Langton Herring

MARRIAGES 1835 - 1842

Transcribed from the Parish Register and donated to the Dorset OPC Project by Keith Searson

DateGroomBrideBanns/licenceWitness OneWitness TwoNotes
3 Oct 1835Thomas MOWLAM Susan VIVIAN BannsElizabeth VIVIANRichard VIVIAN 
1 Jan 1838William MULLINS Mary BAGGBannsRobert HANCOCKMary MULLINS With Consent of Parents
15 Jul 1839Abel WHITTLE Harriett HURDEN BannsJohn WHITTLEThomas SATCHEL(?)With Consent of Parents
16 Aug 1840Robert SYMONDS Jane ROBERTSBannsWilliam ROBERTSJohn Henry READ  
 of Bothenhampton      
28 Feb 1841James HOUNSELL Jane MELLISHLicenceAbel HOUNSELLAnn HOUNSELL Jane Could Not Write
  of Litton     
1 Apr 1841John Henry READ Anna May ROBERTS BannsWilliam ROBERTSMary Ann ROBERTS 
 of Paul, Cornwall      
28 Oct 1841James Blake VENUS Mary Ann ROBERTSBannsWilliam ROBERTSJohn And Henry PEARCE With Consent of Parents
5 May 1842James GOSLING Sarah VIVIAN BannsThomas MOWLAMJane VIVIANThomas Could Not Write
18 Jul 1842Benjamin ROBERTS Maria MOWLAMBannsHenry MOWLAMAbel HOUNSELL  
 of Wyke Regisof Wyke Regis     
2 Aug 1842Thomas UNDERDOWN Elizabeth Whitworth COUCHLicencePeter COUCH John David COUCH With Consent of Parents
15 Aug 1842William MOWLAM Charlotte HARDYBannsElizabeth VIVIANJane VIVIAN William And Charlotte Could Not Write
6 Oct 1842Thomas GARDENER Elizabeth VIVIANBannsJames GODINGJane VIVIAN  
 of Abbotsbury      


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