Parish of Lydlinch

MARRIAGES 1813 to 1836

The records have been transcribed from the Bishop's Transcripts [BTs]. There are no BT's for 1813, these records have been taken from the Parish Registers,  but the other years appear to be complete. However the parish registers might reveal additional information or may be clearer - some of the BT's are faint and transcription errors may have occurred.

[s] signed own name [x] made their mark

Groom & SURNAME;    parish;   marital status;   Bride & SURNAME;   parish;   marital status;   Date of marriage;   by Banns/Licence;     Witnesses

William MILES [s];  of this parish;  bachelor;  & Ann LIGHT  [s];  Of this parish;  spinster;  16-Feb;  1813;  banns;  Sarah LIGHT;  James GODDARD

George BROWN [s];  of this parish;  bachelor;  &  Fanny HOPKINS  [s];  Of this parish;  spinster;  19-Apr;  1813;  banns;  Dinah ROSE;  William BROWN

Richard HOPKINS [s];  of this parish;  bachelor;  &  Elizabeth CLUETT  [s];  Of this parish;  spinster;  01-Sep;  1813;  banns;  Mary HOPKINS [x];  Gilbert? LEWIS

John SHIRLEY [s];  of this parish;  bachelor;  &  Sarah BUCKLAND [s];  Of this parish;  spinster;  18-Nov;  1813;  banns;  Mary Anne BUCKLAND;  Deborah BAKER

William BROWN  [s];   of this parish;   bachelor;   Dinah ROSE [s];   of Sturminster Newton;   spinster;   15-Aug;   1814;   banns;   Ann ROSE;  James ROSE 

Richard ROSE [s];   of Stock Gaylard;   bachelor;  & Anna Maria CLUETT [x];   of this parish;   spinster;   14-Nov;   1814;   banns-Maria DYER [x];  Ibbett LEWIS [x] 

William SENIOR [x];   of this parish;   widower & Mary  HAYDEN [x];   of this parish;   spinster;   08-May;   1815;   banns;   Ebbott LEWIS;  John CLUETT 

George RYALL [x];   of this parish;   bachelor;  &  Charlotte ELFORD [x];   of this parish;   spinster;   05-Feb;   1816;   banns;   James ELFORD[x],;  Mary DURRANT [x] 

Robt WILLIAMS [x];   of this parish;   bachelor & Mary  TUCKER [x];   of this parish;   spinster;   02-Aug;   1816;   banns;   John MILES;  Dinah TUCKER [x] 

John DREW [s];   of Stalbridge;   bachelor;  &  Ann  RANDALL [x];   of this parish;   spinster;   31-Dec;   1816;   banns-Mary ann BUCKLAND;  Hariot? KING 

George DAVIDGE [x];   of Stalbridge;   ; &   Charity TUCKER [x];   of Lydlinch;   ;   10-Feb;   1817;   banns;   Elias SNOOK;  Dinah TUCKER [x] 

Robert HAM [s];   of Staunton Caundle;   bachelor; &   *inah   ***TH [s];   of this parish;   spinster;   13-Feb;   1817;   banns;   Rd DAVIS;  James G SENIOR 

Solomon CLUETT [x];   of Sturminster Newton; &   Hannah MULLET [x];   of this parish;   ;   17-Feb;   1817;   banns;   Daniel CLUETT [x];  Maria MULLET [x] 

Robert BUCKLAND [x];   of this parish;   ;  &  Harriet KING [s];   of this parish;   ;   07-Apr;   1817;   banns;   Ann KING;  W? STRANGE 

Philip BLAKE [x];   of this parish;   ;  &  *dith HOLMS [s];   of this parish;   ;   03-May;   1817;   banns;   Thomas BLAKE;  Martha MOGG 

John PARSONS [x];   of Stalbridge;   bachelor labourer & Maria MULLET [x];   of this parish;   spinster;   12-May;   1817;   banns;   James DUFFETT [x];  Mary COOMBS [x] 

Thos TOOP [s];   of Nether Compton;   bachelor  Maria LIGHT [s];   of this parish;   spinster;   03-May;   1817;   banns;   Matilda SELWOOD;  Caroline SHEPPARD 

