Marriage Licenses & Banns Certificates

Transcribed by Luke Mouland

Certificates of Banns
Date Description Reference
Late 18th C. William LYE of Limmington, Somerset and Margaret JEOFFRY of this parish PE/LIL/IN 1/1/1
02 Jun 1781 John PERRIS of Linnington and Jane BOW of the tything of Leigh of this parish PE/LIL/IN 1/1/2
Oct-Nov 1797 James JEANS of this parish and Elizabeth BIRT of Lininton PE/LIL/IN 1/1/3
Jun 1805 John MORRISON, a sojourner in this parish of Over Compton and Sarah NOAH of Lillington PE/LIL/IN 1/1/4
Aug-Sep 1817 Richard NOAKE of Beer Hackett and Elizabeth FARR of Lillington PE/LIL/IN 1/1/5
Jan-Feb 1828 Charles FRANES of the tything of Leigh in this parish and Jamzey BROWN of Lillington PE/LIL/IN 1/1/6
Oct-Nov 1830 Richard HUSSEY of Nether Cerne and Edith FOOKS of Lillington PE/LIL/IN 1/1/7
Aug 1832 Samuel DODD of Yeovil, Somerset and Maria SIBLEY of Lillington PE/LIL/IN 1/1/8
Marriage Licences
Date Description Reference
23 Jan 1762 William WILTSHIRE of Lillington, yeoman and Sarah COOMBE of Hollwell, Somerset PE/LIL/IN 1/2/1
26 Nov 1774 John INABER of Lillington, yeoman and Ruth BRIDE of Lillington PE/LIL/IN 1/2/2
20 Jan 1777 Richard CHAMPMAN of Thornford, yeoman and Ann GRANGER of Lillington PE/LIL/IN 1/2/3
09 Jan 1780 John SAMSON of the chapelry of Hillfield in the parish of Sydling, yeoman and Grace BRIDLE of Lillington PE/LIL/IN 1/2/4
24 Aug 1781 Thomas DOWNTON of Lillington, labourer and Leah Penny of Longburton PE/LIL/IN 1/2/5
21 Jun 1784 Joseph HONE of Askerwell, yeoman and Grace DOWNE of Lillington PE/LIL/IN 1/2/6
27 Jan 1798 Joseph HAGGET of Lillington and Elizabeth SHERRING of Lillington PE/LIL/IN 1/2/7
23 Jun 1798 George MILDWATER of Lillington and Charity SERGANT of Lillington PE/LIL/IN 1/2/8
27 Jan 1804 John Berkely BERELAND of Stock Gaylard, esquire, widower and Anna GORDON of Leweston, widow PE/LIL/IN 1/2/9
07 Sep 1805 Matthews JOSHINS of Sydling St. Nicholas and Patience HOCK of Lillington PE/LIL/IN 1/2/10
13 Jun 1807 Benjamin BOWDITCH of Upway and Ann NOAKE of Lillington PE/LIL/IN 1/2/11
30 Nov 1811 George MILDWATER of Lillington, widower and Rebecca KELLAWEY of Longburton PE/LIL/IN 1/2/12
24 Dec 1815 Joseph BARTLETT of Lillington, farmer and Jane WARREN of Lillington PE/LIL/IN 1/2/13
24 Dec 1815 Abraham LEE of Longburton, carpenter and joiner and Deborah BARLETT of Lillington PE/LIL/IN 1/2/14
02 Feb 1818 George SHERRING of Lillington and Susanna BROOKE of Lillington PE/LIL/IN 1/2/15
25 Dec 1830 Henry ABRAHAM of Stalbridge Weston, widower and Ann CHAPMAN of Lillington PE/LIL/IN 1/2/16
08 May 1845 Isaac LANNING of Lillington and Elizabeth DAWN of Lillington PE/LIL/IN 1/2/17
10 Aug 1848 Alexander BOOTH of Leweston in the parish of Lillington and Hester BISHOP of Longburton PE/LIL/IN 1/2/18


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