Parish of Stock Gaylard


Kindly donated to the OPC Project by Judy Meibusch

This is a list of names of persons of Stock Gaylard with wills proven in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, this comes from the PRO site Documents On Line. The wills can be downloaded from this site for 3.00 each. To date there are more than 800,000 wills on this site and the years from 1700-1858 are complete. There are weekly uploads to finish the years 1650-1699.

Note: this is not a complete list of wills made by Stock Gaylard residents. Wills may have been proven in the Archdeaconry Court of Dorset or PCC or the Royal Peculiar of Sarum.  From 1858 all wills were indexed centrally and this index is widely available at Record Offices, Probate Registries and the LDS.

Surname First Name Description Date PRO ref
BLACKMORE George Will of George Blackmore, Yeoman of Stock Garland , Dorset 15 November 1853 PROB 11/2180
BRAITHWAITE Jenny Will of Jenny Braithwaite, Wife of Stock Gaylard, Dorset 23 June 1749 PROB 11/770
BRAITHWAITE Thomas Will of Thomas Braithwaite, Clerk of Stock Gaylard , Dorset 26 March 1755 PROB 11/814
DAY Thomas Will of Thomas Day of Stock Gaylard, Dorset 11 February 1558 PROB 11/40
FARR John Will of John Farr of Stock Gaylard , Dorset 15 March 1773 PROB 11/986
FARR Mary Will of Mary Farr, Widow of Stock Gaylard , Dorset 12 March 1784 PROB 11/1114
FRY Henry Will of Henry Fry, Yeoman of Stock Gaylard , Dorset 20 November 1839 PROB 11/1918
LEWYS Anne Will of Anne Lewys of Stock Gaylard , Dorset 23 July 1745 PROB 11/741
LEWYS Charles Will of Charles Lewys of Stock Gaylard , Dorset 17 August 1739 PROB 11/697
LEWYS Dennis Will of Dennis Lewys, Spinster of Stock Gaylard , Dorset 13 August 1748 PROB 11/764
STOCKMAN Elizabeth Sentence of Elizabeth Stockman of Stock Gaylard, Dorset 16 February 1678 PROB 11/358
STOCKMAN Elizabeth Will of Elizabeth Stockman of Stock Gaylard, Dorset 18 February 1678 PROB 11/357