John Franklins CRABB [s];   of Yetminster;   ;&    Eliza NOAKE? [s];   of this parish;   ;   04-Feb;   1820;   licence;   ******* JO******;  Caroline BUCKLAND 

Thomas ELKINS [s];   of this parish;   bachelor  Maria HOPKINS [s];   of this parish;   spinster;   04-Apr;   1820;   banns-Maria DYKE [x];  Anne EILKINS [x] 

Robert JENKINS [s];   of Stalbridge;   bachelor artha  MOGG [s];   of this parish;   spinster;   08-May;   1820;   banns;   Anne JENKINS [x] 

John JENKINS [s];   of Lydlinch;   bachelor Mary  STRANGE [s];   of this parish;   spinster;   19-July;   1820;   licence;   John COOMBS;  Elizabeth STRANGE 

Charles MATTHEWS [s];   of Lydlinch;   bachelor; &   Elizabeth ****E [x];   of this parish;   spinster;   17-Sep;   1820;   banns;   Joseph STEVENS;  ******** CAVE [x] 

Mark LIGHT [s];   of this parish;   ;   Caroline BUCKLAND [s];   of this parish;   ;   28-June;   1821;   banns;   John ELKINS;  Elizabeth BUCKLAND 

John ELKINS [s];   of Mappowder;   bachelor & Mary  SCOTT [x];   ;   spinster;   13-Sep;   1821;   banns;   Joseph ELKINS [x];  Alice BUTT? 

Andrew TRIM [x];   of this parish;   bachelor;  &  Dinah TUCKER [x];   of this parish;   spinster;   02-Oct;   1821;   banns;   George DAVIDGE? [x];  Charlotte STRANGE [x] 

John SPERRIN [s];   of this parish;   bachelor;  &  Esther BAKER [s];   of this parish;   spinster;   22-Apr;   1822;   banns;   Wm LOVERIDGE;  Deborah BAKER 

William STICKLAND [s];   of Milborne Port;   bachelor; &   Elizabeth BUCKLAND [s];   of this parish;   ;   **-July;   1822;   banns;   Jasper? STICKALND Mary Ann BUCKLAND 

Isaac UPSALL [x];   of this parish;   bachelor; &   Fillis KING [x];   of this parish;   ;   01-July;   1822;   banns;   Wm SPOR?,;  Thomas ELSIONTH [x] 

Charles GARLAND [s];   of St Johns in the City of Bath;   bachelor;&   Deborah BAKER [s];   of this parish;   spinster;   19-Aug;   1822;   banns;   Wm DAVIDGE;  Mary Ann GARLAND 

Henery INGRAM [s];   of Stour paine;   bachelor; &   Sophia POPLE [s];   of this parish;   spinster;   03-June;   1823;   licence;   Sarah POPLE ;  Mary POPLE 

Edward CLUETT [s];   of this parish;   ; &   Elizabeth STRANGE [s];   ;   spinster;   14-Aug;   1823;   banns-Mary BELBEN;  Harriot BUCKLAND 

James CLUETT [s];   of this parish;   bachelor; &   Honor HOPKINS [s];   of this parish;   spinster;   02-Mar;   1824;   banns;   Elizabeth DYKE;  Ann RIDOUT 

Thos ELSWORTH [x];   of this parish;   bachelor; &   Harriet UPSHAL [x];   of this parish;   spinster;   24-May;   1824;   banns;   Isaac UPSHAL [x] Maria UPSHALL [x] 

William SPENCER [x];   of Sturminster Newton;   widower; &   Elizabeth BARNARD [x];   of this parish;   spinster;   14-June;   1824;   banns;   Thomas ELKINS;  Dina PORTER 

Alfred LUFFMAN [x];   of this parish;   bachelor; &   Hannah TUCKER [x];   of this parish;   spinster;   03-Nov;   1824;   banns;   Thomas ROWE;  Mary Ann STEVENS [x] 

James GODDARD [s];   of Holwell;   bachelor  Mary  MOGG [x];   of this parish;   spinster;   14-Nov;   1824;   banns;   John TRIM;  Ann MOGG [x] 

Thomas CLUETT [s];   of this parish;   widower  Mary  HOPKINS [x];   of this parish;   widow;   27-June;   1825;   banns;   Thomas ANTELL;  Elisha? ANTELL 

William DYKE [s];   of this parish;   bachelor; &   Charlotte CROCKER [s];   of this parish;   spinster;   24-July;   1825;   banns;   Anna? HUTCHINGS;  George GREEN?? 

