Marriages 1680 - 1837

Transcribed by Rachel Kent from originals at the Dorset history Centre
DHC Ref: PE/KIN/RE 1/1, 1/2 & 3/2, MIC/R/554



13 Jan  Nathaniel MOORS and Elizabeth BITTLECOME

14 Feb  Thomas LYNE, of Hampreston and Alice HARTCOURT, of Poole – by licence



3 May  John KELLAWAY, of East Parley and Elizabeth WILLIS, of Tythering

5 Oct Thomas PITT and Joan DEAN



26 Dec Robard FOORD and Marey .........?



3 Feb Charles FFOOLY and ........? ROLLS



30 Apr  John HOBS and Jone BARNS



18 Oct  Thomas DUNFORD and Anne WEYMAN



29 Sep  Thomas MIST and Elizabeth EZEK

7 Oct Thomas NORTH and Bredget NORRIS



13 May Thomas LOCKIER and Mary HOLLOWAY



2 Feb Henry DEWY and Joan BIDDLECOMBE



4 Mar Thomas PELLEY and Mary COMBES

25 Jun  Richard BUDDEN and Amey HASKELL



28 Feb  Nicolas GREEN and Sara WARACK



6 Jan John NORRISS and Jane OAKLEY

11 May Rogger BRAMBLE and Margreat ROOKS

1 Dec Rogger BARNES and Margreat CORBIN



30 Mar Walter BLANCHARD and Jane HAKINS



29 Dec William MILLER and Joan READ



5 Jun Thomas ALLNER and Elizabeth HAKENS



20 Feb  Thomas FFEAST and Mary FFEAST



17 Apr  Joseph BUDDEN and Jane REEKS

20 Jun  William OKLEY and Jane ALNOR – by licence



13 Jan  Thomas DONUARD and Sara HAINS

29 Apr  Edward PAINTER and Elizabeth BRINTER



8 Jan Robard NAPPN and Ann EUINS

13 Apr  Thomas DONUARD and Elizabeth BARNS

22 Jul John COORTNEY and Joane BARNES

2 Nov Joseph OKLY and Joane FORD



4 Jun Thomas CORBIN and Mary PAINTER

30 Jul John CORBIN and Sara WARDN

15 Oct  Ralph HAKINS and Mary SHANE



30 Mar Putter WARDN and Martha REEKS



13 Jan  Henry KING and Elizabeth WARREN

26 Oct  Esarell DONUARD and Ann ELDRIDG



15 Apr  John REDMAN and Hanna PINHORN

15 Apr  John WILLAS and Elizabeth GOOBY

5 Nov Robart ALLNOR and Alce FORD

28 Nov  James KARLAN and Margreat BUGDEN



4 May  John PHILLIPS and Ann HAKINS

8 May  Thomas CORBIN and Ann SYPPER



10 Apr  William EARNLEY and Leddar REEKS – by licence

22 May Richard ROSSELL and Amey BARNES – by licence



26 Sep  William GREEN and Ann NEWMAN – by licence

5 Dec John JENKINES and Mary LOCKYER



22 Oct  John STRONY and Mary FAR – by licence



20 Sep  William THRESHER, of Poole and Martha STREET, of Moore Critchel

8 Nov Hinery RIDMAN and Sara HISCOCK, of Wimborne



3 Mar Richard SILBY and Jane STIVENS

12 Aug Abraham WARLAND and Jane KING

26 Sep  Thomas FROUD, blacksmith of Ham in Hampreston and Susanna PEATE

26 Dec Richard RUSSELL, of Wimbourne Minster and Elinor HERRIOTE, of Cadnell



21 Feb  John SHANE and Mary BIDDELCOMBE

8 May  Henry RUSSESLL, of Wimbourn Minster and Elizabeth WAYMAN

30 May Thomas KING and Edeth DAREY



13 Jan  Samuel LINTHORNE and Susanna OLLIFFE, both of Poole

20 May Richard LANE and Catharine HANLEY, widow of Lytchet Minster



7 Apr Thomas HARRIS and Jane BEACH

22 Apr  James FORD and Margaret CORBEN



28 Aug Edward RINGER and Elizabeth BARNES

6 Oct William HAWKENS and Joan KING – by licence

24 Nov Joseph LINTHORNE and Mary BAKER, Both of Pool



6 Jan William BASSET and Mary BRINTON

6 Jan Henry BRINTON and Mary BASSET

2 Mar John DAVIS, of Christchurch and Sarah CORBEN



23 Jul Robert HAYWARD and Jane ROLLES, of Hampreston

29 Oct  Francis WOODROE and Mary POPE

28 Dec Timothy SPURRIER and Elizabeth FARR, of Pool



17 Nov John PACK, of Middle Bockhampton and Jenney OAKLEY

27 Dec Robert LOCKYER and Elizabeth TREMAN

27 Dec Joa DORDEL, of Honest and Elizabeth WAYMAN



24 Jun  Walter FRAMPTON, of Corfe and Charity JENKINS

23 Sep  Thomas BISHOP and Edith CURTIS, both of Hampreston



24 Feb  William HANCOCK and Mary KING

25 Feb  Robert JELLET, of Poole and Mary CLAPCOT, of Parkstone



21 May Thomas CORBIN and Mary FORD

15 Oct  Thomas KING, of Ensbury and Mrs Sarah WATERMAN, of Christchurch

28 Oct  John WATERMAN, of Sopley, Hants and Mary PIERCY

