, Loders
    Phebey HANSFORD Daur Un   16 Labourer’s daughter Dorset, Loders
    Richard HANSFORD Son   14   Labourer’s son Dorset, Loders
    Sarah HANSFORD Daur     12 Labourer’s daughter Dorset, Loders
    John HANSFORD Son   10   Labourer’s son Dorset, Loders
    Eliza M HANSFORD Daur     8 Labourer’s daughter Dorset, Loders
4   Jeremiah SOFFE Head Mar 27   Woodman Hampshire, Stoney Cross
    Ellen SOFFE Wife Mar   21 Woodman’s Wife Hampshire, Bramshaw
    Joe SOFFE Son   3   Woodman’s son Hampshire, Minstead
    Emily SOFFE Daur     7 months Woodman’s daughter Dorset, Mapperton
5   George SLADE Head Mar 24   Shepherd Dorset, Nettlecombe
    Mary A SLADE Wife Mar   22 Shepherd’s wife Dorset, Powerstock
    Sarah E SLADE Daur     2 months Shepherd’s daughter Dorset, Mapperton
    Eliza SLADE Sister Un   12 Shepherd’s sister Dorset, Nettlecombe
6 Farm House James BURT Head Mar 53   Farmer of 580 acres employing 7 women, 13 men and 5 boys Dorset, Askerswell
    Fanny BURT Wife Mar   55 Farmer’s wife Dorset, Powerstock
    Susan BURT Daur Un   16 Farmer’s daughter Dorset, Notton
    Charlotte FORSEY Serv Un   22 House servant Dorset, Hook
    Mary H CONWAY Serv Un   17 House servant Dorset, Shipton Gorge
7 Dairy House John MABER Head Mar 55   Dairyman Dorset, Netherbury
    Harriett MABER Wife Mar   52 Dairyman’s wife Dorset, Stoke Abbott
    Dan MABER Son Un 17   Dairyman’s son Dorset, Beaminster
    Mary MABER Daur Un   22 Dairyman’s daughter Dorset, Beaminster
    Harriett MABER Daur Un   19 Dairyman’s daughter Dorset, Beaminster
    Mary A MABER Daur Un   13 Dairyman’s daughter Dorset, West Chilborough
8   Charles PIKE Head Mar 30   Farm Labourer Somerset, East Chinnock
    Sarah PIKE Wife Mar   27 Labourer’s wife Dorset, Corscombe
    Elizabeth PIKE Daur     4 Labourer’s daughter Dorset, Netherbury
    Charles PIKE Son   3   Labourer’s son Dorset, Netherbury
    Sarah PARK Visitor W   61   Dorset, Corscombe
    Benjamin PARK Visitor Un 19   Farm Labourer Dorset, Corscombe
9   John MABEY Head Mar 59   Farm Labourer Scotland
    Jane MABEY Wife Mar   58 Labourer’s wife Dorset, Wraxel
    Sarah MABEY Daur Un   22 Labourer’s daughter Dorset, Beaminster
    Jonathan MABEY Son Un 18   Labourer’s son Dorset, Mapperton
10   Charles LEGG Head Mar 36   Ag Lab Dorset, Mapperton
    Ann LEGG Wife Mar   37 Ag Lab wife Dorset, Poorton
    Job LEGG Son   11   Ag Lab Dorset, Poorton
    David LEGG Son   8   Ag Lab Dorset, Mapperton
    Ezekiel LEGG Son   2   Ag Lab son Dorset, Mapperton
11   Ann LEGG Head W   70 Parish Charge Dorset, Knighton
    Ann LEGG Granddaur Un   15   Dorset, Beaminster
12   William FRAMPTON Head Widr 82   Labourer Dorset, Mapperton
    Frederick FRAMPTON Son Un 34   Labourer Dorset, Mapperton
    Thirza FRAMPTON Daur Un   27 Housekeeper Dorset, Mapperton
13   William MABEY Head Mar 52   Ag Lab Guernsey
    Ann MABEY Wife Mar   52 Ag Lab Dorset, Milton
    George MABEY Son Un 24   Ag Lab Dorset, Mapperton
14   John MABEY Head Mar 20   Carter Dorset, Beaminster
    Sarah MABEY Wife Mar   28 Carter’s wife Dorset, Mapperton
    Charles COLE Visitor Mar 53   Labourer Dorset, Loders
15   Robert FRAMPTON Head Widr 80   Parish Charge Dorset, Mapperton
16   Thomas FRAMPTON Head Mar 59   Ag Lab Dorset, Liddlelench?
    Mary FRAMPTON Wife Mar   55 Ag Lab wife Dorset, Askerswell
    Mary A FRAMPTON Daur Un   19 Ag Lab daur Dorset, Powerstock
    Elizabeth FRAMPTON Daur Un   15 Ag Lab daur Dorset, Mapperton
17   William LEGG Head Mar 48   Farm Labourer Dorset, Mapperton
    Eliza LEGG Wife Mar   47 Labourer’s wife Dorset, Marshwood
    Richard LEGG Son   12   Plough boy Dorset, Coltley
    Mary LEGG Daur     9 Scholar Dorset, Coltley
    Sarah LEGG Daur     2   Dorset, Coltley
    William WATTS Grandson   4     Dorset, Toller Porcorum
18 Hill Cottage Peter MABER Head Mar 52   Farm Labourer Dorset, Netherbury
    Joanna MABER Wife Mar   54? 34? Labourer’s wife Somerset, Crewkerne
    John MABER Son   14   Apprentis Carpenter Dorset, Netherbury
    Frederick MABER Son   11   Scholar Dorset, Netherbury
19   John GRENNING Head Mar 29   Farm Labourer Dorset, Powerstock
    Amelia GRENNING Wife Mar   27 Labourer’s wife Dorset, Poorton
20 Farm House William WHITTLE Head Un 46   Farmer of 206 acres employing 2 men and 2 boys Dorset, Longbredy
    Mary WHITTLE Sister Un   50 Assistant Dorset, Poorton
    Edith PEACH Sister Mar   38 Assistant Dorset, Charminster
    William PEACH Nephew   5   Scholar Dorset, Netherbury
    Jane WHITTLE Niece Un   19 Assistant Dorset, Loders

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