Burials 1582 to 1712

Transcribed from the Bishops Transcripts and donated to the Dorset OPC Project by Kim Parker


The early register of Lillington is lost. However, unlike most of the rest of Dorset, the parish depended directly from the Bishop of Sarum and so its early Bishops Transcripts were not housed at Blandford and destroyed by the great fire there in 1731.

For the period 1582-1712, returns exist for: 1582-88; 1592-1601; 1604-15; 1617; 1618; 1622-25; 1627-30; 1633-36; 1638; 1640; 1671-3; 1678-84; 1688-1706 and 1708-12. The images held at the DHC are tiny and are in any case extremely difficult to read, so please use this transcript as a guide only.

27Sep1582ElizabethWILLIAMSdau of Christopher WILLIAMS
30Sep 1582Amy WHITTdau of Thomas WHITT
19Nov 1582Elizabeth HARISONdau of Lionell HARISON
14Apr 1584Johana SMALL (?)senior
19May 1584Mary HARISONwife of Lionell HARISON
19Aug 1585Lawrence AUDLIEson of Lawrence AUDLIE
19Jan 1585/6Deanes WHITTEdau of Thomas WHITT
01Jun 1586Zehan DAVISwife of Christopher DAVIS
05Jun 1586Thomas WHITTE 
29Jul 1586Elizabeth WHITTEwidow
19Apr 1587Margaret RIELL 
18Jan 1587/8Thomas STOYEan old man
08Jun 1588Walter COLLIERson of John COLLIER
25Apr 1592John CHAPPELL 
29Apr 1592Roger TOOGOOD 
26May 1592Margaret GILLETdau of John GILLET
09Feb 1592/3John RIALLson of John RIALL
03Jun 1593Thomas ?EARLEson of Richard ?EARLE - possibly BEARLE
02Apr 1594Agnes CHAPPELL 
08Jul 1596Katherine DOMINIE 
24Jul 1596Thomas TURK 
14Aug 1596John GAUNTLET 
26Sep 1596Elione TILLIEwife of ... [edge of parchment missing; probably William TILLIE]
07Nov 1596Jane RIALLinfant
24Feb 1596/7Elizabeth CHAPPELL 
23Mar 1596/7Edith WHITE 
15Apr 1597John GEFFRIE 
19Jun 1597Thomas BALLETalso as BELLET
08Aug 1597Gisela (?) DUNHAMwife of John DUNHAM
11Mar 1597/8Henrie [illegible]HAMservant to Mr Henrie KELLAWAY
- -- - - 1598Mary THISELHARTservant of [illegible] LAINE
- -Sep 1598Edith RIALLwife of William RIALL
06Sep 1604Edward LANE 
23- - - 1604John KELLEWAYson of Mr Robert KELLEWAY
- -- - - 1604Agnes BEACHAMwife of Henry BEACHAM
03Feb 1605/6William JEFFERY 
07Apr 1606Mary RYNGEwife of Robert RYNGE
24Jul 1606William CLERKE 
26May 1607Alice BULLEYwife of George BULLEY
14Dec 1607Richard ROCKSBIE 
04Feb 1607/8John DUNHAM 
04Mar 1607/8Jean JEANSdau of Robert JEANS
11Apr 1608Joan RIALLwife of Richard RIALL
15May 1608[not given] DOMINIEwife of Edward DOMINIE
30May 1608Robert WALTERson of William WALTER
02Mar 1608/9Joan HYMNERY (?)dau of Robert HYMNERY (?)
04Sep 1609Thomas WALTERson of William & Helen WALTER
10Sep 1609[not given] JEFFERYwidow
26Oct 1609Margery ROCKSBYwidow
30Apr 1611William APPLEBEEson of Peeter APPLEBEE
02Oct 1611Alice GILLETwife of John GILLET
27Jan 1611/12Margerie MANDFELDwife of Phillip MANDFELD
14Mar 1612/13William BAKER 
22Nov 1614John SPEEDson of John SPEED
22Dec 1614Edward SPEEDson of John SPEED
16Oct 1615Richard RIALL 
24Nov 1615Phillip MANPHEILD 
08Jan 1615/16Joan TURKE 
28Mar 1617William RIALL 
29Dec 1617John SPEEDE 
28Jan 1617/18William DAGGLE 
09Nov 1622Mary BULLY 
02Dec 1622Edith GILLET 
03Jan 1622/3Robert JEANES 
27Jan 1622/3John GILLET 
25Jan 1622/3George SANDFORDson of George SANDFORD
19May 1623Edward DOMINIE 
25Dec 1623Emme PHELPESdau of Alice PHELPES
25Dec 1623[illegible] SPEEDEdau of Edward SPEEDE
29Jan 1623/4William CHAPPELL 
28Oct 1624Edmond SHERIN 
14Jan 1624/5James HODGES 
05Apr 1625John PYSINGE 
11May 1625Andrew RYBIE 
15Nov 1625Joan COLLIER 
20Jan 1625/6John HILE 
12Jun 1628Thomas GASTson of John GAST
- -Mar 1628/9Nicholas FITZJAMESson of Ralf FITZJAMES
- -- - - 1628/9[illegible] BEACHAM[illegible]
14Jul 1630Lettice JEFFERY 
08Nov 1630Richard TALBET 
21Dec 1630Agnes STICKLAND 
22Mar 1630/1Henry BEACHAM 
10Apr 1634[not given] DOMINIEwidow