3 Dec Joseph HARBIN, of Corfe Mullin and Elizabeth GOBEY, of Parkstone



16 May Thomas KNIGHT and Mary BARNES, of Parkstone

14 Jul William FEAST and Lydia LUTHER – by licence

24 Dec Walter ROSE, of Christchurch and Mary KIPPING – by licence



7 Mar John BEALE, of Tarrant Gunvil and Mary FORD



22 Feb  John MACKRELL, of Parkstone and Susannah HILLEN, of Longfleet

28 Aug Abraham GRAY, of Dorchester and Sarah FRANKLIN, widow of Poole

15 Oct  Thomas BLOWER, of Honest and Martha CUTER

1 Nov Nicholas MAY and Sarah LONG, both of Poole



5 Jan John BARNS and Mary PIT

10 Jan  Thomas BLANCHARD and Ann BLACKLER, both of Poole

11 Mar Benjamin WADHAM and Joanah ADAMS, both of Pool

20 Aug Abraham CAMPION and Elizabeth SPURRGES, both of Pool

13 Nov John WINSOR, of Pool and Anne BROWN, of Parkson

26 Dec Moses MOORE, of Lementon, Hants and Sarah BROWN, of Parkson



5 Mar Roger WILKINS, of Hampreston and Elizabeth PITMAN

6 Mar Joseph MUSTON, of Haselbury Briant and Jane PACK

16 May John WARREN, of Hallad Wood, Hants and Ann SPARKS

30 Dec John POOR, of Christchurch and Martha JAY

30 Dec Thomas HEALEY, of Lime and Elizabeth JARVIS, of Poole



5 Apr John GRAY and Michal LOCK, both of Pool 

10 Jun  George SHERWOOD and Ellenor RIX



5 Sep William LEE and Elizabeth PYLE

25 Dec Thomas MANN, of West Parley and Phoebe MESHER



2 Feb John WAREHAM, of Chalbury and Eleanor BARTLETT, of Parkstone

4 Mar Henry BROWN and Jane BARNES, of Parkstone

? ?  Henry BIDDLECOMBE and Diana CORBIN



14 Feb  John FLIN, mariner of Poole and Mary PAINTER, of Great Canford

8 Aug Arthur HAVILAND and Elizabeth WARREN, both of Poole

6 Oct William SPENCER, of Hampreston and Mary AMEY



23 Sep  Thomas HAWKINS and Margery KENNINGTON

6 Oct John KNIGHT and Mary LOCKE, both of Parkstone



22 Apr  Robert FFRAMPTON, of West Parley and Elizabeth THOMAS

6 Nov Thomas DUNFORD and Anne BARNES, of Parkstone

19 Dec John PAGE, of St Stephens, Colman Street, Middlesex and Martha MADGWICK, of Poole



10 Jun  John PHILIPPS, of Great Canford and Katherine DORY, widow of Christchurch

26 Jun  Thomas LUTHER and Mary ELBY

22 Nov George PENNY and Hannah JOYCE



9 Mar Elias SPENCER, mariner of Hampreston and Elizabeth HAYTER, of Poole

12 Oct  Thomas MARSHALL and Anne HOLLIER



7 Sep Abraham WARLAND Jnr and Sarah WARE, of Knighton

17 Oct  Richard SHAVE and Mary FOX



5 Feb Thomas PERKINS and Martha SKINNER

23 Apr  William MARTIN and Susannah FRY, both of Poole – by licence

7 Jul Joseph FRY and Mary ROFT

24 Sep  Thomas CARTRIDGE and Mary SKUTT, both of Poole

30 Sep  James FEAST and Sarah ARIS

6 Oct James BUTLER, of Hampreston and Elizabeth LOCKE, of Great Canford

24 Oct  John PAINTER, of Great Canford and Eleanor PARMENTIER, of Hampreston

14 Dec William COBB and Jenny WILMITH

18 Dec William CROSBY, of Poole and Eleanor FORDER, of Kingstone in Purbeck

26 Dec Robert MAIDMAN, of Parkstone and Jane FROWDE, of Hampreston



2 Jan John HAYWOOD, of Hampreston and Jane DURDELL

6 Oct William STRANGE and Jenny DEWY

1 Dec John STRONG and Anne EDWARDS, both of Poole

18 Dec Thomas CORBAN and Jane TIZARD



28 Mar Henry HOOKEY and Lydia WARLAND – by licence

11 Jun  Richard KIRBY, Lt. in R.N. of Shadwell, Middlesex and Mary SPURRIER, of Poole – by licence

2 Jul William GODDEN, of Poole and Mary DAW

25 Aug Thomas GREEN, of Horton and Mary BRENTON, of Parkstone

17 Sep  Thomas KENDALL and Frances EAST



14 Feb  William FRAMPTON and Susannah BARNES

30 Mar Thomas BARNES and Anne HANDELL, both of Parkstone



3 Jan John LOCKYER and Anne PERHAM

28 Feb  Richard LOCKYER and Anne WEYMOND

22 Nov George GROVES, roper of Poole and Nanny TILLY, of East Parley – by licence



10 Jan  Edward PAINTER, of Knighton and Mellison HOOKEY, widow of Poole by licence
14 Feb  George BIDDLECOMB and Betty VIE



