Langton Herring

MARRIAGES 1739 - 1839

These records have been transcribed from Bishops' Transcripts [BT's]. BT's are copies taken at the time and sent to the bishop of the diocese. As many were on scraps of paper there may be years missing and BT's may contain less details than are in the parish registers. Unfortunately the parish registers can only be accessed at the Dorset Record Office.


John ALLEN & Mary ROSE married 17th November 1739

Thomas ANGELL & Mary BUCK married 16th October 1740

Israel  BAYLEY & Thomas MOWLAM married 2nd October 1740

David BARRET & Mary CASE married 9th January 1743

Joseph CHAPMAN & Catherine BOUCK married 10th July 1744

Joseph BROWN & Mary COX married 3rd June 1750

John BARNES & Elizabeth  BAILY married 27th September 1753

William BARTLETT  & Mary KELLAWAY married 30th March 1758

Lawrence  CARTER & Elizabeth  SYMS married 26th December1763

Robert BALSON & Mary COX married 10th May 1764

George COOPER & Christiana POND married 31st March 1781

Thomas DINE & Joan CHIPMAN married 10th October 1784

William CARTER & Grace WHITE married not given 1792

Richard CARTER & Elizabeth  BAGGE married 4th February 1811

Thomas CARTER & Mary HANDSWORTH married 27th June 1820

John DAY & Alice  LOVELL married 5th April 1820

Peter Paul ABBOT & Grace SCRIVEN married 1st November 1824

Benjamin BARTLETT  & Mary HARDY married 4th December1825

William DOWNTON & Elizabeth  VIVIAN married 3rd July 1834

Richard Edward KELLAWAY & Susanna Bridge  FRAMPTON married 21st August 1834

John NATCHORER & Jane DURDEN married 15th December 1731

Thomas MOWLAM & Israel  BAYLEY married 2nd October 1740

John HARDING & Margory GREEN married 10th September 1741

Joseph GREENING & Christian BEER married 28th April 1743

Joseph LEWIS & Susanna GREGORY married 5th January 1743

Samuel MELEYARD & Agnes HALL married 21st May 1747

William KEEPING & Alice  BARTLETT  married 9th April 1761

Henry LOVELL & Susanna MORELAND married 13th September 1761

John OLDIS & Sarah POINTER married 10th October 1763

William LESTER & Elizabeth  TREVERS married 13th October 1772

Anthony LOVELL & Elizabeth  MINTERN married 17th September 1772

William GAPE & Mary LOVELL married 12th August 1773

William HARDY & Elizabeth  VIVIAN married 17th September 1782

Samuel MITCHELL & Susanna WATTS  married 17th February 1784

Hugh HANN & Mary POYNTER married 2nd January 1810

Nathan HUZZEY & Sarah HURDEN married 15th July 1811

Christopher MEECH & Joan FRY married 1st August 1811

William HUTCHINGS & Alice  ROSE married 1st August 1814

Robert HALLETT & Hannah WALLIS married 23rd January 1816

George NOTLEY & Hannah MOWLAM married 13th October 1817

Thomas HARDEN & Elizabeth  MILLER married 28th June 1820

Henry HARDY & Mariah VIVIAN married 19th April 1820

John MOWLAM & Hannah VIVIAN married 21st August 1823

Thomas MOWLAM & Mary LOVELL married 28th December1826

John GODING & Sarah CARTER married 2nd October 1834

William HARDY & Ann ADAMS  married 29th June 1835

Thomas MOWLAM & Susan VIVIAN married 3rd October 1835

William MULLINS & Mary BAGG married 1st January 1838

 SMITH & Elisabeth ALDER married 17th November 1743

John SAMWAYS & Jane LOVELL married 26th December1745

James FIVION & Mary BOYTE married 12th June 1759

David VIVIAN & Mary HARDY married 9th October 1764

William POPE & Mary HOGGERD or VIVIAN married 15th July 1772

Thomas VIVIAN & Martha ROSE married 9th October 1773

Joseph ROSE & Hannah HARDY married 5th September 1774

Henry ROSE & Sarah HARDY married 16th November 1775

Stephen TRIVERS & Alice  ROSE married 14th December1775

John POYNTER & Anne VIVIAN married 23rd April 1777

Thomas WHITTEL & Edith Bailley STURMY married 21st October 1779

Thomas ROSE & Margaret VIVIAN married 1st March 1783

Thomas WHITTLE & Catherine GALPIN married 31st December1810

Thomas SAINT & Sarah COWEN married 19th May 1816

John SAMWAYS & Jane TRAVERS married 19th April 1824

Richard VIVIAN & Mary LIFFEY married 21st January 1829

Richard VIVIAN & Hannah RICHARDS married 1st November 1830

Joseph WHITTLE & Martha VIVIAN married 4th August 1830

Transcribed by Lynda Mudle-Small, October 2006