James BAKER [s];   of this parish;   bachelor; &   Elizabeth  IN***H [s];   of this parish;   spinster;   07-Nov;   1825;   banns;   Harriot BAKER;  William LOVERIDGE 

Thomas COOMBS [s];   of Pulham;   ; &   Sarah POPLE [s];   of this parish;   ;   03-Apr;   1826;   licence;   Hanah COOMBS;  Henry POPLE;  Thomas FARMER

James TUCKER [s];   of this parish;   ; &   Hannah SWYER? [x];   of this parish;   spinster;   14-Aug;   1826;   banns;   Sarah SHIRLEY;  James DYKE;  James CARPENTER

Joseph COOMBS [x];   of this parish;  &  Jane MOORE [x];   of this parish;   spinster;   25-Feb;   1827;   banns;   Thomas ROLLS;  Elizabeth MOON 

Robert COLLINS [s];   of this parish;   bachelor; &   Dinah BROWN [s];   of this parish;   widow;   26-June;   1827;   banns;   John COLLINS;  Mary ROGERS 

John COLLINS [s];   of this parish;  &  Mary  ROPER/ROGER? [s];   of this parish;   spinster;   **-Oct;   1827;   banns;   John ******;  *******  ******** 

One entry too faint to read

Henry TRIM [x];   of this parish;   ;  &  Fanny BUCKLAND [s];   of this parish;   spinster;   17-Apr;   1828;   banns;   Catharen BUCKLAND;  Maria LIGHT? 

James ASHFORD [s];   of Salbridge;   bachelor Mary Anne ****** [x];   of this parish;   spinster;   26-Jan;   1829;   banns;   Joseph *******;  ***** ASHFORD  

John BUCKLAND [s];   of this parish;   bachelor; &   Catherine LIGHT [s];   of this parish;   spinster;   16-Dec;   1829;   banns;   John LIGHT;  ****** SHEPHERD 

James BOW [s];   of the parish of Chideock;   bachelor; &   Elizabeth MILNE [x];   of this parish;   ;   15-July;   1830;   banns;   James STOKES?;  Harriet MILES [x] 

Charles CROCKER [x];   of this parish;   bachelor; &   Eliza DYKE [s];   of this parish;   spinster;   12-Oct;   1830;   banns;   George BROWN;  Peggy DYKE 

George SPIERS? [s];   of Bishops Caundle;   bachelor;  &  Jemima ANYILL [s];   of Lydlinch;   spinster;   18-Feb;   1830;   licence;   Thomas LACY?;  Mary HAYGOOD 

John JENKINS [s];   of Sturminster Newton;   widower; &   Eliza CRABB? [s];   of Lydlinch;   widow;   29-Apr;   1830;   banns;   ******  ******;  Thomas GREEN 

Thomas CROCKER [x];   of this parish;   bachelor; &   Elizabeth MEECH [s];   of Sturminster Newton;   spinster;   01-Jan;   1831;   banns-Jane? HODDINOTT;  John ELKINS 

Benjamin SIMS [s];   of this parish;   bachelor  Jane BENJAFIELD [s];   of Stalbridge;   spinster;   17-Feb;   1831;   banns;   Nathaniel BENJAFIELD;  Elizabeth BENJAFIELD 

Thomas LIGHT Junr [s];   of this parish;   bachelor; &   Elizabeth MOORE [s];   of this parish;   spinster;   24-Feb;   1831;   licence;   Hannah MOORE;  James STOKES 

Thomas GREEB [s];   of this parish;   bachelor; &   Anna   BUCKLAND [s];   of this parish;   spinster;   10-Mar;   1831;   banns;   Catharine BUCKLAND;  Mark LIGHT 