29 Apr  John CORBEN and Mary ARCHER – by licence
W: Thomas Corben and George Lockyer

16 Aug James DUNFORD and Lucy THORNE – by licence
W: William Harris and George Lockyer

20 Sep  Henry PHILLIPS and Alice BARNES
W: George Barnes and George Lockyer

29 Nov John FIANDER and Betty YOUNG, of Holdenhurst
W: William Bramble and George Lockyer

16 Dec Charles ALLNER and Mary HOWELL
W: Thomas Dymott and George Lockyer



10 Aug Thomas PORTER, of Poole and Mary BANGER
W: George Lockyer and Richard Barnes

1 Nov James FORD and Mary CLINCH
W: Thomas Ford and Charles Allner

9 Nov John ROBERTS and Betty WEYMAN
W: Betty Weyman and George Lockyer

9 Nov William COCKS, of Holdenhurst and Mary FRY
W: Betty Weyman and George Lockyer



13 Nov John WELSH and Mary BLAKE
W: John Allner and George Lockyer

21 Nov Thomas PAINTER and Hellen PENNINGTON – by licence
W: John Corben and George Lockyer



4 Feb John PELLY, of Christchurch and Jenny ALLNER – by licence
W: Richard Holloway and Robert Allner

20 Dec Bartholomew TILLY and Charity CURTICE
W: Henry Curtis and George Lockyer



11 Feb  James MATRAVERS and Elizabeth FRANKS – by licence
W: Sarah Cooper and Pen. King

26 May John FRY and Betty FRAMPTON
W: George Allner and George Lockyer

4 Jun William BUDDEN, of Ringwood Hants. and Martha WARNE – by licence
W: Moses Warne and George Lockyer

10 Aug John BARNS and Hannah SHERWOOD
W: Robert Wilkins and Ann Ford



19 Sep  William CLAPCOAT and Jane KING – by licence
W: Robert Hawkins and George Lockyer

9 Jun Joseph LOCKYER and Elizabeth EVAMY
W: Sarah Evamy and Mary Wate Dewey

16 Jun  Henry BEST and Mary FEAST
W: Mary Clapgate and Lydia Hookey

26 Oct  John HULETT and Ann WHITE
W: Thomas Ball and George Lockyer



25 Jan  Ambrose DYMOCK and Sarah BIRT
W: William RUSSELL and George Lockyer

5 May  John CANE and Anne BARFOOT
W: George Lockyer and Liddy Hookey

20 May Isaac FRY and Mary BIDDLECOMBE
W: George Lockyer and H. Biddlecombe

24 May William SLY and Elizabeth POWER
W: John Harris and George Lockyer

14 Oct  John BARTLETT and Mary MARSHALL
W: John Noel and George Allner

29 Nov Jonathan HARDEN, of Moreden and Sarah BRAG
W: John Noel and George Lockyer



23 Jan  David PITMAN and Elizabeth ROGERS
W: Richard Barnes and William Daw

24 Oct  Joseph GILLINGHAM and Martha COX
W: William Cox and George Lockyer



26 Sep  William COX and Martha MIALS
W: Betty Barns and Hester King



13 May John HARVEY and Susanna SEAMOUR
W: John Gibbs and George Lockyer

4 Jul William HARRIS, shipwright of Poole and Hannah SPEECK, of Parkston by licence
W: Thomas Casley and T. Glasspool

21 Jul Thomas HUTCHINS and Mary GANTLETT
W: James Cherratt and Samuel Sturmy

24 Nov Amos DOWDEN and Rachel DYMOCK
W: Samuel Bartlett and George Lockyer



22 Jan  John OSMAN, of Poole and Anne WINDSOE, widow – by licence
W: Henry Brown and George Lockyer

18 May John TORY, of Wimbourne Minster and Betty DREW – by licence
W: George Lockyer and John Strong

20 May John GERRATT and Mary TARRANT
W: George Lockyer and Thomas Dymott



30 Jan  Arthur HAVELAND, mariner and Anne PITTY, widow of Poole
W: George Lockyer and George West



23 May Robert FRY, of Christchurch and Betty POPE
W: George Lockyer and John Vincent

5 Dec John OSMENT, of Poole and Elizabeth RABBETTS
W: Thomas Bald and George Lockyer



24 Jan  William COXE, of Great Canford and Jane ROSE – by licence
W: George Lockyer and Henry Biddlecombe

27 Jun  John DOMINY and Mary STONE
W: William Welch and Susanna Budden

31 Dec Samuel EVANS and Lucy WITT
W: John Stickland and George Lockyer



4 Feb John TIBBS, of Cranbourne and Mary BARNES, of Hampreston
W: Richard Clarke and H. Kelleway



6 Apr John VINCENT and Grace DOWDEN
W: Thomas Dymott and George Lockyer

6 Apr George BARNES and Mary EVENCE
W: Thomas Dymott and George Lockyer

19 Jun  John WILCOX, of Tarrant Rushton and Catharine COTTMAN
W: James Gillingham and George Lockyer     

16 Oct  John FALL and Betty GERRATT
W: John Dominy and James Gillingham



24 Mar John BAKER and Sarah FIANDER    
W: James Gillingham and George Lockyer

18 Jun  John CORBIN, of Holdenhurst and Hester KING – by licence
W: Benjamin Harvey and Robert Wilkins

21 Sep  Joseph SHARP and Hannah FRAMPTON
W: Thomas Sharp and George Lockyer

19 Nov James HAWKINS and Betty TARRANT
W: George Lockyer and John Cherrit



12 Feb  Henry KING, of Whiteparish, Hants. and Martha EDWARDS – by licence
W: Thomas Dymot and John Noel



31 Jan  William WILLIS, of Poole and Mary DOWDING
W: Henry Dale

22 Mar John HASCOL and Mary FRY
W: Henry Biddlecombe and George Lockyer

5 Oct John CUTLER and Cathrin WILLIS
W: Thomas and George Lockyer

17 Oct  William COWHARD and Betty COX
W: George Lockyer and James Gillingham

