1851 Census

1 Coltleigh Isaac BUGLER Head  Mar 36 Garden labourer Beaminster, Dorset
Marial Bugler Wife Mar 34      " Dorset, Beaminster
Jane Bugler Daur   8 Scholar Dorset, Beaminster
Louisa Bugler Daur   4?      " Dorset, Mapperton
   James Bugler Son 3      " Dorset, Mapperton
Walter Bugler Son   1      " Dorset, Mapperton
2 Coltleigh George LEGG Head U 36 Agricultural Labourer Dorset, Mapperton
William POOLE Visitor U 15      " Dorset, Hook
3 Coltleigh William LEGG Head Mar 38 Agricultural Labourer Dorset, Mapperton
Eliza Legg Wife Mar 37 Dorset, Mapperton
Charles Legg Son U 14 Scholar Dorset, Mapperton
Elizabeth Legg Daur U 11      " Dorset, Mapperton
Francis Legg Son U 4      " Dorset, Mapperton
Richard Legg Son U 2 Dorset, Mapperton
Jane Legg Daur U 8 Scholar Dorset, Mapperton
4 Coltleigh William WHITTLE Head Mar 71 Farmer of 206 acres employing 4 labourers Dorset, Broadwindsor
Mary Whittle Wife Mar 73 Dorset, Corscombe
Mary Whittle Daur U 42 Dorset, Poorton
William Whittle Son U 38 Dorset, Long Bredy
Edith Whittle Daur U 28 Dorset, Charminster
Jane Whittle Visitor ~ 9 Dorset, Loders
5 Mapperton John MABER Head Mar 45 Dairyman Dorset, Netherbury
Harriet Maber Wife Mar 42 Grazier's Wife Dorset, Stoke Abbott
Jane Maber Daur U 18 Dorset, Netherbury
Elizabeth Maber Daur U 15 Dorset, Loders
Mary Maber Daur U 12 Dorset, Beaminster
Harriet Maber Daur U 9 Scholar Dorset, Beaminster
Daniel Maber Son U 7      " Dorset, Beaminster
Mary Ann Maber Daur U 3 Dorset, West Chelborough
Fanny Maber Daur U 1m Dorset, Mapperton
Martha FRAMPTON Visitor Mar 68 Dorset, Netherbury
6 Mapperton Paulet Mildmay COMPTON Head U 28 Rector of the Parish of Mapperton Hants, Minstead
Mary ELLIS Servant Widow 55 Servant Cornwall, Truro
7 Mapperton House Robert AITCHISON Head Mar 54 Captain, Royal Navy Scotland
Catharine Aitchison Wife Mar 38 Hants, Minstead
Jane C Aitchison Daur 9 Hants, Eling
Henry Aitchison Son 7 Hants, Eling
Lucretia C Aitchison Daur 5 Dorset, Mapperton
Selina Aitchison Daur 5 m Dorset, Mapperton
Anne JESSEMOND Governess U 45 Governess London, Bishopsgate Street
Richard PURKIS Butler U 25 Servant Hants, Minstead
Mary ADDISCOT Servant U 48 Servant Devon, Stoke In ….?
Maria PECKHAM Servant U 25 Servant Hants, Minstead?
Eliza Mabey CHALKER Servant U 22 Servant London, Marylebone
8 Mapperton William FRAMPTON Head Mar 45 Servant (Groom) Dorset, Ensham
Sarah Frampton Wife Mar 41 Dorset, Aller
William Frampton Son 13 Scholar Dorset, Harput Lane
Mary DRAKE Visitor U 43 Dorset, Aller
9 Mythe William MABEY Head Mar 40 Agricultural Labourer Guernsey
Anne Mabey Wife Mar 40 Dorset, Milton
George Mabey Son 15 Dorset, Mapperton
Joseph Mabey Son 5 Dorset, Netherbury
Jane Mabey Daur 7 Dorset, Mapperton
10 Mythe Robert FRAMPTON Head Mar 70 Agricultural Labourer Dorset, Mapperton
11 William FRAMPTON Head Widower 72 Agricultural Labourer Dorset, Mapperton
Frederick Frampton Son U 24 Agricultural Labourer Dorset, Mapperton
Thirza Frampton Daur U 17 Scholar Dorset, Mapperton
12 Mythe Thomas FRAMPTON Head  Mar 47 Agricultural Labourer Dorset, Littlebredy?
Mary Frampton Wife Mar 45 Dorset, Askerswell
Thomas Frampton Son 18 Agricultural Labourer Dorset, Beaminster
Joseph Frampton Son 12 Agricultural Labourer Dorset, Netherbury
Mary Ann Frampton Daur 9 Scholar Dorset, Netherbury
Elizabeth Frampton Daur 5 Scholar Dorset, Mapperton
13 Mythe John MABEY Head Mar 48 Agricultural Labourer Scotland
Jane Mabey Wife Mar 48 Agricultural Labourer Dorset, Wraxall
William Mabey Son U 24 Agricultural Labourer Dorset, Corscombe
Sarah Mabey Daur U 13 Scholar Dorset, Beaminster
John Mabey Son 11 Scholar Dorset, Beaminster
Jonathan Mabey Son 8 Scholar Dorset, Mapperton
Mary VALLINS Visitor U 21 Flax Spinner Dorset, Longbredy
14 Mythe Charles LEGG  Head Mar 24 Agricultural Labourer Dorset, Mapperton
Jane Legg Wife Mar 24 Dorset, Poorton
Job Legg Son 2 Dorset, Poorton
15 Mythe Mary LEGG Head Widow 81 Dorset, Mapperton
Anne Legg Visitor Widow 60 Dorset, Mapperton
Anne Legg Visitor 5 Dorset, Beaminster
16 Mapperton John TIZARD Head Mar 33 Agricultural Labourer Dorset, Netherbury
Sarah Tizard Wife Mar 49 Dorset, Symondsbury
Frederick MABEY Visitor U 18 Agricultural Labourer Dorset, Allington
17 Mapperton Charles RENDLE Head Mar 26 Agricultural Labourer Dorset, Hook
Harriett Rendle Wife Mar 31 Dorset, Mapperton
18 Mapperton William SPRAKE Head U 33 Farmer of 610 acres of land employing 33 labourers Dorset, Symondsbury
Stephen B Sprake Brother U 31 Farmer jointly  " " Dorset, Symondsbury
Mary BARNS Visitor Widow 44 Dorset, Symondsbury
Mary Barns Daur U 21 ?? Dorset, Corscombe

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