School and Romayne’s Charity


From original documents at Dorset History Centre (previously DRO) PE/LYD SC1/1


Sunday and Week Day School 1848 onwards

Revd. R. Henshaw Rector

The School was opened at Michaelmas 1848

Mrs Cuff appointed School Mistress Sept 29th

Elizabeth Coombes ? 1850

?Emma Rogers Jany 1 st 1859

Elizabeth Button April 1 st 1861

Mary Ann Bailey ? Diocesan Training School Jan 5 th 1865

Margaret Adams April 17 th 1865

?Dinah Maddock Jan 12 th 1866

Georgina Game Jan 4 th 1869

Julia Clarke Aug 8 th 1869


1848 The Sunday School children

George Stoke 13

Jane Ridout

Henry Cluett

Rosanna Green 11

William Cluett

Harriet Green

John Buckland

Eliza Harris 11

Fred ?T. Fish

Sarah Harris 12

Richard Brown 8

?Emily Hopkins 7

James Coombes 8

Jane Matthews

George Coombes 6

Ann Tucker 6

George Lane 9

Mary Ann Hopkins

Theophilus Lane

Charlotte Stokes

Daniel Harris

Unity Fish

William Hopkins 5

Jane Tucker 8

Edward Matthews 13

Mary Ann Matthews 7

Albert Matthews 6

Elizabeth Buckland

Joshua Fish 6

Caroline Coombes 12

George Wills 5

Jane Hopkins 8

Edward Green 6

Albert Matthews

Willm. Hopkins ?2 nd

?I/J King 10

James Tucker 10

William Coombes

Chas. Crocker





1848 Week day School



?I/J King

Charlotte Stokes

?Geo. Stokes

Catherine Light

James Coombes

Rosanna Green

?Rd. Brown

Jane Hopkins

?Geo. Lane

Ellen Tucker

Geo. Coombes

Mary Ann Matthews

Joshua Fish

Emily Hopkins

Geo. Wills

Mary Ann Harris

Willm. Hopkins


Henry Cluett


Albert Matthews


F. J/T Fish


John Buckland


Theophilus Lane


William Coombes


Chas. Crocker




1853 Pupil list 2nd Class



Emily Lane

Willm. Drew

Hannah Tucker

Rd. Brown

Ellen Tucker

James Drew

Fanny Foot

John Drew

M. J. ? Standley

Geo. Wills

A. M. Hopkins

Andr. Stainer

A. Stainer

Chas. Crocker

?S. Trim

Wm. Hopkins

Elizabeth Caines

Edgar Cluett

Elizabeth Trim

Wm. Tite

Grace Drew

Thos. Tite

?T. Upshall

Thos. Crocker

L.C. Upshall

Geo. Coombes

M.A. Green

Henry Green

Emily Crocker

H. Upshall

Elizabeth Tucker

A. Haskett

Mary Fish

?I/J Harris


Tom Lane


Wm. Tucker


Joshua Fish


Walter Fish


Henry Lane


James Green


Theo. Lane


Wm. Upshall



Romayne’s Charity ( ? means name not given)

Dec 1888 List of children to be apprenticed


Chas. Mogg son of James, Blackrow, to go on trial to Lewis of ?Moorside, shoemaker

Felix Matthews son of George, ?(Lydlinch) Common

Jane Tucker daughter of James, Common crossed through

Mary ?Cabell , 15, daughter of ? Cabell , K. Stag left par. crossed through

Harry, son of Ed. Matthews , Bagber apprenticed 1889

George, son of G. Pitman , Hyde crossed through

? Lane , grandson of Mark Lane , Malt House, app. 1892 to Uncle

Harry (Fred crossed through) Legg left parish

Ernest Tite , son of Wm. Tite Lyd: Common app. 1891

Frank Mogg , son of Jas. Mogg , Blackrow ?app 1892

Walter, son of George Brown crossed through

? Pitman , daughter of G. Pitman crossed through

? Treves , son of Treves , Greenman app Nov 1891

? Bastable , son of ? Bastable Three Boars, appr to ?Coobs of Henstridge 1893

? Tucker , son of James Tucker app to Old 1892

1892 October William of John Lane born Dec 25 1875 app 1892 to Henstridge

Martha Mary Brown 18 on Dec 25 / 93 apprenticed to Mrs Knott , Dressmaker, Sturminster 1893

Ernest Roberts , son of Susan Roberts , widow app 1894 to Mrs Dyke of Stalbridge

? Baker , son of John Baker crossed through

Tom, son of George Brown to Burge Stalbridge app 1894 cancelled

Levi Mogg , son of Jas. Mogg app to John Baker May 1894 age 17 Birth Day Aug 27

Beatrice Kate Lane , daughter of Frederick Lane , Born April 14 1877 Age 17

to Miss Cluett (house by Miller’s Iced Shop) this line crossed through



Arthur Chaffey Age 14 born June 24 1880 son of Sydenham Chaffey apprenticed to 1899 Ch: Goddard K. Stag



Frank Trim , son of Henry Trim carpenter to Herbert (John crossed through) Knott sadler (tailor crossed through) born December 26 1878 Bound July 1895

? Trevis D: of James Trevis apprenticed to Miss Crocker , Long Street, Sherborne in Spring of 1895 (pencil note ‘left her master’)

Ernest, son of Leonard Parsons born Aug 2 1879 , applied July 1895. Sent on trial Monday July 29 to ?Hanken , Henstridge, refused, then went to Henry Eavis , Bl.smith, Stalbridge. Apprenticed 1895

Frederick Young (something crossed through) son of Charles Young deceased, 15 (left parish)

Frank Chapman son of Wm. Chapman of ?Rodmoor Farm applied Aug 1895 App to a Sadler at Yeovil

Sarah E. Mogg D: of Jas. Mogg , 17 (?in) 1895, apprenticed to Mrs Knott , Sturminster



Alfred, son of John Baker carpenter apprenticed (1897) to Albert Baker carpenter of Furlong View, Ringwood, Hants. Born Sept 16 1880