20 Oct  Joseph MINGO and Charity FRAMPTON
W: John Potten and George Lockyer

1 Dec James GIBBS and Hanah WAYMAN
W: George Lockyer and Moses Dowden

4 Dec Peregrine BAKER and Mary WARN
W: George Lockyer and John Potten



13 Jan  Thomas DYMOTT and Ann CULL – by licence
W: William Russell, Stephen Cull and Joseph Lockyer

13 Feb  Thomas LOCK and Betty WAYMAN
W: Joseph Lockyer and Christopher Hill

18 Apr  Thomas HAWKINS and Mary WHITMARSH
W: Joseph Lockyer, Martin Neave and Samuel Neave

23 May Joseph Roger BRAMBLE, gent of Parley and Mary CORBEN – by licence
W: Thomas Durdall and Christopher Hill

7 Nov John PLACE and Penelope WARLAND, both of Great Canford – by licence   
W: Mary Dean and Anna Austen



13 May Thomas FALL, of Canford and Ann BUDDEN
W: Joseph and Robert Lockyer

2 Jun Richard WILKINS, of Hampreston and Elizabeth KING – by licence
W: John Wilkins and Christopher King

23 Oct  James ALLNER and Mary LOVELESS
W: Anthony Harris and Mary Allner

24 Nov James FANCEY, by Hampreston and Mary EVAMY
W: John Noel and Joseph Lockyer

1 Dec James CARTER and Elizabeth EARLY
W: Stephen Peak and Joseph Lockyer

22 Dec Anthoney HARRIS and Mary BUTTLER – by licence
W: Joseph Lockyer, William Buttler and Martha Harris



3 Jul John HETHERWAY and Ann ALNER
W: Thomas Strange and Joseph Lockyer

10 Aug George BARNES, of Fordingbridge, Hants. and Betty BARNS – by licence
W: William Welch and Joseph Lockyer

8 Oct Laben LOCKYER and Jenny ALLNER – by licence
W: Pennell King and Joseph Lockyer

13 Oct  John COOMBS and Honour BUTLER
W: Susanna Eves

17 Nov John GREEN, of Hampreston and Jenney WILKINS – by licence
W: Martha Harris and Joseph Cobb



30 Mar William SPELT, of Milton, Hants. and Patient FORD
W: William Russel and Joseph Lockyer

12 Apr  Benjamin BUGDEN, of Holdenhurst and Elizabeth BIDDLECOMB
W: Joseph Lockyer



3 Jan Joseph LUTHER and Elizabeth MOW
W: Moses Dowden and Joseph Lockyer

27 Jan  John WAYMAN and Mary LUXEN
W: Moses Dowden and Joseph Lockyer

3 Feb John EDWARDS, of Perley and Mary KING – by licence
W: Hockey King and Robert Edwards

8 Jul William BAILEY and Martha BEACH
W: Richard Vanner and Joseph Lockyer

13 Sep  James LUTER and Mary ALLNER
W: John Wilkins and John Corbin

30 Oct  Peregrine BAKER and Betty GUBBINS
W: John Hare and Joseph Lockyer

28 Dec John WELLS and Elizabeth STRONG – by licence
W: Richard Budden and Joseph Lockyer



6 Feb John DYMOTT and Mary COX
W: John Ford and Joseph Lockyer

15 Apr  Moses DOWDEN and Elizabeth MASHER
W: Charles Tarrant and Joseph Lockyer

25 Oct  James PERRY, of Hampreston and Nelley (Eleanor) GILLINGHAM
W: James Gillingham, James and William Perry

19 Nov Samuel QUINTON, of Fordingbridge Hants. and Mary ECCLES – by licence 
W: William and Joheseph Lockyer



17 Oct  Richard VANNER and Ann BARNS
W: George Barns and Joseph Lockyer

7 Nov John HASKELL and Mary BURT, widow – by licence
W: Joseph Lockyer

26 Dec Reuben MITCHELL and Elizabeth PINTON, both of Parkstone
W: William Russel

27 Dec Robert WOOKEY and Sarah HARRIS
W: Joseph Lockyer and Richard Vanner



15 Jan  John SIMMONDS, of Poole and Jenny STRANGE – by licence
W: John Easter and Joseph Lockyer

31 Mar Richard CARTRIDGE and Fanny PINTON, of Parkston
W: Joseph Lockyer

14 Apr  John TIER, in the militia and Mary MITCHELL
W: Hookey King and Joseph Lockyer

14 Oct  John MACKRELL and Mary MACKRELL, of Parkstone – by licence
W: George Eveleigh and Joseph Lockyer



19 Jan  John BRAFFETT, of Poole and Jenny POTTER – by licence
W: John Potter and Joseph Lockyer



3 Aug William MONK, of Wimbourne Minster and Mary KEARLEY
W: Ed Beak and Joseph Lockyer

25 Sep  Peter BISSON and Jane TARRANT, by Parkston
W: Edward Noonan and Joseph Lockyer

18 Dec William MARTIN and Sarah MARSHALL, of Parkston
W: Joseph Lockyer and Joseph Lockyer



9 Oct Thomas LECOCQ and Ruth POTTER – by licence
W: Richard Henning and Joseph Lockyer

28 Nov David COULD, of Hampreston and Jane STRONG
W: Richard Strong and Joseph Lockyer



10 Jan  Thomas KING and Mary HASKELL
W: Hookey King and Joseph Mingo

26 Feb  John MARSHALL and Jane WARE
W: Martha Pally and Joseph Mingo

10 Apr  John DRAKE and Sarah STRONG – by licence
W: Richard Strong and Joseph Mingo

30 Apr  Thomas CHRISTOVER and Sarah SKEARD, both of Parkston
W: Ann Potter and Joseph Mingo

21 May Edward SANDERS, mariner and Honor SCARD, of Parkston
W: Margret Eves and Joseph Mingo

17 Jul William AUSTEN and Eleonora HILEY – by licence
W: Penelope Place and Joseph Mingo

24 Jul William ECCLES, of Fordingbridge, Hants. and Mary BARRY – by licence
W: Barry and William Lockyer

6 Nov William AUSTEN, of Exbury, Hants. and Eleonora HILEY, of Upton – by licence
(possibly a re-marriage and doubt on the first licence)    



