Stock Gaylard

Burials 1722-1812


Transcribed by Caryl Parsons

Date; Name; Cloth?; Other information

?.6.1722 John TRIM affidavit June 3rd

30.8.1722 Ann TUCKER

30.6.1723 Mary COX affidavit July 8th

17.5.1725 Sarah HUTCHINGS in woollen only

20.6.1725 ?Lewis TUCKER in woollen only

?.7.1725 ? BYRT in woollen only

17.4.1726 Eliz: DOBER in woollen only

24.4.1726 ?Jacob BYRT in woollen only

?29.1.1726 Will. DOBER in woollen only

6.6.1727 Thomas CHURCHOUSE in woollen only

9.7.1727 Will. COFFIN in woollen only

26.4.1728 Rev. Mr Wm. LEWYS [listed separately on film before 1722 bapts see 26.4.1729]

11.5.1728 The Revd. Mr. STEPHENS in woollen only; Rector of Stock Gaylard

26.1.1728 John BURT in woollen only

28.3.1729 John TRIM in woollen only

26.4.1729 The Revd. Mr William LEWYS in woollen only

27.8.1730 Elizabeth TRIM in woollen only; widow

30.8.1730 John STOKES in woollen only

30.8.1730 James BULLEN in woollen only; s.o. James

13.10.1730 Mrs Mary LEWYES in woollen only; widow

4.5.1731 Mrs Mary LEWYES listed separately on film before 1722 bapts

23.6.1731 Richard TUCKER in woollen only

16.3.1732 James BULLEN in woollen only

12.3.1732 Susanna HODGES in woollen only

29.5.1733 Robert FRY in woollen only

26.2.1733 Mrs Elizabeth STEPHENS in woollen only

11.8.1734 Aquila FRY in woollen only

11.5.1735 Elizabeth STOKES in woollen only

26.5.1735 John MILES in woollen only; s.o. John

9.10.1735 Thomas DAY in woollen only

19.3.1736 Mary ?FRY in woollen only; widow

19.5.1739 Charles LEWYS in woollen only; Esq. also listed separately

15.4.1741 Robert BULLEN in woollen only; s.o. Thomas/Elizabeth

3.7.1741 Mary BYRT in woollen only

3.1.1741 Mary MILES in woollen only; wife of John

15.5.1742 Mary COFFIN in woollen only; widow

9.2.1742 Mary COLLIS in woollen only; d.o. Wm./Katherine

22.7.1743 Mary BYRT in woollen only; d.o. John/Mary

5.9.1743 Walter STEVENS in woollen only

2.11.1743 Thomas RICHARDS in woollen only; of Lydlinch

10.5.1744 Thomas BULLEN in woollen only

18.8.1744 Mrs Ann LEWYS in woollen only

12.9.1744 Ann TRIM in woollen only; d.o. Mary

21.2.1744 William COLLIS in woollen only

29.7.1745 William DAVIS in woollen only

5.4.1747 Mary BEAUMONT in woollen only; d.o. James/Ann of Caundle Bishop

16.4.1747 John MILES in woollen only

26.5.1747 Mary TRIM in woollen only

24.7.1747 Mary RICHARDS in woollen only; wife of Thomas of Lydlinch

3.7.1748 Grace MILES in woollen only; d.o. Wm./Mary

5.7.1748 Mary GAULER in woollen only; d.o. Jane

16.7.1748 Mrs Dennis LEWYS in woollen only

7.9.1748 Ann TRIM in woollen only; d.o. Nath:/Ann

13.3.1748 Mrs Ann NAPPER in woollen only

3.4.1749 Elizabeth BULLEN in woollen only; widow

18.4.1749 Jenny BRAITHWAITE in woollen only; wife of the Revd. Mr BRAITHWAITE A good Xan

15.5.1749 Robert BURT in woollen only; s.o. Richard/Mary

8.1.1749 Betty RICHARDS in woollen only; widow, of Lydlinch

27.5.1750 Elizabeth BEAUMONT in woollen only; d.o. James/Ann, of Lydlinch

12.12.1750 Mary RYALL in woollen only; d.o. John/Eliz:

23.2.1750 Nathaniel TRIM in woollen only; of Lydlinch

4.5.1751 Robert BULLEN affidavit Aug 5, s.o. Tho:/Eleanor

25.1.1752 Susanna DOVER buried in woollen

25.2.1753 Mary CARTER buried in woollen affidavit Feb 25

9.3.1753 Dorothy WARREN buried in woollen affidavit March 10

20.11.1753 Esther DAY buried in woollen affidavit Nov 20

23.11.1753 Richard CROCKER buried in woollen affidavit Nov 23

28.11.1753 Hannah STOKES buried in woollen affidavit Dec 2

28.11.1753 Mary CHAFFY d.o. Adolphus/Ann, alias SERGEANT

22.4.1754 Ann DOVER buried in woollen affidavit April 25

16.5.1754 Mary LODER buried in woollen affidavit May 16

20.1.1754/5 Betty RICHARDS affidavit Jan 20

13.2.1755 Mr Thomas BRAITHWAITE affidavit Feb 18

11.3.1755 Grace GAWLER affidavit March 16

11.7.1755 Anne CHAFFEY affidavit recd. 27th

3.8.1755 Samuel FFUDGE

19.6.1757 James OLD junr.

?.12.1758 ?Adolfus CHAFFEY

?.9.1759 Sarah STOKES

20.7.1760 Thomas SAMWAYS

20.7.1760 Susannah SAMWAYS

21.9.1761 Elizabeth DOBER

No burials in 1762

9.2.1763 Mary BRETT

10.7.1763 Elizabeth NIPE

16.9.1764 Robert FUDGE

27.11.1764 Ann TRIM

9.6.1765 Sarah FUDGE

13.6.1765 James FUDGE

16.6.1765 Thomas MILES

No burials in 1766

19.5.1767 Elizabeth RYALL

15.4.1768 William MILES

14.7.1768 John RYALL

No burials in 1769

3.1.1770 Sarah BRET

16.4.1770 Mary DUNFORD

18.5.1770 William COFFIN

1.11.1770 Mary BRET

No burials in 1771 or 1772

10.2.1773 John FFARR Esq.

2.11.1774 Mary RYAL

No burials in 1775

17.1.1776 Robert FUDGE

13.4.1777 Thomas RYAL

11.11.1778 John BULLEN

No burials in 1779

7.5.1780 Mary MILES

25.10.1780 Samuel BIRT

28.5.1781 Michael DAY

16.10.1783 Mary FARR widow of John FARR Esq of this parish

18.1.1784 Sarah HOLMES d.o. Thos./Elizabeth

23.5.1784 Ruth TOLLMAN widow of Thomas

29.7.1784 Sarah FUDGE widow

No burials in 1785

15.10.1786 James MILES s.o. Martha

24.9.1787 Richard ?SANDYNELL The Moor, late servant to J.B.BURLAND Esq., a native of ?Ca---

4.12.1787 Jane HYDE

23.11.1788 Sarah DUNFORD

No burials in 1789 or 1790

23.6.1791 Thomas DYKE

4.1.1792 John YOUNG

15.1.1793 Mary BRETT d.o. Robt./Betty

29.7.1793 Edward STOKES

11.7.1794 Jane STOKES

21.10.1795 Lucy MILES d.o. Henry/Betty

29.10.1795 Mary MILES d.o. Henry/Betty

26.10.1796 Sarah FUDGE

10.3.1799 Richard BRET of Pulham

23.1.1800 Jane STOKES wife of John

10.6.?1800 Elizabeth MILES wife of Henry

28.1.1802 Mary ?MARK wife of Joseph, of More Critchel; Her infantwas brought to Church at the same time being previously bapt.

11.2.1802 Henry FRY yeoman

19.2.1802 Theophila BURLAND d.o. John FARR Esq., and wife of John Berkeley BURLAND

29.10.1802 James STOKES base born son of Ann

19.6.1803 Betty DAY an old woman

10.11.1804 John Berkeley BURLAND Esq., of this place

21.11.1804 Sarah STOKES age 96

No burials in 1805 or 1806

22.11.1807 John BULLEN jnr., s.o. John/Christian

12.2.1809 Elizabeth ?BRAT/BURT wife of Robert

?.6.1809 Robert BRETT

20.11.1810 Harriet JEANS d.o. Wm./Anne

17.4.1811 ?James Huish WOLCOTT Esq., of Lyme Regis, aged 60 years

30.3.1812 William JEANS s.o. John/Sarah