1841 Census - HO107/281 - Book 1

    M F    
Cucumber Hall Thomas THOMPSON 46 Bailiff Yes
Anna Thompson 38 Yes
James Thompson 13? Yes
Parsonage H Charles FOX 55 Clergyman Yes
Anna WAKLEY 45 F S Yes
Ann CHILDS 50 F S Yes
Mapperton Dairy House Stephen ASHFORD 55 Dairyman Yes
Tamzon? Ashford 55 No
Hannah Ashford 15 No
Mary Ashford 13 No
Ann Ashford 12 No
Richard READ 15 Yes
Coltleigh Farm House Ann WHITTLE 90 Ind Yes
William Whittle 60 Farmer Yes
Mary Whittle 60 Yes
Mary Whittle 30 Yes
William Whittle 25 Yes
Edith Whittle 20 Yes
Maria LEGG 13 F S Yes
Coltleigh Cottage Robert BUGLER 30 Ag Lab Yes
Ann Bugler 30 Yes
Thomas Bugler 7 Yes
Elizabeth Bugler 5 Yes
Mary Bugler 3 Yes
Coltleigh Cottage William LEGG 32 Ag Lab Yes
Eliza Legg 30 Yes
Ann Legg 5 Yes
Charles Legg 4 Yes
Elizabeth Legg 1 Yes
Coltleigh Cottage Charles MATHEW 50 Game Keeper No
Charles Mathew 23 M S No
Louisa Mathew 24 No
Frank Mathew 21 Game Keeper No
Ann Mathew 19 No
Hiram Mathew 14 Ag Lab No
Mary Mathew 13 No
Solomon Mathew 12 Tailor Ap No
Rhoda Mathew 10 No
George Mathew 7 No
Fanny Mathew 5 No
Mapperton Farm House John FURMEDGE 68 Farmer Yes
Ann Furmedge 56 Yes
Mary HELLIER 25 No
Sarah BILES 20 Yes
Cottage Joseph BUREDGE 50 Yes
Flora Buredge 48 Yes
Louisa Buredge 19 Yes
Thomas Buredge 15 Yes
Ann Buredge 9 Yes
Amelia Buredge 7 Yes
Jane Buredge 5 Yes
Flora Buredge 1 Yes
Mary WHITTLE 1 Yes
Shepherd's Cottage Margaret RAWLES 75 Ind Yes
John Rawles 43 Ag Lab Yes
Harriet Rawles 42 Yes
Christopher Rawles 8 Yes
Hannah Rawles 5 Yes
George Rawles 2 Yes
Mythe John MABY 40 Ag Lab Scotland
Jane Maby 40 Yes
Mary Maby 15 Yes
William Maby 14 Yes
Josam Maby 5 Yes
Sarah Maby 3 Yes
John Maby 7mths Yes
Mythe Robert FRAMPTON 60 Ag Lab Yes
Martha Frampton 50 Yes
Theophilus Frampton 2 Yes
Mythe William FRAMPTON 60 Ag Lab Yes
Amos Frampton 15 Ag Lab Yes
Frederic Frampton 14 Yes
Thurzar Frampton 7 Yes
Mythe Richard LEGG 75 Ag Lab Yes
Sarah Legg 75 Yes
Mythe William MABY 30 Ag Lab No
Ann Maby 30 Yes
George Maby 5 Yes
Jane Maby 2 Yes
Joseph Maby 2 mths Yes
Mythe Thomas MABY 30 Ag Lab No
Alice Maby 35 Yes
Frederic Maby 8 Yes
Alfred Maby 6 Yes
Ellen Maby 5 Yes
John LEGG 12 Ag Lab Yes
Mythe Jonathan MABY  65 Army P Yes
Mary Maby 55 Ireland
Ann Maby 35 No
Mary Maby 20 Yes
Mythe William MABY 64 Ag Lab Yes
Sarah Maby 62 Yes
Emanuel Maby 17 Ag Lab Yes
Sarah FOOT 6 Yes

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