18 May Joseph MINGO and Honour BURT, widow
W: William Steel and Joseph Seymour

23 Oct  John POTTELL and Ann GIBBS
W: Joseph Mingo and Richard Vaner

3 Nov James OATES and Jenny PENTEN, both of Parkston
W: William Winter and Joseph Mingo

4 Nov William STEPHENS and Ann FISHER, of Parkston
W: Richard Vaner and Joseph Mingo

10 Nov William SHORT and Margaret EVES
W: Mary Eves and Joseph Mingo

15 Nov John TILLER and Ann LUTHER
W: Sarah Burt and Joseph Mingo



3 Feb Edward NOONAN Jnr and Ann FARVUS, of Parkston
W: Denis McCarthy and John Higgins

17 Feb  Richard BARNS and Elizabeth TROKE
W: Joseph Mingo and Mary Potter

23 Apr  James FORD and Elizabeth KING
W: Sarah and Geland Ford

23 Apr  William NIPPEARED and Juda JOICE
W: Joseph Lockyer and Joseph Mingo

26 Dec John BARTLETT and Mary CHERRIT
W: Sarah Ford and Joseph Mingo



27 Jan  John BRIMMICOME, mariner and Sarah FORD – by licence
W: James Ford and Joseph Mingo

5 Apr George ROOD, of Longfleet in Great Canford and Mary HUTCHENS
W: John Hutchens and Elizabeth Cains

23 Aug Robert TILLEY and Betty HARDEN, of Parkston
W: Joseph Mingo and Peregrine Baker

13 Oct  William CHERRITT and Sarah DYMOTT
W: Joseph Barns and Joseph Mingo

16 Nov Isaac SWEETLAND and Mary STRANGE
W: James Ford and Joseph Mingo



22 Feb  Richard PIRCHES and Bithah BIDDLECOMBE, both of Parkston
W: Joseph Mungo and William Russel

18 Mar John AUSTEN, Revd. of Wimborne and Martha Cook HILLEY – by licence
W: Henry Good, Ann and Eliza Tait

19 May Abraham SWEETLAND and Martha SEMOR
W: William Russel and Joseph Mingo



28 Jun  William HEWLETT and Mary MATTHEWS, both of Parkstone
W: Ann and Richard Sampson

4 Aug Joseph HOBBY, of Parkstone and Elizabeth FORD – by licence
W: Stephen Hobby and Joseph Mingo

9 Oct Israel DUNFORD, of Parkstone and Mary KING
W: Joseph Lockyer and Joseph Mingo



11 Feb  Thomas PAINTER, of Canford and Ann TURGIS – by licence
W: Joseph Mingo and Sarah Burt

11 Feb Thomas BURT and Mary FRY
W: Joseph Barns and William Gray

15 Apr  Henry TELLEY and Hannah PERCY, of Parkstone
W: Sarah Matthews and Joseph Mingo

18 Apr  Solomon NIPPRED and Mary MESHER
W: Moses Dowden and Joseph Mingo

13 Jun  Matthew YOUNG and Mekatable BOYT, both of Great Canford
W: Joseph Miller and Joseph Lockyer



20 Aug Edward HARBIN, of Landford in Bramshaw, Hants. and Ann TAIT – by licence
W: Eliza Tait, G.E. Hussey and P. Tait



13 Jan  John HUTCHENS, of Longfleet in Great Canford and Hannah CHISMAN
W: James Bridel and William Alexander

14 Apr  John VYE and Betty VINCENT – by licence
W: William Alexander and Joseph Mingo

8 Oct James SARJEANT, of Wimborne and Mary HILE – by licence
W: Sary and Christopher Hill

10 Nov William MACKRELL, of Parkstone and Mary CLARK – by licence
W: Joseph Mingo



5 Jan Joseph DOWNTON and Sarah WHETHAM, of Parkston
W: John Downton and Joseph Mingo

14 Mar Richard GALTON, of Hamworthy and Elizabeth VINCENT
W: Joseph Mingo and William Harris

28 Apr  George WILLIAMS, mariner and Mary POTTER – by licence
W: John Manelows and Peter Williams

8 Jun William FRAMPTON and Ann BURT
W: William Vaner and Joseph Barns



9 May  John DAVIS, of Parkston and Mary BAKER
W: Joseph Lockyer

2 Aug Henry BARTLETT and Susanna KINDLE
W: John Dymott and Joseph Mingo

3 Sep John TOMS, widower of West Parley and Ann BARNES
W: Mary Thomas, William Tanner, Sara and Mary Burt

17 Sep  Charles RIGHT, of Parkston and Sarah BAKER
W: Sarah and Joseph Mingo



16 Jan  John GILLARD and Penny FRY
W: Joseph Mingo and John Vater

19 Apr  Joseph TANNER and Mary NIPPERD
W: Martha Pelly and Joseph Mingo 

5 May  Joseph FRAMPTON, of Poole and Elizabeth LOCK – by licence
W: Joseph Mingo and Elizabeth Hiscock

18 Dec John GALLOP, of Hampreston and Sarah HILL – by licence
W: Christopher and Elizabeth Hill

24 Dec John READ and Mary CLAPCOT, both of Parkston
W: Thomas Wareham and Joseph Mingo



13 Jun  William RUSSEL and Sarah BURT
W: Mary Burt, Ann Fall and Thomas Burt

23 Sep  John MEDUS, of Parkstone and Rebecca BROOKS
W: Elizabeth Medus and Joseph Mingo

1 Oct George WHITE, of Christchurch and Ann TROKE
W: James Carter and Joseph Mingo

8 Oct John CARLEY and Mary BURT
W: Ann Hall and Sara Rosol



29 Jul John VATER and Ann HARRISON
W: Joseph and Honor Mingo



16 Feb  Charles FOSTER and Mary DUGAN
W: Maria Selley (Siley), Thomas Foster and Thomas Reeks

13 Apr  Thomas JOY and Ann TARBLE, of Parkstone
W: Margaret Cullshaw, Sarah Smith and William Morris

30 Jun  James ARNOLD and Catharine SCOTT
W: Ann Arnold, Sara and William Russel

7 Jul Christopher STONE and Hester MILLER
W: Martha Harris and Elizabeth Emmery

17 Aug John LISSAMAN, of Combfield, Warwickshire and Bettey SHARP
W: William and John White and William and Ann Frampton

7 Sep John (maybe Luke) BUDDEN and Jane RIAL
W: John Stubbs and Mary Goodchild