James CAPELL [x];   of Holwell;   bachelor; &   Elizabeth MOGG [s];   of this parish;   spinster;   05-Sep;   1831;   banns-Maria Sophia HAINES;  John CHAPMAN 

Thomas SHARP [x];   of this parish;   bachelor Jane * BAKER? [s];   of this parish;   spinster;   26-Sep;   1831;   banns;   William HORLOCK;  Maria BAKER;  * signed as Jean

Richard SENIOR [s];   of Stourton Caundle;   bachelor Maria BAKER [s];   of this parish;   spinster;   19-Apr;   1832;   licence;   Harriet BAKER;  Thomas SENIOR 

John King LOVELESS [x];   of this parish;   bachelor; &   Rosanna TUCKER [x];   opt;   spinster;   12-July;   1832;   banns;   George UPSHALL [x];  Thomas BROWN 

James STOKER [s];   of Stock Gaylard;   bachelor; &   Harriet MILES [x];   of this parish;   spinster;   24-Sep;   1832;   banns;   William LILLY [x];  Dinah VINCENT [x] 

Mark LINE [x];   of this parish;   bachelor; &   Hannah COLLINS [x];   of this parish;   spinster;   25-Apr;   1833;   banns;   William PITTMAN [x];  Elizabeth MILLER [x] 

Richard CROCKER [s];   of this parish;   ; &   Matilda BROWN [x];   of this parish;   ;   05-Dec;   1833;   banns;   Ellen BROWN;  David CHIPP 

George JEANES [s];   of this parish;   ; &   Ann DYKE [x];   of Holwell Somerset;   20-Mar;   1834;   banns;   Thomas COSSEN? [x];  Hannah MOGG 

John PHILLIPS [s];   of Stourton Caundle; &   Serena BAKER [s];   of this parish;   ;   01-Sep;   1834;   licence;   Thomas SENIOR;  Charlotte BAKER;  Harriet BAKER;  R E Hodder

John STRANGE [x];   of this parish;   & Jane STRANGE [x];   of this parish;   ;   25-Sep;   1835;   banns;   Thomas BROWN;  Jean STRANGE 

George STOKES [x];   of this parish;  & Mary Ann  SENIOR [x];   of this parish;   ;   24-Dec;   1835;   banns;   George RYALL;  Susan STOKES 

Charles ANTEL [s];   of this parish;   ;  &  Elizabeth BENJAFIELD [s];   of Stalbridge;   ;   01-Feb;   1836;   banns;   Henry BENJAFIELD;  Elizabeth BENJAFIELD of Motcombe; 

George COOMBS [x];   of this parish;   ; &   Grace LAMBERT [x];   of this parish;   ;   07-Mar;   1836;   banns;   James MEATCHAM;  Caroline LAMBERT [x] 

Richard FOOT [s];   of this parish;   &  Mary Ann BROWN [s];   of this parish;   ;   25-Apr;   1836;   banns;   James CLUETT;  Mark BROWN 

Jeremiah BASTABLE [x];   of this parish;  &  Mary Ann CANDY [s];   of this parish;   ;   02-June;   1836;   banns;   Hannah CANDY;  James ***DEN 

Richard HOPKINS [s];   of this parish;  &  Mary HALLETT [x];   of this parish;   ;   13-June;   1836;   banns;   James HALLETT;  Martha HALLETT 

Henry SEGRIM [s];   of Stalbridge;   ; &   Anne HALLETT [s];   of this parish;   ;   15-Aug;   1836;   licence;   R. E. HODDER;  Sarah SMITH;  John SEYMOUR;  Elizabeth HUNTER?

George RYALL [s];   of this parish;   ; &   Susannah MILES [x];   of this parish;   ;   23-Oct;   1836;   banns;   Matthew LANE [x];  Elizabeth ***** 

Edmond HOPKINS [s];   of this parish;   Maria BROWN [s];   of this parish;   ;   29-Nov;   1836;   banns;   William HOPKINS;  Mary Ann FOOT;  Illegible singature