16Feb 1634/5Joan PYSINGEdau of John PYSINGE
08Jul 1636Anne JEANESwife of Thomas JEANES
16Jul 1636Anne GASTdau of John GAST
- -- - - 1636Roger RYALLson of Nicholas RYALL
- -Mar 1636/7Margaret SHERINdau of Edmund SHERIN
05Jan 1638/9Richard GILLINGHAMthe Elder
23May 1640John TOOGOOD 
04Oct 1640Joane CASH 
23Feb 1640/1Richard CHAFFY 
- -- - - 1669Lawrence COLE[from MI; BTs for this year have not survived]
07Mar 1670/1Lettice BOWNwidow
30Oct 1671George HANKINS[has a table tomb in the Churchyard; wife Frances also buried there 1696]
13Jan 1671/2Anthonie WILLSHEERE 
14Feb 1671/2Jane BUCKLANDdau of John BUCKLAND
29Feb 1672/3Joane TOOGOODwidow
26Aug 1678John BUCKLANDson of John & Briggett BUCKLAND
30Aug 1678Nicholas RYALLson of Nicholas & Alice RYALL
14Nov 1680Katherine LOVELACEdau of Mary LOVELACE
08May 1681Joyce JANESwidow
13Apr 1681Mary CHAFFE 
12Mar 1681/2Beth (?) PIDDENdau of John PIDDEN
18Apr 1683Mary [illegible]the wife of one Mr [illegible]
11Jul 1682Anne BUCKLANDwife of Robert BUCKLAND
20Dec 1682Christopher POTHECARY 
10Apr 1683Aron SILLE[illegible] 
15Nov 1683John PIDDING 
12Dec 1683Agnes WARREN 
20Jun 1684Thomas JANES 
04Jan 1684/5William ROYALL 
09Apr 1688[not given] BEATONMr
04Jun 1688Joane RICKMANMiss
18Nov 1690Mary PARRYdau of George PARRY
20Jan 1690/1Mary KEATdau of Hugh KEAT
14Feb 1690/1Mary WILMOTTwife of John WILLMOTT
08Mar 1690/1John WILMOTT 
19Apr 1691John WILMOTT 
22May 1691Josiah BANGERdied [date from his table tomb in the Churchyard]
31Jul 1691Grace RYALLdau of Mary RYALL
05Nov 1691Jane GASTof Little Burton
31Mar 1692Richard RYALLson of Nicholas & Alice RYALL
21Apr 1692Grace SHERRINGEdau of William & Grace SHERRINGE
24Jun 1693Nicholas RYALL[spelt Nekles RIOL on his table tomb in the Churchyard]
10Jul 1693Alice RYALL[wife of Nicholas, spelt Alise RIOL on her table tombe in the Churchyard]
10Aug 1694Elizabeth COLEMAN 
01Sep 1694Mary BUCKLAND 
27Jan 1694/5Elizabeth BANGER 
02Feb 1694/5Margaret BANGER 
04May 1695William COCKER 
30Jul 1695Hannah RYALL 
03Oct 1695William SHERRINGEsenior
29Dec 1695Elizabeth BROWNE 
02Dec 1696Frances HANKINSwidow [of George died 1671 - see table tomb in the Churchyard]
18Jan 1696/7Margaret PIDDINGwidow
21Mar 1696/7Edward WILLSHEREson of Thomas WILLSHERE
12Dec 1697Mary NORMAN 
12May 1698Katherine FREEMANwife of John FREEMAN of Child Okeford
26Jul 1698Jane HEARNof Sherborne
03Mar 1699/1700Mary WHITE 
17Mar 1699/1700Elizabeth JANESwife of William JANES
21Jun 1700Grace SHERRINGEwife of William SHERRINGE
18Aug 1700Elizabeth SHERRINGEwidow
09Jan 1700/1Susannah FITZJAMESMrs, widow
31Jul 1702Thomas YEOVIL 
24Mar 1702/3Agnes JEFFERYwidow
20Sep 1703John GILLINGHAMof Long Burton
01Aug 1703George PARRY[an illegible descriptive word after the name]
26Jan 1703/4Mary CAFEwife of Richard CAFE
28Jan 1703/4Mary RYALwife of John RYAL
28Mar 1705[illegible] PARRY 
25Jul 1705Mary (?) BANGERdau of Thomas BANGER
- -Jan 1705/6Dorothy JEFFREYwife of Edward Jeffrey Sen. of R[illegible] [see MI]
06Sep 1706Sarah LOCKwife of James LOCK
20Apr 1708Mary PARRYMrs, widow
16Jul 1708Hannah HALLETwife of William HALLET
24Sep 1708Ursula SHERRINGEwife of William SHERRINGE junior
29Sep 1708Edith BOUND 
14Oct 1708Symon GEOFFIRYE (?)of [illegible]
17Jan 1708/9Martha RYAL 
20Mar 1708/9Margery COSHwife of Joseph COSH
09Apr 1709John RING 
10Oct 1709Thomas JEFFEREYson of Thomas JEFFEREY of Ryme
19Mar 1709/10Richard COSHERof Thornford
03Apr 1710Samuel WHETCOMBson of Mr Samuel WHETCOMB
26Nov 1710Joan PITMANof Sherborne
14May 1711John WHETCOMBson of Mr Samuel WHETCOMB
23May 1711Susanna COSHdaughter of Joseph COSH, poor
27Jun 1711Susannah HARDYwife of Jo. HARDY yeoman
17Apr 1712Edward JEFFRYson of Edward JEFFRY of Thornford

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