13 Oct  William NIPPARD and Elizabeth BARNES
W: John Lissaman and Joseph Mingo



31 May Isaac PEARCY and Sarah JESTER, of Parkston
W: Joseph Mingo and Richard Pearcy

20 Sep  James DUNFORD, of Longfleet and Elizabeth GERRET
W: Joseph Mingo

11 Oct  Charles MARTEN, of St James Poole and Martha FUDGE
W: Mary Blake and John Lissaman



31 Jan  Alexander BROWN and Sarah ARNOLD
W: John Kelloway and Ann Arnold

19 May Thomas CARTER and Sarah MARSHALL, of Christchurch
W: William Marshall and Ann Lockyear

21 Jun  William SHARP and Jane ALNER
W: William Russel and Thomas Burt

3 Jul Jacob JUPE, of Parkstone and Ann MARSHFIELD
W: Charles Jupe and Joseph Mingo

10 Nov John GIBBS and Lydia HAWKINS
W: Joseph Gibbs and Joseph Mingo



14 Jun  John CUTLER and Ann FALL
W: Mary Cutler and Joseph Mingo

6 Sep Edward MILLER, of St James Poole and Elizabeth STRONG – by licence
W: William Vanner, Jane and Ann Strong

11 Oct  Thomas SPENCER and Mary WILLIAMS – by licence
W: Francis Purk and Joseph Mingo



5 May  Thomas BURT, of Canford Magna and Diana TURNER, of Parkston
W: Richard Burt and Sarah Donwton

11 Jun  John GERRET and Elizabeth DOMNEY
W: Joseph Mingo and Richard Saunders



7 Apr Thomas BARNS and Mary KIPPS, both of Parkstone
W: Elizabeth Kipps and Sarah Mingo

1 Sep George SHIERWOOD and Hannah GERRET
W: Joseph Mingo

9 Oct William STICKLAND and Sarah REYNHOLD, both of Parkstone
W: James Mathews and Elizabeth Blundell

13 Oct  William BUDDEN and Susanna BALLSON
W: Susan Landers and Elizabeth Barnes



1 Jan James WAREHAM, yeoman of Hampreston and Mary DUNNING – by licence
W: Elizabeth, George, Hannah and Joseph Wareham

27 Jan  Richard GILLINGHAM, of Longfleet and Mary ALEXANDER
W: William Alexander and Joseph Mingo

30 Mar William RIDOUT, of St James Poole and Elizabeth MILLER – by licence
W: Ann Strong, Susanna Simens and H. Strong

4 Jun John HORE, of Parkston and Jane COOKMAN
W: Hendry B. Cookman and Margaret Cullshaw

2 Jul Richard DEAR and Rebecca DEA
W: Richard and Mary Saunders

23 Jul Peter FROUD, of Longfleet and Sarah BURROW
W: Joseph Mingo and Joseph Lockyer

3 Oct Moses BURROW, of Parkston and Sarah READ
W: Joseph Mingo and Joseph Lockyer

5 Oct Charles JUPE, of Parkston and Mary POORE
W: Joseph Mingo and Joseph Lockyer

11 Nov Thomas SEYMOUR, of Parkston and Fanny DUNFORD
W: James Snook and Ann Dunford

24 Dec James Roger BRAMBLE Jnr, of West Parley and Jane HILL – by licence
W: Mary and James Sargeant



6 Feb Joseph MARTIN, seaman and Grace WILLIS – by licence
W: Elizabeth Cane and Thomas Willis

2 Jun James BRENTON, of Christchurch and Ann STRONG
W: Elizabeth Brinton and Sarah Strong

22 Aug Joseph CARTER, mariner and Charlotte MATTHEWS, of Parkston
W: Samuel and Sarah Eyers

7 Nov William EYERES and Elizabeth CLARK, of Parkston
W: Sarah Eyers and Henry Knight

7 Nov Edward MILLER, of Middle Gussage and Lucretia MARSHALL
W: Joseph Mingo



28 May Joseph EDDY, mariner of Christchurch and Ann CARTER
W: Jarter Carter and Richard Saunders

26 Jun  William LOCKYER, of Wimbourne Minster and Maria DOWDEN
W: Maria Vaner and Shanlet Drake

7 Aug Hendry Brown COOKMAN and Mary STONE, of Hampreston
W: John and Jane Hore

15 Aug William Notley MILLER, of Hampreston and Hester KING – by licence
W: Mary King, Mary and Hester Corbin



11 Jan  Pennell KING and Mary CORBIN – by licence
W: Hester and Jonathan King

23 Feb  William FRAMPTON and Maria VANER – by licence
W: Nathaniel Jay and William Vaner

15 Oct  Richard FRAMPTON and Elizabeth DRAKE
W: Thomas Palmer and Joseph Mingo



16 Apr  Thomas FALL and Mary BLAKE
W: George Fall, Martha Corben and Priscilla Pottle

14 May William VANNER and Lydea LOCKYER
W: Maria Lockyer, William and Maria Frampton



16 Jan  Samuel ARNOLD and Mary CUTLER
W: William Cutler, Ann Arnold and Richard Haiden

22 Apr  John READ, of Parkston and Jane HENNING
W: John Woods and Joseph Mingo

7 Jul Robert TUCK, of St Mary Wareham and Catharine COLLIS – by licence
W: Ellis F. Bishop, Mary Bailey, Mary and Jonathan Collis

8 Oct James BURFSEY, of Holdenhurst and Mary SAUNDERS
W: Richard Saunders and Ann Emmery

14 Sep  Stephen FARMER and Charlotte DUNFORD, of Canford Magna
W: Ann Saunders and Joseph Mingo

7 Oct Martin NIPPARD and Hannah BARNES
W: Robert Day and Joseph Mingo

9 Dec Robert WILLIAMS and Sarah MINGO
W: William Cutler and Joseph Mingo

22 Dec John CLAVLEY and Dinah WARE
W: Lydia and William Vanner



25 Jan  William BRAN, of Lymington Hants. and Ann ALNER
W: Joseph Mingo and John Lockyer

15 Feb  John BARTLETT and Lydia LUTHER
W: Joseph Mingo and James Lockyer

13 Jul Robert WATTS, of Longfleet and Sarah DUNFORD
W: Ann Dunford, Thomas Seymour, Richard Woodward and Ann Noonan

? ?  Denis STANDLEY and Mary LEG, both of Parkston
W: Richard C. Eyles and Joseph Mingo



26 Jan  James CARTER and Ann JOICE, of Christchurch
W: James Carter and Joseph Mingo

11 Apr  Francis GOFF, of St James Poole and Ruth TRIM
W: Sarah and James Goff

25 Apr  John CRIBB, of St James Poole and Martha SIMES, of Parkston
W: Sarah Simes, Mary Cribb and Robert Randall

19 Jul John SUTTON, of Parkston and Mary CHEARD
W: Joseph Mingo and Ann Stickland

28 Jul Matthew COOK, of Hampreston and Jane WARREN
W: Charles Cavell, Joanna Hugo, Thezra and Susanna Cook

7 Oct William CHERRETT, of Corfe Mullen and Ann ARNOLD
W: Richard Haiden and Mary Arnold

23 Oct  Benjamin READ, of Milford, Hants. and Sarah SWEETLAND
W: Richard King Wilkinson and Thomas Sweatland

26 Dec James WATTON, of Parkston and Sarah SIMES
W: Thomas Simes, Mary and Eleanor Randall



7 Feb Henry BARFOOT, of Parkston and Charlotte CRAVEN
W: Eliza Bine and Joseph Mingo

30 May John VATER and Mary ARNOLD
W: Eliza Barns and Samuel Arnold

29 Jul Joseph PIKE, of Parkston and Jemima CRABB
W: Joseph Mingo

26 Aug Isaac WICKHAM, of Wimborne Minster and Ann BAKER
W: Sarah Williams and Joseph Mingo

22 Oct  James LUTHER and Ann COLE
W: John Luther and Joseph Mingo

27 Oct  John WILLIAMS, of Bloxworth and Elizabeth SWETLAND
W: Hannah Burt and Joseph Mingo



2 Mar Henry TILLEY, of Parkston and Hifsibella PEAKE
W: Joseph Mingo and Samuel Arnold

18 Mar Henry BOLT, of St James Poole and Elizabeth GATREL
W: Benjamin Stanworth and Josiah Hatherway

26 Jun  Richard BARNES and Maria BARTLETT
W: Joseph Mingo and John Sweatland

10 Jul Charles GERET and Elizabeth SWEETLAND
W: David Tuck and Sarah Redhead

21 Jul Henry JACOBS, of Parkston and Elizabeth LAVENDER
W: James Lavender and Joseph Mingo

4 Aug Timothy KING and Ann PITT
W: Caterine Cleall and Peregrine Baker

21 Oct  John NIPPARD and Elizabeth ROBBINS
W: Elizabeth and Ann Hartnole

3 Nov John DEAN and Jane PEATHY
W: John Pennington and Charlotte Dimick

2 Dec James EDGAR and Luiesa BOLT
W: John Edgar and Joseph Mingo

22 Dec Thomas LOADER and Sarah TUMBLING
W: Elizabeth Loader and Joseph Mingo



3 Feb Thomas SWEATLAND and Sarah EDWARDS
W: John Sweatland and Joseph Mingo

23 Mar John ELLIOTT, of Parkston and Sarah MANKEE
W: Jane Burt and Joseph Mingo

26 Apr  Joseph COLES, of Parkston and Hanah TILLEY
W: Maria Score and Joseph Mingo

28 Apr  James BACON, of West Parley and Elizabeth SAUNDERS
W: Ann Saunders and Joseph Mingo

13 Jul William WALKER, of Parkstone and Mary BAKER
W: Honor and Joseph Mingo

16 Sep  Martin HILLYAR, of Cranbourne and Sarah LOADER
W: John Loader, James Thorn, Mary Baker and Martha Bishop

20 Sep  John REED, of Parkston and Ruth FISH
W: Josh. Adams and Joseph Mingo

16 Nov Charles SWEETAPPLE, of Wimbourne Minster and Elizabeth TRIM
W: Joseph Mingo and William Tuck



22 Feb  John TAYLOR, of Holton, Somerset and Mary HALL, of Great Canford by licence
W: Betsy Hall and Charles Hedditch

9 Mar James HOSKINS and Hariet STAYNER, both of St Peters Shaftesbury
W: Joseph Mingo

15 Apr  Thomas TROKE, of Holdenhurst and Joannah JARRATT
W: Mary Ann Humby and Joseph Mingo

18 Jul Charles JEWELL, of Parkstone and Sarah WRIGHT
W: William Cutler and Joseph Mingo



6 Jan John LUTHER and Elizabeth BARNES
W: John Sweatland and Joseph Mingo

10 Feb  Charles HEDDITCH, widower of Jane CRUMPLER, of Hampreston
W: Lydea and William Vanner

15 Feb  John SWEATLAND and Charlotte BARTLETT
W: Thomas Best, Sarah Redhead and Honour Bartlett

4 Apr Thomas BURDEN and Rebecca MEDUS, both of Parkstone
W: Rebecca and Elizabeth Medus

19 Apr  Stephen MARSHALL and Mary GILLARD
W: Thomas Hawkins and Joseph Mingo

2 May  Thomas MILLER and Mary Ann GILBERT
W: John Miller, Catherine Adams and Martha Gilbert

12 May Thomas CHERRETT and Mary Ann HUMBY
W: James Cherrett and Joseph Mingo

21 Aug William HANCOCK, of Ringwood, Hants. and Elizabeth RUSSELL
W: Thomas Christopher and Joseph Mingo

31 Oct  William MEABY and Ann WILLIS
W: Thomas Mabey and Sally Thomas

9 Nov William NIPPARD and Elizabeth LUTER
W: Thomas Burt and Joseph Mingo



13 Mar John MACKRELL, of Parkston and Mary BEST
W: John Best and Elizabeth Mackkell

3 Jul Thomas BUDDEN and Ann MARSHALL
W: Robert Smith and Joseph Mingo



4 Jan John BREAKER, of Wimbourne Minster and Jane BUGDEN
W: Joseph Mingo

28 Aug William GUY and Elizabeth TURNER, both of Parkston
W: William Stickland and James Edridge

28 Aug William FISH and Jane GUY, both of Parkston
W: Richard Symes and Sarah ELDRIDGE



24 Apr  John FRY, of Lytchet Matravers and Sarah ABBOTT – by licence
W: John and Jane Abbott, Thomas and Mary Fry

20 May William LOADER, widower and Hannah FALL, of Parkston
W: Jane Harding and Joseph Mingo

W: Rebecca and Charles Garland

4 Aug John FRENCH, widower of St James Poole and Sarah TILLEY
W: Robert White and Joseph Mingo

15 Sep  William SMITH, of Wimbourne and Kezia COOK
W: Joahanna Hugo, Susanna Cook, John Fry and Harriet Brice

23 Dec Joseph BIDDLECOMBE, of Keynston and Phoebe AYLES – by licence
W: Thomas and Martha Burton



20 Apr  Richard BURREY and Martha CARTER
W: Elizabeth and Joseph Garland, James Carter and Mary Elliott

27 Apr  James William LUKIN, widower and Joanna HUGO – by licence
W: Edward Butt, Mary E.P. Bryan, Paulina Hugo and W. Farr

27 Apr  Charles CHERRETT and Sarah CLERK, Holdenhurst
W: Mary Ann Cherrett and William Vanner

29 May Edward DOWN and Mary GALPIN
W: Kezia Smith and Susanna Cook

7 Jun George TILLEY, of Parkston and Ann PEAK
W: John Langdon and Joseph Mingo

8 Jun William SEAMOR and Sarah LAMBERT, both of Parkston
W: Mary Vivian and Joseph Mingo

11 Aug Martin LUTHER and Fanny DOWNTON
W: Jean Kearley and William Vanner



15 Feb  Henry WHITE and Hester CARTER
W: James Carter and Joseph Mingo

4 Apr John WHITE and Jemima SHAVE
W: William Vanner and John Williams

12 Apr  Christopher EGGS, of West Parley and Rebecca HAWKINS
W: John Hawkins and Joseph Mingo

20 Apr  John FORD and Hannah BARTLETT
W: Ann Ford and Joseph Mingo

18 May Robert YOUNG, of Holdenhurst and Hannah KIDGELL
W: John Williams and Mary Ann More

24 May Abel TRIGGLE, of Wimbourne Minster and Hannah KIDGELL
W: Elias Kidgell and James Cherrett

22 Aug Francis THARM, of Ridgeley Staffordshire and Charlotte SWEATLAND
W: James Burgess and Joseph Mingo

1 Sep Charles SWEATLAND and Teresa PENINGTON
W: Ann Colbourn and John Pennington

20 Sep  Thomas FORD, of Holdenhurst and Elizabeth BARNES
W: Timothy Ford and Joseph Mingo

3 Nov Robert HENNING, of St Mary Southampton, Hants. and Sarah WELLS by licence
W: Jane Cadwaters and Richard Vanner

6 Dec William HARVEY, widower of Boldre, Hants. and Charlotte STAY
W: Anne Barnes, Richard Vanner and Jane Adwaters



13 Jan  John TURNER and Ann TILLEY, of Parkston
W: Henry and Elizabeth Jacobs

17 Jan  Edmund BALLAM, of St James Poole and Elizabeth MACKRELL
W: Eliza Homer and Thomas Mackrell

23 Feb  William NIPHERD and Hannah READ, of Holdenhurst
W: Joseph Mingo

15 May Richard SIMES and Sarah ALDRIDGE, both of Parkston
W: William SIMES and Jane Eldridge

17 Aug William SALISBURY and Mary PEATY
W: Richard Peaty and Joseph Mingo

16 Sep  Thomas BUTLER, mariner of Cove, Cork, Ireland and Amelia MATHEWS by licence
W: Elizabeth Baker, Joseph and Charlotte Carter

3 Oct Henry FRY and Jane SCORE, both of Parkston – by parents consent
W: Joseph Mingo and Elizabeth Barsey

30 Nov James BARTLETT and Ann BUDDEN
W: Elizabeth and Emily Elliott



18 Jan  Stephen MITCHELL, of Holdenhurst and Ann FALL
W: Thomas Edgell and Josiah Saunders

22 Feb  James TILLER and Jane HAWKINS
W: Rebecca Eggs and John Hawkins

11 Apr  Thomas LARCOM, widower and Catharine OLD, widow, both of Parkston
W: Josiah Saunders and George Carter

12 Apr  James TROKE and Charlotte MARSHALL
W: John Marshall and Josiah Saunders

7 May  William PARRATT and Rebecca MEDUS, of Parkstone
W: Elizabeth Medus and Josiah Saunders

4 Jun Thomas BARTLETT and Sarah MILLAR
W: Jane Shave and Joseph Mingo

5 Jun Charles OLD and Jane WAREHAM, both of Parkston
W: George and Tabitha Wareham

18 Aug John WILLIAMS and Sarah WILLIS
W: Frederick Fox and Joseph Lockyer

15 Oct  Clement NUTBEN and Mary LOCKYER
W: Thomas Williams and Ann Lockyer

23 Nov  James CHERRETT, widower and Jane HORDER
W: Joseph Day, James, Elizabeth and Mary Horder

30 Jun  James BILES and Ann MARSHALL
W: Maria Bown, Robert Lorvey and Thomas Marshall



11 Mar George LOADER and Fanny WINDSOR of St James Poole
W: Rhoda Burridge and Job Loader

3 Aug Solomon NIPPERD and Jane KEARLEY
W: Thomas Kaerley and Jean Newman

21 Sep  Thomas KELLY and Ann GALLOP, of Parkstone
W: David Tuck and George Miller

23 Nov James GOWDEY and Louisa SHERWOOD
W: David Tuck and Joseph Mingo



28 Jun  Edward LONNEN, of Cranbourn and Aleanor WHITEFIELD – by licence
W: Francis and Matthew Whitefield

7 Aug Samuel HEWLET and Mary Ann NELSON – by licence
W: David Tuck and Joseph Mingo

17 Aug James ATTWOOD and Jane MOORE, of Parkston
W: William Moore and Joseph Mingo



6 Feb Richard FRAMPTON and Maria REEKS
W: Elizabeth and William Reeks

15 Feb  Richard BAVERSTOCK and Lydia BARROW
W: Joseph Mingo and Cathrene Sarjent

18 Apr  James BOYT, of Holdenhurst and Ann COLBORN
W: Mary Colbourn and Henry Stickland

4 Jul Cornelius GRANT, widower of Longfleet and Jane MORRIS, widow
W: George Grant and Charles Bower

23 Jul William FRANCH and Hannah EDGAR
W: William Trotman and Jean Lockyer

25 Aug John Wills HAYWARD, mariner of Poole and Emma FLORANCE – by licence
W: Amelia and James Florance

6 Sep Richard WAREHAM, of Parkstone and Elizabeth STONE, of St James Poole
W: Charles Phillips and John Williams



13 Feb  Thomas BRISTOWE, of Parkstone and Lydia Sims WHITE
W: Robert Tito Dawle and I.W. Bristowe

27 Feb  John KING, widower and Eliza BURRESS
W: Joseph Mingo and Mary Subly

12 Mar John BURT and Jane BURTON
W: Ellen Critch, William Sharp, William and Elizabeth Harvey

16 Apr  George PIDDLE, of Parkstone and Mary FROUD 
W: Elizabeth and James Froud 

22 May John ELSEY and Maria BRAKE, of Parkstone
W: John Gray and John Williams

9 Jul Thomas RICHARDSON, widower of Parkstone and Jane FORRESTER
W: James Forrester

24 Sep  William WAY and Mary Ann ELFORD, both of Parkstone
W: Pennell King and John Williams

4 Dec Thomas WITTERIDGE, of St James Poole and Jane ABBOTT – by licence
W: Mary and John Fry



5 Mar James LODGE and Harriet GUY, both of Parkstone
W: David Guy and Amy Ledge

30 Mar William SQUIBB, widower of Parkstone and Harriet PUTTEN
W: Sarah Kearley and James Thompson

11 Apr  Joseph LUTHER and Sarah SNELL
W: John Pain and William Snell

22 May James SMITH, widower of Parkstone and Sarah CRAVEN
W: Eliza Hanham and John Williams

25 Jul Henry BARTLETT, widower and Harriet LEGG
W: George and John Reeks

26 Sep  Josiah VATCHER and Bethiah BARTLETT
W: Thomas Hawkins and Josiah Saunders

9 Nov George WARE and Sarah TUBBES
W: Robert Tubbs, Mary Ann Chapman, John Bartlett and Rebecca Hayward



27 Jan  Edward HASKELL and Sarah PRIOR
W: Charles Wheller and William Bywater

8 Mar John MACKRELL, of Parkstone and Sophia BEST
W: John Luther

19 May James THORN, of Parkstone and Elizabeth BURT
W: John Luther

6 Oct Thomas HOLDWAY and Mary Light BENNETT
W: Martha Ann Bennett and Jonathan Wiltshire Bennett

16 Dec Joseph ALLEN, of Parkstone and Mary Ann TILLEY
W: Elizabeth Allan and Samuel Tilley



1 Jan James MABER, of Parkstone and Charlotte CHAPPELL
W: George Tuck and John Luther

26 Feb  Edward BARROW, of Parkstone and Elizabeth ALLEN
W: Mary Ann and Joseph Allen

? ?  George Frost BULLING, of Parkstone and Mary Ann MARTIN
W: Edward Haskell and John Sharp

28 Apr  John BARTLET and Mary Ann CHAPMAN
W: Louisa Sharp, Andrew Marshall, Delilah and Elisha Bartlett

7 Jun Charles JAMES and Eliza BURT
W: John Luther and William Saunders

8 Jul Hendry Brown COOKMAN, of Parkstone and Eliza HAMMETT
W: James Kelly and Elizabeth Froud

19 Aug Joseph HOBBY, widower and Ann ROOD, of Parkstone
W: Elizabeth MOOTNEY and George ROOD

18 Nov Edward Henry DEWAR, of Romsey, Hants. and Amy GARLAND – by licence
W: Julia Daman, Elizabeth and Joseph Garland and Jos. Hare Garland



25 Jan  Thomas HARDING and Elizabeth HUGHES
W: Sarah Hughes and Maria Brown

11 Feb  Thomas WILLIAMS, cattle dealer of Poole and Tryphena VINCENT
W: Eliza Hardy and William Miller

29 May Samuel GULLIFORD and Elizabeth CLAPCOT, of Parkstone
W: Mary Ann and William Clapcott

16 Jun  Robert WESTBROOK, of Fawley, Hants. and Matilda Ann ELLIOT – by licence
W: Mary Ann Pike and Edward Elliott



31 Jan  John NIPPERD and Grace BARTLETT
W: Sarah and Ann Bartlett

12 Feb  William MUNK and Harriet HAYTER, of Hampreston
W: Pauline Munk and Kohn Luther

27 Feb  William SNELL and Elizabeth FALL
W: Joseph Luther and Mary Ann Fall

31 May John OATES and Eliza CHAFFEY
W: John Luther

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